Aliens N-S

Orion Rogue
Python Lizards
Ram Pythons
Shistavanen wolfman
Spider Simians

The Nagai
Den Siva looked at the flower in his hand and wondered how something so beautiful and delicate could 
survive on so desolate and harsh a world as Kinooine.  A flower such as this would not survive on his 
homeworld of Nagi.  But things were different in here this galaxy.  This galaxy seemed to have many 
hidden strengths.  Dani the Zeltron fascinated him like none he had encountered across two galaxies.  
During her interrogation, she did not weaken but became stronger and resisted him more than he thought 
was possible.  And the boy from Iskalon, he had also fought Den with great spirit even until the end.  
And then Den had to rescue Lady Lumiya from the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker; Den would not have 
believed that anyone could have denied her revenge.
Still, the Nagai would do what they must to survive.  Kinooine was the first step; from there they would 
expand into this galaxy and use its resources to destroy the enemy who had plagued the Nagai for so 
Den Siva closed his hand around the flower and crushed it.  The Nagai must survive even if it meant 
destroying the beauty of this galaxy.  He could see no other way.
Attribute Dice: 12D
Dexterity 3D/5D
Knowledge 2D/4D
Mechanical 2D/4D
Perception 2D/4D
Strength 1D+2/3D+2
Technical 1D+1/3D+1
Appearance:  Nagai are near humans who are slightly taller and thinner than standard humans.  Their skin 
is grayish white, and their hair black.  Many  Nagai wear their hair in a variety of elaborate modes 
including the use of braids and mohawks.
Story Factors:
Racist: Nagai see themselves as superior to other sentient species and are willing to enslave "lesser" 
species.  Nagai are able to breed with humans, and half-breeds are openly accepted into Nagai society.
Blades: Bladed weapons are the tradition sidearm of the Nagai.  All Nagai must spend at least 1D in 
both Melee Combat and Melee Parry during character creation.
The Enemy: The Nagai have been fighting and losing a war with an enemy from their own galaxy.  The 
Nagai have appeared in Imperial space raiding for resources and fleeing the enemy. (Note: According to 
the late issues of Marvel's 'Star Wars' series, the enemy are Tofs, fat, green guys who dress and act like 
pirates.  They also fly
around in big space-galleons.  I have no comment on the Tofs except to say that I won't be making stats 
for them.)
Move: 10/12
Size: 1.5 - 2.1 meters tall
Den Siva and the Nagai were created by Jo Duffy.

     The Nimirr are an advance, partially insectile race that has formed a close attachment with the Ien 
Yaeger.  Quadrupedal, with a large number of manipulative and sensory tentacles extending from their 
upper bodies, Nimirr stand around 1.7 meters tall.  The Nimirr have a thin, light, hard and flexible  
exoskeleton, and remarkably powerful jumping legs, capable of taking them 18 meters in any direction 
with ease.  The Nimirr have horn tipped claws on their legs that enable them to gain holds on surfaces at 
the end of each jump.  Their skeleton is a pale greenish yellow in color, and their tentacles change color 
with their emotions.  Their multifaceted eyes are very powerful, giving them vision up to four times 
better than that of humans.  The Nimirr tend to be difficult to understand from a human perspective.  They 
are solitary for most of the year, and carnivorous.  During some seasons, they become social and 
herbivorous.  Their internal organs are designed for that switch over in foodstuff.  The Nimirr can only 
reproduce during their herbivorous stage, which is just as well, as they are very territorial during their 
carnivorous stage, not tolerating the presence of other members of their race during that period.
     The sensory tentacles of the Nimirr have a number of different, specialized functions.  Some detect or 
produce sound waves, others detect the minute electrical discharges that are produced by contracting  
muscles, and then there are those that detect the small chemical differences that humans view as strength, 
but the Nimirr describe as flavors.  These tentacles are long and flexible, and they can orient toward 
their targets quite easily.  These sensors are sensitive, and their scent abilities are nearly unmatched, 
allowing them to track by scent where the most trained of animals would give up in despair.
     Attribute Dice: 12D
     Attribute Min/Max
     DEX:  2D+1/6D
     KNO:  2D+1/5D+1
     MECH: 2D/4D
     PER:  3D+2/6D+2
     STR:  1D+2/5D
     TECH: 2D/4D
     Move:  11/16, 

