Bounty Hunters and Hired Killers

1. Notir - Rodian Hunter
2. Aeon Flux - Monician Terror agent
3. Ramshir Aiel - Bounty Hunter
4. Arntur - Smuggler
5. Blade Tarsek Vlaughk - Bounty Hunter
6. Janus Sunstar - Bounty Hunter
7. Ardac Gesloe - Bounty Hunter
8. Larr Vallon - Bounty Hunter
9. Amaiza - Gunslinger
10. Beta Sarlock - Biotech Warrior
11. Zinn - Cyborged Hunter
12. Elack - EX-Rebel Operative
13. Darris Illand - Adventurer
14. Rikard Skyshadow - Master Assassin
15. Drayke Broll - Mercenary team Leader
16. Trask - Trandoshan Hunter
17. Malia Knight - Bounty hunter
18. Arn Pterro - Gladiator
19. Don'teel - Gladiator
20. Ugnarth Sow - Gladiator
21. Unknown, called Muninn - Master Thief
22. Miria Casteel - Bounty Hunter
23. FASSA - Adventurer
24. Typical BT assassin
25. BT enforcer/bodyguard
26. BT counterintel. agent

1. Notir
Type: Rodian Hunter
Blaster 8D+1, brawling parry 5D, dodge 6D+2, missile weapons 5D+2, thrown weapons: rodian 
throwing razor 7D+2
Alien species 3D, bureaucracy 4D, business:bounty hunting 4D, street-wise 5D, willpower 2D+2
repulsorlift ops. 3D
Con 4D+2, gambling 4D, hide 5D, investigation 5D+2, search 7D, sneak 7D
Brawling 5D+1, climbing/jumping 5D
Computer prog./rep. 4D, demolitions 5D, first aid: Rodian 5D, security 4D+2
Story Factors:  Rodians are notorias for their tenacity and eagerness to kill intelligent beings.  Most 
beings will give an unfamilier Rodian a fair bearth as it is probably on the hunt.
Force Points:3
DSP: 2
CP: 18
Move: 10
Size: 1.6m
Equipment: BlasTech A280 blaster rifle (5D+2 damage), Rodian throwing razors (1 pair, STR+1D+2 
damage, range is same as blaster rifle), Q2 hold-out blaster (3D), comlink, datapad, IPKC, 3,000 

2. Aeon Flux
TYPE: Monican Terror Agent
DEXTERITY: 4D Dodge 12D Blaster 8D Firearms 10D Grenade 3D Melee Combat 5D Missile 
Weapons 10D Running 8D Thrown Weapons 8D Vehicle Blasters 3D Brawl Parry 7D Melee Parry 5D
STRENGTH: 3D Climb/Jump 10D Brawling: Martial Arts 10D Stamina 6D Swimming 2D Lifting 2D 
Acrobatics 14D
PERCEPTION: 4D Con 4D+2 Hide 7D Sneak 8D+2 Search 4D Investigation 2D Con 5D
MECHANICAL: 2D Ground Vehicle Operations 8D
TECHNICAL: 2D Blaster Repair 6D First Aid 4D Security 7D Communications 3D+2  Demolitions 6D
KNOWLEDGE: 3D Intimidation 6D Survival 4D Law Enforcement 4D Streetwise 8D Value 3D 
Willpower 7D
Heavy Blaster        5D                 N/A                ?           ?
3 Throw Knives   STR+1D       EASY/MELEE     ?            ?      ?

EQUIPMENT: Grappler Gun, Monican Operative Ground Cruiser, Com-Link,
Datatpad, Macrobinoculars, 

MOVE: 12

3. Ramshir Aiel 
Template Type: Bounty Hunter (Bounty Hunter Type: Secret Hand)
Age: 33 Height: 5'11 Weight: 189 pounds Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown
Race: Human
Home Planet: Dantooine
A bit of History:
When Ramshir was around 15 years old, life was good. The young Ramshir loved to play with blasters, 
modify their range, firepower, and he loved to toy with that half-destroyed bounty hunter armor he got for 
only 50 credits, he dreamed that one day he might be able to build it back up and wear it. Just the day 
before his 16th birthday, his father sent him to get food supplies for the house, but when he came back, he 
found the house devastated by blaster fire and the only sign of his parents, were their corpses.
Quickly, Ramshir ran far away from there and went to work at a blaster shop where he repaired small 
blasters for the old man owning the shop. The old man provided him with work and enough money to 
barely support his meager life. This is where he learned the job of bounty hunter, he often repaired their 
blasters, and got to talk with them. In the meanwhile, the young Aiel was still troubled by his parents' 
deaths. One day, when he had enough savings, he left the small town and went to discover the faith of his 
He found out that the Empire was seeking their land, and they refused to  sell it to them at barely 10% of 
the real price. Using the Empire's way, the officer in charge decided to shoot them. Since then, Ramshir 
is working along with the rebellion, to find their most wanted criminals, especially those who are part of 
the Empire.
Dexterity: 4D        		Knowledge: 2D           		
- Blaster: 7D+2      		- Alien Species: 2D+2   		
- Dodge: 7D+2        	- Culture: 2D+1        		
- Lightsaber: 5D+2   	- Languages: 3D+2       		
- Grenade 4D+1       	- Streetwise: 3D        		
- Melee: 4D+2        		- Technology: 5D        		
- Melee Parry: 4D+1  					
Mechanical: 3D 		Technical: 2D		
- Astrogation: 6D		- Armor Repair: 5D
- Space Transports: 5D+1	- Blaster Repair: 4D
- Starship Shields: 4D+1	- First Aid: 3D
- Starship Gunnery: 3D+1
- Sensors: 4D
- Communications: 3D+1
- Powersuit Operation: 4D+2

Perception: 4D       		Strength: 3D            		
- Gambling: 4D+1     	- Brawling: 4D          		
- Search: 4D+1       		- Climbing/Jumping: 4D+2		
- Hide: 4D+2         		- Lifting: 4D+2         		
- Investigation: 5D+2	- Stamina: 3D+2         		


