Ann MacKrafty (Player, sister of the GM.)

Template: Space Rescue CORP(SRC): Human, Female, medium build, usualy found wearing civilian clothes. Is the sister to James and Miles MacKrafty. Mainly started out as a repair tech for the SRC. Strength: 2d Dexterity: 3d Perception: 3d Knowledge: 3d Mechanical: 4d Technical: 3d

Force Sensitive: N / Dark Side Pts: 0

Equipment: comlink, 1000 credits, blaster pistol 4d Special Abilities: None
Main Skills: Dodge 1d, Blaster 2d, Brawling 2d+1, Run 2d, Zero-G, search 2d+2, pick pocket 2d+2, manuevering 1d, Space Transport Rep. 2d+1, Computer programming 1d+1, First aid 3d+1, stamina 2d+2, languages 2d+1 Quirks: None