What A Pulsar is:

A pulsar is a colapsed Super giant star. Basically if a super giant star goes Nova, not Super Nova . . . than the core condences into an extremely small star made entirely out of Neutrons. Literaly the amount of energy released when the star explodes changes . . . condences all the protons and electrons into Neutrons. Remember how much energy is in the core of an atom? And how much it would take to push an electron to the core? Well now take that and add to it the energy to change the Proton into a neutron by electrical fusion. A Pulsar is so named because of a constant liniar beam that is emmited in a circular patern on a very regular pulse. It is a radiation beam that is comprised of mostly beta particals and high frequency electromagnetic waves. Protons don't want to stay Neutrons and thus deteriorate by radiation back to there original state. Where not really sure, but maybe in pulsars there might be anit-mater explosions, hell the star could be anti-mater/mater at that point. It is very high gravity . . .about 1/10 black hole. The overall star is cold, but the radiation from the beam is so hot and active that millions of lightyears away even with our low technolgy we pick it up. I would say that if earth was in orbit around this pulsar it would be cooked every time the beam pased, but the orbit of Jupiter would be capable of shielding itself from damage, being distant enough. Because it takes a star going Nova to produce one, there are be no inner planets to this star anymore. There are a few outer planets void of anything proffitable, or livable conditions. (as told by Rob. T.)

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