     Special Abilities: 
     * Climbing/Jumping:  The Nimirr are designed for this skill, and throughout their career, they halve 
the cost of improving that skill, and they quadruple the distances of their jumps when compared to 
     * Enhanced Senses:  Nimirr can detect unprotected living creatures from 5 meters away without fail, 
due to their ability to detect magnetic impulses.  In addition, when tracking in a situation they can use 
their scent skill, they double that skill.
     * Natural Armor and Weapons:  The Nimirr's exoskeleton gives them a +1D bonus vs. physical 
attacks, and a +2 bonus vs. Energy attacks.  Their climbing claws inflict STR+2D damage.
     Story Factors:
     * Social Patterns:  The Nimirr's pattern of solitude and sociality confuses human companions, often 
leading them to believe that they have become entirely different people, or being somehow possessed.
     * Languages:  The Nimirr's language involves the flexing and changing color pattern of their tentacles.  
Non Nimirr cannot speak their language.  The Nimirr have no vocal apparatus, but they can produce 
sounds by rubbing their legs against the sides of their bodies, which produces a humming equivalent of 

Attribute Dice: 12D
Attribute Minimum/Maximum
Dexterity       2D/5D
Knowledge       1D/3D
Mechanical      1D/2D
Perception      2D/5D
Strength        2D/5D
Technical       1D/3D
Move            10/14
Size            1.1m-1.7m

Special Abilities:
Survivalists: Any Nolisha gets +1D in Survival at creation only. 
Hardiness: Any Nolisha succeeding in a Difficult Strength: Stamina check,  does not need a Breath Mask 
in a given Type II atmosphere, and any Nolisha succeeding in a Very Difficult Strength: Stamina check, 
does not need a
Breath Mask in a given Type III atmosphere if the GM so allows. 
Tough: Any healing time for a Nolisha is half that of standard time. In addition to this, a Nolisha will 
treat a Mortally Wounded result as an Incapacitated result.
Vision: Nolisha have a natural eye-covering of a transparent, keratin-like substance. They suffer no 
adverse effects from sandstorms or similar conditions, nor does their vision blur underwater.
Story Factors:
Code of Honor: Many of the Nolisha have a code of honor which they follow rigidly in all situations, 
and which they would be hard-pressed to break. Interest in Unarmed Combat: A Nolisha will typically 
be interested in any form of unarmed combat encountered, as they are rather dependent of their fighting 
arts for their survival. Omnivorous: Nolisha have had to adjust to their desert world, and in a desert one 
eats anything crossing one's path. As such, they constantly evaluate things in terms of their edibility. 
Technologically primitive: May not have any dice in any technological skill, i.e. Blaster, any Repair 
skill except Melee, and so on.

Orion Rogue
Attribute dice: 16 total
Dex :2d/5d
Per :3d/5d
Str :1d/4d
        Special Abilities:
Sneaking - Orions are brought up being steathly. Add 2d to any sneak check.
Street Wise - Orions travle the universe and live in the underworld. The learn alot about the criminal 
world and recieve a +1d bonus to any streetwise roll.
Blue Cocaine - Blue Cocaine is an extremely dangerous halucinogenic drug to Orions. When taken by 
Orions it causes powerfull hallucinations for 1-4 days. While druged the Orion is 
completelydisorientated and very susceptible to manic depresion and has a 5% chance to kill himself 
outright and a 60% chance to do himslef some bodily harm. Many Orions yearn to try the drug once, 
curious to see if it is as good as others say it its. Prudent Orions avoid Blue Cocaine at all costs. 
Barganing - Orions are asters at barganing and add 1d+2 to all bargining rolls (note: this doesn't mean 
they know the actual value of the item, thats the value skill] they are just great con artists) 
        Physical Description: Orions are almost identicle to Humans, Except for their ears, which are 
pointed (think elf or vulcan) and they have seven fingers per hand (no effect other then gloves costing 
        Behavior and culture: Orions are chance takeing adrenalin junkies and love to party.they are the 
'trouble children' of the galaxy. They are terribly curious, interminably devious and forever mischievous. 
They tend to hang out in the seedier parts of the universe loking for adventure. Though they may act like 
clows they are actualy quite cunning. People love their companyand Rouges are quite good at striking 
bargains and the 'sucker' who is eating p everything that he says.
        Quote: I wonder what will happen if I push this button?

