THE Continuation...

New Player Addition to Group: Rocky S. Wall

Recap; Players still alive, and/or involved in the game still.

Players: Npc's Playing a major Role right now.
Ann MacKrafty Moff Mandin
Tigrus Ludwig Van Breathren
Captain Locke Hawke Chief UgLeF
Faye Chakowski Chief Za'GeR
Rocky S. Wall  

Location: Shadow Port (Space Forged Station)

Purchased weapons, armor, and a ship. Tried to get into a pirate gang, either the Crassus Cluster Pirates or a Rebel Privateer group. Neither worked. Tigrus and Ann were abandonded by Captain Hawke because he had to return back home and settle up legal disputes. Locke went back to Berchest to pay off his servants that were suing him because he fired them and they had a life contract that was made by his father. Tigrus and Ann met up with a merchant that needed some crew. She was a bit shor handed and was looking for anyone who wouldn't mind making a quick credit. This traders name is Faye Chakowski.

-Faye, Tigrus, and Ann met with a crime lord in desperate need of a simple delivery/trade run. Crime lords name is Ludwig Van Breathren. He asked them to sign up to run a cargo of "Food Stuffs" (actually weapons) to an out of the way, non civilized planet. It would pay 15,000 credits if they could get there, drop off the goods, and bring back some chemicals that this Tribal Group could make.

Not bothering to hear what else he might have had to offer they took the job. Heck it was an easy 15,000 credits, right? Not really.

Location: Krynn (Non civilized, out of the way planet)

Location: Krynn: Landing field, and Zanu camp.

Tigrus, Ann, and Faye get to this planet, land in the appropriate spot, and as they are beggining negotiations with the Zanu (or Red Tribe) the Trex-Ta (or Grey Tribe) shows up with a rather large war party, and scares off the Zanu. Then at spear point Ann (all alone cause Faye ran into the ship, and Tigrus never came out) declines dinner and trading the same type of chemicals witht the Grey Tribe. But Ann begs for a few min to speak with her friend back in her ship (which the tribals call the Flying God.) Ann goes back into the ship and blasts off! They fly over to the Red Tribe(Zanu) and start looking for a place to land (the landing site they were at was the closest) and they decide to land in a crop field. Much to the Zanu's astonishment and displeasure the group steps out of the ship and wants to trade and leave. The Chieftan of the Zanu (UgLeF) wants the players to trade all of the weapons for only 75% of his chemical goods to pay for the food they crushed and ruined. After some debate the group agreed to stay for an extra week and show the Zanu how the guns worked if the Zanu would trade the remaining 25% of the chemicals to them. The group moves their ship out to the landing spot, so it can get off of the crops. Then return to the Zanu tribe to help teach them how to use the guns.

Not realizing that these chemicals(poisons) are organic in nature and can go bad if not kept right, the group takes the first 75% upfront (and they begin to go bad). And that while they are at the Zanu tribe the Trex-Ta tribals are at the landing site again, and are investigating the ship. The Trex-Ta spend a few days poking and proding it before they finally go and move it to a cave. They basically steal the ship, in hopes to trade it later for guns.

-The group (after a week at the Zanu Tribe) return to the landing site to find drag marks where their ship was.

-They are met by a Trex-Ta group to escourt them back to their tribe.

-They have dinner with them (as is customary), Tigrus(unknowingly) gets poisoned, and also feels it necessary to chalenge the chieftan to combat to get the ship back.

-Needless to say the chieftan picks his champian (who gets loaded up on battle drugs) to fight Tigrus, and Tigrus gets a beat down.

-They finally come to the conclusion that the group needs to go steal 12 blasters from the Zanu and trade it to the Trex-Ta for their ship.

-The group spends a few real life days and game days performing hit and runs to get 12 blasters.

-On the way They come across a ship wrecked man. (new player)

-They get the Blasters, trade for the antidote, and the ship location.


Location: Krynn: Mountain Caves, Mountain Temple

-The characters were told where the ship was, in a cave "That way"

-And they were told not to go into the other pathway cause scouts who went didn't come back.

-While venturing to the cave opening the group saw the

-Course it cant be helped that in the back of the cave was a tunnel that led up to the temple

-The temple is an old Jedi training camp, and has a guardian still in it.

-After a bit of exploring Tigrus confronted a large 6 legged Grizzly Bear like creature, it was a bit contaminated with Dark Side, since it lived in a cave concentrated with it.

Location: Shadow Port (Space Forged Station)

-Back at the space port they get another job from Mr. Breathren.

-The group is to take a plant to another crime lord "friend" in another system.