(Modified) Heavy Blaster Rifle: This rifle is equiped with a damage setting system with the following 
- 6D+2 (Stun or Kill, no restrictions)
- 7D (Can only shot the rifle one time in a round, if shot twice, 60% it blows up with 5D Damage. Stun 
or Kill setting)
Custom Made, Full Plate Armor: After many months of research, Ramshir finally found the best alloy to 
build his armor. Also his years of Armor/Blaster repair along with vast knowledge in armor technology 
have given him the chance to build this.
- 2D Against Physical Attacks
- 1D+2 Against Energy Attacks
- NO DEX Penalty
- Protects every part of the body except for feet and hands.
Lightsaber: This lightsaber was bought from a trader dealing with illegal  stuff, Blade was red, but 
Ramshir exchanged it to some guy who   always dreamed of a red lightsaber, it's now green. Origins   
unknown. - 5D
Hold-Out Blaster: Small, Modified Hold-Out Blaster, this is the weapon Aiel  usually uses to stun his 
- 3D+1 (Very rarely set to kill)
Jet Packs: 10 Charges, One jump vertically of 30 Meters or one jump horizontaly for about 100 meters.
Fake-Permit for the Rifle
IKPC Bounty Hunter Papers
2 Grenades: 5D
Knife: STR+1D
1 Medpac
Sandtrooper Comlink: 120KM Range (Taken from the same guy he got his rifle from)
*Note* to GMs: Ramshir only moves 9 moves out of 10 in a round because of the weight he is carrying, 
even if the armor is designed to be light, it's still a full plate armor, and that rifle is about 1.25 meters 
long IMHO

4. Arntur
Type: Cha'wen'he smuggler
Blaster 4D+1, dodge 7D+2, running 6D
Alien species 3D+2, languages 5D, planetary systems 6D, streetwise 7D, value 5D+1, value: spice 8D
Astrogation 6D, space transports 9D+1, starship gunnery 5D, starship shields 6D
Bargain 6D+2, bargain: spice 7D+1, con 6D, search 4D, sneak 5D+1
Climbing/jumping 4D
First aid 4D+1, space transports repair 5D+2
Special Abilities:
Search: If two heads are being used to scan an area, +1D to search, if
all three then +2D but no other actions.
Bony Spur: STR+1D
Species Memory: has 10 skills from species memory (see GG12).  His skill  are: dodge, 
languages, streetwise, astrogation, space trans. bargain, con, search, first aid, space transports repair. 
Armor: +1D physical, +2 energy but can take no other actions.
Force Points: 3
Dark Side Points: 1
Character Points: 15
Move: 13
Equipment: Blaster pistol (4D), datapad, Stellar Wind (mod. YT-1300).
Capsule: Some criminals are specialists, dealing only in a certain species if slavers, only dealin

5. Blade Tarsek Vlaughk
Bounty Hunter
Stats are from post Battle of Yavin
  Height: 7'0"      Weight: 412 lbs.
  Sex: Male              Age: 28
  Quote: "Try to run, and you'll only die tired."
  Physical Description:  
    Blade is large, reptillian and intimidating.  He wears a smooth-faced      helmet which totally conceals 
his gruesome visage.  Weapons bristle    off of his personage, including his wrist vibroblades and  
shoulder-mounted launcher.  
    Considered weak in his childhood, Blade was cast-out into his   homeworld's harsh wilderness and 
left to die by the community.  He was   rescued by a lone Barabel, and lived a simple existence until the   
hermit's death.  Blade left Barab I shortly after, owning no allegiance   to his people and pursuing a life 
of the hunt. Personality:  Calm, often silent, Blade can also have an oddly humorous   side.  He becomes 
VERY upset when his companions are attacked, often acting irrationally.  Other than these outbursts, he 
is very much the  silent, watching hunter.  
  Objectives:  To find the ultimate hunt and take his trophy. Connection With Other Characters:  
Sometimes seen in the company of   Kanada Aves, ex-Imperial Specforces and For Tomakka, a Wookie 
  Dex 3D+1                        	Perception 3D+1
     Blaster 6D+2                	Bargain 3D+1
     Brawl Parry 6D+2        	Command 3D+1
     Dodge 6D+1                	Con 3D+1
     Grenade 3D+1               	Gambling 3D+1
     Heavy Weapons 3D+1     	Hide/Sneak 4D+2
     Melee Parry 6D+2           	Search 4D+2
     Melee 6D+1

  Knowledge 2D+1             	Strength 5D
     Alien Races 2D+1       	Brawling 7D+1
     Bureaucracy 2D+1      	Climbing/Jumping 6D+2
     Cultures 2D+1        	Lifting 5D
     Languages 2D+2         	Stamina 5D+1
     Planetary Systems 2D+1            
     Streetwise 3D+2
     Survival 3D
     Technology 2D+1

  Mechanical 2D            	Technical 2D 
     Astrogation 2D             	Comp. Prog./Rep. 2D
     Beast Riding 2D          	Demolition 2D
     Repulsorlift Op. 2D      	Droid Prog./Rep. 2D
     Starship Gunnery 2D+2    Medicine 3D+1
     Starship Piloting 3D+1    	Repulsorlift Rep 2D
     Starship Shields 2D     	Security 2D
                                       	Starship Rep 3D+2
       Force Points: 2
     Darkside Points: 1
     Skill Points -
          Special Abilities:
       Barabel have vision which allows them to see in the infra-red  spectrum.  The thick scales of a 
Barabel afford a +2D on STR tests when defending from physical damage and a +1D on STR when 
defending from energy damage.
        Heavy Blaster Pistol (5D)         Wrist Vibroblades (Str +2D+2)
        Heavily Modified Light Repeating Blaster (7D+1)
          explodes on a wild die roll of 1, doing damage as a 
          fragmentation grenade 
        Shoulder-mounted Mini Proton Torpedo Launcher (6D)
        Body Armor (+1D physical, +1 energy)
        Survival Pack                     Glowrod
        Comlink                           Medpac
        Smooth-faced Helmet               Synth-Rope
          w/ breathing apparatus          Trophies: Left eyeballs of 
          (+1D physical)                    especially challenging kills.
          (+1 energy)                       About 17 eyeballs in collection
        Modified Lone Star Scout Ship       plus a droid photo-receptor

6. Janus Sunstar
Bounty Hunter
Stats are from New Republic era

  Height: 6'0"      Weight: 190 lbs.
  Sex: Male              Age: 32
  Quote: "You move when I tell you, you speak when I tell you.  You have no rights here.  You belong to 

