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An isolated world hidden in a corner of the galaxy, Saarn was used by the Rebel Alliance for military training purposes, and was later used as a remote surveillance outpost after the New Republic moved to Coruscant. Five years after the Battle of Endor, one of Grand Admiral Thrawn's Star Destroyers, the Stormhawk, executed a hit-and-fade attack on Saarn, wiping out the New Republic personnel and setting up a listening post to protect the movements of Thrawn's fleet. [SWAJ]


Located in the Sacorrian system, one of the Outlier systems of the Corellian sector, Sacorria is a pleasant but secretive world with strict regulations. It is the site of the Dorthus Tal prison and its main city has a cobblestone square in town. Sacorria is ruled by the Triad-- a secretive council of dictators consisting of one human, one Drall, and one Selonian. Almost nothing is known about the three rulers, not even their names, though the Selonians on Sacorria are known to be descendants of a dishonored Selonian den. In years past the Triad was merely the puppet of the Corellian Diktat, but it now freely runs the planet and has passed more and more restrictive laws. Women are not allowed to marry without their fathers' consent, and a recent law made it illegal to marry an off-worlder. Sacorria's moon is Sarcophagus, which serves as a vast graveyard for the planet's inhabitants. Fourteen years after the Battle of Endor, Lando Calrissian visited Sacorria to see Tendra Risant, a member of a wealthy and influential family, for a possible marriage proposal. Meanwhile, the Sacorrian Triad set into motion a master plan to force the New Republic to acknowledge the Corellian sector as an independent state. The Triad organized rebellions on each of the five planets in the Corellian system and gained control of Centerpoint Station, which allowed them to set up interdiction and jamming fields over the system and to destroy distant stars at will. The Triad's plans, and their fleet of more than eighty Sacorrian ships, were defeated by the New Republic and a Bakuran task force. [AAC, AAS, SAC]


Located in the remote Tion Hegemony, Saheelindeel is a backwater world inhabited by intelligent, green- furred primates. The high festival on Saheelindeel is a time for tribal hunting rituals and harvest ceremonies, and has recently begun to incorporate farm machinery exhibits, shock-ball matches, and airshows in an attempt to become more technologically sophisticated. The Saheelindeeli, led by a matriarch, have an affinity for grandiose actions. Han Solo and Chewbacca briefly worked on Saheelindeel after leaving the Corporate Sector. Following the Battle of Yavin, the Empire established a listening post near Saheelindeel, which was attacked by the Alliance to divert attention from their fleet's movements into the Greater Plooriod Cluster. [HSLL, FP]


An agricultural planet in the Core Worlds region. Salliche is home to the Salliche Ag Corporation, which administers eighteen farming planets throughout the Core Worlds including the Yulant, Ruan, and Broest systems. The Empire has placed Moff Gegren Throsen in charge of Salliche, who disbanded the legislature and appointed his own men to oversee the massive corporate bureaucracy. The citizens of Salliche are loyal to the House Harbright, whose members have served the Republic for three centuries. After the rise of the Empire, Lady Selnia Harbright made the decision to aid the Rebel Alliance.

Many years ago, a band of armored raiders killed many on Salliche and robbed the Vaults of Narner, until they were stopped by the Jedi Knight Soonis. About 250 years ago, a group of idealists left Salliche to colonize the planet Varonat. They were fed up with Salliche's corrupt bureaucracy and intended to establish a true participatory democracy. Independent operative Dirk Harkness was originally from Salliche, where he graduated from technical school before signing onto a starship as an apprentice mechanic. [SWAJ]

Sand Crab Nebula

Han Solo once spoke of an imaginary Imperial fleet, supposedly located in the Sand Crab Nebula. [AAS]


A planet near the Core Worlds. While at Sanjin, the Nikto agent Ma'w'shiye betrayed the Alliance, deserted his Rebel squadron, and stole the group's spacecraft. [SWAJ]


One of the Empire's peripheral holdings, Sappire is marked by constant unrest towards Imperial rule. [SWAJ]


