Aliens G-M

Human replica Droid
Karaban Swarm Creatures

attrib: 12+1
Dex: 2d/4d
Kno: 2d/4d+1
Mec: 2d/4d
Per: 2d/4d+1
Str: 1d+2/4d 
Tec: 1d+2/3d+2
height: no more than 1.8m
*can regenerate limbs and see in infrared spectrum
*findsman rituals find omens through a 3-hr ritual. adds +2d to tracking a target.
    In the ways of the Gand, there are many occupations of note. Among  the most prestigious is the 
"Findsman," a Highly Superstitious sect of  Gand devoted to the Gaseous Mists of their Home Planet. 
They  find omens in the swirling gases, which helps them to find lost slaves.  Since the arrival of the 
Republic and the New Order that followed it,  slavery has been abolished on Gand's gas giant 
homeworld. The Findsmen  became slightly unused, to say the least. One temporary job that many  Gand 
Findsmen turned to is Bounty Hunting. To say the least, they are 
quite adept at this...
    On the Gand Homeworld, the predominant government is Totalitarian and  the rulers wield absolute 
power. Doubtless the Gand Homeworld would be  torn with planetary warfare, were it not for the small 
pockets of 
colonies dispersed throughout the gas giant. Gand can breathe just fine in type II environments, but need a 
breathing apparatus for type I and III.

Attribute Dice:  12D (NPC) / 18D (PC)
DEXTERITY    2D+1/5D+1
STRENGTH     3D+2/6D+2
Special Skills:
Gliding Wings:  Gargoyles have large gliding wings.  These can only be used for gliding (but, if they are 
on a planet that has less than one standard gravity then they can fly of their own power.) Luminescent 
Eyes:  Gargoyles can make their eyes "glow" at will.  This not only looks threatening but it allows them 
to see to up to 35' in front of them in complete darkness.  (Glowing eyes give a +2 to any Intimidation 
Special Abilities:
Berserker Rage:  +2D to Strength or brawling in berserker rage.  Must make a moderate Willpower roll 
to end the rage.   Or, a player can make a Moderate Perception roll to calm the Gargoyle down.
Claws:  Gargoyle claws do STR+2D+1 damage. 
Teeth:  Gargoyle teeth do STR+1D damage.
Tail:  Gargoyle tail does STR+2.
Toughness:  Gargoyles get +1D vs Physical and +1 vs Energy attacks.
Story Factors:
Intimidation:  Most beings fear Gargoyles.  (if not for their sheer size,
then for the fact that not many people have ever seen one before!)
Move:  15/25 (flying); 12/18 (walking)
Size:  1 to 3 meters tall
Game Master Notes:  Most Gargoyles that are encountered off of their homeworld will have a working 
knowledge of most standard technology. Only a few will be warriors or the like.  Most will  be simple 
explorers/wanderers. Also note very few beings have seen a Gargoyle (treat as a largely new race to 
Personality Notes:  Despite their fearsome appearances, Gargoyles enjoy the company of others.  Some 
will be very inquisitve.  Others will be polite yet may seem distant at times.  Gargoyles get  very 
homesick and on edge if they are away from their "home" for long periods of time.  It's an old "protect 
your dwelling" complex that is very slowly easing out of most Gargoyles. Suggested Skills:  Gargoyles 
will usually have at least 2 pips more than what their Strength skill is in climbing and jumping as they 
require at least one, (sometimes both) skills to get into the air to utilize their wings.  Initially, Gargoyles 
will have lower than average scores in Mechanical and Technical skills but the character point cost for 
upgrading said skills is 3/4 of what it normally would be*. (*This is
due to the fact that Gargoyles are very fast learners and generally catch on quickly once they are shown 
how to do something.) Gargoyles get a bonus 2 pips which must be put in Melee Combat at the time of 
character creation.*  (*This is due to their childhood upbringing.  ALL Gargoyles are trained in the use 
of 'medieval' weaponry such as swords, axes, maces, etc...) Gargoyles get +1D to put into Intimidation at 
the time of character creation.

