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Laakteen Depot

Laakteen Depot was the Alliance base closest to Fondor, around the time of the Battle of Yavin. It took the Alliance almost a year to capture the depot, which was subsequently wiped out by the Super Star Destroyer Executor during the ship's maiden voyage. [CSW]

Laboi II

A small planet orbiting the red giant Er'Dox Kaan, Laboi II has an extremely slow, retrograde rotation which means that one side of the planet faces the sun for almost 2,020 hours at a time. The side facing the sun becomes so hot it melts rock and the night side is cooled to sub-zero temperatures, though these effects are lessened somewhat by temperature-distributing wind storms. There is no plant life on Laboi II, but there are many animal species including the highly intelligent aliens known as the Laboi. The carnivorous, aggressive Laboi, who can survive the extreme temperature differences of their planet, primarily hunt the bantha-sized ovolyan. Laboi, who appear to be fur-covered snakes, make up for their lack of manipulative appendages with a limited telekinetic ability that may be linked to the Force. Laboi II's main export is Laboian mineral crystals, which are popular in the Core Worlds. [GG4]


Home planet of the humanoid aliens called Lafrarians. The grey-skinned Lafrarians have vestigial soaring membranes, feathery growths on their heads, and a keen sense of flying skills and spatial relationships. The planet has a variety of terrain, and most Lafrarian settlements are built into mountainsides and on treetops. One of Doc's "outlaw-techs" was a Lafrarian. While on a mission to Belsavis, Han Solo watched the final puttie game of the series between Lafra and Gathus. [HSSE, CSSB, COTJ]

Lahara sector

The Lahara sector, located in the Outer Rim, contains the planet Agamar. [FP]

Lambda sector

The domain of Imperial Moff Par Lankin, a warlord who set up his own private Empire in the chaos following the Battle of Endor. [SWAJ]

Lamuir IV

The normally serious, sensible world of Lamuir IV erupts in a week of parties, parades and dramas during the famous, planet-wide Priole Danna festival. The annual celebration has been a tradition for thousands of years, and attracts revelers from all over the galaxy. One of the festival's greatest attractions is the five-day Anapolla Musical Splash, an eclectic concert of varying styles, where many up-and-coming musicians are first discovered. During the celebration, the priceless antique pistols belonging to jatz musician Fitz Roi were stolen by the Tombat, a mysterious art and jewel thief. The planet's municipalities include Gryle City. [SWAJ]

Lan system

The remote Lan system, consisting of five planets orbiting the large orange star Lan, is located over three days travel past the Outer Rim terminus of the Enarc Run. The system was first scouted by the Old Republic over 1300 years ago, and the mining conglomerate Gaminne Group, Inc. arrived soon after to exploit the system's ore-rich inner planets. The system's five worlds are Lesser Galam, Lan Fellov, Lan Tundi, Lan Barell, and Greater Galam. [SWAJ]

Lan Barell

The fourth planet in the Lan system, Lan Barell is a remote, desolate world home to the small insectoid aliens known as the Qieg. The planet is an arid desert, with most of its moisture found in two thin polar ice caps. The habitable land lies atop three vast, blue-tinged plateaus, which are separated by toxic, ash-filled lowlands. Lan Barell's economy is based on the sales of valuable ore to Mid-Rim communities. The planet once had three moons, but one of the satellites has been broken into rubble due to massive strip mining operations. The world's population includes eight million humans and nearly 135 million native Qieg, who live in colony nests built inside hollowed-out cacti. The Qiemal, a radical sect of militant Qieg, dislike all humans and cling to their old-fashioned ways deep within the cacti forests. Predatory, canine dingories, a natural enemy of the Qieg, are the main source of food for all of the planet's inhabitants.

The major city of Lan Barell is Shulell, an eclectic mixture of human and Qieg species and structures. Shulell encompasses the planet's only spaceport, the center of the Lan Barellian government within the Quilan Hive, and the district known as the Grill. The Quilan Hive is a 5000 year-old network of cacti settlements tied together with stone walls, and is the base of operations for the Human-Qieg Guild (a consortium of mining operations that runs the planet). The Grill, a bustling black-market district, is a haven for refugees and exiles and contains a small Rebel Alliance cell. The small community of Carmelle is located about twenty kilometers from Shulell.

Nearly 1300 years ago, the mining conglomerate Gaminne Group, Inc. purchased mining rights to the ore- rich inner planets from the Qieg, and built Shulell City on Lan Barell. The system was officially taken over by the Empire fifteen years ago, but the Empire has not bothered with direct control. Due to its extreme isolation, Lan Barell is now a refuge for smugglers and refugees trying to avoid the Empire's attentions. [SWAJ]

Lan Fellov

The second planet in the remote Lan system, Lan Fellov is a barren rock world with a single moon. [SWAJ]

Lan Tundi

The third planet in the remote Lan system, Lan Tundi is a barren rock world with four moons. [SWAJ]


Located in the Elrood sector. Outlaw stations on Lanthrym will service any ship, including those belonging to pirates and wanted criminals. The criminal Morana Fal, who had escaped from the Soruus system with a suit of prototype battle armor, was last sighted on Lanthrym. [SWAJ]


An orange star orbited by Mima II, homeworld of the Bilars. [GG4]


An Imperial convoy was leaving Laramus when it was ambushed by a Rebel cruiser, several shuttles, and X-wing fighters. None of the Imperial transports were able to escape the Laramus system, and the Rebels captured all 14 without any losses. [SWS]

Lazerian IV

Lazerian IV, in the Lazerian system, contains the city of Lazeria and serves as one endpoint of the Kira Run. The recent interest in the Kira Run by mainstream corporations is expected to greatly help the system's economy. [SWAJ]

