Non-Blaster ranged weapons

Flame Carbine. 
Character scale, flamethrower skill, 500 credits, ammo: 10, 3-4/5/7, fire rate: 1/2, 5D (first round, 
for next five rounds
unless extinguished).

Flame Rifle. 
Character scale, flamethrower skill, 700 credits, ammo: 25, 3-5/7/10, fire rate: 1/2, 5D+1 (first 
3D for next five rounds
unless extinguished).

Vehicle Flamer. 
Speeder scale, flamethrower skill, 2,000 credits, ammo: 50, 3-7/10/20, fire rate: 1/2, 5D+2 (first 
4D for next ten rounds
unless extinguished).

Minas Cardsharp Deck
The Cardsharp Deck is a weapon that does not appear as a weapon, nor does it function as one at 
all  times.  They appear as a slightly thicker than average deck of Sabacc card-chips.  They 
function as such, having a full deck of 76 of totally  functional cards with beveled, silvery
edges.  These edges are actually vibroedged metal that is activated by centrifugal force, much like 
a vibrostar.  They come in a perfectly normal looking box to assist in the illusion.
type: covert throwing blades
skill:  Thrown Weapons: virbostar
availability: 3  R
cost:  1000 (for the full set)
range:  2-3/5/10
damage:  STR+1D

Minas Mighty Pen
Another concealed weapon form the folks at Minas, the Mighty Pen is a single shot, disposable 
laser.  It  is the size of a large barreled stylus or laser pointer, which it is intended to look like. It 
actually IS a laser pointer, which is activated  by pressing down on a side switch.  The other end 
is blunt stylus of the kind used on pressure sensitive  screens and datapads.  When the tip is 
twisted in the right manner, it arms a separate subcircuit, which  fires the laser at lethal force when 
the side switch is pressed. When it has been fired, the focusing crystal  and power source are 
fused, rendering it unusable hunk of scrap.  This is popular with couriers, as it has  totally innocent 
appearance.  Should the power source and focus system be noticed by scanners, it is 
explainable as a laser pointer and stylus, which can be proven.
type: single shot laser pen
skill:  Blaster: laser pen
availability: 3 X
cost: 1000
range:  .5-1/2/4
damage: 3D

WEAPON TYPE: Flechette Launcher  
MODEL:  XM-19  Flechette rifle
SCALE:  Character
SKILL:  Flechette launcher
AMMO:  50 "shells"
COST:  2,000 [50 per clip]
RANGE:  5-25/100/250
DAMAGE:  5D/4D/3D (*special)
NOTES: The principle behind the XM-19 is simple, each round is a shell packed with 30 
durasteel  slivers.  The shell discards after launch, forming a large cloud of lethal slivers.  The 
slivers are particularly deadly as they can fragment on impact.  These micro-fragments are difficult 
to remove, even  by the most skilled of medical droids. *(in game terms on a roll of  5 or 6 on the 
wild die damage is  DOUBLED)  The XM-19 works only on UNARMORED targets. If a target 
has at least 1D vs physical,  armor on an area, the hit does 2D stun damage only.  Regarding semi-
armored targets, use the hit location  table to determine the effect. 

WEAPON TYPE:  Chemical Slugthrower Rifle  
MODEL:  AR-50 Vulcan 5.56m
SCALE:  Character
SKILL:  Firearms
AMMO: 2, 30 round magazines
COST:  1,500 [75 per clip]
RANGE: 5-25/100/250 [explosive rounds]  10-50/200/500 [sabot rounds]
DAMAGE: 5D [explosive rounds] 3D+2 but reduces armor by 2D [sabot rounds]
NOTES:  The  AR-50 is a multipurpose weapon.  With two magazines, it fires explosive rounds  
and  sabot rounds.  The AR-50 can be fired in space and includes an LCD readout of ammunition 
remaining. It  also can be linked to the "Cyberbrain" sensor helmet, with no extra equipment.  In 
this mode, it gives a  warning tone when 5 shots remain in a magazine.  The only weakness is that 
the sabot isn't "armed" at  point blank range. (in game terms, the sabot rounds does 2D+2 stun 
damage at ranges under 1.5 Meters)

WEAPON TYPE:  Chemical Slugthrower Pistol
MODEL: Gleck-17  9m  
SCALE:  Character
SKILL:  Firearms
AMMO:  15
COST:  700 [50 per clip]
RANGE:  2/5/10
NOTES:  The Gleck-17 is a close range weapon with terrific power.  The Gleck has been vacuum  
sealed and can safely be fired in space.  It is also equipped with recoil springs for zero gee  