-The plant is a man sized, man eating plant that gets loose in the ship and starts growing everywhere, once it is left alone for a week durring hyperdrive.

-The group attacks and kills the plant and goes to talk with the "friend" crimelord.

-After a brief encouncer the group returns back to Space Forged Station.

New Player Addition to Group: John Little

Recap; Players still alive, and/or involved in the game still.

Players: Npc's Playing a major Role right now.
Ann MacKrafty Moff Mandin
Tigrus Ludwig Van Breathren
Captain Locke Hawke Captain Drek Drednar
Faye Chakowski King Leo Belsfar
Rocky S. Wall Kitty
John Little Drakken, Miles MacKrafty and Dawn

Location: Shadow Port (Space Forged Station)

-While back at the space port they hear from an old aquaintance (Drakken Posh'kar - scout).

-Group is requested to fly with Pash to the asteroid where they met up with the large spiders. He needs their help and their ship to get through the asteroid belt. His ship is too big.

-Miles MacKrafty shows up to make an offer to the group. "Destroy the asteroid and my associates will reward you the same thing that you will get paid by the Empirials"

-Miles said he needed to go along for business reasons, and asked if he could tag along with afterwards.

-Miles also brought along an old friend of his, Dawn. Who is a security expert.

-They go out to get the Asteroid blown up with Locke's ship ("Silver Hawke" YT-2400).

Location: Astroid Belt (Destination: asteroid B-Z11G)

-On the opposite side of the belt from the grop, a Victory class Star Destroyer waited, unable to do anything but watch.

-12 TIEs are guarding 4 Cargo Haulers. Rookie pilots, just out of the academy.

-They parted in 2 groups of 6, and got shot down by the Zebra, Z-95, and Silver Hawke (YT-2400)

-Then the remaining 12 TIEs came from the VSD, Kitty showed up cloaked and took out a few TIEs, and one of the cargo haulers bit the bullet when a tie exploded into it.

-Kitty tried making negotiations with the group for some credits for helping them out. They wouldn't agree, so she asked them to dock for negotiations.

-Kitty disabled them and handed them over to Pirate Captain Drek Drednar.

-Once aboard Drednars ship Drednar wanted these very lucky people to join him as a special opperations team called Drednars Commandoes!

-Those who were interested in more stayed in the conference room, the others left. Drakken left. He is only a small time scout he said.

-The others accepted Drednars offer. And John Little (one of Drednars men) was appointed ground opperations leader. And Locke remained as Captain.

-They all returned to Star Forged Station and dropped off Drakken.

Location: Shadow Port (Space Forged Station) again.

-Drakken was droped off at his ship and left to go about his business.

-As the group flew away BOOM drakkens ship exploded into millions of pieces.

-Ignoring it for now, guessing who did it, the group docked at recieved a message from Ludwig asking for their precence in his court.

-On the way to Ludwigs, because they are wearing the Drednar patches they are threatened and called cowards by another pirate group.

-Rocky and Tigrus postpone the fight until after they speak with Ludwig.

-The group goes to talk with Ludwig about botching the last job, Ludwig sees they are now Drednar commandoes and justs informs them of a debt they owe him.

-At that point Tigrus and Rocky go down to the Arena. its 4 vs. 2, and then a mysterious person wearing hunter B.H. armor and talking witha rodian accent shows up wearing a Drednar Commando patch.

-Rocky pulled a gun and then it turned into a fire fight. Needless to say the Commando side won. With no injuries. Then the rodian slipped off into the crowd and Kevin and Adam returned to the ship.

-Once back at the ship and about to leave Drednar informs them of their first mission. Protect a shipment comming in for a few hours then make sure the cargo gets transfered to the people they are told to transfer it too.

Kitty's involvement at this point

-First off Kitty gets ticked when she was offered some of the Ore by Drednar in return for bringing the group to him.

-Kitty wants ore so she does a favor (goes and smuggles a special tree) for King Leo Bellsfar, King of the Crassus Cluster Pirates. She learns of the Auction to be held to sell the ore. She gets an invitation to the auction. And Belsfar gets Kitty a Drednar Commando patch.

-Kitty wanders around the station getting info about the auction and pays off the dock master so that she can pull a switcharoo when the real ore shows up.

Recap; Players still alive, and/or involved in the game still.

Players: Npc's Playing a major Role right now.
Ann MacKrafty Moff Mandin -- taking a temp. back seat.
Tigrus Ludwig Van Breathren
Captain Locke Hawke Captain Drek Drednar
John Little King Leo Belsfar
Rocky S. Wall Kitty

Location: Shadow Port (Space Forged Station) again.

