Aliens T-Z

Uthar Forest Dragon

- Sapient species
- Homeworld: T'Karra
                Glacial world recently contacted by the Rebel Alliance
Attribute Min/Max
Dexterity:  1D+2/3D+2
Strength:   2D+2/4D+2
Mechanical: 2D/4D
Perception: 1D+1/3D
Knowledge:  2D/4D
Technical:  2D/4D
Special abilities:
- Light furs and tough hide provide +2 Str vs. Physical attacks
- Perception skills involving vision are at -1D due to eye-film
- Grappling and Brawling skills are at +1D due to elongated arms

T'Karrans are a race of intelligent bipeds which stand approximately 2.1 meters and are covered with a 
layer of thick skin and white fur.  T'karrans have large eyes which are covered with a semi-transparent 
lens which provides protection from glacial reflection and have vestigal tusks which protrude from 
beneath their powerful jaws.  They are equipped with long, powerful  arms which reach below their 
knee-joints even when fully upright and they use these arms with great efficiency in combat.  Although 
T'Karrans are a relatively peaceful race, they have a natural combat ability and physical presence that 
gives them a fearsome contenance. 
T'Karra is a cool, glacial planet of standard gravity, a type I atmosphere,  and no moons.  The planet 
itself offers little in the way of significant   resources other than a rich supply of meteoric metals trapped 
in the ice layers (due to a period of long meteor bombardment and the eventual fall of T'Karra's small 
moon).  Food resources are unusually rich; there are wide varieties of marine life as well as avians - 
plants are restricted to a few types of sea-kelp and thick algaes. 
The culture of the T'Karran people is a fairly straightforward one of  survival and advancement.  Since 
the first of their kind made tools from the bones of sea mammals and pounded meteoric metals, they have 
rapidly developed into an advanced tool-using culture.  T'Karrans have developed an advanced metal-
working science as well as an engineering science based on the use of glacial ice and basaltic rock - the 
lack of burnable plant material has been offset by the presence of a great number of natural heat and 
magma vents scattered around the inhabited areas of T'Karra. T'Karrans have little knowledge of the 
Force but their animistic belief  system meshes nicely with the Jedi system. The T'Karrans have 
developed an info-tech level society that was on the vergeof space flight when discovered by Rebel 
Alliance scouts.  They have rapidly adapted to the notion of a galaxy populated by various alien races 
and have eagerly made arrangements with the Rebellion to allow them access to advanced technology in 
exchange for mineral and land rights on their world.  Even now  the Rebellion has constructed an 
enormous secure base within a glacial plateau on the planet.

Taurill are multi-armed (6) simian creatures, with high agility and strength.  They have no individuality, 
but belong to one big Overmind.  When one Taurill is distracted, they all are distracted.
	The Taurill were found long ago, on a planet long since abandoned.  At first they appeared to be 
nothing more than stupid apes, however; they soon learned Basic, and it was obvious they had been 
underestimated.  They were quick learners, and very curious.  Explorers, finding them interesting, spread 
them throughout the galaxy.  However they always found a way back to one another, and they could never 
be seperated for long.  It became clear to these first people who found them that their thoughts were very 
similar, or maybe even connected.  The Taurill finally got across to them the idea of the Overmind, 
though they never revealed its location.
	The Taurill multiplied and spread their population everywhere.  However; at the beginning of the 
Old Republic, there was a great xenocide that wiped out most of the Taurill, finding them to be annoying 
pests.  They remained on just a few backwater planets, and their numbers have not grown or shrunk much 
in these past one hundred generations or so.
	Nothing is none about the Overmind, except that it was never found during the near-xenocide of 
the Taurill.  It is unknown whether its senses is limited to what the Taurill themselves recieve.  It is not 
even known if the Overmind controlling them is a sentient, physical creature, or a metaphysical 
collective of the Taurills minds.  
	Very few know of the existence of the Taurill, but surely there is a way to harness their collective 
power. . .
Advantages:  Strength, Agility, combined thoughts, numbers, fast learners
Disadvantages:  easily distracted, ignorant of many things at first, prone to mistakes
Min/Max Stats:
Height: btw 1.3 and 1.7 m
Weight:  115-165 lbs.
Age: up to 30 years
Dexterity:  2D/5D
Perception: 1D/2D+2
Knowledge:  Individual- 1D/3D
	        Overmind- 6D
Strength:  2D/4D+1
Mechanical:  1D/3D
Technical:  1D/2D+2

