Misc. and unsorted equipment

Foot rockets 
type:rocket packs 
skill:jet pack operation:foot rockets 
 altitude range:1-100m 
 Capsule:these rockets fit on your feet and you can operate them without the use of your hands. 

 Camofluage is one of the best things that you can use, as it make you hard to see.  For obvious 
reasons, it works best while you  are stationary, and not very close to your opponent.  It also has 
many problems.  First, it must match the terrain.  A pattern for an urban  enviroment were the 
prodominant structual material is a medium pink stone will get you deadr than Xim the Despot if 
you were it in an  arctic enviroment.  You should not mix patterns, as the barrier where they come 
together will clash and have a very unnatural apperance.   Finally, for full effect, EVERY visable 
serface must be camoed. Don't get dead just because you forgot to paint the back of your neck and  
ears, or you didn't dull your boot heels.   The most common form if camo is speically dyed 
clothing.  These can be any kind of clothing, from  flight suits to ponchos and pants to 
undergarments (made most likely for the very weird, but every little bit helps).  Boots and packs 
are also  avialbel camoed, but this often best done in the field. Weapons and equipment may be 
camoflauged as well, by applying thin layers of finish to 
them (usually for about 5 to 10% of the cost of the weapon, depending on the compelexity of the 
finish).  But whatever you do, if you plan on  traveling, don't get overly specific in your patterns.  
A desert pattern made specifically for Sevarcos might work well on Ryloth (but not as  well), but 
not on Tatooine.
        game effects:  +1 to +1D SNEAK, +2 to +2D Hide in proper enviroment (GM's discresion), 
with penalties of up to -4D for the wrong  pattern (again, GM's discresion).
        availability: 1-3,  nothing,F,R  (depending on the complexity)
        cost: set of fatigues:  25cr to 100cr, depending on the intrecacies of the pattern.
        pilot's flight suit and helmet: 1500cr to 6000cr, depending on pattern (usually a pretty 
standerd one, such as dark green, white or tan, so  the cost is usually in the lower end of the 
spectrum)  refinishing a blaster pistol or blast helmet: 50 cr to 200cr, depending on pattern   
refinishing a full set of hard armour:  100cr to 800cr, depending on the size and complexity of the 
suit and the pattern  (up the cost for gizmos  and gadgets mounted on the armour) refinishing a 
speeder bike or swoop:  400cr to 2000cr, depending on the pattern

Thermal Suit
        Ment to baffle thermal imaging and sensing systems, the thermal suit consists of a layer of 
insulation and a thermal emissions system.  It has small thermal sensors as various points, which 
constantly read the surounding air temperature, and raise  or lower the suits external 
temperature to match.  Bacause it has to block the wearer's thermal emmissions, it must be able to 
function as medium weight climatecontrol suit.  It must also cover the entire body, restricting 
periferal vission, covering the ears and hands and generally being a little bulky.  
The best way to defeat theses suits to install very rapid thermal variations in your enviroment  (for 
example, have one room be about 30  degrees, while another is about 20)
        model:  Merr-Sonn Heat Stalker
        type: thermal baffling suit
        cost:  2500  (25 to recharge suit)
        availability: 2 R,X
        game effects: Must cover full body/Bulky: -1 DEX, -2 PERC (for skills that use both, such as 
Blaster, it is cumulative).  Powercell lasts  about two hours actively insultated:  functions as 
climate control suit, provides comfort in moderately warm to very cold  temepratures 
        thermal cloaking: +2D SNEAK and HID E vs thermal sensors at distancesgreater than 5 
meters.  Can not handle a heat change greater  than 5 degrees per minute.  If heat change is fastt han 
that, your advantages are gone until the suit can compensate.  If the change is greater than 40 
degrees, the suit's controls are blown.  (can't handle the change)

Chameleon Suit
        About as heavy as a climate control suit, the chamelion suit consists of a series of minature 
holographic imagers and holographic  microcells.  These suits work best when you are mostly 
stationary for a few seconds, as the cells have a habit of blurring your image, making you a very 
unnatural looking image, when you move to fast.  Their powerpack lasts for 
about an  hour.  It should be noted, however, that iwht the exception of the contents
of the pouches and pockets on the suit, nothing you carry will be concealed. 
        model: Merr-Sonn Chameloline Suit
        skill: Hide and Sneak
        cost: 3000  (25 to recharge)
        availability: 3 R,X
        game effects: Shiftable Camo:  +2D to HIDE when stationary.  +1D+2 to SNEAK when you 
make no more than a half move per  round, +1D when making a single full move, and -1D SNEAK 
if making more than one full move.  Powercell lasts about an hour.