They got taken off the missionn to guard asteroid, then sent to find out about rouge pirates.. or possible rouge pirates
They were sent to the MIRAX system, on the way Tigrus and Locke have force sensitive dreams. They feel beckoned to a temple of force, and that they will be bestowed upon with power if they go.

Location: Mirax System, 6th and 8th planets.

They were told to go to the 6th planet to look for them.. and the 8th planet was inhabited. 10 planets in system.
So they get into the system and all of a sudden the Force sensitives are bombarded with force ripples. They feel a big conflict in the system and as they get closer to the 6th planet they feel more of a dark side.. but they cant be sure because it is still conflicting force so they land near this temple were they see a half hidden G-Trock, and the temple is feeling strong in the force..

They check out the place only to find 8 dead pirates.. looks like they killed eachother.. or them selves.. Ann checks some of the logs on the ship to find that the first crew mate that died was from a large bug bite. He got sick and started having multiple things go wrong with him.

They see a few large fly's but they are left alone. Tigrus and Locke go check out the temple. and after checking out a very large gem at the alter (its a mayan type temple, 4 steps.) at the back of the top room is a staircase going down..
So they go down..and down, and down and see a large metal door with alien script behind on the wall opposite of it, and on the door was a picture of a holocron, this one was a dark blue inset in gold.

Note as to what a Holocron is: It is a little metal box made of jedi technology that when held is activated and a hologram of a jedi appears, and it is an interactive encyclopedia.. and contains only limited info on certain topics..

When they open the doors it reveals a stone throne ten times human size.. and a jedi apparition appear (10x human size). Also is a cirlce of light surounding the stone temple, however there is maybe a foot clearance once a person walks into the room before the shadows end and the light starts. The force apparition becons them to step in and kneel before him and he will empower them so they can rule the galaxy with him.

So they kneel... hahaha FOOLS

So he takes over their minds, because they steped into the light circle around the throne that was created by the jem up top.. (he can only take over their minds as a part of him being trapped here)
Just to prove he can take over their minds he makes Tigrus attack Locke. And then lets go of control after one round of combat. He only used Tigrus's claws instead of pulling a weapon, he didnt want to kill Locke right now.

The dark jedi then instructs them that if they do not go to the 8th planet and destroy the light side temple there he will have them kill them selves, like what the pirates did

After shooting a few flys and having 100 or more show up they left and took the ships to the 8th planet.

Locke got some fly goo on his armor and took it off and threw it in the stream before they left. They feared the flys...

So they get to the 8th planet only to find out that there is a city built around the jedi temple. They cant in good conscience blow it up. Well not without killing a lot of people.

So they land, go through customs, pay alot(in taxes) for a ship they 'found'(the Gtrock).

So they take public transportation out to the jedi tourist atraction. The look around the guard post a bit thinking of how to get in the door, then they think to fill out visitors passes, and get in.

So they get to the temple.. and through a lot.. find:
1) A holocron with instructions and info about number 3
2) A lightsaber
3) A metal 'claw' that is supposed to destroy the dark jedi, but the technology wasnt availiable to make it work when the 12 jedis banished the dark jedi. Then the 12 jedis went off to the clone wars and parished.. so they didn't have time to finish it. (Thats what the holcron said).

So the group asks the holocron all sorts of questions..Then they start to leave the temple.. tigrus starts using the lightsaber as a door opener. They thought that they hadn't been 'possed' in a while so they though they were safe in the light temple.. Thats when Tigrus got taken over again. The dark jedi possessing Tigrus noticed the nifty lightsaber they found, and then gave control back after telling them to hurry up and destroy the temple.

A little while later, when they were trying to get the 'claw' past the guards the guards wanted to take Tigrus in because he was threatning them with the lightsaber.. so the dark jedi took over again and slaughtered them. FYI no dark side point for tigrus.. he has no control.

They find out from the holocron that the claw needs to be worked on and finished, so they look around the town and find someone who will do some research and build what they need, he wanted a lot of money and a few hours.

The dark Jedi takes over Locke and talks to Tigrus,
"If you do not destroy the temple within three hours I will kill one of your friends!"

Well by then they also find out that in 3hrs they can get a local master tech to fix the 'claw' with a sonic oscilator that it supposedly needs. Then they make their way into orbit around the 8th planet.
For other GMs out there: The dark jedi has 14 dice control, sence, and alter.
After every other round of combat the control goes down 1 control dice. The jedi can start to break his control after a few rounds. It is part of the conditions the 12 jedi put on him when they trapped him. And the Dark Jedi cant just control people whenever, he has a time limit as to the frequency he can start to control people. GMs discretion.