Attribute Dice:  12D (NPC) / 18D (PC)
STRENGTH     3D/6D+2
Special Skills:
Law Enforcement:  At the time of character creation, a for every 1D that is put into any two of the 
following:  Investigation, Law Enforcement, Intimidation, Streetwise, Willpower, Security,  command, 
or Persuasion, counts as 2D.
Intimidation:  Taurus get +2 pips to put into Intimidation at the time of character creation.
Special Abilities:
Horns:  Horns do STR+3D damage
Toughness:  Taurus' get +2D vs Physical and +2 vs Energy attacks.
Story Factors:
Intimidation:  Most beings fear Taurus'.  (if not for their sheer size, then
for the
fact that not many people have ever seen one before!)
Move:  12/18 (walking/running)
Size:  1.9 to 2.7 meters tall

AVERAGE: Dex 2D, Kno 1D+1, Mec 3D, Per 2D+2, Str 1D, Tec 2D,
Attribute Dice: 12D
Attribute Min/Max
DEX: 2D  /4D+2
KNO: 1D  /3D
MEC: 2D+2/5D
PER: 2D+1/3D
STR: 1D/2D+2
TEC: 2D/4D
Move:  15/20
Height: (Body Height): 30cm-50cm (Body Length): 50cm-1m (Body width):
60cm-80cm (Hovering Altitude): 1.5m
Special Abilities:
Repulsorlift Field:  Thulda's repulsorfields operate at a height typicallyof 1.5m although this is fully 
adjustible so they can go from ground level to 1.5m. In addition all terrain difficulties are reduced by 1 
Skills:  Thulda can place dice in almost all normal skills because their repulsor field basically act like 
legs. Therefore running can be taken because it shows the speed at which they use the repulsor fields. 
This also allows them to take Mechanical Skills eg Vehicle Ops skills as they can still use the vehicles
Skill Bonuses:  Due to their small size they receive 2D for every 1D in Sneak, Search and Hide at 
character creation only
Skill Penalties: They have a -3D penalty to all skills that need 'legs' to operate when in a Zero-G 

Attrib: 12d
Dex: 3d-4d+2 (penalized -2d for precise actions)
Kno: 1d-4d
Mec: 1d-4d
Per: 2d-4d+2
Str: 2d-4d+1
Tec: 1d-3d+1
Move  : 9/11
Height: human range
move: 9/11
vision: trandoshans see in a different range and can see into the  infrared spectrum they can see in 
darkness with no penalty. 
clumsy: trandoshans have little manual dexterity, and recieve a -2d  penalty on any skills regarding 
precise finger movement.
        Trandoshans are a very warlike species. They have some degree of  alliance with the Empire, and 
have great emnity against Wookiees, for some reason. It was the Trandoshans that suggested putting the 
to slavery. Technology wise, the trandoshans are rather advanced. They are not unlike the Duros in their 

