Miles MacKrafty (Once a player now an NPC)

Template: Technition turned Jedi Student: Human, Male, Started the lonely life of an imperial technition and almost immediately was chased down for his abilities he didn't know of(the force). Currently working behind the sceens in the current scenario. Strength: 3d Dexterity: 3d Perception: 2d Knowledge: 3d Mechanical: 3d Technical: 4d

Force Sensitive:Y / Dark Side Pts: 4

Equipment: comlink, 78,000 credits, spacers chest, walkman w/ headphones, specialized tool kit, hold-out blaster, Lightsaber 5d. Special Abilities: Sense: 7d Control: 6d+2 Alter: 6d+2
Main Skills: Dodge 3d, Run 2d, Blaster 3d+1, Lightsaber 3d, Lightsaber Technologies 3d, first Aid 3d, SpaceTransport rep. 5d, (S) police cruise +1d, (A) master Technition, starfighter repair 3d+1, (S) y-wing +1d, ...and a few others Quirks: Space phodbia, listens to classcal music while working on ships. Major Mishap: While on honeymoon thugs spaced wife from the space yawt they were on.