Locke Hawke (Player)

Template: Space Rescue CORP. Human, Male. Strength: 3d Dexterity: 3d Perception: 4d Knowledge: 2d Mechanical: 3d Technical: 3d

Force Sensitive:Y / Dark Side Pts: 0

Equipment: datapad with secret message, 1500 credits Special Abilities: None
Skills: Blaster 2d, Sneak 3d, Pick Pocket 3d+2, Search 1d, climb/jump 1d, Stamina 1d, Bargain 1d, First Aid 1d+2, Investigation 1d, SpaceTransports 3d+1, Zero-gravity 1d, SpaceTransports rep 2d+2, Hide 1d, Repulsorlift Operation 3d, streetwise 1d, Persuation 1d Owns a ranch back on his home planet of Berchest. Nice little place he inherited when his family disapeared. They were killed or missing in action...all of them!