Master (thief) Spindel (Non-Player Character)

Template: Master Thief, Unknown race, Male. Three and a half foot tall skinny alien with short dark brown fur covering his entire body. Slighty plump little belly and bulbous eyes. Usually only wears a small cloak and a sachel for his acqisitions. Found himself in a jail cell with Locke Hawke and was also sentenced to death. With the help of an imperial he escaped along with Locke, Ann, and Tigrus. Understanding that no one trusted eachother they couldn't split up or they thought the others would turn them in. So Spindel has stayed with the group for adventures and money making ventures. Still no one trusts him, and he the same of them. Strength: 3d Dexterity: 4d Perception: 4d Knowledge: 3d Mechanical: 2d Technical: 2d

Force Sensitive: N/Dark Side Pts:1

Equipment: Bag with many 'borrowed' trinkets. Electronic debitor device, 18,250 credits put into assorted investments. Special Abilities: Teeth str+1d
Main Skills: Blaster 2d, Dodge 2d+1, Pick Pocket 5d, Streetwise 4d, value 5d, bargain 4d, con 3d+2, hide 5d, (A) slight of hand 2d, search 3d, sneak 4d, demolitions 3d, security 4d, compt. prog/rep 4d, ... Quirks: Acts like a 10 year old with new toys, a 16 year old mind, and is actually 56, with an extremely high IQ.