Hello Friends, Family, and people I don't know:
Thanks for being patient while I work on my page. I don't have much time as it is, but I do wish to have a page to call all mine. Explore around and have some fun. Please feel free to give me some feed back in an email. As you can, see I enjoy Model Trains, Star Wars RPG, as well as MageKnight:Rebellion. Check out some of the pictures I have of my paint jobs.

Thanks a bunch:
I want to take just a brief moment to thank a few people for the contents of these pages and their creation. My 12th grade teacher, Mrs. McCullen, because she sparked my interest in the net and web design. My buddy, Tyler, for letting me use his talents for artwork, and Robert who was my previous GameMaster, of which I was mentored by. I also want to thank my wife, Sarah, for being such a strong support to my creative side, an assistant to my leader side, and helping me with grammar.

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