  Physical Description:  
    Janus is a dark-skinned humanoid with black hair and ice-blue eyes. He wears his hair long with a 
ponytail.  He has a muscular build.  
    Janus enjoyed hunting and tracking big, dangerous game as a young man, and decided to move on to 
criminals.  He became a bounty hunter to get rich on small bounties and later acquired the skills 
necessary to make bigger scores.
  Personality:  Janus is moody and dark.  He doesn't like copycats or tag-a-longs.  He is arrogant and 
views most other bounty hunters as  amateurs.
  Objectives:  Janus' main objective is to embark on the ultimate hunt - to bring Boba Fett, borken and 
beaten, to Han Solo's door, and  confidently tell him that he no longer has anything to worry about.
  Connection With Other Characters:  None   

  Dex 3D+1             	Perception 3D+2
     Blaster 6D              	Bargain 4D
     Brawl Parry 4D     	Command 3D+2
     Dodge 5D           	Con 2D
     Grenade 3D         	Gambling 3D
     Heavy Weapons 4D+1   	Hide/Sneak 5D
     Melee Parry 5D   	Search 5D
     Melee 5D

  Knowledge 4D                  	Strength 3D+2
     Alien Races 4D               	Brawling 4D
     Bureaucracy 3D+1       	Climbing/Jumping 4D
     Cultures 4D                	Lifting 3D
     Languages 4D               	Stamina 3D
     Planetary Systems 2D+2  	Swimming 1D
     Streetwise 2D
     Survival 4D
     Technology 3D

  Mechanical 3D                   	Technical 3D+1 
     Astrogation 3D         	Comp. Prog./Rep. 1D
     Beast Riding 4D            	Demolition 4D
     Repulsorlift Op. 2D        	Droid Prog./Rep. 1D+1
     Starship Gunnery 3D       Medicine 1D
     Starship Piloting 2D      	Repulsorlift Rep 1D
     Starship Shields 2D    	Security 2D
                                       	Starship Rep 2D
     Force Points: None
     Darkside Points: None
     Skill Points -
Equipment   Sorosuub Stormtrooper Two Blaster Carbine (6D+2)  Bounty Hunter Armor (+-1D) Two 
Thermal Detonators  Vibroblade (Str +2D)  Rations3500 cr

7. Ardac Gesloe
Ex-Royal Guard Now a bounty hunter
Stats are from Various Time Periods

  Height: 6'2"      Weight: 189 lbs
  Sex: Male         Age: 36
  Species:  Human
  Quote: "I know about eleven ways of making you shut up... none of them are very pleasant." 
  Physical Description:   A handsome man, in his mid-thirties, black hair with a shocking grey  streak. 
Caucasian, with mid to light tan.

    Was an honorable Royal Guard, on a mission for the Emperor. His   memory was lost when the ship 
crashed, and his rescurers, the Rebellion   helped bring back his skills, but luckily not his loyalty.
  Personality:  Often confused by the struggles men (and women) go  through to win.  He feels if you 
know you can't do something, you   shouldn't be out doing it!
  Objectives:  To bring a full justice to the galaxy.
  Connection With Other Characters: None     
  Dex 5D                          					Perception 4D+1
     Blaster 7D+3                      				Bargain 5D+1
     Brawl Parry 5D                    				Command 5D+2
     Dodge 7D                          				Con 4D+1
     Grenade 5D                        				Gambling 4D+1
     Heavy Weapons 5D                  				Hide/Sneak 6D+2
     Melee Parry 5D                    				Search 6D+2
     Melee 8D+2

  Knowledge 3D                 					Strength 4D
     Alien Races 3D                    				Brawling 6D 
     Bureaucracy 3D                    				Climbing/Jumping 6D 
     Cultures 3D                       				Lifting 5D
     Languages 5D+3                    				Stamina 6D
     Planetary Systems 4D              				Swimming 4D
     Streetwise 3D+3  
     Survival 6D
     Technology 3D
     Law Enforcement 3D

  Mechanical 2D+2                Technical 2D+2
     Astrogation 5D                      Comp. Prog./Rep. 2D+2 
     Beast Riding 2D+2                   Demolition 5D+1
     Repulsorlift Op.                       Droid Prog./Rep. 2D+2
     Starship Gunnery 4D+2             Medicine 3D
     Starship Piloting 8D+2            Repulsorlift Rep 2D+2
     Starship Shields 4D+2             Security 5D+1
                                                 Starship Rep 4D+1
                                                Armor Repair 3D+1
                                               Weapon Repair 4D+1
     Force Points: 3
     Darkside Points: None 
          Maodified HT-2200, Modified Lifepod

8. Larr Vallon
Bounty Hunter
Stats are from Post Battle of Yavin
Larr is based on 21 Total Character Points
Affiliation: Personal

  Height: 1.9 m      Weight: 225 lbs
  Sex: Male          Age: 32
  Species:  Human
  Homeworld: Corellia
  Quote: "He would still be alive if he had just given up."
Physical Description:  
    Larr has black hair, dark eyes, a heavy build, and a scar on his left cheek.  He also has a constant glare
    Larr was born in the Corellian system.  He is currently being hunted by  an Imperial governor after 
bringing in said governor's criminal   brother - brother did not survive.
    Cynical and quiet; reacts poorly to any Imperial.  He also despises   glory hounds and cannot stand 
  Objectives:  Larr's main goals in life are personal security, a cleared  name, and a feared reputation.
  Connection With Other Characters: None
  Dex 4D                        Perception 3D
     Blaster 6D
       Light Repeater 8D+1             Bargain 3D 
     Brawl Parry 4D                    Command 3D
     Dodge 5D                          Con 3D
     Grenade 4D                        Gambling 3D
     Heavy Weapons 4D                  Hide/Sneak 3D
     Melee Parry 4D                    Search 3D
     Melee 4D+1

  Knowledge 2D+1                 Strength 4D
     Alien Races 2D+1                  Brawling 5D
     Bureaucracy 2D+1                  Climbing/Jumping 4D
     Cultures 2D+1                     Lifting 4D
     Languages 2D+2                    Stamina 4D
     Planetary Systems 2D+1            Swimming 4D
     Streetwise 3D+1 
     Survival 2D+1
     Technology 2D+1

