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Ral Shawgrim, a former Alliance technician who tried to steal the X-wing starfighter plans, was a native of Zalso. When Shawgrim's parents, who worked on Zalso during the cor'tan season, were killed by the Empire, Shawgrim joined up with a small Rebel cell on the planet. [SWAJ]

Zebitrope IV

Located in the Zebitrope system, Zebitrope IV is the homeworld of a species of lizard whose members symbiotically support a spongy mold growth on their backs. This mold is the only source of the addictive drug lesai, which eliminates the need for sleep in those who take it. [LCFW]


Zeffliffl, the fourth planet orbiting Markbee's Star, is home to the seaweed-like aliens also known as Zeffliffl. They inhabit the shallow seas surrounding the smaller southern continent of the planet, and must spray themselves with seawater when spending time on land. The Zeffliffl exist in close groups of several individuals, and their bodies will automatically reject any outsider who attempts to join this group. [TCS]

Zi'Dek system

Han Solo used to make smuggling runs to the Zi'Dek system. He learned some of their port access codes, but these codes were later changed by the Imperials. [COPL]

Zirtran's Anchor

A trading station drifting near the Phosphura Belt Nebula, Zirtran's Anchor is a hodgepodge of vessels and freighters welded together and connected by interlocking pressure tunnels. Owned and operated by tribal nests of Geelan-- short furry aliens who love bartering and hoarding valuables-- the station continues to grow over time as more ships are added to its bulk. The Anchor is a haven for smugglers and other free- traders, and the Empire only maintains a token customs presence. A Golan battle station was recently purchased by the Geelan to protect the Anchor from outside threats, while the private security firm Defensus Solar keeps internal order. The station is divided into four primary regions: Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Epsilon. The Hub in Sector Alpha is the heart of the Anchor, and it is where most arriving ships must dock. Chabak's is a popular tavern along the Hub's main Spine Passage. Sector Delta contains the Death Mark frigate, a haven for bounty hunters, and the Rusted Cutlass II, the headquarters of the Phosphura Belt Pirates. Most of the Anchor's expansion happens in Sector Epsilon, where the mysterious Kalai aliens have recently attached a ship. The Kalai never appear outside their ship, though some visitors occasionally see "lethagoes"-- the tall, thin offspring of Kalai and humans.

Zirtran's Anchor is named for the Zirtran brothers, the original owners of the huge barge that forms the heart of the station. The Geelan purchased the barge and began its expansion, positioning their new station in the Besberra system. One day the Anchor suddenly and inexplicably vanished, later reappearing near the Phosphura Belt Nebula. Investigators found that all lifeforms had completely disappeared, and the station's droids had no memory of the strange event. Though many theories have been proposed, to date no one has solved this eerie mystery. [SWAJ]


The possible homeworld of the Zygerrian slavers. Three years before the Battle of Yavin, Han Solo and Chewbacca had a run-in with Zygerrian slavers off Janodral Mizar. After convincing the slavers to abandon ship by broadcasting a stolen Imperial ID, Solo gave the ship and its cargo of treasure to the freed slaves. Among them was Alliance historian Arhul Hextrophon and his family. [HTTE, SWS]

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