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Past Scenario Info

The past scenario characters finished off in a cliffhanger battle. No one knows who lived or died. The group basically had that happen so that we could start over with new characters, at the GMs demand. The character skills are listed by the criteria I use with my scenarios for an explanation on it go to my House Rulez page.

Players Friendly Non Player Characters(NPCs) Major Enemy NPCs
Locke Hawke Miles MacKrafty Moff Mandin
'Tigrus' 'Master thief' Spindel Sven
Anne MacKrafty King Leo Bellsfar: Pirate King in charge of the pirate group that lives within the Crassus Cluster surrounding Altare'. For stats Page 242 of Star Wars Adventure journal Vol. 1 No. 5  
John Little Drek Drednar: Pirate Captain for King Leo of the Crassus Cluster Pirates. For stats look at Page 86 of Star Wars Adventure journal Vol. 1 No. 5  
Jake   Admiral Torrel - deceased
Rocky S. Wall - Deceased Ssnarg - somewhere Lt. Claive Jefreet -deceased
Faye Chakowski - player dissapeared    
'Jason' - player dissapeared    
James MacKrafty - player dissapeared    
Leah "Leo" Canis - player dissaperared    

The current characters are envolved with what is currently going on in the scenario.(duh.) and you can find what is going on in the current scenario here!

THE STORY as of: 1/1/1999 - 4/14/99; 4/14/1999-12/15/99

Last update: 1-26-2000

TO BE CONTINUED, Until another gaming day then....

It's over for this group, on to the next one...

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