  Mechanical 2D+2                Technical 2D
     Astrogation 2D+2                  Comp. Prog./Rep. 2D
     Beast Riding 2D+2                 Demolition 2D
     Repulsorlift Op. 2D+2             Droid Prog./Rep. 2D
     Starship Gunnery 3D+2             Medicine --
     Starship Piloting 2D+2            Repulsorlift Rep 2D
     Starship Shields 2D+2             Security 2D
                                       Starship Rep 2D
                                       Blaster Repair 3D
                                       Armor Repair 2D+1
                                       First Aid 2D+2
     Special Abilities: None

     Force Points: 1
     Darkside Points: None
       Protective Vest (+2 STR to torso)
       2 Medpacks
       Modified Light Repeating Blaster (7D damage, same range)

9. Amaiza
Stats are from Post-Battle of Aduba-3
Affiliation:  Ex-Leader of the Black Hole Gang, a paramilitary special  forces unit, now partners with 
the Lepus-carnivorous  extraordinaire, Jaxxon. 

  Height: 1.6 meters     Weight: 130 lbs.
  Species: Human
  Sex: Female

  A Quote: "Amaiza, did anybody ever tell you that you talk too much?"
"One guy... once. Last I heard, his widow was living it up on Bestine with his death benefits."
  Physical Description:
    Amaiza is a beautiful young woman with platinum blonde hair who favors skimpy red outfits that belie 
her deadly skills. Amaiza sometimes wears contact lenses to give her eyes a feral and cat-like 
    Amaiza has graduated from the Poodoo School of Hard Knocks.Everything she knows, is basically 
self-taught from living alone for most of her life.  She considers the leadership of the Black Hole Gang 
one of her greatest acomplishments, next to seducing Han Solo. [According to Mr. Solo, they were just 
    Amaiza is the type to use her extremely good looks to get anything she  wants.  She is definitely not 
just another dumb blonde.  Amaiza can be extremely dangerous, when she wants to be.
  DEX 4D                          PER 3D
     Blaster 7D                      Bargain 4D
     Brawling Parry 5D               Command 5D
     Dodge 6D                        Gambling: 5D+2
                                     Search 5D
                                     Sneak 4D+2

  KNO 2D+1                        STR 3D+1
     Streetwise 5D+1                 Brawling 5D+1
     Survival 4D+1
     Tactics 5D

  MEC 2D                          TEC 3D+1
     Repulsorlift Ops 3D             Blaster Repair 4D+1
     Sensors 3D                      Demolitions 4D+2
  Force Points: 1
  Dark Side Points: 1
  Move: 10
    Two Heavy Blasters
    quickdraw holsters (+1D when quickdrawing),
    500 credits.

10. Beta Sarlock
Biotech Warrior
       Height: 7'2"       Weight: 600 lbs.
  Sex: male               Age: 12 (eq. 34)
  Quote: "I will have no problems becoming a Mandalore Commando because I am already the perfect 
  Dex 4D                          Perception 2D+2
     Blaster 7D+2                      Bargain 2D+2
     Brawl Parry 4D                    Command 4D+2
     Dodge 6D                          Con 2D+2
     Grenade 4D                        Gambling 2D+2
     Heavy Weapons 4D                  Hide/Sneak 2D+2
     Melee Parry 5D+1                  Search 2D+2
     Melee 6D
  Knowledge 2D                    Strength 4D+1
     Alien Races 2D                    Brawling 4D+1
     Bureaucracy 2D                    Climbing/Jumping 4D+1
     Cultures 2D                       Lifting 4D+1
     Languages 2D                      Stamina 4D+1
     Planetary Systems 2D              Swimming 4D+1
     Streetwise 2D
     Survival 2D
     Technology 2D
  Mechanical 1D                   Technical 2D
     Astrogation 1D                    Comp. Prog./Rep. 2D
     Beast Riding 1D                   Demolition 2D
     Repulsorlift Op. 1D               Droid Prog./Rep. 2D
     Starship Gunnery 1D               Medicine 2D 
     Starship Piloting 1D              Repulsorlift Rep 2D
     Starship Shields 1D               Security 2D  
                                       Starship Rep 2D
          Biotech Power  6D
             Quick Heal
     Force Points: -
     Darkside Points: -
     Skill Points -
        Blaster Rifle (5D)                Biosaber
          w/ Force Aura Scope             Comlink
        2 Grenades (5D)                     w/ (De)Scrambler

11. Zinn
Type: cyborged hunter
Blaster 8D+1, blaster artillery 4D+1, brawling parry 5D, dodge 6D+2,
grenade 4D+2, melee combat 5D+1, melee parry 5D, running 4D+1, vehicle
blasters 5D+2
KNO 2D+2
Business: Bounty hunting 6D, intimidation 4D, intimidation: interroga-
tion 6D+1, :torture 5D+2, law enforcement 5D, streetwise 4D+2, value 3D
MEC 2D+2
Astrogation 3D, powersuit ops. 4D, repulsorlift ops. 5D+2, space trans.
Con 4D+1, gambling 3D+2, investigation 4D, search 5D, sneak 3D+1
STR 3D+2
Brawling 5D+2, climb./jump. 4d+2
Armor repair 3D, blaster repair 4D, demolition 4D, first aid 3D+2

FP: 2
DSP: 4
CP: 13
Special Abilities:
+2D to STR, +2D to DEX, +2D to MEC, +2D to PER
Neuro-Shock hand (6D+1 dam.)
Equipment: AV-1S scout armor (p.80-81 of Fantastic Tech.), BlasTech
sharpshooter V with sonic scope (+1D+2 if aim, plus 1D), ABC scrambler
(8D stun), magcuffs, merr-sonn model 44 blaster pistol (4D)

12. Elack, EX-Rebel Operative
His ship was stolen by Shane Davidson and company from Bespin about a year ago, and he has come to 
seek revenge, after finding out that his precious ship the Blade, which he "feels naked without," was 
blown to pieces as it was crashed into the side of an Imperial Garrison in the Corrilla system.
Dexterity:     4D
Blaster 8D, dodge 7D+1.
Knowledge:  4D
Intimidation 8D, Willpower 10D, Planetary systems 8D, Riddles 12D
Mechanical:   3D 
(s)  Blade II piloting, 6D+1, Gunnery 5D, Shields 5D, Retro. Ops. 6D
Perception:    4D
Command 8D, Search 7D, Hide 7D, sneak 6D
Strength:      4D
Brawling 6D+2, Stamina 5D
Technical:  5D
Demolition 8D, starfighter rep. 7D, Security 10D

Move: 11
8 Character points
Equipment: Blade Mark II, Modified Blaster Pistol 6D 1-10/30/120, 4 Grenades, 2 thermals, Space suit, 
Bounty Hunter armor +1D to energy +2D to physical -1D to dex, Foot Rockets, personal shield, gas belt, 
Force Pike.