Thermal Sensor
        This is a simple, hand-held system that detects the the variations in thermal radiation in the 
enviroment.  Instead fo actually showing you  an image, it has a readout, usually a scaled bar, that 
indicates how much warmer than the background heat the area that it is scanning is.  
Used by publics works officers and industry to locate hotspots, and by hunters, game and bounty, 
that are looking for warm blooded  creatures, it can also "look" through cover.  Some individuals 
in military and para-military circles have taken to mounting them alongside thier 
rifle barrels, for urban combat. Size wise, they are usually about the size of deck of sabacc card 
        model:  Santhe Tools Thermal Scale
        type: thermal sensor
        cost: 200
        availability: 2
        range: 100m, line of sight only.
        game notes: Has the equivelent of SEARCH: heat at 5D to register heat variations on scale.  
May see through cover, but the sensor  must roll against the cover's STR+2D to detect, modified by 
the contents of the wall, as the GM sees fit.  Difficulty is based off of the 
target's heat difference compareed to background enviroment.  (Almost always works in hte open, 
but usually should be rolled inside structures)

Thermal Imager
        A thermal imager is based onthe principles of a thermla sensor, but they go several step 
further.  They form a  picture based off of the thermal energy that they see, allowing you to see in 
total darkness, so long as the air isn't warmer than everything else that is with in the total 
darkness.  It takes a certain amount of training to interprate the images given to you by thermal 
imaging, as it only maps heat differences in the enviroment.  As a result, ten stormtroopers standing 
shoulder to shoulder are a big blob of heat, not ten stormtroopers.  That big blob of 
heat could be sleeping kryat dragon, or it could be a mini-tank.  With training, you can see tell, at 
ten meters, weather or not a man has a mustache.  But you have to be very, very good, and have 
excellent equipment.  They are about twince the size of a basic thermal sensor, and 
are often mounted on a headstrap, in a goggles configuaration.  Or, they are added to 
microbinoculars and/or holocams for observation work.
        model:  BlasTech T-141 Termal Goggles
        type: thermal imager
        skill: PERC: Thermal Interpretation (see below)
        cost: 500  (10, powerpack lasts about three hours)
        availability: 2 F
        notes:  Works in all vision obscurring conditions where there is thermal variance.  May look 
through cover (Cover's STR+1D vs. user's 
PERC: Thermal Interpretation).(skill:  PERCEPTION:  Thermal Interpretation (no 
specializations).  Improves normally.  Used by those species that do not naturally see IR 
to figure out what the thermal display they are looking at means.  Not very common.)

Light Enhancement Viewer
        Similiar in function to a thermal imager, these magnify the existing light in the enviroment.  
The ambient light picture is then displayed on flat screen, usually with a greenish tint, but some 
times with a blueish one, depending on the manufacture.  Fairly well minaturized,  set of light 
enhancing goggles takes the form of a thick and bulky set of goggles, while and hand held viewer is 
ismply a thick disc.  These capabilities are are oftne built into gun sights and macrobinoculars.
        model:  Neuro-Saav Stareyes
        type:  snooper goggles
        cost:  300
        availability: 1 F
        notes: Counteracts up to 2D of Darkness penalties.  Can not work in total darkness.

Model: GambleCo. Sabacc Skifter
Type: Sabacc Cheater Card
Cost: 25-50 credits(black market only)
Availability: 3, X
Game Notes: Skifter adds a +15 modifier to user's _gambling_ skill.  If user fails roll with skifter, 
then dealer notices and takes action within 1D rounds.  Possesion of skifter is punishable by by 
beign takento a NR or Imperial Detention Center with a bail of 4,000 credits.  User must also 
reimburse all sabbac players he cheated.

