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The house rules are pretty much going along with West End Games'(tm) Rules for Star Wars Role Playing Game 2nd Ed. However there are a few twists that I have added and I also wish to point out a few locations where you can get some other peoples house rulez.

I have to give credit where credit is due. I give credit to Robert Therriault for being my GM and passing on his use of rules that I have enjoyed using. (which are most of the rules listed here)

House Rules
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Combat ]
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Starship Modifications ]
Jedis ]


First topic iis the difference that I have when it comes to skills. That means increasing, the use of, the types of, and other modifications of the skill rules. When a character writes down on his character sheet a skill for the first time, ususally, it is written down in a way that is taken off of the base attribute. Such as Miles has a 4d Technical, when he picks Space Transport repair as his first skill the skill should be listed as Space Transport Repair 5d and is increased from there. So the next time the skill is increased it takes 5 character points to increase it to 5d+1. And normally you have to take a lot of time in/out of game, however you care to do it, and improve the skill slowly and increase it at only one pip at anytime.

Starting character skills and Increasing skills:

The way I treat skill is I treat them as new lesser attributes. When a character ,say Miles, starts off a charcter he has a Technical of 4d and when he chooses his skill he starts the skill off at 1d but when rolling he adds it to his base attribute. So that when he goes to roll he rolls 5d still just like normal. However when it comes time to increase the skill it takes only one character point to increase it to 1d+1 and I let my players increase their skills at 2 pips at a time if they have the character points. So you see just like the normal rules the skill increases exponetialy but by starting the skill at an easier number to increase the skill quicker they become actualy hero characters and don't stay dormant for a long time. Not to say that my characters improve significantly very quick because character points are a rare commodity in my games. and I can really start to suck them out of the characters during play so that it is difficult to improve their skills.

New Skills: (I can't take credit for most of these, they are skills released by WEG and other people who's names i have lost in paper work around my room[sorry, but if you know where i could post a site link 2 let me know])

Attribute: Skill or (A) Advanced Skill: Specialization and/or Description:
Dexterity ZeroGravity(0-G) Manuevering Just what it looks like. The ability to manuever in a weightless atmosphere.
Dexterity Acrobatics Can be used like a dodge, but also for something like tight rope walking.
Dexterity (A) Ace shot Requires 5d in blaster skill.
Knowledge Scholar Field of Study
Knowledge Tactics Branch (squad, fleet, etc.)
Knowledge Engineering The ability to design or understand technologies, or the furtherment of current technologies.
Knowledge (A) Lightsaber Design Req. 5d in Lightsaber repair (technical).
Knowledge (A) Galactic Knowledge Req. 4d in each (alien species, cultures, languages, and planetary systems.)
Mechanical (A) Ace Pilot Req. 5d in one specified type of piloting (Starfighter, SpaceTransports, or Capital Ship piloting.)
Mechanical (A) Ace Shot Req. 5d in starship gunnery.
Strength (A) Master of martial arts, Pro-Wrestler, or Heavy Weight Boxer Req. 5d in brawling and a specialization of either martial arts, boxing, or wrestling.
Technical Lightsaber repair no specializations, but only jedis can have this skill.
Technical Electronics The study of DC and AC circuits. And the ability to manipulate those currents cith the use of tools.
Technical Emergency Energy Allocation *See below*
Technical Jury Rig The ability to make a quick fix on any object. Sometimes requires the dismantlement of the Mr. Coffee.
Technical (A) Invention Req. 5d in Jury rig (most inventions come from mistakes and quick fixes..right?)

*The Explaination of Emergency Energy Allocation:* (Technical Skill)

Every ship has systems requiring power. This skill allows a pilot, who has set up his vehicle to manipuilate power system designation, to move one point per use to another power requiring system.

Weapons Lifesupport Movement Shields Sensors Communications Repolsurlift
1pt / weapon 1 point 1pt / move 1pt / shield die 1 point 1 point 1 point
Proton Torpedo can be overloaded with unused power to create a very powerful burst If the 1 pt is used,Players have 5 rounds (min) before life support runs out and they begin to die. Minimum move is 1 or ship stalls. Shields Burn out automatically on the next round if a shield generator is increased by 2d. Maximum increase is double normal (min. 1d) Result of use is no comm, can not put more than one point into communications. Is a battery that is charged by a type of alternator, if the point is used the battery is drained in one round and can not be recharged. (emergency use only)


Combat Modifications:

Firing with two blasters:

Using two melee weapons:

The accuracy of shooting:. For every multiple of 10 points that the character rolls above what the difficulty number is, +1D to the damage is gained.


Multiple shots: No Blaster weapon can be fired more than 10 times in one round. I don't care what ure skill is. The reason for this is simple, no matter how fast you can pull your finger and aim, blaster weapons only have enough energy throughput to fire a blaster 10 times a round.

Blaster rules Single Shot Damage Burst Damage Full Auto
Light Repeating Blaster 6d   3d (1d6 people hit) 2d
Heavy Repeating (E-Web) 8d 5d (1d6 people hit) 4d

Damage: If a weapon is at close range(generally 0.1-3 meters) the damage code is doubled.
If a weapon is placed right up next to a persons body (0 meters) the damage code is tripled!

Projectile Weapons that I like using in Star Wars:

[Note: Projectiles are considered blunt damage, thus Blast vests are +1d strength when saving.]

Weapon Name Single Shot Damage Burst Shot Damage Full Auto
Sub-Machine-gun 2d 2d (1d6 people hit) 3d (area effect)
Assualt Rifle 3d 3d (1d6 people hit) 4d (area effect)
Assualt S. G. 4d 3d (area effect)  
Riot Gun 8dstun 5d (area effect)  

Different types of projectile rounds.

