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Xa Fel

Located in the heart of the Kanchen sector, Xa Fel surrendered to the Empire after New Republic forces were defeated in a thirty-hour battle. Captain Harbid of the Star Destroyer Death's Head accepted the surrender of the Xa Fel government and handled the surface troop deployments. [TLC]

Xappyh sector

Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth was named ambassador at large to the Xappyh sector by the Senate on 8/21/62, Pre-Empire date. [DFR]

Xerton Nine

Home of the Grand Magnus. [SWAJ]

Xorth system

The Imperially-controlled Xorth system, bordering the Cardua system, deals primarily in agricultural trade. It produces the best Farrberries in the galaxy, which are valued for both their pleasant scent and their stimulating effect. [TSC]


Three years after the Battle of Endor, New Republic forces suffered what Han Solo called a "fiasco" at Xyquine. A passenger transport was destroyed, and pilot Pash Cracken had to invent the "Cracken Twist" to disguise the escaping ships' exit vectors. Mara Jade wore a Xyquine shouldersculp to the private ceremony promoting Thrawn to the rank of Grand Admiral. [DFR, TLC]

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