WEAPON TYPE:  Portable Railgun
MODEL:  Igon-Stance vt100
SCALE:  Character
SKILL:  Firearms:  railgun
AMMO:  600
COST:  5,000
AVAILABILITY:  4, (not classified)
FIRE RATE: 1/3/10*
RANGE:  3-30/50/200
DAMAGE:  3D/4D+2/6D
NOTES:  The Igon is the finest in portable railgun technology.  The Igon uses two small electro-
magnets  to accelerate small durasteel pellets to great speeds before launching them.  The rail gun 
is a  backpack/gunmount unit with HUD goggles.  The gunmount allows almost anyone to carry this 
heavy  weapon. The Igon can fire 1, 3, or 10 round bursts.  (in game terms, the Igon is +1D to hit, 
however it  also requires a strength of 3D+2 to even use.  Under 5D strength, the wearer must 
make a stamina roll  every hour to carry the unit. The size and bulk of the unit reduce the move by 2 
and the dodge by 2D.) 

SurvivaTec Crossbow
This weapon is popular with special operations troops who rely on stealth to accomplish their 
missions.  A repeating crossbow, the SurvivaTec Crossbow feeds from a 10 shot detachable box 
and has a  horizontal pump forearm to recock the bow (which is quite noisy, so most users take the 
time to recock  the bow manually without the lever). For transport, the arms and stock fold down 
along the body of the  bow, and are locked into firing position via several screws.  There are 
several types of bolts available,  including the typical "target" point  (which has wonderful armour 
penetration), broadheads and "bird" or  stun tips.  It is fitted with a low magnification red-dot 
scope, carry case (with room for two magazines)  and sling swivels as a standard issue, and many 
popular models of aiming device are adaptable to it.  
type: combat crossbow
skills: Bows: crossbows
availability:  2 F
cost: 200 (10)
range: 3-10/30/100
ammo:  10
fire rate: 2 (1/2 for truly quite operation)
damage: * 'target" points  3D (+1D against rigid armour, like stormtrooper kit)
* broadheads  3D+2, must make a Difficult Stamina roll every minute, or suffer 3D damage from 

The grappler is a multi-barbed grappling hook. A loop on opposite end allows cable or rope 
Cost: 5

Magnetic Grappler: 
The magnetic grapple is a powerful tear-drop shaped magnet. It doesn't require a flat metal  
surface to attach to. It can hold 400 kg. The thin end has a loop for cable or rope attachment. Cost: 

Servo Grappler: 
The Servo Grappler is a hand-held version of the Power Harpoon. It will fire a magnetic grappler 
(or a barbed grappler depending on which version you buy) and play a light, but high tensile cable 
out to 50 meters. Powerful servo motors can then be engaged to draw the holder (the unit can be 
clipped to a belt) upwards. The motors will pull up to 400 kg. Cost: 100

Weapon Type: Ranged personal restraint weapon
 Scale: Character
 Skill: Missile weapons: thalassian snare gun
 Ammo: 6 
 Availability: 3, F or X
 Body: 2D
 Range: 5-10/25/50 meters
 Damage: 2D (stun)
 Cost: 2,400; 50 (filament pack)
 Source:Galaxy Guide 11 pg. 81
 Special: Upon initial contact, the target must make an opposed strength check to avoid 
entanglement. The snare has a beginning strength of 3D. The snare's strength inceases each 
additional round by +1D, causing no physical damage.

Weapon Type: Dart shooter
 Scale: Character
 Skill: Missile weapons: dart shooter
 Ammo: 30 (per clip)
 Availability: 1,F
 Body: 1D+2
 Fire Rate: 4
 Range: 2-4/8/10 meters
 Damage: varies by toxin (normally 2D-6D stun or normal damage)
 Cost: 350; 100 (clip) Special: The darts may be coated with special toxins. That's why the 
damage of  this weapon is so variable.