Python Lizards
Attribute dice: 16 total
Dex :2d/4d
Str :3d/6d
Per :2d/4d
Move:10 (15 in water)
        Special Abilities:
Extremely tough skin - add 2 pips to rolls versus damage
Infravision - Can see into the infravision up to 100 meters.
Deaf - Python Lizards are deaf, but make up for this with their vibration sence.
Vibration sence - The Python lizard can sence vibrations out to 100 meters, like the Ram Python.
Sensative to dry environments - In dry envionments a Python Lizard makes all rolls at -1d.
Cold blooded - Python Lizards are cold blooded, and when the temperaure drops below 0F they have to 
make an oposeing strength roll vs 1d for every 5 degrees F below 0.
Blood Salt - Blood Salt is a powery substance that sucks moisture up at an extremly high rate. Blood Salt 
does 2d damage to a python lizard per dose when it comes into contact with their skin. In addition to the 
damage it leaves very painfull lesions on the skin which heal very slowly. for every 8d of damamge done 
by Blood Salt (wether the Lizard reists the damage or not) reduce dex by 1d.
        Physical Description: The Python Lizards are a race of huge and powerfull lizards indigenous to the 
planet Pythos. The Python is a veritable fighting machine. Unarmed it attacks with both claws, a visious 
bite, and its long pregensile tail. Pythons are aquatic beings, dwelling in the great swamp-like inland 
seas that cover much of the surface of their home planet. They don't hear sounds as humans do but rather 
sence vibrations through their skin. Their sensory range reaches  out to 100m.The lizards swim at 
extremly high rates of speed and can dive up to 200 meters below the water and can hold their breath for 
10 minutes. Python Lizards aren't that smart, but they aren't as stupid as Rams. 
        Height: While not reaching the size of Rams, they are tall. averageing 6' (2m)
        Weight: 180-200 pounds average.
        Behavior and culture: Python Lizards, like their cosins the Rams, are hunters and Warriors. due to 
the two species fighting constantly for over 3000 years. Lizards are VERY teratoriial and the strongest 
lead the packs, who constanly fight for mor teratory.
        Special equipment.
Wet Suit: Unlike a normal wet suit , which is made to keep people dry, this is made to keep the lizard 
wet. 1 quart of water will keep the lizard wet for 1 day under normal conditions (in a desert it will 
evaporate quicker. In freezing coditions it will last longer [though thelizard will be in hybernation, so 
alot of good that'll do]).Cost 500 credits Blood Salt: 1000credits for one dose. Extremely rare and hard 
to find. Toma:the lizard equivalant of a trident. The toma generaly has barbed fishhooks cut into the five 
pronged forks and is carved from coral. Cost: 1000 credits if coral, 100 if made from a common metal 
alloy. Damage str + 4d.
        Quote: Something smells fishy. HA HA HA!

Ram Pythons
Attribute dice: 16 total
Dex :2d/4d
Per :1d/1d
Str :4d/8d
Move: 14
        Special Abilities:
Infravision - Ram Pythons are able to see into the infrared spectrum up to 100  meters.
Climbing - Living in trees all their lives has honed the ram pythons climbing abilities, add 1d+2 to all 
climbing checks
Sneak - Ram Pythons are excelent hunters, And despite their size are quite stealthly. Add 1d to all sneak 
Poor eye sight - ram pythons can only ee out to 50 meters (except with infravision).
Smell - Ram Pythons are excelent hunters, and have made up for their lack of sight with an excelent 
sence of smell. They can track by smell instead of sight (though a scent will disapear far quicker then a 
footprint in some situations) and add 1d to all checks involving the sence of smell. 
Vibration sence - The Python lizard can sence vibrations out to 50 meters,
like the Ram Python
        Physical apearance: The Ram Python is similar to its cousin the Python Lizard (i'm going to cross 
over the Python Lizard right after this) and is indigenous to the same planet, pythos. The primary 
difference is the Ram pPythons lve on land. Their skin colorations varies from ligt gay to deep green-
brown depending on the season.. The Ram Python is as  dumb as a rock, and probly couldn't spell cat if 
you spotted him the C and the A. But what does that matter, warriors don't care about spelling.
        Height: 7 1/2' (2 1/2 meters) Minnimum, 9' (3 meters) tall Ram's are not uncommon.
        Weight: 250 pounds aprox (some weight in at 500 pounds)
        Behavior and culture: Courageous Rams are held in high esteem. Each great deed is told to the tribe 
at the Sanu (monthly meeting).The most triumphant Rams are given gifts to adorn themselfs with. The 
Rams are warriors and hunters and Rams who excell in these fields gain rank quickly. Ram Pythons are 
greedy and love treasure, coveting silver and gold and other shiny objects. never get between a rRam 
and his treasure. Orion Rogues (will cross over them later) often use Aluminum foil when tradeing with 
Ram Pythons. 
        Quote: I did not mean to sit on little Human.
        Special Equipment:
Ioken: used by the Ram Pythons as a hunting weapon. It is a huge crossbow capable of fireing all of it's 
three bolts in a single round. The drawstring is made out of coronite, a flexable steen allow found only 
on the planet Pythons.
Damage: 6d  Range: 0-16/30/85  Cost: 200 credits
Thawak 'em stick: A huge (relative to Human standards) stick that most Rams uses as a practice club 
when they are playing. Most humans claim that the stik is realy a tree in disguise. The stick registers the 
impact of the force of a blow in kilograms per meter squared and KM per second. IIt also plays music! 
treat as a club if used as a weapon. Cost: 200 credits

