Template: New alien race created by the player and agreed upon by the GM. Bounty Hunter Template. Drecian, Male. Began adventuring as a solo hunter. Joined up with other characters when he tried to infiltrate the group to capture their leader, a known pirate with a large bounty. He's 285 lb, 7 1/2 ft tall, and 302 1/2 years old.
Strength: 5d Dexterity: 5d Perception: 3d Knowledge: 3d Mechanical: 3d Technical: 3d

Force Sensitive:N / Dark Side Pts: 0

Equipment: comlink, 930 credits, specialized staff from ancestors str+1d, net with bolos 3d (to hold) 2d dmg, hand made armor +2d/+2, 2 medpacks, knife str+2, 2-person tent. Special Abilities: Flight (20), Color change (blue or green), natural armor on back str+2.
Main Skills: There are so many...update in a few days. Quirk: Most of everything he encounters is new to him. Character drive: Dislike of empire because of the ensalvement of his race.

Name: Dragon
Alias: none
Species: Drecian
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Age: 303
Gender: M
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Pure White
Skin Color: Blue/Green
Height: 7', 6"
Weight: 265 lbs
Physical Description: A very large and strong being with eyes that look about with an obviously thinking mind. Handsome, but primitive in nature. Dressed in weav