A frozen world of glaciers, mountains, and ice-covered oceans in the Bseto system, Sarahwiee is home to a top-secret Imperial research facility. The outpost, situated in a mountain range in the southern hemisphere, holds 1000 personnel and is only accessible by air. When Emperor Palpatine first established the facility on the previously-uninhabited world, he had all references to it wiped from the Imperial archives for security. After the Battle of Endor, certain Imperial fleet captains equipped and supplied the base until the defeat of Grand Admiral Thrawn, at which point free-traders were needed to handle the cargo shipments. After Thrawn's defeat but before the rise of the resurrected Emperor, a New Republic commando team, led by Lieutenant Page and including Luke Skywalker, was sent to Sarahwiee to destroy the facility and erase its computer records. It was here that Skywalker met the young Garos IV freedom fighter named Alex Winger. [SWAJ]


Sarcophagus is the moon of Sacorria, located in one of the Outlier systems in the Corellian sector. It is a vast graveyard, visited only by those who are burying their dead. [AAC]


Grand Admiral Thrawn attacked a convoy from Sarka, which was defended by a New Republic Bulk Cruiser converted to a starfighter carrier. There was also a reception for a Sarkan delegation held in the Imperial Palace following the birth of Leia Organa Solo's twins. [DFR, TLC]


A high-gravity planet located in the Mid-Rim, Sedesia is an arid, cold world of tundra, forests, and mountains. The planet's severe axial tilt causes extreme seasonal changes and unpredictable weather, and all planetary travel is restricted to ground vehicles due to the violent windstorms. Sedesians cross the planet's surface on six-legged reptilian mounts called striders, and sometimes on unique, single-wheeled machines called wheelbikes. Sedesia has been colonized for several hundred years, and its 1.5 million settlers are primarily stubborn breedtash ranchers known for their independence and sympathy towards the Rebellion. The planet's capital and largest city is Besia Osurne, home to 250,000 people and containing the popular Trail's End tavern near the stockyards. The Empire, testing a pathogen-based loyalty enhancement project, infected the entire population of Sedesia with a deadly plague called the Gray Death through aerial spraying. Imperial forces set up medical facilities, ostensibly to protect the citizens from the plague, but in reality forcing them to become dependent on the Empire for their continued survival. [SWAJ]


Covered by warm shallow seas, Sedri (in the system of the same name) is home to both the aquatic Sedrians and a communal intelligence of tiny polyps known as Golden Sun. Golden Sun is attuned to the Force and provides power, healing, and other necessities to the Sedrians, who worship Golden Sun as the center of their society. Golden Sun's use of the Force also creates massive gravity readings, causing problems for hyperspace navigation near the system. The peaceful Sedrians have constructed underwater cities (the largest is Fitsay) and have appointed a High Priest to safeguard the cave in which Golden Sun lives. The Empire came to Sedri to research a possible artificial gravity well generator and constructed an Imperial garrison. A group of Rebels infiltrated the garrison, studied the Imperial's aquatic equipment, and discussed strategy and techniques with the Sedrians. This information resulted in the formation of the Rebel Sea Commandos, who later saw action on Calamari fighting the Emperor's World Devastators. The SedriMotors corporation, based on Sedri, has recently produced the Amphibion combat speeder for New Republic use. [GG4, DESB]


A planet in the Hapes cluster and home to the trees of wisdom. Believed by many to be only a myth, the trees bear fruit that can greatly increase the intelligence of those who have reached old age. [COPL]


The location of a colony that was obliterated by Warlord Zsinj's Super Star Destroyer Iron Fist. Han Solo saw the destroyed colony while on a five-month hunt to locate and destroy the Iron Fist. [COPL]


One of the five inhabited worlds in the Corellian system, Selonia has a clean blue sky and a surface composed of hundreds of islands separated by innumerable seas, inlets, and bays. Terrain on the many islands includes meadows, woodlands, and rolling hills. The small land areas are evenly distributed around the planet-- no point on land is more than 150 kilometers from the water, and no water is more than 200 kilometers from land. Famous sights on the world include the Cloudland Peaks. Beneath the surface of Selonia is a powerful planetary repulsor, which was used in ancient times to transport the planet into its current orbit from an unknown location. Selonia is the homeworld of the alien species known as Selonians, who have thick tails, sleek fur, and long faces filled with needle-sharp teeth. Selonians are hive animals, who live together in genetically-related dens. Each den is made up of one fertile female (the queen, who gives birth to all members of a den), a few fertile males, and several hundred sterile females. All sterile females with the same father are said to be in the same "sept," and members of a sept are genetically identical. It is the sterile females who interact with other species and perform all the important functions of Selonian life; the fertile Selonians are treated merely as breeding stock. Selonians make poor liars and have a deep psychological need to reach a consensus among each other, even if the resulting agreement does not always make sense. Selonians are often comfortable inhabiting underground tunnels and warrens.