Basics: The Ret'rid are a race which is quite rare in the galaxy, and quite odd. The tallest stand at a 
mere 1.5-2 feet, and their backs are covered with thick interlocking plates which are essential to the 
species survival on their native planet of Trilo which is full of large but unintelligent species who hunt 
on the much smaller Ret'rid. When threatened by larger predators the Ret'rid tend to go into what is 
called an "Armadillo" position, where they role themselves into a ball. The thick plates which make up 
the races back help it to curl into a tight, protective ball which makes it MUCH more difficult for an 
enemy to get at the Ret'rid's delicate front side. Some of the race have succeeded in leaving their home 
planet to live elsewhere, and despite their size they are very valuable when placed in front of a 
computer, having a rather high technical aptitude.

Personality: on a whole the Ret'rid are very friendly  beings, able to speak basic clearly and easily, 
though in a slightly high-pitched voice. One obvious trait they have is their utter lack of bravery when 
facing physical confrontation. Nine times out of ten they quickly curl up into the safety of their built in 
armor as danger presents itself.

Dexterity: 1D+1 / 3D+1
Perception: 2D+1 / 4D+2
Knowledge: 2D+1 / 4D+1
Strength: 1D / 2D+2
Mechanical: 2D / 3D+1
Technical: 2D+2 / 4D+2

Height: 1.5-2 ft
Weight: 30-50 pounds
Limbs: 6  walks on 2 or crawls.
Move: (2 legs) 4-6, (crawl) 8-10

Special abilities:
Ball: when confronted with danger they role into a ball 2D+1 v. physical 1D+1 to energy. When in a ball 
they may role if momentum carries them but not on their own power, and can hold small objects such as a 
knife or holdout blaster. In a battle situation it takes one round for then to curl into a ball.
Natural Armor: +1D+1 to physical +2 to energy to any attack to their backs.
Technical ability: get 2D for every 1D placed in tech skills upon player creation.