13. Darris Illand
Species: Gand
Sex: Male
Physical Description: Mid-sized Gand, strong build. Gands are an insectile race, but on a whole are 
roughly humanoid. They can see in the inferred spectrum, require only 6 minutes of sleep daily, and do 
not breath by conventional means. Gands are difficult to tell apart to non-gands.
Personality: Like all gands he speaks in the third person, which can get quite annoying at times. He's 
quiet and tends to take in a situation before jumping in, but when he jumps in its with axe swinging and 
blaster blazing. Darris is a dreamer, always looking for some mystery to follow and is greatly interested 
in legends.
Exploits/Background: Darris was the first to get a hold of the ancient Jedi star crystals which point the 
way to Ensom station, a long hidden Jedi Base. It's likely that you could run into him while searching for 
an ancient legend or doing work for the Rebellion. He has been known to operate with Shane Davidson, 
is indirectly responsible for the destruction of an Imperial Garrison, (his ship was crashed into the side 
of one, upon his orders.
Dexterity: 4D		Perception: 2D
Blaster	  7D+2		Con         
Melee	  7D		Gamble
Dodge	  6D		Sneak
Knowledge:  2D		Strength:  5D
Alien species  		Brawling   6D+1 
Intimidation   5D	 	Stanima     
willpower      4D		lifing
Mechanical:  3D		Tech:   2D
Piloting	       6D+2 	Repair    3D
Gunnery	       5D		First Aid 4D
Sensors			security  4D
Equipment: Specialized and custom blaster riffle, 6D+2 damage equipped with a light dagger bayonnette 
to the end 3D dammage, diff. as a bayonette is 15. Force Pike STR+2D, wrist vibroblades STR+1D, 3 
thermal detonators, has an old repibulic personal shuttle.

14. Rikard Skyshadow
TYPE: Master Assassin
AGE: 32
HEIGHT: 1.65

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: From what is known of his appearance he is short, brown hair and eyes, 
with no distinguishing features. In short very ordinary. He is usually fully enclosed in his suit and cannot 
be seen.

BACKGROUND: Skyshadow is one of Bakara's most notorious exports. He is the son of the 
Crimebosses Jule and Kanna Skyshadow, members of the Black Sun's heirachy. He went to work in the 
Business when he was a teenager and saved several operations. His parents then decided to make the 
most of his talents and sent him to the assassins guild on Krech Prime. He became one of their best 
students until, when his parents were assassinated by a schoolfriend, he left the school and murdered his 
friend. Assassins Guild Law states that families of assassins are safe. He plyed his trade across the 
galaxy and became one of the most feared names in the Core. It was upon his assassination of Grand 
Moff Dula, the Emperor ordered his extermination. It is believed that Ysanne Isard stepped in and asked 
the Emperor if it would not be better to keep him in Imperial Service. The Emperor agreed and 
Skyshadow has been in the service since 1 year after the Battle of Yavin.
He was once told to assassinate Pricess Leia Organa but Commodore Zoruggan and the Tigers saved the 
day, thwarting the attempt.
He has become the bane of the early New Republic and many quarrelsome Imperial Warlords. He 
answers only to Iceheart.

PERSONALITY: Again little is known, he follows a strict code of honour, if he fails to assassinate 
someone he will leave them alone. He has been known to start personal vendettas against those who 
really anger him. And in his words what he does is not killing or murdering but 'Terminating with 
extreme predudice'

OBJECTIVES: Who knows?
QUOTE: 'Kill him in the street? Like some common murderer?
       'No pay, no slay'

DEX 4D: Blaster: 5D : Sorusuub Redemptor: 7D, Dodge: 6D, Melee Combat: 6D+2, Melee Parry: 6D, 
Acrobat: 10D, Thrown Weapons: 6D, Running 8D
KNO 3D: Streetwise: 5D, Scholar: Poisons: 6D+1
MEC 2D+2: Space Transports: 4D, Starship Gunnery: 4D, Shields: 4D, Astrogation: 4D, Sensors: 4D, 
Jet Pack Operation: 4D+2
PER 3D+1: Sneak: 8D, Search: 5D+1, Investigations: 7D+2, Hide: 5D
STR 3D: Brawling: Martial Arts: 8D+2, Stamina: 5D+2, Climbing/Jumping: 6D
TEC 2D: Security: 5D, Demolition: 4D, Weapons Repair: 3D+2

MOVE: 12

EQUIPMENT: 2x Sorosuub Redemptors*
:10 Power Packs
1 Dart Blaster (As Sporting Blaster, but STR: 1D+2, darts poisoned)
:5 Recharge Clips
Poison Vials
1 Vibroknife
2x Throwing Knives
2x Thermal Detonaters
Syntherope Dispensor
Security Kit (+1D to Security)
Hush-about Jet Pack
Electro Dispersor Jumpsuit: (+1D Energy, +2D Hide or Sneak)
Also includes:
Macrobinoculars (+3D all Search and PER over 100m, also Infra Red Vision)
Nuerosaav 8932/D Sensor Pack (Wrist Unit)
Modified Lone Scout A: Silent Death (See next post)
10,000 Credits

