Name: Michael Stone
Alias: none
Species: Human
Occupation: Jedi
Age: 24
Gender: M
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Skin Color: Light Flesh Tone
Height: 6', 0"
Weight: 189 lbs
Physical Description: Very friendly and outgoing, yet shrouded in mystery. In good humor with others but very serious when the force is involved. Dressed in nice, but not fancy clothing, with an odd tatto just under his right eye.

Background: Born on the forest moon of Endor, Michael enjoyed the wilderness life and was often in trouble for running off or playing with the locals. One ewok in particular, Kithik had befriended him, and they would often be seen together playing in the protected woods. Michael found himself quite at home among the trees, learning how to shoot a bow and arrow alongside teachings in repulsor lift vehicles and starship weapon manuals his father had. His family had been sent to the moon to scout for future developing plans for ArTech, the company his parents worked for. They lived there for several years as the developing plans were made, scouting trips were documented, and measurements were taken. After four years had passed without word of continuing with the plans, they decided to settle on the moon as they had become accustom to it's quiet life. Then one day a transport arrived carrying a garrison of troops...then another, and another until the area swarmed with troops and personnel. The Stone's recieved word that the base would commence construction and they got to work on it. Little was said about the base and even less was said about the large reactors built there. Michael figured that they would be done soon and everything would go back to normal. Unfortunately this was not the case. One day, as Michael ate lunch with his parents, Kithik approached him and told him of the rebel's plan. Then, with little warning, the base was attacked. As the Stone's fled into the forest, they were shot at by passing stormtroopers. Both of Michael's parents parished before his eyes, and had Kithik not pulled Michael out of the way, so would he. Stone blamed the cruel nature of the empire