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Allies and Foes

These characters are the ones that were or are envolved with scenarios and the players I GMed. You can find what happend durring the scenario they are in by going by going to the past or current scenario page. (once it is online for display.) Skills listed for the characters have skills listed according to the method i use for skills. For a description or use of skills go to my House Rulez page.

Master (thief) Spindel (Non-Player Character)

Template: Master Thief, Unknown race, Male. Three and a half foot tall skinny alien with short dark brown fur covering his entire body. Slighty plump little belly and bulbous eyes. Usually only wears a small cloak and a sachel for his acqisitions. Found himself in a jail cell with Locke Hawke and was also sentenced to death. With the help of an imperial he escaped along with Locke, Ann, and Tigrus. Understanding that no one trusted eachother they couldn't split up or they thought the others would turn them in. So Spindel has stayed with the group for adventures and money making ventures. Still no one trusts him, and he the same of them. Strength: 3d Dexterity: 4d Perception: 4d Knowledge: 3d Mechanical: 2d Technical: 2d

Force Sensitive: N/Dark Side Pts:1

Equipment: Bag with many 'borrowed' trinkets. Electronic debitor device, 18,250 credits put into assorted investments. Special Abilities: Teeth str+1d
Main Skills: Blaster 2d, Dodge 2d+1, Pick Pocket 5d, Streetwise 4d, value 5d, bargain 4d, con 3d+2, hide 5d, (A) slight of hand 2d, search 3d, sneak 4d, demolitions 3d, security 4d, compt. prog/rep 4d, ... Quirks: Acts like a 10 year old with new toys, a 16 year old mind, and is actually 56, with an extremely high IQ.

Ssnarg (ally)

Template: Pirate, Large lizard type of being, similar to the gody makeup of an aligator. Home planet has a higher than normal amount of gravity and that causes his race to have a higher strength than most. Strength: 6d Dexterity: 3d Perception: 2d Knowledge: 1d+2 Mechanical: 2d+2 Technical: 2d+2

Force Sensitive:N / Dark Side Pts: 2

Equipment: comlink, 7.900 credits, Mod. Hvy blaster (5d+2), Special Abilities: none
Main Skills: Dodge 3d, Run 2d, Blaster 4d+2, Brawling 7d, (A) boxing 4d, First Aid 2d+1, SpaceTransport 3d, Starship shields 2d, Starship weapons 2d+1 Story Factors: Read Background

Background: As a small hatchling he was taken into imperial slavery. He was "rescued" by pirates off of an imperial vessel. The pirates killed the imperials and the inperials started killing the slaves that were also revolting seeing their "freedom" just around the corner. Ssnargs parents died in the uprising. The only person he can call a parent is the captain aboard the ship "Lum-XtC" (lum being a strong alchoholic drink). As a young pirate he rescued a fellow shipmate by declaring himself champion and saved the already wounded ülü's life. By beating the champion of the other pirates band he allowed his pirate group to control the space lanes of the Sulathex sector. afterwards Not being anybody's fool, Snarg told ülü that if there EVER came a time that he'd need help, that ülü would be called upon and must comply unconditionally. ülü said ok thinking what would he would never have anything to offer the younger ssnarg. ssnarg gained a reputation as being a "bad ass" in that sector and among his fellow mates. After a few years he made his way to first mate, after "letting go" a few ship mates because of a rumored mutiny they picked up a motely crew of four, two were kept at arms length because they were so obviously bounty hunters. the others were no apparent threat. after the captain went insane and had to be dealt with Ssnarg took over as captain. on of the new crew Miles Mackrafty convinced Ssnarg and the crew to go privateer for the rebelion. Having not too much of a problem with this Ssnarg agreed. after many near death adventures and a time of captivity on Kessel Ssnarg was looking again for a ship and called upon the now captain ülü. he asked him for his ship, after an exchange of words ülü agreed and took his anger with him. Now ssnarg and his motley crew are in whatever sector doing whatever.

Moff Mandin (foe)

Template: Human, Male, Moff, Buerocrat. Strength: 3d Dexterity: 3d Perception: 2d Knowledge: 3d Mechanical: 3d Technical: 4d

Force Sensitive:N / Dark Side Pts: 1

Equipment: comlink, 5,000 credits, Blaster Pistol Special Abilities: none
Main Skills: Dodge 2d, Run 1d, Blaster 2d+2, First Aid 4d+2, (s)torture +1d, Command 4d, and other leader like skills. Story Factors: Senile, and makes for a crummy sector leader, stays in power through money.


Admiral Torrel (foe - deceased)

Template: Human, Male, Admiral, Imperial Leader. Strength: 3d Dexterity: 3d Perception: 2d Knowledge: 3d Mechanical: 3d Technical: 4d

Force Sensitive:N / Dark Side Pts: 3

Equipment: Command of Altare' Imperial Fleet, comlink, data pad, 3,000 credits, Blaster Pistol. Special Abilities: none
Main Skills: Dodge 3d, Run 2d, Blaster 3d+1,Command 3d, Tactics 4d, and other leadership skills. Story Factors: Used Characters as personal pawns to improve his control of Altare' sector.

Lt. Claive Jefreet (ally turned foe--deceased)

Template: Human Imperial Lt. 5'10" Medium built man who has chiseled facial features, brown hair, and grey eyes. Strength: 2d+2 Dexterity: 3d+1 Perception: 4d Knowledge: 3d+1 Mechanical: 2d+2 Technical: 2d

Force Sensitive: N / Dark Side Pts: 2

Equipment: comlink, 15,000 credits, The G-Trock "SunBurst" Special Abilities: None
Main Skills: Dodge 1d, Blaster 1d, melee attack 2d, melee parry 2d, Bur. 3d, bus. 1d, Culture 4d, Law 3d, Value 1d, communications 2d sensors 2d, command 3d, search 2d Story Factors: A good, bad guy, he is only following orders.


Sven (foe)

Template: Human, Male. From Coruscant, grew up under lock and key of an ex-republic jedi facility. A special child. Strength: 3d Dexterity: 3d Perception: 2d Knowledge: 3d Mechanical: 3d Technical: 4d

Force Sensitive:Y / Dark Side Pts: 18

Equipment: Special Abilities: Sense: 6d+1 Control: 6d+2 Alter: 7d+1
Main Skills: Dodge 3d, Run 2d, Blaster 2d, Lightsaber 4d, First Aid 3d, Story Factors: Brainwashed by the empire since birth, unaware of Light Side, supports only evil. Thinks Light Side is only a corrupt Dark Side.


Leo Bellsfar, King of the Crassus Cluster Pirates (foe, process of becoming ally)

Page 242 of Star Wars Adventure journal Vol. 1 No. 5

Pirate King in charge of the pirate group that lives within the Crassus Cluster surrounding Altare'.


Drek Drednar (foe turned allied boss)

Page 86 of Star Wars Adventure journal Vol. 1 No. 5

Pirate Captain in charge of the questioning of prisoners, and owns the second largest capital ship in the Crassus Cluster Pirate Fleet.


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