15.  Drayke Broll
Template Type: Independent Mercenary Team Leader
Species:  Human
Age:  28
Homeworld:  Cartooine
Height: 1.7 meters
Dex: 3D+1
Blaster 8D, Blaster Artillery 4D, Brawling Parry 4D+2, Dodge 8D+2, Grenade 4D+2, Melee 4D+1, 
Melee Parry 4D, Pick Pocket 5D
Kno: 2D+2
Alien Species 4D, Languages 5D+1, Streetwise 5D
Mec: 3D
Astrogation 4D+2, Beast Riding 3D+1, Repulsorlift Operations 4D+2, Space Transports 5D, Starship 
Gunnery 5D+2
Per: 3D
Command 4D+2, Con 3D+1, Hide 4D, Search 5D, Sneak 5D+1
Str: 3D+1
Brawling 5D+1, Climbing/Jumping 5D+2, Stamina 4D+2
Tec: 2D+2
Blaster Repair 3D+2, Computer Programming 4D, First Aid 3D+1, Security 4D+2, Space Transports 
Repair 5D+1, Starship Weapon Repair 3D
Equipment:  Sorosuub X-52 sniper rifle (5D+1, 1-25/125/275), modified blaster pistol  (4D+2), 
throwing  knife, 2 grenades, 1 smoke grenade, hold-out blaster, headset comlink, blast vest, vibroblade, 
backpack, glowrod, datapad, concentrated rations
	Drayke Broll is the Commander of the Shadow Warriors, a free-lance mercenary group 
consisting of approximately a dozen beings.  The Shadow Warriors are strictly Anti-Imperial in all that  
they do.  They only accept anti-Imperial contracts, and when business is slow, they go off without a 
contract to destroy as much as the Empire is possible.  They are notorious for sneaking into Imperial 
Warships (mostly ships like System Patrollers, Corellian Gunships, Victory Star Destroyers) and 
destroying or at least heavily damaging them. They can take on ground based targets as well, including 
and Imperial Walker or two.  A well-rounded group, they have met many rebels over the course of their 
occupations.  Although they have been asked several times to join the Alliance, they have declined, 
prefering to not be ordered what to do.  They have, however, assisted many a rebel in need.
	Drayke is a plain looking individual, which helps him remain unnoticed a good portion of the 
time.  He has short cropped blonde hair and deep blue eyes, and usually dresses in all black.  He has a 
long history of defying the Empire, starting when he and his best friend Nodnarb used to hotwire 
Imperial speeders then crash them into the local jail to free his other friends being held there.  He is 
captain and copilot of his ship, the Black Ghost, a modified Sorosuub J-21 medium freighter, which his 
team operates out of most of the time.  He has many contacts throughout the Outer Rim, especially the 
Elrood sector.  Drayke has been known to go out of his way to protect those harmed by the Empire. 
Exploits: Recently he and his group snuck aboard an Imperial cruiser, when they made it to the  cargo 
hold and discovered that it was a cargo of food bound for an Admiral out in the outer rim they thought 
quick and managed to contaminate the meat. After an entire garrison and 3 Star destroyer crews were 
struck sick for several weeks due to food poisoning, the damage was traced to his group from some data 
tapes of them sneaking onboard the ship. It is said that the Admiral has personally set a rather high 
bounty on his head, and is devoting as much of his resources as he can to his capture.

16. Trask
Species: Trandoshen
Type: Trandoshen hunter
Sex: Male
Physical Description: Tall strong, in body size a match for a wookiee easily. Menacing.
Personality: No Remorse: He is out for the kill.  Hunts the Wookiee as all trandoshen do and is very 
good at it, has around four Wookiee pelts hanging from his belt. And he will do just about anything to get 
at a wookiee.
Exploits/Background: Came off of his homeworld hungry for the kill, and quickly made it as a bounty 
hunter, Along with taking normal bounties he has been known to slaughter wookies in bars for no 
noticable reason. His mission in life is to bring in the Pelt of the Great White Wookiee, but any others 
will do.
A Quote: "Grr."
(quick stats fill in the blanks.)
Dexterity: 3D		Perception: 3D
Blaster	7D+1		Con        4D
Melee	5D		Gamble
Dodge	6D		Sneak

Knowledge: 2D		Strength: 6D
Alien species		Brawling   7D
Intimidation  6D		Stanima    
willpower			lifing

Mechanical: 3D		Tech: 2D
Piloting	5D		Repair
Gunnery	4D		First Aid 3D
Sensors			security

Equipment: Bounty Hunters licence, 4 wookiee pelts, DL-44,  Armor: +2 to energy +1D to physical, 
force pike, grappling hook, ancient trandoshen knife (used for scalping), shoulder mounted proton 
launcher 6D, has a modified ghtroc freighter.

17. Malia Knight
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Height: 5'8"
Handed: Left
Age: 21
Physical Description: Malia has green eyes and short brown hair. She  wears a long black trench coat to 
hide the weapons that she frequently  carries. She is of average build with long muscular legs. 
Background: Malia grew up on a backwater planet where the best thing to  do was to catch slugs in the 
forest. Needless to say she wanted to get  out of there. She hooked up with a ship that happened to have a 
band of 
smugglers on it. They went into a starport where she discovered that  there was a warrent out for their 
arrest. Since they had treated her  badly, she decided that she could use the money from the bounty and 
turned them into the proper authorities. She has learned that she is good with  weapons and has continued 
in the trade of bounty hunting.
Objective: To be the best bounty hunter ever and to meet her idol Boba Fett.
Quote: "You're coming with me dead or alive, and I don't care which."

18. Arn Pterro
Type: gladiator
Species: Whiphid
Age: 66
Height: 2.4 m
Weight: 422 lbs.
Background:  Whiphid's have always been primal hunters.  Belloq the gladiatorkeeper realized this and 
set out to the Whiphid's home world of Toola to capture one alive.  When the Whiphid's noticed the 
arrival of Belloq's ship, Arn Pterro offered to uncover who the stranger was.  As he approached the ship, 
he was taken down by a stun blast, and ever since has been fighting for his life as a slave fighter for the 
Ithorian Pimp.
Dexterity: 3D- melee combat, melee parry, dodge, brawling parry
Perception: 2D
knowledge: 2D- intimidation 4d
Strenght: 6D- Brawling, stanima, climbing/lifting
Mechanical: 1d
Technical 1D
Force-sensitive: no
Weapons: claws +1D str. to phys. attacks