So the Tigrus, Locke and Rocky goes up into space. Tigrus and Locke are in chains so they cant kill anyone.
and Rocky goes and sits in the cocpit with a blaster rifle pointed at the door.

Well at 3 hours and 30 the cocpit door opens. And a metal pipe comes flying in at Rocky, he slides down to the floor and the pipe sticks all the way through his chair. He then faces Tigrus and Locke rushing him
... they fight... dun dun dun
Rocky gets a Dark Side Point cause he used a character point to increase damage and went to the dark side...He was warned that was possible. Then the dark jedi lost the control because Tigrus foght hard enough against the control. And locke just lost control because the dark jedi though a dark side guy was better than trying kill him.

They all get to the 6th planet because the dark side jedi is tired from controling minds. I (the GM) only allowed him every so often to control peoples minds.

They place the claw on, and then Rocky feels beckoned down below. The dark jedi offers him the same deal.
"Go kill the others and then control the galaxy with me.. as my servant..." but at that time the claw is working its thing. Tigrus has to keep it from rattling in place using telekenisis. strength alone was not enough.. and then ZAP... adam and the dark jedi bite the dust from a blue surge of energy fills the room and ignites Rocky into blue flame. The stone throne goes bye bye.. and the bottom floor of the temple blows out.

Now they have to make a wild rush out to the star ships...
they all ran down the side of the collapsing temple, jumping from rock to rock, and picking up others when they fell down. Making it to the bottom just in time as a great dust cloud was created from all the rock debris. After the dust settled down The group returned to a small building outside of the temple to look for some plunder they saw and left earlier. The found the half collapsed small stone builind, searched it for 3 hours and found the crate of Spice they were looking for.

NOTE: Tigrus and Locke got a dark side point for knowingly letting Rocky go down into the temple that they had full intention of destroying the dark jedi in.

GM NOTE: The After effects of Locke and Tigrus being touched by the Dark Jedi's mind = they each have 4 more 'temprorary' dark side points. They get to add 4d too their Force Powers, but when they roll to see if they go to the dark side they ignore the dark side points given to them by the dark jedi. When they use a force point to double all of their skills the dark jedi dice do not double.

New Player Addition to Group: Jake 'i'll get last name later' -- player was the one who played the now dead Rocky.

Recap; Players still alive, and/or involved in the game still.

Players: Npc's Playing a major Role right now.
Ann MacKrafty Moff Mandin -- taking a temp. back seat.
Tigrus Ludwig Van Breathren
Captain Locke Hawke Captain Drek Drednar
John Little King Leo Belsfar
Jake Kitty
  Miles MacKrafty

Location: Back at Altove.

The group gets back and sends off a message to Drednar to meet so they can get paid, and give him the Gtrock. Before leaving they meet up with Miles who is hiding from a bounty huter and Ssven the Dark Jedi he escaped away from the bouty hunter with. Little John also starts feeling a bit woosy from the bug bite he recieced back in the Mirax System. Luckly Miles had seen it before and was able to help get some proper medication.

Location: Meeting place in space for GTrock Pyment

The group gets 500 credits a piece. And then go with the Correlian corvett to the Crassus Cluster. They then go to the planetoid that the Crassus Cluster Pirates inhabit. The group also enjoys being able to upgrade some of their weapons with the WD-4D droid(weapons distributor droid).

Here's how it all ENDS!

After getting the weapons they want the go with the CCP to their small planatoid base in the Crassus Cluster. After a day or so an ISD makes it into the Cluster, to the surprise of everyone. The base is shut down, and people prepare to flee. The group of PCs are pretty much the only group that escaped the ISD commanded by Ssven the Dark Jedi.

The group then makes their way to find Drek Drednar, who is off auctioning the ore in his possesion. Once they find him, they tell him of the destruction of his planet, Drednar gives them the assignment to DESTROY the ISD in revenge, and don't come back until it is completed. So the group goes off to Altove IV, where the ISD is there having a parade at the [insert propaganda here:] 'Wonderful time of peace the Empire has brough by removing such a threat'. After setting down in a distant city port (other than the main city where the parade is going on); Anne feels it necassary to point guns at everyone, so the group gets up and leaves that ciry quickly. Since some of the group members know of an establishment out side of the city that the group can hide in they move there.


It is only right that since Ssven and Miles got into a fight, and Ssven did not win, and Miles keeps evading him, that Ssven call unpon his superior to help him out. Ssvens superior is non other than the grand master of evil, DARTH VADER. So it is assumed that Darth Vader, Ssven, and an Elite group of Stormtroopers go to meet with the group.

Use your own imagination as to how the stroy might go down.


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