     Homeworld: Truhtak 
     Other Worlds inhabited: Gaethold, Manannon, Thiran 1, Thiran
2, Thiran 4, Za'anat.
     Total Numbers:  Truthak: 4 billion.  Gaethold: 45.6 million. Manannon: 1.12 billion.  Thiran 1: 4 
hundred thousand.  Thiran 2: 4.8 million.  Thiran 4: 5 million.  Za'anat: 2 hundred thousand.
     Appearance:  Ulfgar are around 2.5 meters in height.  They are solidly built, with shoulders around 
1.5 meters wide.  Ulfgar are covered with a thick layer of tawny fur.  They have heavy jowls, and 
enlarged supraorbital ridges.  Some of the Ulfgar, mainly those of Manannon and Za'anat have vestigial 
horns, but most merely have bony ridges at the top of their heads.
     Leaders:  Each of the individual Ulfgar Settlements are governed by a democratically elected council, 
and a planetary
governor appointed by the Grand Council of the Ulfgar.  The governor and the council have 
approximately equal power, with the council having slightly more power than the governor.  The Grand 
Council meets on Truthak.  It is composed of
members democratically elected by the members of each settlement.  Each member wields power 
proportionate with the number of people that he represents. Worldview:  Ulfgar are the ultimate 
rationalists.  Anything that they cannot measure or study does not exist.  Their technological level is 
slightly higher than that of the other races of the area, but they have not concentrated in the military 
sciences, as they have little interest in warfare.  Initially the Ulfgar had signed a number of treaties with 
the Empire, and allowed them full access to all facets of their society.  However, when they discovered 
that Moff Doran was selling young Ulfgar as slaves, they immediately engaged in mass revolution against 
the occupying imperial troops.  The lack of preparation on the part of the Empire was matched by the 
primitive weapons and tactics of the otherwise advanced Ulfgar.
     The initial revolution was of only limited success.  When Moff Doran was able to bring his fleet in, 
he expected to walk right over the Ulfgar.  But they had sought the aid of the Ien Yaeger, and were able 
to adapt the Yaeger's technology well enough to put together a fleet that was able to hold the Imperial 
Navy off for a short time.  Then, the Yaeger war flared up again, and Doran was forced to focus all his 
energy on that conflict.  Shortly afterward, the battle of Oth Lenar was fought, and the Imperial forces 
were forced to defend all of their remaining holdings in the Yaeger sector.  They simply do not have 
enough resources to successfully regain control of the Ulfgar.  The Ulfgar have been truly independent 
ever since.
     Temperament:  The Ulfgar have an outer layer of calm that conceals a great capacity for anger.  When 
aroused, an Ulfgar will attack without any conscious thought.  This elemental rage embarrasses the 
otherwise civilized Ulfgar, and they will either try to rationalize it afterward, or pretend that it never 
happened.  Ulfgar are otherwise curious and inventive, with enough patience to allow them to improve 
their inventions to the level of usefulness, but little more than that.
     Habitat:  On their homeworld, the Ulfgar evolved on the vast plain regions, and most of them live in 
the cities of that region to this day.  Ulfgar are most comfortable in open territory, and have been known 
to develop severe claustrophobia after prolonged exposure to enclosed spaces.
     Relationship with other races:  Because of their long period as a willing client of the Empire, the 
Ulfgar are regarded with suspicion by many races that were enslaved by the Empire's forces.  Their 
revolt has left them without allies among those that still support the imperial cause.  The only race  allied 
with the Ulfgar are the Ien Yaeger humans, and that alliance has done much to erase the distrust of those 
that view the Ulfgar as collaborators.
     A Quote:  " Version 2.1?  What's the point?  I got a completely new idea! "
Dexterity:  1D/3D
Strength:   2D/4D
Mechanical: 3D/5D
Perception: 2D/4D
Knowledge:  1D/3D
Technical:  2D/5D
     Special Abilities:
     * Skill Bonus:  When first created, the Ulfgar gain 2D for any 1D put into any technical skill.
     Spaceships:  The Ulfgar have no military spaceships of their own, but have been working with the 
Yaeger to improve the Yaeger's battleships.  The first product of that engineering group is the Yaeger 
Yards CC-15 "Opal" Cruiser, a ship that shows great promise, once it's various design flaws are worked 
out.  Ulfgar Technicians have been instrumental in the development of several of Yaeger Yards newest 
craft, such as the Praetorian, Lenape and Phantom fighters, and the top secret Superion II Dreadnought.  
The Ulfgar have developed several non-military craft of their own.  These include the Chacol series 
freighters, the HMSA observatory craft, and the Piton Planetary Explorer (q.v)

     Homeworld:  Ostvego
     Other planets inhabited:   None
     Appearance:  Umrin are tripedial, and have three arms.  These limbs are thick and powerful, and are 
attached to the an equally wide torso.  Umrin have horn claws on each of these limbs, and a pair of short, 
thick, foreword pointing horns atop their heads.  Their mouths are broad, and their lower jaw has a 
backward bending joint that enables them to swallow small animals whole, and to take huge bites out of 
larger prey.  Their entire bodies are covered with a thick layer of matted white or light yellow hair, 
which gets a good deal thicker on their heads,
calves, and forearms. 
     Leaders:  Umrin are pack creatures, with the strongest male leading the group.  When a pack member 
gets to old or weak to hold his place in the pack, he gets left behind or eaten by the other members of the 
pack. World view:  Umrin can be said to view the world through a homicidal red haze.  They hate 
everything not Umrin, and just about everything Umrin, for most of the time.  They will not hesitate to kill 
and eat other sentient species, and will kill and destroy even when not hungry, simply for the pleasure of 
     Temperament:  See World View.
     History and Culture:  Umrin have lived on Ostvego for several hundred thousand years without 
developing any history or culture of any sort.  Every once in a while an Umrin with a much greater 
capacity for intelligent thought and artistic expression is born, but these are invariably killed by their kin.
     Tech Level:  None.
     Umrin in the Sector:  Classed as being semi-sentient by the New Republic, the Umrin have been 
causing problems for the miners and foresters of Ostvego, though the numbers of Umrin that attack at 
once are seldom large enough to get them past the initial defenses.
     A Quote:  "Aaaarrrrrruughghgghggggggaaa" 
     Spaceships:  None.
     Attribute Dice: 
     Attribute Min/Max
     DEX:  2D+1/6D+2
     KNO:  0D/1D+2
     MECH: 0D/1D
     PER:  2D/3D+1
     STR:  3D/7D
     TECH: 0D/1D
     Move:  11/15, 
     Special Abilities:
     * Skill Bonuses/Penalties:  When in snowy conditions, Umrin gain a +2 bonus to all their skills. When 
in other conditions, they suffer a -1D penalty.  In addition, they must pay three times the CP cost to 
advance skills that require either tool use or interpersonal interaction, and suffer a -2 penalties to skills 
of that type throughout their lives.
     * Natural Weapons:  The claws and horns of the Umrin inflict STR+2D damage each, and one of 
these attacks can be used in addition to the bite attack without any penalties.  The bite itself inflicts 
STR+3D+2, and often carries infectious diseases as well. 
     Story Factors:
     * Reputation:  Known as being insane and powerful killers, an Umrin who attempts to fit into galactic 
society will have to overcome a good deal of hostility and prejudice.
     * Population Cycles:  Unlike many of the species of Ostvego,  Umrin have no adaptations to protect 
them from the planet's brief summer.  Due to this fact, large numbers of Umrin die at toward the of the 
summer, which acts as a population check.  When the summer is short enough that these die offs do not 
occur, massive packs of Umrin form, destroying everything and depleting the available resources.  Do to 
the resultant poor hunting, few Umrin indeed survive the next summer, giving the forests a chance to 
recover, as the Umrin population rises to ordinary levels.