19. Don'teel
Type: Gladiator
Species: Karyk (Explorer)
Height: 1.38m
Description:  Don'teel is a small, green skinned alien.  He is dressed in loose-fighting clothes that hide 
his strenght and make him look even smaller than he really is.  His head has a row of four soft skin 
"horns" on his brow and his head is hairless.  He has smooth skin that looks almost amphibian, but has no 
visible pores.  He has a pair of retractable fangs that can protrude from his lower jaw, and small 
retractable claws on his four-finger Character
Type: Gladiator
Name: Yoku'roko
Species: Human
Weight: 535lbs.
Background:  Yoku'roko was always a fighter.  When he heard about the Pimp's arena, he gladly 
volunteered for the chance to prove himself against some of the best in the galaxy.
Dexterity: 2D
Perception: 2D
Knowledge: 4D
Strenght: 6D- Brawling 4D (because of tremendous waistsize)
Mechanical: 1d
Technical: 1D
Armor: Loin cloth 
Weapons: push attack brawling +1D

20. Ugnarth Sow
Type: Gladiator
Name: Ugnarth sow
Species: Gammorean
Sex: F
Height: 1.46m
Weight: 251lbs.
Background:  Once a prostitute in the Pimp's enploy, the Gamorrean made the mistake of attacking one of 
the customers.  The Pimp, with his vindictive mind, chose not to kill her but instead to force her to the 
torment and humiliation of being a gladiator in his arena.
Dexterity: 3D+2- Brawling parry, melee combat, melee parry
Perception: 2D+1
Knowledge: 2D- survival
Strength: 3D- Brawling 5D, stanima
Mechanical: 1D
Technical: 1D
Weapons: fists

21. Unknown, called Muninn(or wraith) by officials
Known aliases: Tyr Balder, Hermod Bragi, Huginn Forseti
Species: Unknown 
Sex: Unknown
Type: Professional thief
Physical Description: Descriptions and what few witness accounts which are available  make the Thief, 
referred to by intelligence as Muninn, lead authorities to put Muninn somewhere between 1.6 and 2.2 
meters in height, species is unknown, but the subject has been thought to  be either Human, Bothan, 
Wookiee, Mon Calamari, Gand, and several other little known races,  in effect those who investigate and 
attempt to follow the exploits of this master of disguise have no  idea what race, or sex Muninn is, though 
they are sure they are looking for a roughly humanoid biped with a strong toned medium build.
Personality: The subject is quick on their feet and with words. Can speak over a dozen languages,  and 
innumerable dialects. Can slip away anywhere and become part of a crowd even in to most strict  of 
Imperial Core worlds. The subject is highly dangerous and knowledgeable in countless forms of stealth, 
as well as a master of hand to hand and silent fighting. One interesting note, never on record has the 
subject used a Blaster or slug thrower of any sort, we do not know if it is because of some moral or
religious qualm, or a wish for cleanliness in combat, the primary weapons which are used consist of a  
specialised utility knife unit, and a hand held multi-purpose crossbow. 
Exploits/Background: Known as Shadow, spectre, and rancor in the underground world Muninn is  one 
of the hardest people in the galaxy to find in person, but one who is reasonably easy to come in  contact 
with through the underground communication systems. Many infamous criminals such as several Hutt 
organisations as well as corporations who tend to run shady business from time to time know methods of 
how to find their favourite and most dependable thief and refer those in need of unique services to secure 
lines of communication to Muninn. Obviously Muninn is wanted by Imperials and planetary officials 
for dozens of thefts. The subject has been responsible for the theft and delivery of such notable things as: 
the plans of several different starfighters and capital ships, several top secret starfighters, breaking into 
and out of the Imperial palace on several occasions, breaking into Alliance headquarters on several 
occasions,  Blowing up 4 imperial garrisons, 3 star destroyers(2 from the inside), as well as trashing all 
files pertaining to him which Cor-Sec had gathered, and kidnapping several key scientists and 
developers. Money seams to be  a primary motive of the thefts and break-in's. It is known that Muninn 
will not consider a job unless given a 500,000 credit non-refundable deposit prior to meeting with 
prospective clients.

 Dexterity: 4D
 Bow 7D
 Melee Combat 8D
 Dodge 9D
                           Perception: 3D
                           Gamble 9D
                           Sneak 9D+1
                           Disguise 10D
                           (A) Impersonation 4D
 Knowledge: 3D+1
 Alien species 7D
 Intimidation 5D
 Willpower 7D
 Languages 11D
                           Strength: 3D+2
                           Brawling 7D
                           (A) Martial Arts 5D
                           Stamina 8D
 Mechanical: 3D
 Piloting 5D
 Gunnery 4D
 Vehicles 6D
                           Tech: 4D
                           Repair 6D
                           First Aid 6D
                           Security 8D
                           Demolition 10D

Equipment: Has over 50,000,000 credits in accounts around the Galaxy, computer spike +2D to security, 
mini-computer, uniforms and Disguise for anything from an imperial admiral to a  scruffy looking nerf 
hearder to a wampa.
Vehicles: Buys what he needs on the spot, has several small fighters, shuttles, and speeders  scattered all 
over which he uses when in system.

Type: Crossbow
Range: 2-10/30/50
Damage: 5D for arrows(8D for exploding arrows) Features: Grappling hook attachment, can fire  
restraining bolts with accuracy to disable security droids, and equipped with vibro bayonet  
STR+2D(max. 6D)

Type: Utility Knife
Damage: STR+2
Features: Compass, small cutting torch (3D damage), lockpicks (+1D security) Detonation signal (can be 
set to several frequencies to set off explosives from a distance.) 

Type: Compact Extendible ladder unit
Difficulty: Climbing(Moderate)
Description: Normally 2.5 feet long, it is a metallic cylinder which extends up to 20 feet with latter- like 
prongs extending out of it which allows easy climbing. Also has a hook on the end, for latching  onto 
ledges and such.

Thermal suit
Type: stealth sensor confusing full body garment
Effects: +2D to sneak from sensors once active
Description: Can equalise the temperature in any atmosphere within minutes, allowing the user to  
become nearly invisible to sensors and life detection apparatus. It also contains many small pockets  for 
misc. equipment.