     Homeworld:  Symlos
     Other planets inhabited: None
     Appearance:  Rilians are a short, slim, humanoid race that spends most of their time beneath the 
surface of their planet. 
They are completely hairless, with a slate grey skin and thin pale yellow stripes running down their 
backs.  Rilians have very large refractive green eyes that allow them to see in the dim subterranean light.  
Rilians have long agile fingers, and a
number of retractable suction cups along their hands, arms, and legs.  Using these cups, they can move 
along relatively flat surfaces at half normal speed, regardless of angle.  Their small size, inconspicuous 
color, and their ability to hang in
unexpected areas make them virtually invisible in their home terrain, and those that have journeyed off 
planet have found that many industrialized areas match that environment in many ways.  Leaders:  The 
Rilians are arranged along clan lines, with most disputes handled by ritual combat, using their oddly 
angled fighting sticks that are highly effective against many opponents.      World view:  Rilians tend to 
have a rather pragmatic view of the universe.  Their home tunnels are often infested by rather deadly 
creatures, leading them to believe that the universe is a somewhat irrational place, where you can die for 
no real reason.  Temperament:  Rilians have a rather quiet sense of humor, that allows them to find 
something worth laughing about in just about any situation.  However, when a situation becomes violent, 
they are quite ruthless, slightly throats without a thought.  History and Culture:  Rilians have spent a long 
time just  surviving in the hostile caverns of their homeworld.  When they were first contacted by 
explorers from the galactic community, they started contracting out as mercenaries, in exchange for the 
advanced technology that they saw as the only real power in the new, larger universe.  They are quite 
effective as mercenaries, and command high prices, which they commonly take in either credits, 
technology or training.  The Rilian's affection for technology has catapulted them from being just another 
race of cave dwellers to becoming the unquestioned master of their planet.  Several Clans are 
considering planting colonies on other
planets, and several factories and research centers have opened across the planet.
     Tech Level:  An odd combination of the primitive and the advanced.  The Rilians mad dash for 
industrialization has left
several gaps in their technology where they preferred the old way of doing things to the best that the 
galaxy can offer.
     Rilians in the Galaxy:  The Rilians have become known as professional mercenaries, willing to take 
on some of the most difficult tasks for standard pay.  Relying on speed and stealth rather than muscle, 
they are not that effective for those people that want to use mercenaries to show their power, but they are 
unquestionably effective.  They have also become known in scientific circles for their inventiveness and 
their relentlessness in pursuit of knowledge. 
     A Quote:  "That'll be ten thousand five hundred credits.  Or three of those new computer spikes."
     Spaceships:  Rilians currently use stock and modified versions of the galaxies most popular ships, 
though several clans are working on the production of their own ships.
     Attribute Dice:  13D
     Attribute Min/Max
     DEX:  2D+1/5D+2
     KNO:  2D/4D
     MECH: 1D/4D+1
     PER:  2D/6D
     STR:  1D/3D
     TECH: 1D/4D+2
     Move:  8/14
     Average Size: 1.5 meters tall,  35 kg. mass 
     Special Abilities:
     * Hide:  Due to the coloration and natural stealth of the Rilians, they gain a +3D bonus to their hide 
rolls, when
attempting to hide in areas similar to their home tunnels.  This includes just about any grey toned 
ceilinged areas, so it is a rather useful skill.
     * Night Vision:  Because of the efficiency of their ocular system, Rilians can see in just about any 
conditions short of absolute darkness.  However, they are uncomfortable in the sort of lighting conditions 
that humans perter, and suffer a -1D penalty to all actions unless they are wearing some form of vision 
     * Climbing:  Due to their suction cups, Rilians can automatically climb on reasonably flat surfaces 
without making
any checks, and gain substantial bonuses in all other situations.  However, use of these suction cups 
renders them particularly vulnerable to contact poisons, a fact that those trying to protect themselves 
from Rilians have not overlooked.

Attribute Dice:12D
DEX: 1D+2/3D+2
KNO: 1D/3D
PER: 2D+1/4D+2
STR: 1D/4D
MEC: 2D/4D+1
TEC: 1D/3D

Special Abilities:
   Natural Armor: Adds +1D to STR vs. physical damage, +2 vs. Energy       damage. Drawbacks: 
Because of the thickness of the armor, Sati        are unable to wear other types of body armor, with the 
exception        of helmets.
   Claws: STR+1D damage when extended, STR when retracted.  
      Drawbacks: Sati will only use their claws in three situations:       digging, hunting, or in self-defense. 
Also, the claws are only  partially retractable (meaning that they still do damage when retracted). 
Although the damage is slightly less, it is still enough to impair the fine manipulation of the Sati. The 
game result of this is that the Sati, when performing tasks requiring a high degree of fine manipulation 
(repairing high-tech equipment, for example), the difficulty level is raised by one. If a Sati fails this roll, 
he must immediately make a difficult DEX roll to see if he avoids damaging the equipment.
Capsule: The Sati are originally from the arid world of Argaazi.  Physically they resemble the rugged 
hunters that their ancestors  were. They are short, usually no taller than 1.7m, and very stocky.  Their 
bulk is due in large part to their natural body armor, which was originally evolved to protect the Sati 
from sand-cats and other  competition for the prey. Primarily underground dwellers, few Sati ever leave 
Argaazi. Those that do usually find employ as bounty
hunters, bodyguards, or mercenary pilots, although a few have been known to venture into other fields. 
There has even been the odd  free-trader or two, but these are quite rare. Their bodies are covered with 
a very thin layer of coarse fur. This fur comes in a range of colors that help the Sati blend in with the 
deep red sand of  Argaazi. However, because of their coloration, they tend to stick out in crowds 
(usually, anyway). Their society is based on a loose pack structure. Each Sati is free to hunt on his own 
whenever he  chooses, except for one time each year. During this time, each Sati must return to his home 
village for the "trak'h-sho-tak", or  accounting. Here, they must tell the people of their hunts and kills, 
mourn those lost in the hunt, and reaffirm their belief in the hunt as a way of life.
One interesting feature of the Sati is how they deal with the heat of their homeworld. Apparently, the hair 
that covers their bodies is hollow, and actually emerges from underneath their outer armor. Scientists 
have theorized that this allows for better air circulation underneath the  thick armor, and also helps to 
dissipate heat better for them. One
peculiar sidenote of this feature is that the Sati, because of this sort of natural air-conditioning, are more 
susceptible to airborne poisons and toxins and such, as these things can get into their systems more  
readily. As a result of this, no Sati will ever consider using any type or airborne poison or toxin, and 
will most probably try to attack anyone using such. (GM's note: This is a situation in which they can use 
their  claws, since it is technically in self-defense.)