Siber-Tech's C-1010 Brain Implant Series
Model: Siber-Tech C-1010 Neural Extension
Type: Cybernetic Brain Enhancement
Skill: Computer Programming/Repair: Cyber Implant
Cost: 6000 credits (plus installation)
Availability: 4, R
Game Notes: The Neural Extension unit is a powerful computer designed to interface with a 
biological brain.  There are several sub-models,  each attuned to the neurological pathways of a 
specific race.  The implant can store large amounts of data, and retrieve it at high speeds, 
acting as a direct extension of the user's mind and memory.  It must be installed by a skilled 
neurosurgeon accompanied by an equally- skilled technician, and cannot be removed without grave 
risk of brain damage or death.  It has several ports for accessories and exterior interfaces,  
available separately. Force sensitive users run an additional risk by enhancing their brains with 
this implant. Dark Side Points accumulate  faster in the cybernetically-enhanced, and even quicker 
still in those who artificially tamper with the workings of their minds. The Siber-Tech  C-1010 
Brain Implant counts as 2 enhancements for purposes of Dark Side Point accumulation, adding an 
additional 2 points for every 1 the  character would normally gain. Accessories to the implant 
impose no further penalty. Variant Sub-Models: The various sub-models can be found catalogued 
by the race they have been designed for. The C-1010 interfaces with  human and most near-human 
brains, while the TWC-1010 was designed for Twi'lek Neuro-pathways, the ROC-1010 for 
Rodians, etc. Most  sentient species can be accommodated for a marginal increase in cost, though 
the actual amount of the increase rises for the more 'exotic'  species.

Siber-Tech 1200 Series Accessories
Model: Siber-Tech C-1220 Datajack
Type: Computer-cyborg interface
Skill: Computer Programming/Repair
Cost: 400 credits (installation optional)
Availability: 4, R
Game Notes: The data jack is designed to interface a Siber-Tech C-1010 series Neural Extension 
with any other standard computer, including ship computers and droids.  It gives a +1D bonus to 
rolls involving data retrieval/entry, slicing, programming, and communication in 
computers and droids.  Any operation that can be performed at a terminal can be performed 
quickly and discretely through the jack.

Model: Siber-Tech C-1240 Comlink
Type: Cybernetic Comlink
Skill: Communications
Cost: 400 credits
Availability: 4, R
Game Notes: This is a short-range (50 km) standard comlink designed to integrate into the C-1010 
series of Neural Extensions.  The user  does not need to vocalize any message to use the comlink, 
nor is an audible reply created; the Neural Extension transfers the message directly to or from the 
user's mind.  For an extra 400 credits the unit can be upgraded to  the model C-1241, which can 
transmit compressed data packages to and from computers.

Compact Sensor Packs
Model: NeuroSaav 8936/F Integrated Sensor Array
Type: Compact Universally Compatible Sensor Pack
Skill: Sensors
Cost: 1200 credits
Availability: 2. R
Game Notes: This sensor pack has the same abilities as any standard personal sensor pack, except 
that it is palm-sized, and is readily  adaptable to integrate with any computer system.  The small 
size of this unit makes it very popular among the cybernetically-enhanced.

Portable Holographic Projectors
Model: NeuroSaav AT-330 Portable Holovix Projector
Type: Portable Holo-projection Unit
Cost: 200 Cr
Availability: 1
Game Notes: A small, hand-held holo-projection unit, utilizing a standard data jack adaptor for 
data I/O via auxiliary devices.

 from GE (Great Empire)
 "He's not heavy,   he's my brotheeeerrrrr"
 How many people have found that not to be true? What if your brother is a Wookie?  Fear not!  
The grand folks at GE (subsidized by our benevolent, loving, and all-around great Emperor, 
Palpatine) have come up with a solution:  The Repulso-Pack!  Capable of holding up to (...a 
volume, please? I don't know how much backpacks can carry), as well as strap-on latches to carry 
a human, without any added stress to the wearer!  The famed GE repulsorlift field, miniaturized to 
fit in the Repulso-Pack, supports the wieght of its load on its own!  A must have for any explorer!
Cost: 500cr
Availability: 2
Operation: Lifting
Effect: Adds +3D to lifting for all items stuffed
        or strapped onto it.
Consumer Notes: The GE repulsorlift field is prone    to breakdown if not serviced often.    GE 
holds no responsibility for any          damage caused if the repulsorlift    field falls apart.