Lekua system

Osuno Whett is Associate Professor of Comparative Sapient Studies in the Lekua system. He goes by the title of "ottdefa," given in the system to distinguished scientific or academic teachers. [LCMH, LCSC]


A temporary base for Senator Garm Bel Iblis' private army. While on Lelmra, a violent thunderstorm triggered the "flip-flop" on several buildings made of memory plastic, which folded them up with nearly fifty people still inside. The smuggler Mazzic had a backup base for his organization on Lelmra. [DFR, TLC]


The controversial jatz musician Fitz Roi had a family estate on Lenniera, where he lived until relocating to Calamar on Esseles. [SWAJ]

Lequabis system

After the Battle of Hoth, Alliance operatives were sent to the Inner Rim and Expansion Region, to search for tibanna gas deposits on gas giant planets in the Lequabis, K'taktaxka, Poviduze, and Kelavine systems and the Shasfath Cluster. [SWAJ]

Leria Kerlsil

Leria Kerlsil is a backwater world, but is pleasant, clean, and quiet. Its capital city's streets are lined with blue and purple trees, and the city is adjacent to a well-maintained spaceport. The planet is the only source of "life-witches"-- those who can sustain another's failing life for years but eventually withdraw support, causing that person to die. Life-witches appear rarely and are born seemingly at random. Karia Ver Seryan, a wealthy woman who lives in a large, well-defended mansion, was one of Lando Calrissian's marriage candidates until he discovered she was a life-witch. [AAC]

Lesser Galam

The first planet in the remote Lan system, Lesser Galam is a moonless rock seared by its nearby sun. [SWAJ]

Lesser Plooriod Cluster

The Lesser Plooriod Cluster contains the Ottega system, site of the planet Ithor. After leaving the Corporate Sector, Han Solo and Chewbacca ran an unsuccessful Military-Script exchange scam in the Cluster. Following the Battle of Yavin, an Alliance ship dropped a badly-needed grain container in the Lesser Plooriod Cluster in an attempt to escape an Imperial attack. [HSLL, SWS, FP]


The manufacturing world Lianna instituted home rule following the Empire's defeat at the Battle of Endor. The New Republic respected the planet's new non-aligned status, but Imperial reprisals on Lianna for treason seemed inevitable. Lady Santhe, head of the powerful Santhe/Sienar manufacturing corporation, threatened to cut off Lianna's production of TIE fighters unless the planet was left alone. This threat, along with secret payments to the local Moff, resulted in Lianna receiving a special charter of secession from the Empire. One of the products manufactured after Lianna's secession was the compact but powerful TIE tank, also called the Century tank. The inhabitants of the planet are called Lianns. [DESB]


The site of a former confrontation between Senator Garm Bel Iblis' private army and the forces of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Apparently, Thrawn's forces did some damage to Bel Iblis' men or scared them out of the system. [DFR]


The Sludir slavelord known as Big Quince once fought in the gladiator pits of Loovria, and still carries his gladiator's force pike as a reminder of his time there. [SWAJ]


The planet Lorahns is controlled by a strict religious oligarchy of the Ffib sect. The bounty hunter Boba Fett once earned a 500,000 credit reward for capturing Nivek'Yppiks, a Ffib heretic wanted by Lorahns' leaders. [TFJP]


The location of the Loronar space construction center, one of the facilities used by the Emperor to build his largest warships and special weapons platforms. [ISWU]


A planet located in the Kanz sector. Four thousand years ago during the Kanz Disorders, Lorrd was bombed from orbit and its human inhabitants enslaved by the Argazdans. The Lorrdians, forbidden by their masters to communicate verbally, developed an advanced system of kinetic communication through gestures and facial expressions. After nearly three centuries, the Lorrdians were finally freed from servitude by the Jedi Knights. The planet's inhabitants have retained many of their non-verbal communication patterns and are among the galaxy's best mimics. Hart-and-Parn Gorra-Fiolla, Assistant Auditor-General of the Corporate Sector, was a Lorrdian. [HSR, CSSB]


Organocrystalline structures, a possible form of primitive life in the oceans of Stroiketcy, have been compared with the rubygrub cysts that are found on Loth. [GG2]


The orange star orbited by twelve planets in the Sevarcos system. [SWAJ]


An icy planet with slightly higher than standard gravity, Lur is located just outside the borders of the Corporate Sector. The upper layers of Lur's atmosphere are heavily ionized, which creates intense electrical storms. This, when combined with Lur's gale-force winds and freezing temperatures, makes starship landings often hazardous. The fur-covered, bipedal inhabitants of Lur have an innate expertise in genetic manipulation and live in cities of a few thousand each. They are peaceful and sociable, and very few ever choose to leave their homeworld. The frozen planet has many lifeforms, some of which were genetically engineered by the Lurrians: noahounds are used as guards, grebnar herds are used for food, and asgnat swarms burrow subterranean cities from the hearts of glaciers. Due to the remarkable abilities of Lur's inhabitants, the Empire quarantined the planet. Unfortunately this has proven ineffective against slavers, who can sell the Lurrians for four to six thousand apiece on the Invisible Market. Han Solo and Chewbacca were unwillingly involved in a Lurrian slavery operation during their early adventuring. [HSR, CSSB]


The location of an Imperial interrogation and brainwashing facility. Some three years after the Battle of Endor, Internal Security Director Ysanne Isard considered capturing Rogue Squadron pilot Bror Jace and sending him to Lusankya. [XWRS]

Lweilot Asteroid Belt

Located in the Bseto system, the Lweilot Asteroid Belt occupies the third orbital position around the white dwarf star Bseto. The Belt, 90 million kilometers wide, was once another planet in the system. [SWAJ]


The homeworld of the Ssi-ruuk, in a distant star cluster. This planet is the center of the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium. [TAB]

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