Many years ago, a Selonian den tried to cheat other members of their same den. For this dishonor, the perpetrators were exiled from Selonia and Corellia, and eventually settled on Sacorria. Fourteen years after the Battle of Endor, two Selonian factions-- the Republicists and the Absolutists-- struggled for control of the planetary repulsor. The Republicists intended to turn it over to the New Republic in exchange for Selonian sovereignty, while the Absolutists planned to use it as a weapon for the creation of Selonian independence. The Hunchuzuc Den, allied with the Republicists and the Chanzari Den, proposed to use Han Solo as a bargaining chip to open negotiations with the New Republic. The Overden, the ruling power on Selonia and allied with the Absolutists, won the Hunchuzuc over to their side when they claimed to control the Selonian repulsor. Kleyvits, representing the Overden, held Leia Organa Solo captive and tried to force her to recognize Selonia's independence from the New Republic. When it was revealed that the dishonored Saccorian Selonians were actually operating the repulsor, the Overden suddenly lost all power in favor of the Hunchuzuc Den. During the crisis, a Bakuran attack force led a diversionary assault on Selonia and one of its ships was destroyed by Selonia's repulsor. [AAC, AAS, SAC]

Semag system

Following the Battle of Hoth, Grand Admiral Thrawn made several attempts to locate and trap the renegade Admiral Zaarin in the area near the Semag system. [TSC]

Senex sector

Adjacent to the Juvex sector and near the Ninth Quadrant, the Senex sector is ruled by an elite group of ancient, aristocratic Houses. The sector contains the Senex system and the planet Karfeddion, and apparently Veron and Mussubir Three as well. Yetoom and Belsavis are located on its edge. The Ancient Houses and their Lords are very independent, desiring to rule their planets as they see fit and scorning any interference from outside governments. They were largely left alone under Palpatine's rule, and neither the post-Endor Empire nor the New Republic have been very successful in influencing them. The Senex Lords have long been accused of mistreating their workers and violating the Rights of Sentience. The oldest of the Houses is House Vandron, headed by Lady Theala Vandron, which operates slave farms on Karfeddion. The House Elegin is headed by Drost Elegin, and the House Garonnin gets a large portion of its revenue from strip-mining asteroids. The sleek Mekuun ships called Tikiars are often favored by the aristocrats of the Ancient Houses.

The Senex system once held an Imperial training area. Before the Battle of Yavin, a new Alliance recruit accidentally hypered into the area in his X-wing, and destroyed most of the training facilities before realizing his danger and hypering out. Eight years after the Battle of Endor, Stinna Draesinge Sha, a pupil of Nasdra Magrody's, was assassinated in the Senex sector in House Vandron territory. Later that year, many of the Senex Lords met with Roganda Ismaren on Belsavis with the intent of forming a military alliance. [COTJ, FP]

Sepan system

Located in the sector of the same name, the Sepan system contains the planets Ripoblus, Dimok, Gerbaud 2, and Sepan 8. Following the Battle of Hoth, a long, destructive war between the peoples of Ripoblus and Dimok was forcibly ended by the intervention of Imperial forces under the command of Admiral Harkov. At one point, the leaders of the two sides attempted a rendezvous near Sepan 8 to organize a united attack against Imperial forces. [TSC]

Serenity Following the Battle of Hoth, Grand Admiral Thrawn leaked word that a convoy carrying missile boats would be passing near the planet Serenity. This was intended as bait to trap the renegade Admiral Zaarin and his traitorous forces. [TSC]

Sern sector

The Sern sector is located near the Core Worlds, and contains the planet Ghorman. [FP]

Sesswenna sector

Contains the planet Eriadu. Grand Moff Tarkin developed the Tarkin Doctrine of rule by fear while he was a governor in charge of the Sesswenna sector and the Outer Rim Territories. [MTS, DSTC]


The former homeworld of Wetyin's Colony. The colony left Setor after suffering persecution and exile, and the Fernandin Scouting Operation was given a permit by the Empire to find the group a new homeworld. Some of the worlds considered included Betshish and Yavin 4. [GG2]