Gee-Tech XL-34
The GT XL-34 dart shooter is typical of this class of weapon.  Firing a small (.25mm by 5mm) 
metal sliver coated with a toxin, via a hightension spring.  This allows for nearly silent firing, but 
the projec- tile must hit exposed skin.  By using a detachable magazines, an agent may carry 
several sticks loaded with a variety of agents ranging from near instant neurotoxins to long 
incubation bacteria to truth serums. About the same size as a typical holdout blaster, and having no 
electrical systems or powercells, it has a very small sensor signature. It has one serious drawback:  
you must hit an unarmoured area.  Even light clothing, such as a spacer's vest, will stop the slivers 
fired by a dart shooter.
type:  microdart spring gun
skill:  Missile Weapon: dart shooter
availability:  1 F
cost:  350  (30)
range:  2-4/8/10
ammo:  30
damage: varies by serum type

Light Anti Armor Weapon ( LAAW )
Damage : 6D (walker)    Range : 30-60/100/200/400
Ammo : Disposable
Crew : 1
Cost : 200      Availability : 3,X      Weight : 3.0kg
Skill :     Missile Weapons - Light Anti Armor Weapon
Equipment : Detachable optical sight with LASER rangefinder
Options :   Detachable IR/Image-enhancer sight with LASER rangefinder
Capsule :   Man portable, disposable anti vehicle rocket (L:1.0m D:20cm)  Looking like a AT-4 

Portable Missile Launcher ( PML ) "Stinger"
Damage : 6D (walker or Speeder)
Firecontrol : 2D (anti walker) 3D (anti speeder)
Range : 50-200/500/1000/2000 (anti walker) 50-400/1000/2500/5000 (anti speeder)
Ammo : Disposable tube (5.0kg each)
Crew : 1 ( +1 carrying extra missiles )
Cost : 5000 (lnchr) 500 (missls)   Availability : 3,X  Weight : 10kg (loaded)
Skill :     Missile Weapons - Portable Missile Launcher
Equipment : IR/Image-enhancer sight with LASER rangefinder and IFF equipment.
Options :   Extra sensor equipment (Active and Passive)
Capsule :   Portable anti-vehicle missile launcher. Walker missile has three EFP (Explosion 
Forged Projectile) charges, forming hi-velocity  projectiles of melted metal. Speeder missile has a 
single EFP and a Fragmentation charge.

Name: Sharrav Element Conversion Pistol (ECP)
Type: Archaic Firearm
Scale: Character
Skill: Archaic Firearms
Ammo: 1
Availability: 4, F
Rate of Fire: 1/2
Range: 1-30/60/120
Damage: Variable
The Element Conversion pistol is designed as most hand-held pistols, save for a strange device 
fitted at the back of the pistol over the grip. Set into this device is spherical container with an air-
tight opening controlled by a small lever set into the pistolgrip. Into this container, any natural 
materials can be placed. Once the container is shut, the weapon breaks the element down into 
usable energies which are then expelled through the barrel as a blast of photons and electrons. 
Damage done by the pistol depends on the complexity of the materials(s) placed in the conversion 
chamber, with a minimum of 1D and a maximum of 6D. Because there are an endless number of 
worlds in the Star Wars Universe, it is GM's discretion on how much damage any material placed 
in the gun will do. i.e. water would do only 1D of  damage, whereas a complexed crystalline 
formation may do the maximum allowable damage of 6D.  Because of the slow reload time, the 
ECP can only fire once every two melee rounds.

NOTE: Because of the nature of the ECP, it is not detected by most conventional weapon detection  
devices. It does not house any explosive components so it will not overheat and explode. It does 
not  have a stun setting.

Model: Drerian Defense Conglomerate 'Meltdown' EMP Rifle
Type: Electro-Magnetic Pulse Rifle
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: EMP Rifle (or Blaster Rifle, GM's Choice)
Ammo: 6
Cost: 3,500
Fire Rate: 1/2
Range: 3-12/25/50m
Damage: 6D+2/5D/4D+2/3D
Notes: The DDC 'Meltdown' EMP Rifle fires a tight beam electro-magnetic pulse which will 
disable or  destroy most electronic systems and can even kill an organic being at close range.  The 
beam cannot be  perceived in the visible EM spectrum (it's invisible) and disperses over distance, 
resulting in substantially less damage the further the target is from the weapon when discharged.  
While designed to  be compatible with standard power packs, it draws a  considerable amount of 
power from these packs  allowing only 6 discharges before the pack is drained.  Furthermore, due 
the time it takes to charge and saturate the EM  elements within the weapon's barrel, the 
'Meltdown' rifle can only be fired once every other round. If  utilizied against an organic being, the 
rifle does stun damage only, with one notable exception.  If fired at point blank range, and the 
target is 'killed' by the damage, the EMP beam has lethally affected their  nervous system and they 
are dead.  Otherwise, even when discharged at point blank, the damage is stun  only (this reflects 
the EMP scrambling the bio-electric impulses of the central nervous system...they can  recover 
from this, but it takes some time). Otherwise, treat the  weapon as a more powerful version of a  
DEMP Rifle.