     The Shallitans are a fairly ancient space traveling species with a somewhat unsavory reputation.  The 
Shallitans had been traveling between the worlds of their home system for hundreds of years before the 
dawn of the Old Republic, and have been smuggling illegal cargos for nearly as long.  Standing around 2 
meters tall, Shallitans are full bipeds, with smooth, hairless, amphibian like skin.  Their skin is a mustard 
like yellow, with dark green stripes covering their bodies.  They have a row of white bony plates 
running down the center of their forehead, and extending back across their heads down to the top of their 
spines.  Male Shallitans have skin pouches at the sides of their necks.  Normally folded up beneath a 
layer of ordinary colored skin, these pouches fill up, and flash a brilliant blue when the individual is 
angry or trying to attract a female's attention.       Shallitans have little respect for the laws of the galactic 
community, and almost every other able bodied Shallitan is involved in smuggling, forgery, or some 
other illegal activity.  The laws of their community are equally relaxed, but as many of them are highly 
skilled at weapons or are friends of somebody that is, infringement on the rights of other Shallitans is not 
something to be taken lightly.  The Shallitans are a relaxed people (comes of being cold-blooded), and 
would spend most of their time sitting around, drinking Nigiff (a mildly alcoholic beverage with a flavor 
that has been compared to raw dough), gambling, swapping lies, and fishing.
     The one thing that Shallitans have an almost fanatical interest in, are almost all forms of hunting and 
fishing.  Their
mangrove covered homeworlds abound in game of all sorts, and the asteroids of the Shallit system are 
home to a wide number of silicone based life forms, some of which found nowhere else in the known 
galaxy.  A Shallitan will disappear for weeks in a sporting ship, and come back with a freezer full of 
dead Mynocks, when he could have carried a high priority cargo through without any Imperial 
     Attribute Dice: 12D
     Attribute Min/Max
     DEX:  2D+1/4D+2
     KNO:  2D+1/4D+1
     MECH: 1D/4D
     PER:  2D+2/4D
     STR:  1D/3D
     TECH: 1D/3D+2
     Move:  8/12, swimming 4/10

     Special Abilities: 
     * Water Breathing:  The Shallitans are true amphibians. Although they spend most of their time out of 
the water, they can still breathe aerated water just as well as they can breathe air. 
     * Swimming:  Shallitans are powerful swimmers, gaining 2D for every dice put into that skill 
throughout their careers.
     Story Factors:
     * Reputation:  Shallitans are known as being smugglers and thieves as a race, and will be treated 
accordingly.  Under the Empire, Shallitans will have a hard time getting legitimate business or permits of 
any sort.  The New Republic does not discriminate against any race, and they will have a much easier 
time getting that sort of thing under their control, but they will still find themselves watched by 
suspicious government employees.
     * Space route memory: Growing up piloting sporting ships in asteroid infested system for generations 
has given Shallitan's an edge when it comes to remembering the location of the various objects of a 
system.  Once they fly a route, they will remember it precisely, for the rest of their lives.
     * Language:  Shallitans speak and understand basic fluently, but they tend to use words from their 
native tongue when they can't find synonyms, and their drawling accent is incomprehensible to many.

