First Players in Scenario:

Ann MacKrafty is a rescue corp person that specializes in repair of ships.

Locke Hawke who is also a rescue corp person, he specializes in flying space craft.

And Tigrus a Fargul thief, a straight up theif, nothing spectacular right now. Tigrus enjoys running around and bashing peoples heads, (because he can i guess) I just about had enough of it and was going to give him a dark side point, but he decided not to go through with slicing a guys throat while he was down. But a fighter with better skills, and a knife was introduced to futher plot and teach begining players not to pick on street bums. He got his butt kicked pretty dang fairly. Shows him he can't go and attack anyone he sees. I may just flat out kick him out of the party if he want to run around disobeing the main rulez of STARWARS..don't be evil.

Scenario start location: Altove IV Space Station in the Altare' system.

First off Tigrus is running around just learning game mechanics by having free will, he first went to the ports on the space station they are in. He was intrested in stealing stuff from within the ships, that much was obvious. I made it obviuous that where ever he went he was seen by somebody. he walked up a plank to a large cargo ship and looked in, saw closed doors and didn't try opening them, and left, as he left the captain and some crew were returning and questioned him saying "they did not order a tech". He played it out like he was interested in buying the ship, they gave him a tour, he made inquires to the price then left...pretty smooth really. i more or less gave it to him easy.

He made his way to an ally where his home (a card board box) was located. he had bought clothes and put them in there. When he got back another bum was wearing a vest of his. so he goes to attack to get it back. he ends up knocking the guy into oblivion and gets blood oover all the clothes. He covers it up as best as possible. on the way out of the ally he sees a short furry animal creature walk up to him and say "here this is for you" and he hands Tigrus a small black box with an attena (remote switch to a bomb) then Tigrus doesn't want it and goes to attack this guy, the small man pulls a knife and blocks Tigrus's leg with it hurting Tigrus and forcing him to the gound unconscience.

All-the-while Ann MacKrafty and Locke Hawke are doing a rescue and then return to base. The rescue opperation they went on made them look stupid as rookie rescue operatives. [ To much fun for me. =) ] Once they got back they went off duty and headed out to buy weapons. Why they wanted them I don't know but they really wanted em and the only people selling were a couple of jerks down an alley and a guy that sold his Sporting Blaster for 800 credits no questions asked, what a rip off. They headed off for a bar to inquire about more weapons. Then they are called back to base for a big internal space station rescue opperation. The moff who lives on this base had his quarters blown up (while he was away) but servents and officers there needed help. So they get to the scene and split up with rescue officer bob and Stephens. Bob being the leader of that party tells Locke and Ann to stay back and inspect the alien laying unconscience next to a bag that looks like it could contain explosives. So they stay while bob and Stephens goes to the back of the moffs establisment to continue with the rescue. Some storm troopers show up and immediately tell Ann and Locke to get down, put the knife (that shawn pulled off of Tigrus laying on the floor) down. Well they are dumn and resist so they get kicked, pistol whipped then thrown into a repulsor van retaining vehicle.

After seeing people getting rescued from the building, noting the moff isn't there, they get hauled off in the repulsor jail truck to the retaining cell block corridors. oh yeah, before they get hauled off tigrus and Locke fight for no apparent reason and almost both fall unconscience. Once they are thrown into cells they are allowed to rest (like they had a choice) and after a while they are taken down and interogated to why they blew up the moffs quarters. Seeing that Tigrus was holding the detonator (so what if he was knocked out) and Locke and Ann where not at the barracks and don't have an alliby (what are they going to say: that they were out purchasing illegal weapons off the blackmarket?) they are (unknowingly) sentenced to death. They get framed pretty good if I might say so myself. So they currently have no weapons, no money, and no hope. oh darn.

Well the plot is more like someone in the upper ranks of the stations officers(the fleet admiral) wants the moff dead and he is making sure someone (not himself takes the blame.) Since the moff luckly wasn't in his quarters he is still alive and kicking and wants someone to pay. So the group is put in his reach. Ann, Locke, and Tigrus have a few forces at work against them. The little pawns they are. They are informed of their sentence to death by way of a last meal. An officer( Lt Jefreet) that feels pitty sends Locke a data pad with his meal, it contains a message that comes across as wait 5 hours and you'll be free, all you have to do is wait. However this officer has connections to the unknown (fleet admiral )person that wishes to take the moffs place and wishes to continue to use the group as pawns.

