Unpainted cardboard chapel. Yes the road is currently made from construction paper with white out down the middle. Since it's made for matchbox it not quite 1:87

All fixed up with printed textures. Will get a bell at some point.


Brick House 
Another cardboard house, with printed texture glued to the sides. I use Adobe Photoshop to edit textures, either from the web, from roof images in "The Sims",  or using texture generator. Yeah, that's cotton sticking out of the chimney.

I need a better digital camera, any donations?

The road is black construction paper with "white out" rolled down the middle!

Store bought tree.

Cargo ramp

Just a card shell

The beginning of the station. "Dave's Auto"

Maybe I need to work on "scale"; only the front end of a car will fit into the shop. Though that is all you need to do an oil change. ;)
Water Tower So much you can do with dowels and a Pringles cup.

later, Flocked and fixed up.

The Workbench & "Nick's Pickles" in pieces. (model power)


Soon to follow, completed store front.

and a Fire Station.