The infamous spice world Sevarcos orbits the orange star Lumea in the Sevarcos system, which consists of four solid planets and eight gas giants. Sevarcos is the second planet in the system, and the only one capable of supporting life. Due to the profitable spice extracted from Sevarcos' Imperial mines, the Empire maintains a permanent customs blockade of the entire system. A huge asteroid field drifting between the sixth and seventh planets houses the elite "Fate's Judges" TIE Interceptor squadron, which attacks any smuggler foolish enough to run the blockade. Sevarcos, brown and amber colored from space, is a dry, windswept world plagued by frequent sandstorms. Mountains make up most of the northern hemisphere, while vast deserts cover the south. Sevarcos' two types of spice-- the common white andris and the rare black carsunum-- are primarily mined in the equatorial region, where the mines double as brutal Imperial prisons. The Empire's forces are overseen by Imperial Planetary Commandant Velpar Raftin. Animal life on Sevarcos includes the spice eel, which burrows through rock and can reach lengths of up to thirty meters.

Sevarcos has an original human population known as the Sevari, believed to be the descendants of settlers from the early Old Republic colony ship Sevari Cabal. The Sevari eventually formed clans headed by Spice Lords to oversee the spice trade, though total control of that industry is currently held by the Empire. Unprotected visitors to Sevarcos can suffer side-effects from inhaling the trace amounts of spice found in the atmosphere, but native Sevari (accustomed to the constant spice) often slip into a coma-like "spice narcosis" when breathing the pure air of other worlds. Most of the planet's one million Sevari shun advanced technology, and use archaic wind riders for transportation and projectile flashpistols for defense. The most powerful Spice Lords are Lord Quintas of the Southern Deserts, Lady Trevael of the Northern Frontier, and Lord Cassius Nolath Rha, ruler of the profitable Equatorial Belt. [SWAJ]

Shadow Academy

A torus-shaped space station located near the Galactic Core, covered with weaponry and protected by a powerful cloaking device. Shadow Academy, capable of hyperspace travel, can move to a new location at a moment's notice. Built by the Second Imperium for the express purpose of training Jedi in the dark side of the Force, the station is stark and austere, with harsh, spartan accommodations for its students, locks on every door, and chrono chimes marking every quarter-hour. Brakiss, a former student of Luke Skywalker's, leads the Academy with the assistance of the Nightsister Tamith Kai. Various sections of Shadow Academy include the docking bay, a large meeting room, a holographic training chamber, Brakiss' private office, and a spherical, zero-gravity arena at the station's hub. The entire station is riddled with chain- reaction explosives, set to detonate if the new leader of the Second Imperium is displeased with Brakiss' progress. Consequently, Brakiss is never allowed to leave the station.

Nineteen years after the Battle of Endor, Jacen and Jaina Solo and their friend Lowbacca were kidnapped and brought to the Shadow Academy to train as Dark Jedi. Soon after the children's escape from the station, the Shadow Academy moved to Coruscant. Hiding behind its cloaking device, the station was able to launch attacks on New Republic convoys and recruit several people (including Jacen and Jaina's friend Zekk) to serve in the Second Imperium. The station was revealed when Jaina overwhelmed its cloak with a light beam from one of Coruscant's orbiting mirrors, but it managed to escape and establish a new hiding place near the Denarii Nova. It was here that Zekk, in a lightsaber duel in Shadow Academy's hub arena, killed his chief rival Vilas and became the Second Imperium's Darkest Knight. [YJK]

Shasfath Cluster

After the Battle of Hoth, Alliance operatives were sent to the Inner Rim and Expansion Region, to search for tibanna gas deposits on gas giant planets in the Lequabis, K'taktaxka, Poviduze, and Kelavine systems and the Shasfath Cluster. [SWAJ]

Shaum Hii

Shaum Hii is a planet famous for its noisy cattle markets. [HTTE]

Shesharile system

Located in the Minos Cluster, the Shesharile system is a small, unimportant system on the fringes of known space. It contains a gas giant, around which orbit the inhabited moons Shesharile 5 and 6-- sometimes called the "Twin Planets." The two overpopulated moons share 12 billion people ruled by a single corrupt government, inhabiting crowded cities and polluted industrial centers. Exports are considered out of date by galactic standards, and the economy has crashed in recent years. Gallisport, the capital city and largest starport in the system, is home to a small Imperial consulate and a popular tavern called Ta's Roost. Gallisport's starport, government sector, and wealthy residences are protected behind security barriers, since the city's narrow streets are ruled by criminals and wild swoop gangs. Swoop gangs such as the Spiders, the Rabid Mynocks, and the Raging Banthas are pursued by the Legally Authorized Law Authorities or LA- LAs, a corrupt security force hired by the local government. [SWAJ]