While in their cell a new NPC to the group shows up. Spindel the master thief. Thrown in jail for commiting some small crime. This being is a theif that will show Tigrus the way...the way to steal, not get caught, and steal for the right reasons. Whatever those may be. He gets brought in by getting tossed into"death row" with the gang and when they plot their escape he begs to take him with them cause he will surely die being in death row, and die horribly if they escape and leave him behind. then they can go on to run from the empire or try to prove their inocence. (running is about all the Admiral will let them do)

They are greeted 5 hours later by a Lt. and a storm trooper. The trooper is under orders along with the Lt. to make sure these 4 escape. So The Lt makes his way leading the goup into a washroom to clean the prisoners before an exicution infront of the Moff. Well he turns the wrong way and ends up (after shooting a few guards and rumaging around a supply closet) at the back end of a small space station alley way where he has his personal vehicle waiting. the drive off to a ship that is the hide out spot unless they can get some parts for the hyper drive and engines that would allow them to leave the space station. So they make their way down to a tech lab and steal the hyperdrive and engine parts they need. Problem is they dont know how to install it, so they get a tech to help them that try's but admits he doesn't really work on freighter, mainly starfighters. So he fails after a few hours! Well they take off anyways, the tech jumps for an escape pod, and they are some how miraculously let go and are alowed to land on Altove IV the planet.

We also had a weird story addition (new players)

James MacKrafty: Brother to ann, and Miles(me). He is the retarded one of the family. Just like in real life. so his basis is meeting Ann and because he is a mercinary he was thinking he might get a job working with or for the group.

Leo: A common girl that is more or less a street walker. you know a prostetute, whore, slut, get the point. and she is just looking to travel and i mentioned the groups ship is the only non-commercial, or military that has shown up in the last week. it was a slow week or something. so she goes and finds a fellow Barchest person on board and hooks up. hey what do you know it was Locke Hawke that was also from the planet Barchest. so they hung out a lot. go figure...

Jason: Bounty hunter so i had a royal ambassador from the planet they are on go and give him 20,000 credits if he would make sure the group stays alive for at least the next month. then i charged him 13,000 to stay on board as a passanger with the group...hahahah suckin money right outa his hands. it makes sense, and afterwards he is allowed to cash in on the bounties if he is alive to get them.

New Location: Altove IV Planet side. Large star port.

Ann wanted to go rob someone by holding him up. so the planetary 'guards'(who weren't really guards) told her to put her gun down or they'd shoot. well she ran, they shot and she fell unconscience. she woke up in a dumpster missing all of her items, money, weapons, the such... Then after Leo and Locke find her they all go back to the ship so Ann can feel safer and rest. All they did(unknowingly) is lead the 'guards' to were they are staying. Locke tried fixing the hyperdrive that made them land on the planet in the first place and ended up breaking it more and unknowingly radiating most of the ship. I did point out to him though that there was a green leaking liquid comming from the part he just put in for the hyperdrive. but he was oblivious to the point that it might be something of interest. Surprisingly the Royal Ambassador from the planet shows up to the rescue and somewht has his techs fix the leak and also gets the Hyperdrive from 0% to 25% opperation. It would require a 5000 credit overhaul to complete the job. They didn't have the credits at the time.

The Main Plot:

Seeing the group was missing a lot of clues I had made about the magnitude of their scenario I made a little recording on tape to play for the group next time we start up. It basically gives a lot more clues but no specifics. it is a 'cut-scene' type of communication between Lt. Jefreet(the owner of the ship they are all on and the guy who rescued them all from jail) and Admiral Torell. Adm. Torell is awaiting his ISD to be finished in the shipyards above the planet, Altove IV, that the characters are on. The ship is three days from completion and then Adm plan to take it for a stroll to Coruscant for a week. the sector they are in is 2 days hyper. from coruscant so he will be in the system for 3 days. the adm wants the control over the Altove IV system and is the mastermind behind getting the characters blamed for the destruction of the moff's quarters and then their escape. he plans on letting the moff go insane and show he is incompetent and then the Adm will step up to take his place. he would just kill the moff (Mandin) but he wants to discrace him as well.