     Homeworld:  Rithmor (Egemont Sector).
     Other planets inhabited:  Many.
     Appearance:  Known as manrats, the Sharik do deserve that name, at least at first glance.  They are 
around 10 centimeters tall, have a thin grey fur coat, and a long, slightly scaly tail.  However, they are 
bipedal, winged, and have a face more reminiscent of a large eared wolf spider than a rat.  They have 
eight eyes, and four fingers on each hand.  They have a large mouth, for a head as small as they have, 
distinguished by a pair of large, grey front teeth.
     Leaders:  The Sharik are ruled by a council, centered on Rithmor that selects the most successful 
Sharik in the galaxy to fill the places of members when they die.  It is a great honor that is often fled 
from, but the council usually finds the man it wants, and once inducted, almost none have left.  The 
council does little to regulate the everyday life of it's members, relying on the communities to do that, but 
they do use their resources to do what is best for the Sharik in the world community. World view:  The 
Sharik have a world view that can be most charitably described as being acquisitive, and somewhat 
aggressive.  At worst, they can be called total kleptomaniacs with guns.  Because of their high birthrate 
(up to 20 Sharik are born in each litter, and females can give birth up to five times a year) most Sharik 
die within a few days of birth, and most of the others don't live out their first year.  This high rate of 
mortality gives the Sharik a respect for life that can be described as minimal at best. 
     Temperament:  Sharik tend to be very aggressive, having to fight siblings in mortal combat for the 
first few years of their life, and then peers for the remainder of their time in a Sharik community.  This 
background tends to lead to the sort of individuals that back down at nothing, and will let nobody take 
things that should go to them.       History and Culture:  Sharik never developed high technology on their 
own, having been discovered by space cultures when they were still in their medieval period.  They 
adapted well to life in space, spreading through the galaxy rapidly, with their numbers limited only by 
the fact that they require the radiation of their home sun to remain fertile after five or six generations.
     Tech Level:  Space.
     Language:  The Sharik communicate with high pitched squeaks and tail motions.  Their basic is high 
pitched, and somewhat fast.
     A Quote:  "Back off!  That's my pebble."
     Spaceships:  None

     Attribute Dice: 
     Attribute Min/Max (8/20)
     DEX:  2D+1/5D+2
     KNO:  1D/4D
     MECH: 2D/4D+1
     PER:  2D/4D+2
     STR:  1D/2D
     TECH: 1D/4D
     Move:  5/6, 12 flying 

     Special Abilities: 
     * Flight:  The Sharik fly with the fly ability, at the rate listed above.
     * Echolocation:  The Sharik see using visual light, but they can also navigate through echolocation, 
gaining a +2D bonus to PER checks when using that ability.

     Spaceships:  The Sharnoth have rather advanced warships, with the Shadow Cruiser and Cray Fighter 
being top of the line. Their use of radiation weapons makes these ships particularly deadly, but does 
nothing to improve the Sharnoth's reputation. Recently, Moff Rulduk has had not employed any Sharnoth 
craft, hoping to improve his reputation.
     Attribute Dice:  12D
     Attribute Min/Max
     DEX:  1D/3D
     KNO:  2D/5D
     MECH: 1D+1/4D
     PER:  1D/2D
     STR:  2D/5D
     TECH: 2D/5D
     Move:  11/13
     Special Abilities:
     * Personal Walker:  The STR and DEX scores of the Sharnoth reflect the capacity of their mechanical 
suits, rather than their own capacity.  For this reason, upgrading any scores in these categories requires 
additional credits and parts, at the GM's discretion, and these skills cannot be raised over 10D without 
some sort of technological breakthrough.  In addition, the Sharnoth take damage on the vehicle damage 
chart (ignoring the passengers injured results), and require repair rather than first aid.  The Sharnoth 
themselves are encased in a low gravity durasteel chamber that acts as the walker's braincase, and is 
usually cast free when the walker is destroyed.  These walkers can be upgraded, replaced, or modified.  
They are also usually fitted with weapon systems of one sort or another, from vibroblades to repeating 
blasters, and Sharnoth can be assumed to get a +1D bonus when using internal weapon systems, unless 
more accurate fire control devices are installed. 
     Story Factors:
     * Reputation:  The Sharnoth suffer all the social stigmata that attach to droids, plus additional ill will 
caused by their reputation.  A Sharnoth on it's own can expect to be attacked, unless it is obviously 
strong enough to take care of itself.

