Lt. Claive Jefreet (ally turned foe--deceased)

Template: Human Imperial Lt. 5'10" Medium built man who has chiseled facial features, brown hair, and grey eyes. Strength: 2d+2 Dexterity: 3d+1 Perception: 4d Knowledge: 3d+1 Mechanical: 2d+2 Technical: 2d

Force Sensitive: N / Dark Side Pts: 2

Equipment: comlink, 15,000 credits, The G-Trock "SunBurst" Special Abilities: None
Main Skills: Dodge 1d, Blaster 1d, melee attack 2d, melee parry 2d, Bur. 3d, bus. 1d, Culture 4d, Law 3d, Value 1d, communications 2d sensors 2d, command 3d, search 2d Story Factors: A good, bad guy, he is only following orders.