Lord Boric (player)

Template: bureacrat . Human, Male. Wanted to travel and found a ship that could get him places, little did he know the trouble he would get into that would keep him in this group for quite some time. Strength: 2d Dexterity: 3d Perception: 4d Knowledge: 4d Mechanical: 2d Technical: 3d

Force Sensitive: N / Dark Side Pts: 0

Equipment: comlink, 10,000 credits, data pad. Special Abilities: An excelent person to use as a shield.
Main Skills: Dodge 2d, Blaster 3d, Con 4d, Bueracracy 3d, Persuation 4d+1, First aid 3d Quirks: Small person that gets into the most trouble, and finds a table to be under durring a fire fight.