Model: DDC 'Longshot' Ramjet Rifle
Type: Ramjet Rifle
Scale: Character
Skill: Firearms: Ramjet Rifle
Ammo: 9
Cost: 2,500
Fire Rate: 3
Range: 3-375/750/1500m
Damage: 4D/5D/6D
Notes: The DDC 'Longshot' Ramjet Rifle is a projectile weapon specifically designed to fire a 
unique  kind of ammunition.  Once launched from the rifle, the friction imposed upon these 
projectiles ignities a  micro-solid fuel cell contained within each of these bullets, effectively 
turning each projectile into a  mini-ramjet.  As a result, these projectiles continue to gain in 
velocity the further they travel,  consequently doing more damage the further away the target is 
(technically, ramjet projectiles should act  as hollow point ammo, but its up to the GM if he/she 
wishes to have this reflected in the damage).  Considering the extremely long range of these 
weapons, they are quite illegal in most systems as they  could easily be used for sniping and 
assassination attempts, and are nigh impossible to find on the open  market; most must be custom 
made.  Likewise, ammunition for these weapons is also difficult to acquire.  The rifle comes 
equipped with a long range scomp (scope-computer) which is  tied directly in to the 
free-floating heavy barrel of the weapon.  These features provide a +2D bonus to Firearms if they 
are  used and one or more rounds are taken to aim.

ASSUALT RIFLE                            
     Damage:4D+1                               Stun Damage:0
       Ammo:50                                Rate of Fire:4
      Avail:2                                 Restrictions:F
 Cost Range:640-1150

TSL Icemaker
Weapon: orifice Weapons TSL Icemaker 1000
Weapon type: Frozen Hydro Launcher
Scale: Character
Ammo: 20 per liter of water
Body: 2D
Cost: 3,000
Damage: roll 4D - for every 2 you beat your apponent by he/she is frozen for a round
Special: Refuel with a liter of water

CRYOBAN GRENADE                          
     Damage:5D                                 Stun Damage:0
       Ammo:1                                 Rate of Fire:1
      Avail:2                                 Restrictions:R
 Cost Range:180-385
Weapon Note:This grenade explodes and fills a 5m area with Detrolin spores.  These spores soak 
up  heat in the general facility and drop the temperature down to -20 degrees Celsius. 

D-8 NEEDLER PISTOL                       
     Damage:4D                                 Stun Damage:0
       Ammo:20                                Rate of Fire:3
      Avail:2                                 Restrictions:R
 Cost Range:250-440
Weapon Note:This weapon fires slivers of plastic and ceramic at very high speeds.  The block of  
ammunition only last for 20 shots before needing to be replaced. 

E-11 NEEDLER RIFLE                       
     Damage:4D+2                               Stun Damage:0
       Ammo:30                                Rate of Fire:4
      Avail:2                                 Restrictions:R
 Cost Range:450-700
Weapon Note:This weapon fires slivers of plastic and ceramic at very high speeds.  The block of  
ammunition only lasts for 30 shots before needing to be replaced.

HEAVY CROSSBOW                           
     Damage:3D                                 Stun Damage:0
       Ammo:12                                Rate of Fire:1/2
      Avail:1                                 Restrictions:F
 Cost Range:160-290

HEAVY RIFLE                              
     Damage:3D+2                               Stun Damage:0
       Ammo:8                                 Rate of Fire:2
      Avail:2                                 Restrictions:R
 Cost Range:240-430
Weapon Note:This weapon fire a metal projectile at extremely high velocities. The damage listed 
above  is for normal ammunition, armor piercing rounds add +1D damage only against armored 

     Damage:3D+1                               Stun Damage:0
       Ammo:10                                Rate of Fire:2
      Avail:2                                 Restrictions:R
 Cost Range:240-420

     Damage:5D                                 Stun Damage:5D
       Ammo:2                                 Rate of Fire:2
      Avail:3                                 Restrictions:X
 Cost Range:440-790
Weapon Note:This small pistol is easily concealed in the palm of your hand.  It is easy to hide in 
loose  clothing.

HOVRAN GYROJET PISTOL                    
     Damage:4D+2                               Stun Damage:0
       Ammo:10                                Rate of Fire:1
      Avail:3                                 Restrictions:R
 Cost Range:350-600
Weapon Note:This weapon fires small rockets that home in on a targets heat   signature.  When 
fired at  targets that generate a heat signature   the firer gains a bonus of +5 to hit.