        The Uthar forest dragons are a small, winged species from the moist, cool world of Uthar, at the 
edge of inhabited space.  The Dragons are partial quadropedial, with four legs and a pair of wings.  The 
forelimbs are shorter and have more delicate claws, and are usualy used for fine manipulation, but the 
Dragons still travel on all fours when not flying.  They are amphibious flyers, with a milky white skin 
with thin black stripes.  They have triangular heads on long necks, with large pale eyes, and a forked 
tounge.  The Forest Dragons are somewhat cameleonlike, having the ability to change their skin color 
from thier natural shade to match their surroundings.  The Forest Dragons are mute, communicating by 
means of an elaborate physical language that can convey volumes of meaning with a head bob or tail 
        The Uthar Forest Dragons are serious minded creatures, with a passion for arts and music.  Though 
they produce little of thier own, they will spend hours in contemplation of a natural vista of particular 
beauty, or will follow a singer for days, listening silently from the treetops.  Despite thier usualy sober 
and philosophical outlook, the Forest Dragons have a sense of humor that runs strongly toward practical 
jokes.  They can spend days, weeks, even months, setting up practical jokes on each other and friends, 
and will get somewhat insulted if the target of thier joke doesn't express his enjoyment of the stunt 
afterward.  Uthar Forest Dragons are fairly common in the cloud forests of thier homeworld, but seldom 
are found anywhere else, as most have little wish to go anywhere else.

        Attribute Dice: 12D
        Attribute Min/Max
        DEX:  2D+1/5D+2
        KNO:  1D+1/3D
        MECH: 1D/2D
        PER:  2D+2/4D
        STR:  1D/3D
        TECH: 1D/2D
        Move:  8/12, 28/32 flying

        Special Abilities: 
        * Chameleon Skin:  The colorshifting of the Forest Dragons is a gradual process, taking three 
rounds to complete.  When it is in place, a Forest Dragon gains a +3D bonus to his hide skill for as long 
as he remains in one place.
        * Flight:  Forest Dragons are capable of true flight, unlike many other species that are only capable 
of gliding.  This flight can be maintained in worlds whose gravity does not exceede 1.8 g.  In worlds up 
to 2.4 g, the Forest Dragons can glide, with ranges and speeds that vary with the gravity of the planet.  In 
higher gravity planets, they plummet like a rock.
        * Skill Bonus:  At the time of character creation only, the character gets 2D for every dice put in the 
following skills:  Dodge, Survival: Cloud Forest, Hide, Search, Sneak, and Swimming.
        * Speech:  The Forest Dragons are incapable of speech of any sort.  While they understand basic, 
they can never learn to speak it.  Similarly, species without very similar body types (in shape, not size, 
thusly a Grimnor Manrat could not learn Forest Dragon, while a Mildorian Great Wyrm could) can not 
learn to speck Forest Dragon, though they can learn to understand it.
        Story Factors:
        * Because of their diminutive size, thier lack of verbal skills, their unusual body type, and their lack 
of exposure to most races of the galaxy, Forest Dragons are often considered to be non-inteligent by 
uninformed observers.  This often proves a mixed blessing, as they can avoid suspision for various 
crimes, and often spend a few nights in the comfort of various zoos, but they can often find themselves 
hunted for thier hides or food by anyone on an unfamiliar planet with a blaster handy.
        *  Forest Dragons live thier lives flying through the thickly overgrown cloud forests of their 
homeworld, chacing each other at high speeds.  This training stands them well in space combat, as they 
have an instinctive understanding of three dimentional combat that many non-flying creatures lack.  Those 
Uthar Forest Dragons that take on service in space navies are superior stratagists, and have been known 
to rise to fairly high positions in command chains.