A planet of massive glaciers where the Alliance operated a medium-security work camp. [SWAJ]


The inhabitants of Sif-Uwana, the Sif-Uwanais, have a reputation for being very casual with their money and management style. Mara Jade once visited the planet while on business for the Emperor, and the smuggler Talon Karrde posed as the chief purchasing agent for the Sif-Uwana Council while on a mission to Varonat. [SWAJ]

Silver Station

Silver Station was a hidden resistance outpost drifting near the Dragonflower Nebula in the Doldur sector. Four hundred meters in length, it consisted of a central cube surrounded by many interconnected cylinders. Very few beings knew the station's secret location, where resistance leader Una Poot supplied seven Rebel cells in the surrounding sector. Aliens of every species could be found wandering its mazelike hallways. Silver Station was once named Machenry Station, an outpost built to mine gas from the nearby nebula. The station was eventually abandoned but was discovered by Una Poot, who added two dozen huge tanks and made the structure her base of operations. Just after the Battle of Yavin, the young heiress Tinian I'att and her companions came to Silver Station to meet with Poot. Though Tinian helped foil a Ranat plot to blow up the station, most of its inhabitants were forced to flee when Imperial forces arrived and took control of the outpost. [SWAJ]


Imperial General Sulamar, who worked with Durga the Hutt on the Darksaber project, was known to boast of his commanding role in the Subjugation of Sinton. [DS]


The possible homeworld of the near-human aliens known as Sionian Skups. Skups can be distinguished from humans by their closely-spaced eyes and brittle, glasslike hair. Many master thieves have come from the Sionian home world. Anky Fremp, an early friend of Greedo's during his youth on Nar Shaddaa, was a Sionian Skup. [TFTC]


An arid, heavy-gravity world, Sirpar is used by the Empire as a training outpost for Imperial Army soldiers. The large planet has a wide variety of terrain but possesses no valuable natural resources, and is protected by three orbiting defensive satellites. Many training centers dot the surface, including the Arctic Environments Combat Range at the north pole and the Deep Oceans Operations Camp in the tropical seas. Sirpar's equatorial continent is covered with a thick muddy jungle, and the planet's main starport is located on an equatorial island. Sirpar is also the homeworld of the timid Eklaad, quadrupedal aliens possessing prehensile snouts and covered with tough armored hides. Sirpar's 1.5 million Eklaad live in tribes ruled by hereditary chieftains, and have not advanced beyond stone-age technology. Once, the Eklaad had a planetwide Council of Chieftains, but that ruling body has not convened since the arrival of the Imperial Army. [SWAJ]


Sisk orbits a red dwarf star of the same name and is home to the arachnid species Sic-Six. The star Sisk was once an orange star but underwent a partial atomic collapse, cooling the planet Sisk and turning it from warm and lush to cool and barren. Sic-Six are highly antisocial, preventing any formation of government or mass production, though their technology is quite complex. Sic-Six are valued throughout the galaxy due to the fact that poison bites from their fangs are intoxicating to most species. [GG4]

Skor II

A small dense world orbiting the star Squab. It was on this planet that the alien species known as Squibs evolved. Skor II's resources tend to be concentrated in various parts of the planet, which led to the nomadic nature of the Squibs since they had to travel to find the resources they needed. When a Dorcin trader landed on Skor II, the Squibs traded the mineral rights to a frozen wasteland for the secrets of starship technology. Now most Squibs roam the galaxy collecting junk, haggling for bargains, and competing for trash-hauling business with their primary rivals the Ugors. [GG4]


The homeworld of the slablike, multitentacled aliens also called Sljee. All species on the planet operate entirely by scent, and the Sljee have a difficult time distinguishing different smells when they are away from their homeworld. One of the waiters in a Bonadan tavern was a native of Sljee. [HSR, CSSB]

Sluis sector

The Sluis sector contains the planets Dagobah, Bpfassh, Praesitlyn, and Sluis Van. [HTTE, ISWU]