22.  Miria Casteel
Type: Bounty Hunter
Height: 5'10"
Species: Human
Sex: Female

DEX 4D                   PER 3D
  Blaster Pistol 6D        Bargain 4D+1
  Blaster Rifle 7D+2       Con 3D+1
  Dodge 6D+1               Gambling 3D+1
  Escape Art 5D            Search 4D
  Grenade 5D               Sneak 5D
  Heavy Weapons 5D
  Lockpick 4D+1
KNO 2D+2                 STR 3D+2
  Disguise 3D              Brawling 5D
  Recon 5D
MEC 2D+2                 TEC 2D
  Repulsorlift Ops 3D+2    Security Systems 4D
  Starship Gunnery 3D
  Starship Piloting 3D

Cybernetics: Cyber-eye (Targeting Scope [+1 to hit], IR Filter, Telescopic Sight [20x magnification], 
Image Enhancer [+1D Search, Recon], looks like a normal eye, cyberpoints 2), Reflex Booster (+2D 
Initiative Rolls, one round to activate, lasts five rounds, two rounds before it can be reactivated again, 
cyberpoints 1) 
Move: 10
Equipment: SW-APE Blaster Rifle (Damage 5D+2, range: 3-50/150/400), 2nd Skin under-armor (+3 
protection, covers arms, legs, and torso), Razor-edged playing card (Ace of Hearts), many, many 
different kinds of guns and knives, 326,330 credits. Background: Miria was raised by an old bounty 
hunter and his woman after her real parents disappeared and were rumored to have been executed by the 
Empire for engaging in Rebel activities. At age 17, taking her foster father's name and training, Miria set 
out to forge a career for herself and has become known as one of the "up and coming" bounty hunters. 
She was recently seen on a Cloud City shopping spree with Princess Leia Organa. Personality: Miria 
takes her job seriously, sometimes to the point that her intentions borders on obsession. However, she 
believes strongly that work and play are both necessary and completely separate activities. In her spare 
time, Miria enjoys arranging flowers, baking cookies, knitting, wearing silk lingerie and painting her toe 
nails. She doesn't like it when people give her shit about her hobbies.
Description: Age about 25, athletic build, long straight chestnut brown hair,  green eyes; has iridescent 
black tattoo around her right (cybernetic) eye: crosshairs of a target scope.
A Quote: "I like my steak rare and my granola crunchy." 

"Ready to die, my friend, or are you just stupid?"
Type:  Adventurer
Species:  Cyculus (Warwolf)
Sex:  neither
Age:  ??
Height:  4'10
Weight:  140
Description: Strong, sleek, silver skined hunter.  Has regenerative abilites.  Used to be a cold, hate 
loving killer, but after is disentanglement with the Dark Side, he has found hope and peace (to a certain 
degree) with Tan. His  playfull, catlike Tiranii personality is showing through the mericles Warwolf 
Blaster 6D, dodge 9D, grenade 7D, melee combat 8D, running 5D, pick pockets
8D, thrown weapons 8D
Intimidation 5D, willpower 5D
Capital ship gunnery 5D, capital ship pilot 6D, capital ship shields 5D,
powersuit operation 5D, repulsorlift operation 5D, starfighter piloting 5D
Bargain 5D, con 5D, sneak 8D
Brawling 8D, regeneration(special) 6D, stamina 5D

Special Abilities:
        Regeneration.  Uses regeneration skill to heal himself.  Takes 2 
                rounds.                 Stun = Easy
                                     Wounded = Moderate
                               Incapacitated = Difficult
                            Mortally Wounded = Very Difficult
                                        Kill = Heroic +15

Force Sensitive:  No
Force Points:  1
Character Points:  13
Dark Side Points:  1
Move:  10
Equipment:  3 throwing knives (STR+1D  2-3/5/10),  5 frag grenades (5D;
3-7:4D/20:3D/40:2D),  blaster carbine /w shoulder strap (5D), 2 vibroblades
(STR+3D), modified blast vest (2D/1D)

24. Typical BT assasine 
    Blaster 6D+2 
    Brawling Parry 6D 
    Dodge 6D 
    Melee Combat 6D+1 
    Melee Parry 6D 
    Alien Species 4D+2 
    Bureaucracy 4D 
    Intimidation 5D+2 
    Languages 5D+2 
    Law Enforcement 4D, 
    Willpower 4D, 
    Astrogation 5D 
    Commmunications 4D+2 
    Sensors 5D 
    Starfighter Piloting 5D+1 
    Starship Gunnery 5D 
    Investigation 6D 
    Search 6D+2 
    Sneak 6D+2 
    Brawling 7D+1 
    Stamina 5D 
    Starship Repair 4D 
    Starship Weapons Repair 5D 
    Blaster Repair 6D 
    Force Sensitive: no 
    Dark Side Points: 1 
    Character Points: 5 
    Move: 11 
    Equipment: BT- blaster rifle, Viro-blade. Wait! Better is available for just 1000 more! ( game
    effect: up all skills by 1D) 

25. BT enforcer/bodyguard 
    You need protection? I mean really mean protection? We got just the thing for you! Hired muscle
    for 20,000 for a year contract or 500 per day! 
    Blaster 5D+2 
    Brawling Parry 5D 
    Dodge 5D 
    Melee Combat 5D+1 
    Melee Parry 5D 
    Search 4D+2 
    Sneak 4D+2 
    Brawling 5D+1 
    Move: 11 
    Equipment: BT- blaster rifle, Viro-Blade 

    Bt's friendly payment policy allows you to manage debt incurred through a number of payment
    plans, including cancellation of debt in exchange for service for the company. However, there are
    those that would take advantage of our generosity, which is why we have one of the more
    effective collection and customer complaint departments around. Bt will buy your bad debts for
    reasonable fees! 
    Bounty Hunter Human Lugar Zzette Male 7'4 
    darkside points:2 
    Character points:15 
    force points:1 

26. Bt CounterInt. Agent 
    Code name: MegaDeath 
    DEXTERITY: 2D+2 
    Intimidation: 5D 
    Languages: 6D 
    Law Enforcement: 5D 
    Streetwise: 5D 
    Communications: 4D 
    Hide: 6D 
    Investigation: 7D 
    Persuasion: 6D 
    Search: 7D 
    Sneak: 6D 
    TECHNICAL: 2D+2 
    Computer Programming/Repair:4D 
    Droid Programming:3D 
    Security: 5D 
    Equipment: Several suits of clothing to match the occasions (formal, uniforms, street clothes...),  
blaster pistol, hold out blaster, surveillance gear, 3,000 credits standard.