a report by Verba Yinn, Galactic Explorer
Physical Description:  The Viashino are a bipedal reptilian species hailing from the Great Desert of 
Jamuraa, a continent located on the massive planet of Dominaria in the Dominia Sector.  Their skin is 
most often a sandy color, acting as camouflage in their natural environment.  They range from 1 to 1.5 
meters tall, and can weigh up to 67.5 kilograms Each of their four-fingered hands sports small claws 
where most species have fingernails, as do their bird-like three-toed feet.  These claws aid in climbing, 
and are truly effective in combat.  They have a natural hunch to their wiry form, and a craning neck which 
gives their head nigh-360x360 degree rotation.  Like the smaller reptiles they are related to, their eyes 
are slightly sunk into the sides of their ovular skulls, and they have no nose, simply nostrils at the front of 
their faces.  The Viashino are naturally carnivorous, and sport a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth to prove it.  
Their keen senses and natural stealth, combined with their above-average agility and relentlessness, 
make them excellent hunters.  A tip:  When traveling the Great Desert, avoid wearing the scales of 
lizards, for the Viashino rule the sands and look poorly on the skinning of their cousins. 
Behavior/Personality:  The Viashino are in general fairly somber and fatalistic, as the desert has claimed 
way too many of them over the millennia.  They believe that all beings hold a great connection to nature 
and their ancestors, and thus respect reptiles and lizards, since they are their "fathers".  They also 
believe the universe is a place where death
could come at any time, so honor and accomplishment are extremely important.  To a Viashino, one 
without honor might as well be dead. 

The Viashino
Attribute Dice: 12D
DEX:  2D+2/4D+2
KNO:  1D+2/3D+2
PER:  2D+2/ 4D+2
MEC:  1D+1/3D+1
STR:  2D+1/4D+1
TEC:  1D/3D
Move: 12/16
Natural Stealth: +1D+1 to hide and sneak.  This bonus is increased to +2D when the Viashino are in a 
desert environment similar to their native land. 
Claws:  +1D+2 to Climbing, and STR+1D in brawling.
Teeth:  STR+2 in brawling
Desert Dwellers:  all adult Viashino raised in their native land start with
Survival:  Desert at 5D
Suggested skills:  Brawling, Sneak, Melee Combat, Melee Parry, Brawling
Parry, Beast Riding, Survival.
Suggested Equipment:  Tribal Weapon (see society)
Society:  The Viashino are nomads, wandering the desert, and forming temporary villages here and there.  
They are divided into several tribes, with various clans within these tribes.  Supremacy is determined by 
trials of combat (similar trials are held when a Viashino male is to enter manhood), with the strongest 
male leading the tribe, assisted by a council
of elders and 5 hand-picked advisors.  The Viashino live by strict codes of conduct, and the punishments 
for breaking their laws are but two:  death and exile.  Exile is held for the more serious crimes, such as 
murder and desertion, as the Viashino would rather die than live exiled in shame.  The different tribes 
can be recognized by their weapons and the different patterns they paint upon their bodies.  Over the 
millennia, there have been many different Viashino tribes, but the ones that exist today have been for 
over 500 years.
The tribes are as follows (names translated into Basic for your convenience):
The Beast Smashers
The Beast Smashers are the premiere hunters of the Viashino.  They have mastered either the destruction 
or the subjugation of almost every known animal in the Jamuraan desert.  They have even managed to 
tame several of 
the fierce Viashivan Dragons, which are, this researcher will tell you, some of the most awesome and 
destructive creatures I have ever had the misfortune to run across.  The traditional weapons of the Beast 
Smashers are the whip and the pike.
The Thought Shapers
The Thought Shapers are the artists and scholars of the Viashino.  They have developed ways to 
transform sand, rock, and bone into figures of loveliness I am incapable of describing adequately.  They 
keep the only written records of Viashino history and lore.  It was with this tribe that I spent much of my 
time in the Great Desert.  The traditional weapon of the Thought Shapers is the dagger.
The Wind Riders
If you look to explore the Great Desert, then the Wind Riders are the tribe you should seek.  The Wind 
Riders are the Viashino's explorers, and supposedly have wandered so far as into the jungles and 
mountains which frame the Great Desert.  They are forever moving, even more nomadic then the other 
tribes, so locating them may be slightly difficult.  The traditional weapons of the Wind Riders are the 
Quarterstaff and the Spear.
The Blood Eaters
The soldiers of the Viashino are the Blood Eaters.  Though all Viashino are trained in the ways of 
combat, the Blood Eaters focus on it.  They are some of the fiercest and most disciplined warriors I have 
ever known.  The traditional weapons of the Blood Eaters are the Battle Axe and the Sword.
The Sandstalkers
The Sandstalkers are a special tribe.  They are comprised of Viashino who share a common genetic 
variance; one which makes them holy figures to their people.  Sandstalkers are born with dark green skin 
instead of sand colored, and are on average 1.5 to 2 meters tall and often weigh up to 112.5 kilos.  
Where most Viashino are wiry and sinewy, the Sandstalkers are stocky and muscular.  Their heads are 
much more rectangular, and they have light spines which grow from the base of their skulls all the way 
down to their tails.  The Sandstalkers are even more agile, strong, and stealthy
than other Viashino, and have an amazing ability:  they can blend into their surroundings instinctively, 
melting away so quickly they seem to vanish in plain sight.  As far as is known, a female Sandstalker has 
never been born.  When born, the Sandstalker is immediately taken from his parents, and brought to be 
raised and trained by the other Sandstalkers.
The might and guile of the Sandstalkers have made them legends to the other sentients of the continent.  
Some believe the Sandstalkers to be illusions; those with scars know better.  The traditional weapons of 
the Sandstalkers are a pair of Scimitars.