Sluis Van

Located in the Sluis sector, Sluis Van contains extensive shipyards and the huge Sluis Van Central orbit- dock station, and is defended by perimeter battle stations. The busy shipyards are managed by an outer system defense network and the overloaded Sluissi workers at Sluis Control. Six months after the Battle of Endor, the Sluis Van Congregate was still debating on whether to join the New Republic. Though the Sluis sector lay closer to New Republic sectors than to the Imperially-held Core Worlds, the Sluissi did not want to alienate the Empire, which was still one of their main shipyard clients. Five years after Endor, Grand Admiral Thrawn launched an attack on 112 warships docked at Sluis Van, attempting to capture several of them with a cloaked cargo of spacetrooper-manned mole miners. No warships were captured, but the destruction of their control systems rendered over 40 of them useless. Notable members of the snakelike Sluissi species include Secles Uslopos, henchman for the crimelord Abdi-Badawzi on the planet Socorro. [HTTE, DFR, SWAJ]


Jabba the Hutt visited Cabrool Nuum's base on Smarteel in an attempt to sell Nuum a captured freighter. In the ensuing adventure, Jabba killed Nuum and his two children. [JTH]


The dry desert world Socorro orbits a red giant star in the isolated Socorran system, approximately three days travel from the Nodgra system. The planet's black volcanic-ash surface gives it its name, which means "scorched earth" in Old Corellian. The vast Doaba Badlands cover three-quarters of the planet's surface, and are home to several nomadic tribes including the Bharhulai and Ibhaan'I. A range of dormant volcanoes known as the Rym mountains runs through the badlands, and the world possesses few valuable natural resources. Sandstorms are common at the world's polar regions, where temperatures still remain a burning 110 degrees. Animal life in the deserts includes the water beetle and sandfly. Vakeyya, the capital and only large city on Socorro, lies adjacent to the Soco-Jarel space station of landing pads and hangar bays. Though the planet has not seen rain in nearly 1000 years, there are enough underground water reserves to sustain the 300 million smugglers and nomads, who live under no form of organized government.

Socorro is a haven for free-traders and outlaws, and the planet has a long, proud tradition of piracy. Illegal ship modifications remain a major source of planetary revenue. Socorrans have a deep sense of honor and integrity, and their strong loyalty to others is one reason why bounty hunters traditionally avoid the planet. According to custom, Socorrans travel offworld to die, but those who cannot often wander into the desert when their time is at hand. It is considered taboo among Socorrans to discuss those who have passed away. Socorro was one of the first worlds colonized by early Corellian settlers, and most inhabitants speak a distinctive dialect of the ancient Old Corellian language. This language is called Socorran, but is sometimes inappropriately termed "Middle Corellian." The leader of the planet's underworld is the Twi'lek gangster Abdi-Badawzi, who rules from his subterranean fortress at the base of the Rym mountains. The famous smuggler Karl Ancher, now retired, runs the Black Dust Tavern in Vakeyya. The young smuggler Drake Paulsen was born on Socorro. [SWAJ]


The site of the Solaest Uprising, which was suppressed by Imperial forces. [SWS]

Sombure sector

The Sombure sector is located near the Wornal sector. Imperial Moff Prentioch, ruler of the Sombure sector, began to expand his own territory following the Battle of Endor. His forces made advances into neighboring sectors including Wornal, where he ran against the competing forces of Moff Eyrgen. [SWAJ]

Soruus system

For many years, the provincial government of the Soruus system sentenced their criminals to fight to the death in gladiatorial combat. When the Min-Dal company took this as an opportunity to test its prototype Gladiator battle armor, several of the armored criminals managed to blast out of the arena and cause great damage. They were eventually stopped by the Empire, and Min-Dal was forced to cancel its armor production. [SWAJ]


Two wings of TIE fighters attacked the anti-orbital ion cannons on Spefik. The cannons were destroyed by a salvo from pilot Ranulf Trommer. [ROC]


A tropical pleasure world near the Inner Core. With very little axial tilt, and almost no dangerous native life, Spira is one of the most popular vacation destinations among the wealthy Core World citizens. The planet is almost entirely covered by a sparkling sea, broken only by small islands. Scouted by the Old Republic over a thousand years ago, Spira is now leased from the Empire by the Tourist Guild. Air traffic to the planet is limited to passenger liners and registered transports, and personal weapons are forbidden. Spira's mostly human population numbers only 500,000, and the Spira Security Police handle most local disturbances. Ataria Island is home to Spira's major spaceport and its most exclusive resorts. Spectacular cliffs compose its north and west sides, and luxurious beaches can be found to the east.

