Faye Chakowski (Player)

Template: Smuggler, Human, Female. Strength: 3d+2 Dexterity: 3d Perception: 3d Knowledge: 2d+2 Mechanical: 4d Technical: 3d

Force Sensitive:N / Dark Side Pts: 0

Equipment: Pilot Liscence, comlink, datapad, 2,000 credits, 25,000 credit debt, Jermagium Light Freighter("Solar Winds"), spear str+1d, Blaster Rifle 5d Special Abilities: Zip, Zero, Zilch
Skills: Blaster 1d+1, Dodge 1d, SpaceTransports 1d, Space Transports Rep. 1d, Starship gunnery 1d, Con, 1d, persuasion 1d, bargain 1d. A wealthy family life until she was a young adult, war broke out on her home planet that cause her to leave.