Tigrus (Player)

Template: Thief: Fargul , Male. Likes the martial arts and is going down the path of a warrior. Appears to be becoming more like the mythical Nijitsu Warriors. Strength: 3d Dexterity: 3d Perception: 3d+1 Knowledge: 3d Mechanical: 1d Technical: 1d

Force Sensitive: Y / Dark Side Pts: 0

Equipment: the hair on his back.and all over the rest of him. Special Abilities: Claws Str+1d, Teeth Str+2d, Tail can be used like hand with -1d+2 dex mod., night vision.

Control 1d, Sense 1d, Alter 1d.

Skills: Acrobatics 1d, Sneak 2d, Hide 2d, Search 2d, climb/jump 2d, brawling 2d+2, (S) martial arts +1d, security 1d, (S) mechanical +1d, Melee combat 2d+1, Melee parry 2d+1, Thrown Weapons 2d, Stamina 2d, Brawling Parry 1d+2 Illiterate fargul from Farrfin gets by by stealing for his next meal, sometime tries to pull a 'Robin Hood', but doesn't do to good.