The exclusive Aspre Plunge resort is built directly into Ataria Island's north cliff face, and it extends one hundred meters below the water's surface. Gamblers in the Aspre Plunge's famous casino can look out its windows and view Spira's colorful marine life. A small Imperial garrison is located near Ataria Island's spaceport. The Shinkai Abyss, an underwater chasm lying near Ataria Island, runs almost 5000 kilometers and is encrusted with sparkling crystal. Spira's large, predatory Camray eels inhabit the Abyss and make popular trophies for vacationing sport hunters. Spira's largest island is on the opposite side of the planet, and its southern cape is an intersection of dangerous ocean currents called the Point. A crashed alien spaceship of unknown age or origin lies beneath the ocean and is a popular attraction for recreational divers. Spira is famous for the annual Spira Regatta, in which yacht crews race each other around the entire planet in a matter of days. Underwater plant life includes lacy green seafern, and marine animals include the parasitic Galub slug. [SWAJ]


New Republic intelligence agents on Spuma discovered increased trooper recruitment into the fleet of Admiral Harrsk, one of the few Imperial warlords remaining eight years after the Battle of Endor. [COTJ]


The star orbited by Skor II, home planet of the Squibs. [GG4]


Sights on Sriluur include the sandstorms of Varic and the port city of Dnalvec. Animal life on the planet includes dark wolves, fierce nocturnal beasts that some Weequays are skilled enough to tame. Alliance major Adazian Liebke, a Weequay, once served in the Dnalvec militia and fought in the Houk-Weequay conflicts. After the conflicts ended, the Empire built a permanent garrison along the Copper Coast and in the industrial capital of Meirm. The Nikto assassin Ma'w'shiye, while he was still an Alliance agent, helped defend the two remaining Dnalvec militia outposts on Sriluur against an Imperial attack. [SWAJ]


(see ThonBoka)


An agricultural planet, Stassia is a placid and unremarkable member of the Core Worlds. Its 1.3 billion human inhabitants are known for their indifferent and accepting natures, and are all steady supporters of the Empire. Stassia has been settled for ages, and was originally ruled by the members of the 15 Head Clans, who were descendants of the original colonists. The world is now ruled by Imperial governor Tren Pergallis. Stassia City is home to swoop races and ringer tournaments, and is the base of operations for the local crime madame Aalia Duu-lang. Sergeant Zeck Tambell is a special investigator for the Imperial Governor's office on Stassia. [SWAJ]

Stenness node

Sometimes referred to as the Stenness system, the node is actually a group of three planetary systems whose primary industry is mining. The node is located on the rim of the galaxy on the mining frontier and contains the planets Ambria and Taboon. The twenty-five humanoid species inhabiting the node are collectively referred to as "Nessies," who control the various mining operations and cut deals with outside traders. BolBol the Hutt is said to practically own the Stenness system.

Four thousand years ago, the Stenness underworld was controlled by a Hutt named Great Bogga, and the Nessies transported mutonium cargoes in ships made from the hollowed exoskeletons of the Colossus Wasps of Ithull. Han Solo and his former lover Salla Zend used to run Kessel spice to the Stenness system and compete to see who could strike the best deal from the Nessies. The bounty hunters Zardra and Jodo Kast, pursuing the Thig Brothers into the Stenness system, caught up with their quarry on Taboon. The ensuing firefight resulted in the death of Mageye the Hutt. [DE, TOTJ, TFTC]


Stic is a planet of continual climactic and geologic change and is home to the insectoid species known as the Xi'Dec. Due to the necessity of adapting to the rapid changes of Stic the Xi'Dec have evolved hundreds of specialized sexes throughout their history, each with its own unique appearance and abilities. Currently there are over 180 different sexes of Xi'Dec with the Xi'Alpha (the most common sex) composing almost six percent of the population. During various periods of Xi'Dec history warrior, constructor, messenger, and other sexes have appeared and disappeared to suit the needs of the community. Xi'Dec society is organized around the family unit, which never contains more than one member of the same sex, and has developed moderate technology. Tourism is a main industry of Stic, and many Xi'Dec are employed in the galaxy in genetics, geology, and other scientific fields. [GG4]


The homeworld of the giant Stone Eels, creatures composed of living rock. [D]


