Index of the Holocron Online:

Equipment: Blasters, granades, droids, and assorted equipment:
Section 1: Blasters and ranged energy weapons
Section 2: Ranged weapons non-energy based guns
Section 3: Armor
Section 4: Melee and Granades
Section 5: Misc. and unsorted equipment
Section 6: Droids several variations

Alien Races:Different races from around the Starwars universe put in alphebetical order for your browsing enjoyment. Follow these links for Aliens:
Section 1:A-F  Aliens A-F
Section 2:G-M Aliens G-M
Section 3:N-S  Aliens N-S
Section 4:T-Z  Aliens T-Z

Creatures: Of the Starwars Universe. I know its not the biggest section on here, but it has nearly 20 different creatures:
Section 1:Creatures

NPC's: Nearly 80 NPC's for use in campeigns, indexed by catagory:
Section 1:  Criminals gamblers, con-men and other shady characters.
Section 2:  Beings for hire slicers, medics, techs, and other non-combat personel.
Section 3:  Mercenaries bounty hunters and hired guns.
Section 4:  Leaders and members of political groups (the NR, Empire...)
Section 5:  The Jedi

Vehicles:  I broke 50 ground and repulsorlift vehicles in the last update so have at it. They are divided into:
Section 1:  Light Vehicles (4 occupants or less.)
Section 2:  Heavy Vehicles (over 4 occupants.)

Starfighter class vessels: I'm pretty sure this is close to the largest section on here. I had to divide it into 5 different sections:
Section 1: Starfighters(part 1)
Section 2: Starfighters (Part 2)
Section 3: In system ships  (Non Hyperspace compatable)
Section 4: Scout ships/shuttles/ transports
Section 5: Freighters

Capital Ships: The larger and largest ships I could find. Assorted by size and occupancy levels.
Section 1:  Light Capital Ships less than 500 occupants
Section 2:  Medium Capital Ships less than 3000 occupants
Section 3:  Heavy Capital Ships more than 3000 occupants
Section 4:  Space Stations large and small

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