Viashino Sandstalker
Attribute Dice:  14D
DEX:  3D/5D
KNO:  1D+2/3D+2
PER:  3D/5D
MEC:  1D+1/3D+1
STR:  2D+2/4D+2
TEC:  1D/3D

Natural Stealth:  +2D to Sneak and Hide.
Claws:  +1D+2 to Climbing and STR+1D+1 in Brawling.
Teeth:  STR+1D in brawling
Desert Dwellers:  All adult Viashino raised in their native land start with
Survival:  Desert at 5D
New Skill: (A) Vanishing:  Requires 5D Sneak and 5D Willpower.  Must be taught by another 
Sandstalker with at least 5D Vanishing.  When first learned, the Sandstalker gains Vanishing at 1D.  This 
is the ability the Sandstalkers use to blend into their surroundings quicker than the eye, seeming to vanish 
in plain sight, and can no longer be seen in the visible spectrum.  The amount of time the Sandstalker is 
invisible depends on the Sandstalker's Vanishing roll.  The base difficulty for Vanishing is 14. This 
allows the Sandstalker to vanish for one round.  For every 2 points rolled above the difficulty, add one 
round.  One of the highest crimes in Sandstalker society is to kill another being while vanished, and
Sandstalkers who do so are marked for death (this is the only high crime for which the punishment is 
death, not exile).
Melee Weapon:  Sandstalker Scimitar:  STR+2D+2, no max.

        The Yevetha are a tall, sinister, skeleton-like race.  They have completely black eyes, pale, grayish 
skin, and tiny spear-shaped teeth. Also, they have short (usually) light-brown hair on their heads, and 
almost no body hair.  Yevetha also have curved dew-claws housed in their wrists, revealed by cocking 
back their clenched fists.  The claws are used for hand-to-hand combat and blood sacrifice (which will 
be discussed later), and is their weapon of choice.  They also have several deep divots, or crests, in 
their faces, reaching from the bridge of the nose to either side of the chin.  The upper two crests on either 
side are the mating crests, and the lower two are the fighting crests.  The crests turn crimson and swell 
when the proper emotion (and corresponding hormone) becomes active.  
        The Yevetha come from the planet of N'zoth, where they were unaware of space travel, and the like.  
They were used for their technical abilities to aid the Empire in repairing ships after the Battle of Endor 
(the Yevetha
are extremely skilled in examining, analyzing, and improving technology-if they see a blueprint of a 
ship once, they already have ideas as to how they could improve it).  A shipyard was constructed in orbit 
on N'zoth, but the Yevetha managed to take control of one of the operational Star Destroyers, the Victory-
class "Intimidator".  They made off with the entire fleet, and used it against the New Republic some 15 
years later.  They had upgraded many of the ships, and had even modified one of the ISD's to be a Super-
class ship.  The Empire kept the entire ordeal a secret because losing an entire fleet of ships to a savage 
race was, to say the least, a great disgrace.  
        In the meantime, however, the Yevetha remain somewhat of an enigmatic race.  They now have 
space travel, but they prefer to stay in their own sector, referred to as the "Koornacht Cluster".  Instead 
of travelling to other systems, they have merely expanded their empire to the other planets in their 
sectors, conquering other races with a swift massacre, and then the next day inhabiting their homes (nice, 
        They manage to keep attention away from themselves, and are cool and calculating.  They much 
prefer keeping their enemy at bay with deception and lies when confronted, but make no mistake--they 
are fierce and ruthless when threatened, and do not fear death in the least.  They do not cherish the lives 
of others, especially humans, and refer to them as "vermin".  They seek to destroy all other races, and 
view their race as superior.  But they realize, of course, that they cannot defeat the New Republic just 
yet.  In the meantime, they use the "vermin" to their own ends, pretending to be a kind and benevolent 
race.  They know that their planet's liberation will come soon enough.   
        Yevethan law differs greatly from New Republic law.  For instance, it is only considered murder 
when one of a lower class kills one of a higher class.  The inferiors are in constant danger of death, for if 
they offend one of higher standing, they are well within their right to dispatch the infidel.  Custom 
requires peasents to kneel before upper-class members, offering themselves for sacrifice.  Yevethan 
mating rituals involve blood sacrifice of an inferior male, and slaughter is always accomplished by use 
of the dew claws.
        As far as their activities after Endor, few Yevetha have ventured off-planet, but the ones that have 
have become assassins and hirelings, using their natural instincs for hunting and killing to the advantage 
of crime bosses and corp leaders.  Since only a few hundred Yevetha live away from the Koornacht 
Cluster, not much is generally known about their species. In most public places, a Yevethan will not be 
recognized for what he is.
DEX: 3D/5D
KNO: 1D+2/3D+2
MECH: 2D+2/4D
PER: 2D/3D+1
STR: 2D/4D
Height: 1.5-2 meters
Move: 10/12