Likely a captured comet, Stroiketcy is one of the three planets of the Yavin system. The planet is noted for its trailing "tail" of atmosphere and its solid rock core. Due to its wide elliptical orbit, Stroiketcy varies between the second- and third-planet position in the Yavin system during its year. The world's surface is almost entirely water, with only a handful of rock outcroppings breaking the surface amid constant rainfall and fog. At either pole are two permanent ice caps (called Vanyets and Tsorria), and huge glaciers can be found drifting across the deep oceans. Stroiketcy's elliptical orbit causes an extended winter period when it is far from the system's sun, at which time all open water on the planet may freeze. Though it has never been confirmed, unicellular life might exist in Stroiketcy's oceans. The planet's name comes from the Corellian for "tailed one." [GG2]


Sullust is a volcanic world in the Sullust system, which is located between Yetoom and Ithor. The planet, covered with thick clouds of hot, barely-breathable gasses, is habitable (for most species) only in its vast networks of underground caves. In these caves the native Sullustans have built beautiful underground cities, which serve as tourist draws for many other galactic citizens. Piringiisi is one popular resort spot on the planet, known for its hot springs and caustic green mud. The amiable Sullustans are highly valued as pilots and navigators, due to a Sullustan's instinctive ability to remember any path he or she has traveled. The massive SoroSuub (or SoroSub) Corporation is based on Sullust and employs nearly half the population in its mining, energy, packaging, and production divisions. Sullustan exports include injecto-kit shoes, prefabricated room units, and plastic corneal replacements, and SoroSuub once manufactured Dragon battle armor for the Sullustan military. The Sullustans have established a permanent system Home Guard navy to protect their shipping from pirates and criminals. Drutash grubs are considered a Sullustan delicacy.

Despite the Rebel sympathies of many Sullustans, the SoroSuub Corporation dissolved the Sullustan government, seized control of the planet, and declared its allegiance to the Empire. After being forced out of the Sullust system by the Imperials, Councilor Sian Tevv brought Nien Nunb's private raiding squad into Alliance service. Prior to the Battle of Yavin, after the Alliance rescued a Sullustan leader kidnapped by the Empire, the Sullustans seemed to join the Alliance. However, it was not until late in the war when the leaders of Sullust finally held a vote and decided to officially secede from the Empire. The Alliance fleet assembled near Sullust just prior to the Battle of Endor. Nien Nunb's sister Aril Nunb later served as the Executive Officer for Rogue Squadron. [ROTJ, ROJN, SWS, TLC, COTJ, DESB, FP, XWRS, SWAJ]

Sumitra sector

The Sumitra sector contains the planet Tierfon where a Rebel starfighter base was established to patrol the outer edges of the sector. The Empire was aware of Rebel activity, but since the sector contains 12,387 planets and moons, locating Tierfon base was a difficult task. [SWS]


Following the Battle of Yavin, the Star Destroyer Relentless was to receive a cargo of new TIE interceptors at a rendezvous near Sunaj. The replacement cargo was destroyed by an Alliance strike team. [FP]

Sunaj IV

The Imperial frigate Juvani, undergoing service near Sunaj IV in the time following the Battle of Yavin, was attacked and destroyed by the Alliance. [FP]


The third planet in the Garos system, Sundari is a hot, arid mining colony which was settled nearly 4000 years ago. Sundari immediately began inter-system trade with its sister planet Garos IV, since the Sundars were dependent on an outside supply of foodstuffs. About 200 years ago, large numbers of Sundars began emigrating to Garos IV and establishing new businesses and factories, earning the resentment of Garosians who were hurt by the new competition. A civil war between the two planets erupted when a Garosian grain processing facility was destroyed-- intentionally, some claimed, by the Sundars. The devastating war raged on for 82 years until a truce was hammered out by Tork Winger, Assistant Minister of Defense for Garos IV, and Tionthes Turi, a respected Sundar engineer. Violations of the truce, such as the Wahalla Massacre, continued. but the Empire's intervention into the conflict approximately five years before the Battle of Yavin brought a sudden, violent end to most resistance. [SWAJ]


A planet well-known as a major trading center, Svivren is also noted as being a particularly difficult planet to conquer. Svivreni traders can be seen in the galaxy wearing their traditional garb of dulbands and robes. Mara Jade was sent to Svivren by the Emperor after she failed to kill Luke Skywalker at Jabba's palace on Tatooine. Later, a Crystal Gravfield Trap of General Bel Iblis' was lost at Svivren, creating an urgent need for a new CGT array during the siege of Coruscant. [TLC, TFJP]

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