dex: 2d/5d
kno: 2d/4d
mec: 2d/4d
per: 1d+2/4d+1
str: 2d/4d
tec: 1d/3d+2
move 11
Survival: upon initial creation, S. Wolfmen get 2d of dice for every 1d 
they put into survival...
Claws: The claws of the wolfpeople do Str+2 damage.
Teeth: The teeth of the wolfpeople do str+1d damage.
The Shistavanen wolfpeople hail from the Uvena Star System, officially an  Imperially-ruled world. 
Many of the Wolfpeople become Imperial scouts,  due to their natural abilities in nature. Note that this is 
my own creation, and not the Shistavanen from 1st. ed Galaxy Guide, if he really WAS in there... I just 
don't know; all that I know is the Shistavanen Wolfman is CONSPICUOUSLY ABSENT FROM MY 

     The Shuumar are a heavy gravity race that has recently broken the yoke of Imperial control.  Having 
recently cast off one overlord, the Shuumar feared immidiate absorbtion by one of the other powers of 
the sector.  The Shuumar treated the offers of allience by the Yaeger and the New Republic with equaly 
serious consideration.  However, they descided to  strike out on thier own.  During their rebelion, they 
captured three Victory class Star Destroyers.  With these ships as the nucleos of thier fleet, the Shuumar 
and several other indipendants formed an Alliance, known as the Confederation of Unaligned Worlds.  
The Shuumar have recently developed a high powered fighter that maximizes their natural abilities.  
Using this Wulfen Heavy fighter, the ISDs, and the ships of their allies, the Confederation has held off the 
Empire, the Chakh allience, and the occasional Yaeger pirates. 
     The Shuumar are a fairly short and squat species, bowed by the weight of the heavy gravity of thier 
homeworld, whose gravitational pull is 4.5x times standard. They stand around 1.5 meters tall, and 
nearly as broad, with powerfull muscles covering thier entire frame.  They are hairless, with green 
irridescent pebble  like skin covering thier entire body, except for a yellow irridescent patch on their 
head and chest area.  The Shuumar are philosophers, who tend to move slowly 
and contemplate every possible course of action.  This is one of the reasons that thier descision not to 
join the New Republic or the Yaeger Nation has been considered so important.  If the Shuumar think that 
total indipendance is the best option, it very well might be.
     Attribute Dice: 11D
     Attribute Min/Max
     DEX:  1D/2D+2
     KNO:  2D+1/4D+1
     MECH: 1D/3D
     PER:  2D/3D
     STR:  3D/6D
     TECH: 1D/3D
     Move:  12/16, 

     Special Abilities: 
     * Heavy Gravity Homeworld:  As the gravity of Shuua is 4.5x standard, they have a remarkable 
resistance to the effects of the pressures of of acceleration.  They treat 9g as 2, and so on.  In addition, 
they move on the surface of standard gravity worlds in powerfull bounding leaps that cover a remarkable 
amount of ground. 
     * Swimming:  The Shuumar's high density muscles and bones makes it impossible for them to swim 
no matter how much training they have.  In fact, they sink like a stone in liquid H2O, and will drown if 
not rescued. 
   Story Factors:
     * Reputation:  Shuumar are known as being sagacious individuals with a clear grasp of complex 
situations.  However, they are known for their accuracy of thought, and not for their quickness of thought, 
and fast talking con-men often see Shuumar as easy marks.
     * Lifespan:  Shuumar are long lived, with an average lifespan of around 500 standard years.  They 
mate for life, and have an average of 7 children over thier entire lifespan.

 Attribute Dice: 12D
 Dexterity:         2D/4D+1
 Knowledge:     2D/4D
 Mechanical:     2D/4D+2
 Perception:      2D/4D
 Strength:          3D/6D+1
 Technical:        1D/3D+1
 Move:  10/12
 Size: 1 to 1.8 meters tall
 Special Abilities:
     Climbing/Jumping:  +2D when using this skill.
     Ambidexterity:  they can use both hands and feets.
 (A)Acrobatics:  This skill helps with other skills. like dodging or when falling. can also be used to 
swing on a vine or use poles and other objects to swing. Prehensil Tail: They can use this as a third arm, 
to trip, to push buttons, but not to fire weapons.