HOVRAN GYROJET RIFLE                     
     Damage:5D+2                               Stun Damage:0
       Ammo:20                                Rate of Fire:1
      Avail:3                                 Restrictions:R
 Cost Range:700-1200
Weapon Note:This weapon fires small rockets that home in on a targets heat  signature.  When 
fired at targets that generate a heat signature  the firer gains a bonus of +5 to hit.

LIGHT SLUGTHROWER                        
     Damage:3D                                 Stun Damage:0
       Ammo:12                                Rate of Fire:4
      Avail:1                                 Restrictions:R
 Cost Range:220-400

     Damage:6D                                 Stun Damage:0
       Ammo:1                                 Rate of Fire:1
      Avail:3                                 Restrictions:R
 Cost Range:400-795
Weapon Note:This weapon, when thrown, sprays a fine mist of highly flammable liquid.  When 
this liquid is ignited by the device, it explodes in a large ball of flame.  The device causes damage 
three ways:
            1)  The heat from the flames
            2)  The concussion from the blast
            3)  The blast sucks oxygen from the area

     Damage:4D+2                               Stun Damage:0
       Ammo:5                                 Rate of Fire:2
      Avail:2                                 Restrictions:R
 Cost Range:320-580
Weapon Note:These statistics are for a single barreled pump action shotgun.

     Damage:4D                                 Stun Damage:0
       Ammo:25                                Rate of Fire:4
      Avail:3                                 Restrictions:R
 Cost Range:480-860

     Damage:5D                                 Stun Damage:0
       Ammo:12                                Rate of Fire:2
      Avail:4                                 Restrictions:R
 Cost Range:600-1000
Weapon Note:One blaster pack powers 6 shots. 

VORIN RAIL RIFLE                         
     Damage:6D                                 Stun Damage:0
       Ammo:12                                Rate of Fire:2
      Avail:4                                 Restrictions:X
 Cost Range:800-1300
Weapon Note:One blaster pack powers 4 shots.

Type:	Bolar Projectile's Deviant
Damage: 2D+1
Range:	1-5/10/25
Availability: 2
Ammo:	2
Fire rate: 2
Cost: 50/clips 5
Capsule: Bolar Projectile's, once the galaxy's finest provider of weapons,  created this weapon as 
a cheap way to provide civilians with self defense. Both barrels fire jointly. Basically ineffective 
against armored opponents, this weapons was made to use against thugs or commen thieves at 
close quarters.  This weapon was "cheaply" priced but often malfuctioned making it a favorite 
amongst cheaper criminals or colonists in the fringe.

Type:	Bolar Projectile's Model 5 Return Fire
Damage: 3D
Range: 3-10/25/105
Availabilty: 1/2
Ammo: 10
Fire Rate: 1
Cost: 150/clips 10
Capsule:  The most common of Slugthrower pistols this was a much more reliable weapon than the 
deviant.  It held more ammo and packed a better punch.  Though the model does not have armor 
piercing rounds available, it can deal with lighter armored troops and criminals. It is still used in 
the fringe as a military or police backup weapon.  Earlier models than the five are available but 
tend to be lower in ammo and reliability.

Type:	Magnar's Offensive/Defensive Precision 10
Damage: 3D+2
Range: 5-20/40/130
Ammo:  20
Fire Rate: 1
Cost:  250/20 clips
Capsule:  The Precision 10 is what put Magnar into the competetive scene with Bolar.  This 
Slugthrower rifle still sees active use by fringe military organizations, assassins and bounty 
hunters.  This rifle did not offer much of a punch or armor piercing rounds, but used laser aiming 
technology for precision (add 1D to operators skill or 2D if one round is used for preparation) and 
stream line needle bolts for smaller ammo cartridges and further range.  Its aiming capabilities 
make it both an effective defensive weapon when holed up or an effective offensive weapon if 
taking out operators of heavy equipment or uncovered drivers of vehicles.