Kitty (a npc at the time) is preforming raids on the sector with the local pirates for goods and she likes the general incompitence of the moff and wants him to stay in power. so she knows the smart adm is more than likely heading up the operations dealing with the players. \par \par anyways back to the communication...the adm let jefreet know that if he can complete the mission there would be a promotion in it for him... yeah right Adm Torell is a user, but let jefreet think he is doing what he is doing for the sake of the empire. i mean it is right after yavin battles and the empire is the strongest it will be for a while. well, the adm said for the jefreet to take the group out of the sector for now and he will contact him when Operation Termination and Operation Take Over begin. Once Torell leaves he said he briefed Captain Sirtas and he would be able to assist if he could. but in no way was Jefreet to comprimize the mision.

So the group goes and takes off(the hyper is still 25% funtioning,stupid players) and then the pirates come out of Crassus Cluster in the system and board their cheap little under gunned G-trock. then they become pawns for the pirates and threatened and all sorts of good fun stuff. also contained in the communication was the fact that the Royal Ambasidor had his personal technitions work on the players ship for free..( that freeked em out) and jefreet thanked the adm for the unexpected help. the adm confesses he didn't authorize it and the Ambassador will need to be 'questioned'.

So Kitty [from Drednar the pirate leader]: "What shall be our first step of action to make sure that these space lanes stay ours for the taking and some hot shot Adm doesn't come in and botch things up? And what is this i hear about your friend Miles lil sister being involved? will she be a problem? how about any of the new 'friends' she has made?"

btw: miles sent Ann a letter saying "Sis, whatever it is that you are doing stop it. there are larger forces at work here. forces you know nothing about. i recieved a warning from a good friend that says you are in grave danger"

also tigrus and Ann went out and bout alchohol. they wanted strong stuff so i had a merchant give it to them. they went back to the ship with 1 hour remaining before take-off and drank it and passed out. i gave them both foreseeing visions(dreams). Ann went out first and i said she was flying through space away from Altove IV and she was naked and the size of a ship. she was flying towards Crassus Cluster when 3 ships she had never seen before came out, attached to her and hauled her into the cluster. then everything went black. Tigrus' dream was that he was in an ice cube in a drink and was then drunk by Lt Jefreet and then fell down the blackness into a room. he was nolonger in the icecube but he was surrounded by jail bars and beyond that was darkness. he then faded into darkness.


Players: Major Npc's
Ann MacKrafty Lt. Claive Jefreet
James MacKrafty: merc. Trooper Myron (also on board as crew with Jefreet)
Tigrus: fargul Moff Mandin
Locke Hawke: pilot Admiral Torrell
Leo : um....slut) Captain Sirtas
Jason: bounty hunter Master thief Spindel (part of the players party)
  Pirate Leader Drek Drednar
  Royal Ambassador Alion

Kitty's (as npc) actions:

1st Kitty will be watching this group carefully with all the trouble they are causing on her terf. Kitty lets Adm. know she can lower rebel influence by using her influence and at the same time get the Adm. recocognition for it. Kitty expects a money payment but knows the Adm will want her captured as well. Kitty plans on giving the adm the pc's cause she is holding them captive right now, and they are no good to the adm dead. (Expecting a double cross to trap her) She will lay a mine field of stasis mines with smilley faces to hold his ship while she cloaks and gets the PC's back to safety.

2nd . . . expect a triple cross . . Kitty records communication between herself and the Adm. to give to Moff. But agrees to give PC's to Moff for credits. She double crosses the PC's after leading them out of the Admirals Trap that she designed for him. Calling in one of her favors in the Empire, Commander Nubis of security she will pay him handsomly to make sure there is an escape rought for the PC's. After getting paid by the Admiral (expecting the triple cross) she will leave without any hint she was involved with any of it, except for a thermo-bomb planted by an able tech (miles) in the outer-engines while the ship is not moving. The detonation will only disable the ship and ofcorse she will leave a computer virus on the cred chip for his downloading to scramble the chip and his bank acount, best part is it can look like the Moffs handiwork. Like he knew what was goin on the whole time.

3rd Kitty gives PC's to Adm but lets them escape "on their own". by using: stassis mines, commander Nubis, miles working on the engines, and a compt virus on a credit chip.

4th - She then delivers the PC's to the moff for even more credits.

ok sure but in the end who really profits? kitty..sure way, the bet, the characters, only once i let them make yet another heroic escape but without the help of jefreet and myron. maybe miles and kitty will help miles sister out cause kitty made a fortune off of them?

Location: ISD cells, still a day from completion, and take off from Altove IV space port.

Ann and Tigrus are captives aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer (ISD) that is being built. Pirates came to blow it up (Sabotage) and this also allowed the prissoners to escape. Because the pirates also set them free, the pirates had to rescue a Wookie friend of theirs and Ann, and Tigrus, used an escape pod to get down to the planet surface.