Armor Piercing -1d to armor
Gel Rounds stun damage
Explosive Rounds +1d damage 10' Area Effect
Flechette rounds +2d damage to unarmored persons

StarFighter and Space Transports Modification Limits

(Captital Starships are not considered by these rulez to have a 'limit')

Fighters have 15 points of modification.

Space Transports (Freighters) have 30 points of modifications.

The basis of the points of modification starts at whatever the factory considers its production model with no modifications. When increasing a statistic for a weapon, hull, shield, or etc. go by the rulez for upgrading as given by the WEG Star Wars Roleplaying Game 2nd ed.. Rules for upgrading meaning the costs involved to upgrade a system.

1 pip in hull resistance = 1 point of modification(pom)

1 pip in manueverability = 1 pom

1 dice in shield resistance = 3 pom's

1 space move increase = 2 pom's

10 metric tons of cargo support = 1 pom

5 cubic meters of cargo space = 1 pom

Increase in hyperdrive by 0.1 = 1 pom

Increase Hyper drive speed by x1 = 1pom

Additional Ion Cannon = 1 pom (Front or Back) / 2 pom Turret

(Starfighter only) Additional Missile or Torpedo bay = 3 pom (Front or Back) / 4 pom Turret

(Frieghter only) Additional Missile or Torpedo bay = 3 pom (Front or Back) / 6 pom Turret

Additional Laser = 2 pom (Front or Back) / 3 pom Turret

Additional Blaster = 1 pom per arm / 2 pom per arm for Turret

(Freighter only) Additional Tractorbeam = 3 pom


First off let me say that I believe you can fly with the use of Telekenisis. But only llimited amounts, and you had best be a master jedi. Telekenisis is usually used to slow a jedi's self down from falling. However still using Telekenisis on someone else results in a dark side point, regardless if you hurt them or not or if they gave you permission. (Thats for you Rob.)


The Use of Alcohol in Star Wars:

Slightly modifed and adapted from David Lucas' drinking rules

Smugglers, pirates and players love to party like it's 2199. These rules give you a guideline on how the handle the mechanics of such a binge. Following the damage table below, roll the Stamina or the Hold Liquor specialization, and compare it to the damage code of the alcohol consumed. Apply the indicated result and away you go!

The damage the drink inflicts is the proof of the alcohol- IE: Everclear does more damage than Zima. Also, all drinks are cumulative.

Drink Damage
> Stamina
0-5 Buzzed: -1D x30 minutes
6-10 Drunk: -2D+2 x1 hour
11-15 Hammered: -3D+1 x1.5 hours
16-20 Wasted: -3D+2 x3 hours
21-25 Plowed: incapacitated, but may be resuscitated by artificial means. -4D x6 hours
26-30 Passed out: incapacitated, but may be resuscitated. -5D x8 hours
31+ Alcohol Poisoning: +1 Wound level for every 5

After the allotted time has passed, all drinking damage has been healed and dice lost have been recovered (except for alcohol poisoning). However, even though the drunkard has recovered, the character is still -1D from the hangover and morning fuzziness. This last for 1/2 the time it took the character to recover (duration for a hangover from a Wasted level is 1.5 hours, and so on). The dice loss applies to everything- except the Stamina/Hold liquor dice. That remains unaffected during the drinking binge.

An example: Sidney and Jared decide to test their manliness in a drinking contest. Jared starts slow with a Cloud City Foo-Foo (+2 damage) and rolls a 18 (with his 6D Stamina)- he's fine, for now. Sid (with an 8D Hold Booze), jumps to the hard stuff right away, downing a pitcher of lum in one shot. The damage is 16, and Sid rolls a 28- he too is fine. Jared, not to be outdone, moves on to the mixed drinks. He gulps down an afterburner for 17 damage (2D+1, a 6 on the wild die and the +2 from the Foo Foo), and gets a 28. Sid, goes for the gusto, and slams a Tatooine Sunrise for 35. and he only gets a 28- The damage exceeded his roll, making him officially drunk. For the next round of drinks, Jared detoxifies the alcohol in his system and watches his drinking buddy. Sid, slams a Starshine Suprize for 44 damage. Sid, with a lousy roll gets a 18, a 1 on the wild die, and promptly passes out in his nachos.

Some Sample Drinks:
Mixed Drinks Damage Code
Afterburner 8D/drink
Cassandran Choholl 1D+2/drink
Corellian Whiskey 1D+2/drink
Elshandruu Pica Thundercloud 1D/drink
Eth fire water 2D+2/drink
Flameout 2D+1/drink
Hoojib's Revenge 1D/drink
Meltdown 1D+2/drink (a narcotic hallucinogen)
Pink Lizard Thunderbolt 1D+1/drink
Reactor Core 1D/drink (a narcotic hallucinogen)
Renan Irongut +2/sip, 2D/guzzle
Revenge of the Jedi 6D/drink
StarShine Suprize 3D/drink
Savareen Brandy 1D/drink
Tatooine Sunburn 5D/drink

More Samples:

Beers and Laugers Damage Code
Bidziil 2D/drink
Dantic +1/drink, 1D/pitcher
Daranu +2/drink
FozBeer +1/drink
Lum 3D/pitcher
Rodian Ale 1D+2/drink
Ryll Beer +1/drink
Skannbult Likker +1/drink
Thuris Stout +2/drink
Brandy/Vodka +2/Shot

These Damage codes assume peak condition of the drinker under optimal drinking conditions. If the drinker has not had anything to eat all day, add 2D to the overall damage against him (Rodian Ale plus Tatooine Sunburn after not eating= 9D+2)

I still seek a good way of pricing beverages: any helpful ideas email me: MaNiAC.

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