Kitty (player..the previous GM)

Template: Cyborged Pirate. Fergal, Female. Began adventruing before any can imagine. Durring the scenario with previous characters she had a ship and needed a crew. Saw people who needed an escape and jobs, so she took them on. Leads a wild life of tyranical acts against the empire and the rebelion. Strength: 4d Dexterity: 6d Perception: 5d Knowledge: 2d Mechanical: 2d+2 Technical: 1d

Force Sensitive:N / Dark Side Pts: 3

Equipment: comlink, about 7 Million credits, data pad, mod. sporting blaster pistol, whip, StarBurst (Modified police cruiser). Special Abilities: Claws +1d str., Teeth +2d str, Tail -1d+2 to dex to use as extra limb.
Main Skills: Dodge 5d, Brawling 9d, (S) Martial Arts +1d, (A)Brawling 6d, Jumping 8d, Blaster 9d, (S) sporting blaster +1d... Quirks: Freeks if she sees any visable use of the force.