Special Abilites: Dew Claws: (STR+2D, max 6D)  
        Tech Bonus:  +2D bonus when using Technical skills.
        Bargain & Con:  At the time of character creation ONLY, the player may put 2D for every 1D 
placed in Bargain and Con skills, due to their sly and charismatic nature.
Story Factors: Fearlessness:  Yevetha do not fear death, so they typically walk into deadly situations 
without giving it a second thought. 
Ignorance:  Yevetha may not start out with any dice in any KNO skills except Streetwise and Survival, 
due to their isolation in the Koornacht Cluster.

From the journals of Krin Koda:
   "We've finally made starfall off of Zeltros. We're four days behind schedule and low on supplies, but I 
don't regret the delay. It's been a long time since I've had so much fun on shore leave. 
   "I had, of course, heard rumors about Zeltrons, but nothing could've prepared me for the actuality of 
meeting them. They're very similar to genetically pure humans except in one important respect. Their skin 
color runs the whole spectrum of purples from mauve to lilac to pink. I must say, it does suit them. In 
general, Zeltrons seem to be slightly taller than average humans, but that might be because they're all 
incredibly fit. During my stay I consumed mass quantities of food and drink. While I put on a couple 
kilos, my guide, Feybyan, seemed unaffected by most of what we ate and drank including one rather 
potent concoction that he would describe only as 'green'. I would speculate that they have an advanced 
cardiovascular system and a hyperactive metabolism. In any case, they don't get  hangovers either. Lucky 
   "Their biology has well adapted them to their most common pasttime: having fun. To call Zeltrons 
hedonistic would be a gross understatement. They'll do anything or go anywhere as long as it seems like 
fun. I don't wish to imply
that they're completely frivolous. Many of the Zeltrons I encountered were bright and intelligent and 
curious about some of my advanced technologies and news of the outside galaxy.
   "I did observe a bit of Zeltron culture that I had not heard about. Wrong  a Zeltron and you've got an 
enemy for life. While brunching at the Pink Pfarfin Bar and Grill, I observed a young Zeltron attack a 
disreputable Corellian trader. The Zeltron was a child really, but the cold and brutal manner in which he 
dispatched the trader was quite chilling. Wisely, I chose not to get involved. Feybyan later explained that 
the trader had murdered the boy's father in a dispute over a card game many seasons back, and the boy 
had been waiting for the Corellian to return to Zeltros.
   "However, I've found Zeltrons to be an affable and friendly people. I'm not sure I could manage their 
style of life on a permanent basis, but once I get rid of that damn medallion, I plan on returning."
Attribute Dice: 12D
Dexterity 2D/4D
Knowledge 2D/4D
Mechanical 2D/4D
Perception 1D+2/3D+2
Strength 2D+1/4D+1
Technical 2D/4D