So they're on the surface along with 5 other imperial that went down in the same pod, they lied to get on it.They find them selves setting up camp out in a hilly grassland and the imps want to set up the rescue beacon. Ann and Tigrus take off with a scanner looking for civilization, they took a pack of survival gear, and they , after 4 days of walking to the east, found a settlement, the previous days they scanned and it had life, and power, now it just had power. They missed that point, ignored the fact that the fortress was empty but had no dust on the dirty plates, or floors. so because of the past scenario i put them through, I figured I would let them find this bunker with supplies, good supplies 50k credits, weapons, more survival gear and a truck, but i made them work for it too.

The last scenario i also had to play god because they missed a lot of clues and i was trying to finish out the "story" they had to work for the stuff. They had to pick open the locked and booby trapped imperial chests. They blew up and gave stuns, and other fun stuff, and open the other crates of survival gear and for the truck they had to figure out how to hot wire...this part they failed to get done..neither of them could roll high enough So becaue their scanner was only so far out scanning wise Tigrus figured he would go out north from the fortress about a kilometer and scan, he picked up some stuff, energy and life about 50km they decided to trek out...another 4 days...they packed up everything they could carry and set out, i pointed out one of the bags they found had SMITH writen down the side in huge letters...they didn't care about that...dummies well they sorta started to think, and when the scanner said that what they were picking up started to come back at 10km/hr they figured not just human...and it stoped at 30 km away for a full day while they walked to it...then it went east 10km and stoped, they caught up to it after 3 more days... they used the macrobinaculars to check out the camp and saw that it was imperials and miners in two vehicles, on repulsolift and on troop carrier, WWII style.

ok so...they meet up and they are greeted, and they give the story of comming across the fortress and landing in an escape pod, forgeting about the other 5 people they left behind. the commadore is like "Hey joe come check this out" (refering to joe SMITH) and joe takes one look at his pack and is like, "Where'd you get that?" Ann and tigrus were like..uh that fortress back there. so they took all the stuff I gave em. and gave them a ride back to the city for an ID check and a check on their story...on the way tigrus took all the rations and bailed into some grasses and took off, no one really cared, but they looked at Ann curiously llike because she said he was her salve. So Ann gets back to the city and they find out the people she was with in the escape pod were rescued 4 days ago. And tigrus is out walking around for another 3 days walk from the city, he gets a ride as a hitchhiker into town from a farmer goin into town to buy supplies.

So they get back to town and go on a robbing spree 2 houses , a 7-11, and tried to steal carz from a valet boy at officers club, meet up with locke (who bailed from the ISD in Jefreets Ship) and then leave to get ship repaired with borrowed cash .


Location: Altove IV space station

What Tigrus and Locke did:

-jetison Ann's illegal truck bought off of blackmarket

-spent 5000 for hyperdrive overhaul,

-500 for confiscated weapons found on ship,

-1000 for docking fees and the such, and

-attempted to contact pirates: no luck. Flew off into hyperspace.


New location: Barchest

-Check on Lockes ranch, collect 150 credits for 6 months work.

-Try to improve ranch, but sell to "Crime lord" (no convictions), get 30,000 credits from sale of house and land,

-go into town to celebrate find descent work with man who wants people of their skills (Captain Posh'Karr)

-fly to 2 asteroids and find ore, and frieghter scale spider (also 70-100 human size spider babies in eggsack), 4 of 8 npcs die, gain fame at a shadow port after bringing back unknown box with a dead mans name on it.


At that time Ann was:

-Being a prostitute (3 pirates at once! for 1200 credits.),

-gettin captured by an enforcer (that caught 2 pirates cause he was the 3rd),

-spending a week and a half chasing down hints of Tigrus and Locke, who left to Barchest while she slept,

-gets captors ship when he dies from the spider on the asteroid.



Players still alive, and/or involved in the game still.

Players: Major Npc's:
Ann MacKrafty Moff Mandin
Tigrus Captain Sirtas
Captain Locke Hawke Master thief Spindel (part of the players party)
  Pirate Leader Drek Drednar
  Royal Ambassador Alion

Location: Shadow Port (Space Forged Station)

-Use fame to purchase weapons, armor, and a ship at lower cost.

-Become involved with pirates initiation

-Fail pirate initiation, get marked for death

-Get approached by (unknown rebel) Privateer scout.

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