Type:	Bolar Projectiles's Flank Cover Machine Weapon
Damage:  4D
Range: 5-15/35/100
Availabilty: R
Ammo: 80
Fire Rate: 20
Cost: 900/clips 80
Capsule: The Flank Cover Machine Weapon explains itself; it was made for a single operator to 
cover the rear of an operation team or troop squad from multiple opponents.  This weapon is not 
prized for its accuracy but for flooding and area with slugs for a few seconds.  When characters 
use this weapon they role thier skill for the first found.  Any one in the weapons frontal arc must 
make a dodge role, if they are successul it is assumed they found cover or got out of the weapons 
arc.  (the weapon uses a 45  degree arc, assuming the character is strafing the area in front of him) 
If the person failed his dodge role he did not take cover, couldn't find it or was unable to get out of 
the weapon's arc, he takes damage for that round.  Next round the person who made the dodge roll 
may either stay in his cover or try to fire on the character.  Attempting to fire on the character 
requires a successful dodge roll against the character's 
original roll, if that dodge fails the person has come out of cover to shoot only to be hailed on by 
slugs.  The person who failed the dodge roll (if he is not killed or incapacitated) must make 
another roll to see if he found cover, if he fails again he takes damage a second time.  This process 
repeats for four rounds (when the person firing runs out of ammo) or whenever the person firing 
decides to stop.  The weakness of this weapon is that anyone outside the gunner's arc does not have 
to worry about being hit, the gunner may stretch his arc but suffers a -1D penalty to his skill roll for 
every 10  added on to the arc (if you don't like calculating things just estimate quickly if a person is 
in or out of the firing range, don't make a big deal about it).  That makes this weapon more 
effective in narrow spaces, such as corridors and hallways.  If the corridor is only a meter wide 
the gunner's targets may have no cover to take.  

Type:	Mangar's Shoot & Slice Long Rifle
Damage: 3D for gun/Str+1D+2 for pike blade
Range: 3-10/50/180
Fire Rate:1
Cost:300/slugs 20 for box of 100
Capsule:  The Slice & Shoot Long Rifle is an almost ancient weapon, being one of the first mass 
produced slugthrower rifles.  It was 1.8 meters long, yet was easy to manipulate due to the use of 
light wieght alloys, and had a nasty pike blade at the end of the barrel.  This rifle featured 
affordability, good accuaracy, and the fact that it served as a pike as well as a rifle.  The downside 
to this weapon was that it could only be loaded a single slug at a time (takes four rounds to fully 
load, moderate skill role to load in two rounds/difficult skill roll to load in one, failure of these 
rolls indicates a jam in the loading system).  This feature was compensated for by the fact that the 
weapon was also a pike, but the length of the weapon made it useless in small rooms or tight 
corridors (in a tight corrider the weapon can fire forward, or be used to jab forward, however can 
not be easily brought to bare on foes to the rear, the only thing to be done is jab with the back of 
the rifle doing Str+2 damage).  This weapon is more commonly the choice of scouts, prospectors, 
nomads, fringe soldiers and outlaws.  The reason outlaws 
like the weapon is that it is readily available but is not commonly used enough in crime to require 
a permit.

Type:	Bolar Projectile's Shredder
Damage:  4D (+2D to damage if attacking and armored target/if using armor piercing rounds)
Range:	1-10/20/45
Availabilty: R
Ammo: 20
Fire Rate: 4
Cost:  1000/clips 100(armor piercing) 50(slugs)
Capsule:  This is a more recent slugthrower dating back only 30 years before "A New Hope".  
This weapon was used in the clone wars, towards the end.  It  was built on planets that did not 
have gas avaible for blasters but had metals for the weapon, and chemicals for the explosive 
rounds.  Without the explosive rounds it is just a powerful slugthrower. With the exploding rounds 
it becomes a dangerous weapon, capable of destroying even modern armor.  The reasons for it not 
being used in modern military orginizations, though it is still produced in many parts of the galaxy, 
are: short range, jamming, and occasional backfire.  One too many times did this weapon prove 
unreliable for military usage.  Outlaws and pirates have used this weapon in assault of imperial 
troops and many a stormtrooper has fallen with his armor torn to pieces by this savage weapon.

Paralyzing Darts: - Small darts that are coated with a paralyzing
agent. It only works if it damages the target.
GM's note: shoot it just like normal. The poison only takes affect   if the dart hit him. Even if it is 
concidered a  stun result the poison affects him. The target    rolls his strength against the poison if 
there is   any result then the target is paralyzed.
Stun - 1 round
wound1 - 1D6 rounds
wound2 - 1D6+2 rounds
incapacitated - 1D6minutes
Mortally wounded - 1D6 days
Killed - will be paralyzed until medical help arrives.

Model: BT-HS missil launcher 
    Scale: Character 
    Skill: Missil weapons: BT-hs 
    Ranges: 3-60/175/400 
    Damage: 7D 
    Ammo: 6 
    Cost: 5000 credits, (1'000 per missil) 
    Availability: X Notes: This missil launcher tacgets a person's heat signature and follows it(It 
has this ability at 4D). It dentonates on impact. The one flaw is that it has been know to go after