Special Abilities:
Stamina: Zeltrons are notoriously hard to kill. Their natural endurance gives them +2D on all Stamina, 
Survival, and Willpower skill checks.
Story Factors:
Hedonistic: Zeltrons love to party and will do so at any excuse. 
They're Purple: Zeltrons have purple skin and hair. As a result Zeltrons tend to stick out in a crowd. 
Further, popular Zeltron fashion emphasizes clashing colors and flamboyant modes of dress, making 
them all the more obvious. Of
course, they prefer it this way.
Move: 10/12
Size: 1.4 - 2 meters tall

Zeylak  "snail".
 The alien has a thick, heavily-armored round shell around1.5 meters tall, and in this shell are four 
openings. Two for arms and legs, one for the head and one forthe tail. Zeylak's arms and legs are quite 
thin but very muscular, and they're covered with a thin skin. All four limbs are double- jointed. 
However, the extremities (hands and feet) are large and covered with the same ind of armor as the body. 
The tail is short and used mainly for balance, and it ends in an armored tip. In emergiences, a Zeylak can 
withdraw its limbs and tail inside the shell (one of the functions of the
double-joints), leaving only the armored extremities outside and sealing the openings completely. The 
head is a different matter. The opening at the top-front of the alien's shell has a "lid" so to speak. Usually 
what is seen of a Zeylak's head are its two eyes at the end of long stalks. The alien's mouth is inside the 
shell, but it can extend a long rasping tongue to feed.

Zeylaks are basically good-natured beings. Not very social, but still good-natured. Their main interest is 
mining, and they're well-known specialists in hollowing out asteroids in search of valuables. They 
usually live inside mountains (drilling more and more caves), or sometimes inside larger asteroids that 
they've found during their prospecting expeditions. Their second interest is (naturally) metallurgy, and 
they make
some extremely strong and durable alloys. When it comes to machinery, they are somewhat 
perfectionists, always wanting to make sure that "all systems are 100% go". A Zeylak as a ship's chief 
engineer is a good one, providing you share the same perfectionism. Otherwise the alien will drive you 
furious. Zeylaks are hermaphrodites, and they live in family groups. Since they have quite long life-spans 
(around 200 years), it is not uncommon for every Zeylak in a small city to be members of a same 
"family". Different families often dislike each other, but due to Zeylaks' natural tendency to avoid 
violence, direct conflicts are very rare.

If Zeylaks have a single fault, it is that they've had so little contact with other species and as a result
they're very suspicious (and afraid) of members of other species, especially "big and nasty thingies".
They can get very nervous in large groups of other races. Zeylaks are almost cowardly, always ready to 
retreat inside their shells if things seem to get ugly. Still, when cornered, they can become as fierce as 
berserk Crugons, attacking without fear and maiming everyone in their path. And besides, Zeylaks aren't 
that cowardly when it comes to indirect violence (like trade wars).

The Zeylaks other inhabitants of the Known Galaxy meet are usually either prospectors looking for new 
mineral deposits or merchants selling ores or alloys. Zeylaks consider fighting "necessary evil", and the 
profession of a soldier is one of the most valued in Zeylak society (after those of a prospector and that of 
a metallurgist, of course), since it takes a special Zeylak to overcome the race's natural conflict-avoiding 
tendencies. Due to the fact that humans find Zeylaks quite "odd" and may never have heard of them, 
Zeylaks usually trade with other aliens, althought they've got no special prejudices against Humans.
Although a bit alike Hutts, Zeylaks are no way related to that race. Or at least, so they claim.

     ATTRIBUTE DICE: 12D (18D for exceptional individuals) 
     DEXTERITY: 1D/3D+2 
     KNOWLEDGE: 1D/4D 
     MECHANICAL: 1D+2/4D+2 
     PERCEPTION: 1D/3D+2 
     STRENGTH: 1D/3D+1 
     TECHNICAL: 1D+2/4D+2 
     MOVEMENT: 5/7 
     SIZE: 1.5 m tall shell, 1.8 m tall with feet extended 


PROTECTIVE SHELL- A Zeylak's shell is extremely good protection against all sorts of attacks. It gives 
the alien +3D STR against physical weapons and +2D STR against energy weapons. The alien's head 
doesn't share this protection, nor do its upper arms and legs (in case of an arm or leg hit, roll 1D. On a 
roll of 4-63, the attack hit an unarmored part and the damage is directly against Strength). CLAWS- Like 
with many other species, Zeylak's large claws are intended for digging (+2D to skill), but they can also 
be used in melee combat, causing horrible wounds (STR+2D dmg).
NONCOMBATANT- A typical Zeylak tries to avoid fighting if at all possible. They may have extremely 
good weapon skills "for self-defense", but they almost never attack first. 
UNKNOWN- Like so many other rare species, Zeylaks are quite unknown to the galaxy as a whole.