    This is a very nice explosive it can be set to chase after any alien or human within a 5m radius.  
For just 1000 more, it can be fitted with servomotors that allow it to be thrown or set to track an 
    Model: BT M-32 Hover Mine 
    Skill: Grenade 
    Weight: .5 Kg. 
    Cost: 1000 credits( tracker costs 500 more has the skill tracking at 3D) 
    Damage: 8D 

    This mine was made to stun a large number of individuals at a time. This is great for capturing
    large heavily armed escorts. 
    Model: BT 9 Stun Amplifier 
    Scale: Character 
    Skill: Demolitions/ grenade 
    Ranges: 1-10/18/20 
    Damage: 7D (stun) /5D(stun) /3D (stun) 
    Cost: 500 credits.

Model: Bt-chemicals "slow" drug 
    cost:1,000 per dose 
    effect: slows all manual based actions by 1/2 lasts 3 rounds 
capsule: comes with a small shooter, range of up to 12m If charater handles more than 3 doses a 
day he also become intoxicated. 

Model: Bt-chemicals "Haste" drug 
    cost: 1,000 per dose 
    effect: Speeds up all manual based actions by 1/2 lasts 3 rounds 
capsule: comes with a small shooter, range of up to 12m This is very addictive if characters use 
this more than 2 in 24 hour period the bonus is elmiated but the character must still take the drug 
every 12 hours or he/she loses 2D to all actions until vacsine is administered. 

Model: Bt-chemicals "Rage" drug 
    cost:2,000 per dose 
effect:Makes user go into a rage adding 2D to all fighting skills lasts 4 rounds 
capsule:comes with a needle for injection.And Character using drug cannot tell between friend or 
foe. Allies must make a difficult persuasion role to convice the ueser that they are friends 

Model: Bt-chemicals "Healing" drug 
    Cost:5,000 per dose 
    effect:cuts healing time in half 
capsule:only usable once per week on patient

The H-47 Wrist Sensor was developed as a means of locating life forms or signs of civilization in 
remote areas, but it's uses are almost infinite. The H-47 is capable of identifying any life form 
within 20 meters, as well as approximate identification within 100 m, it can locate life forms 
within 10 km.  It also locates advanced technology (large metalic structures, power sources, etc.) 
within 50 km, but can focus on finding specific types of technology (ie blasters) within 100 m, 
these are often used in starports, court rooms, banks, etc., when it is in passive mode, and it 
indentifies what it is looking for, 3 seconds of consecutive beeps will
notify the user that it has found it.  Among the most important, and useful, things to note about the 
H-47 is that it is as large as the average wrist chronometer, and has a function that allows it to be 
disguised as such.
Cost: 1,000 credits
Availability: 3,F
Operation: Sensors:
        Passive: 200m/1D*
        Scan: 10km/3D
        Search: 20km/2D+1
        Focus: 50m/5D
* If this is set to a specific thing (such as blasters or Jawas) the skill is increase to 2D.
Effect: Easy roll to locate life forms, difficult to identify.  The H-47 can work on it's own, but as 
such must remain in passive mode, and will only have 1D skill (if it is looking for something 
specific this is increased to 2D)  but one can also operate it manually - adding the H-47's skill dice 
to your own.
        Technology Location and Identification Chart
Size (cubic cm)         Difficulty to locate            Difficulty to Identify
1                                  heroic                                 Heroic
10                                v difficult                           Heroic
100                              difficult                               Heroic
1000                            moderate                            v difficult
10000                          easy                                    difficult
100000                        v easy                                 moderate