 Attribute Dice: 12D
 Dexterity:         2D/4D+1
 Knowledge:     1D/3D+2
 Mechanical:      2D/4D
 Perception:       2D/4D+2
 Strength:           3D/7D
 Technical:         2D/4D
 Move: 10/12
 Size: 1.7 to 2.7 meters tall

 Special Abilities:
     Climbing/Jumping:  +2D when using this skill.
     Ambidexterity:  they can use both hands and feets.
     Rage: When ever a friend is in danger or someone angers him. +2D  bonus to strength for purpose of 
causing damage while brawling. - 2D to all non-strength attributes and skill checks. moderate perception 
to calm down or easy if no enemies, but only get a -1D for perception check. Note: Gorilla's are the  
bodyguards or mercs. while these stats reflect the average gorilla there are a few that are not as stupid.

Average height: an adult gronk stands to about 3 meters
Average lifespan: Unknown
Dex.  2D/4D
Know.  2D/4D
Mech.  2D/4D
Perception  2D/4D
Strength 2D/ 7D
Technical 2D/4D
Special abilities:  A natural Intimidation factor add 4D.
Story factors: A gronk is a near extinct race they are scattered..its believed that there are only a handful 
left. There has been only one Gronk who has had an ability in the Force but it is said that he is in hiding 
guarding the lore he saved from Ossus during the Sith Wars.....

Number of dice:12d
Dense bodies-+1d to phys., +2 to energy
Craftsmen-Recieve +2d in one technical skill, either a repair, or a crafts specializtion, such as weaving 
or pottery
Story factors: Information age tech-Mainly use walker tech and have very low tech repulsor lifts, also 
have exo-skeleton equipment for outsiders to combat the heavy gravity on Nivian 2, where the Hithur 
A Quote:  "Your death is a logical result of your actions.

Attribute Dice: 12D
Dexterity 2D/5D
Knowledge 2D/4D
Mechanical 1D/3D
Perception 3D/6D
Strength 1D/2D
Technical +1/1D
Special Abilities:
Force Sensitive: All Hoojibs are Force Sensitive and begin with 1D in Sense and Control (both dice 
come out of their base attribute dice). In addition, Hoojibs have telepathic skills which they use to 
communicate among themselves and with others. All Hoojibs have these Force Powers: Receptive 
Telepathy and Projective Telepathy. Whether they are able to teach non-Hoojibs these abilities or learn 
others themselves is up to the GM's discretion.
Story Factors:
Energy Eaters: Hoojibs take energy directly rather than metabolize it from food. They are able to absorb 
energy from from storage devices including batteries and power packs.  Non-technological: Hoojibs are 
simple, arboreal creatures who have never needed to develop any kind of technology since their needs 
have traditionally been provided by Arbra's crystal cave. With their discovery by a Rebel Alliance 
survey team, some Hoojibs have ventured out to explore the galaxy.
Move: 4/6
Size: 15-30 cm in length
Plif and the Hoojibs were created by David Michelinie and Walt Simonson.

Human Replica Droid (HRD)
Type: Alliance Human Replica Droid Mark III
DEX (*)
KNOW (*)
MECH (*)
PERC (*)
STR (*)
TECH (*)
Equipped With: (*)
Move: (*)
Size: (*)
Cost: 1 million to 3 million credits
CP: (*)
(*): Droid is designed to serve as an exact replica for the model. Attributes, skills, specializations, 
equipment, Move, CP, and Size will vary according to model. (Basically this is a droid copy of any 
character you wish.)
Note: This type of droid must be specially ordered directly from the Alliance and you must have Droid 
Permit 056473 with Attachment 324-A. Being caught in possesion of a HRD or being caught as an HRD 
is an act of treason within the Empire will be punished by execution or dismantling. There is a limited 
supply of HRDs in the Alliance. You must send a full holo and attributes, skills, etc. to #3256YSGRT 
Yesgrat XIV in the Plygrates Sector.  Enclose address to send HRD to.

     Homeworld: Yaeger Prime
     Other planets inhabited: None
     Total Numbers: Yaeger Prime: 50,000
     Appearance:  The Huthor are large dark green felinids, three meters in length from head to tail.  They 
have a black mane that runs down the back of the neck to the shoulder regions, where it splits into a pair 
of tufts that run down each of the two front legs.  The Huthor are fully quadrupedal, and their tail is not 
     Leaders:  Council of Hunterkings.  This fifty member council is composed of the greatest Hunters 
among the Huthor.  They speak for the Huthor, though they do not mediate in conflicts between individual 
Huthor.  When the Empire first attempted to build a base on Yaeger Prime, the council organized the 
attack that destroyed the base, and killed 24,000 imperials.  
     World view:  The Huthor are pure carnivores that view themselves as being the top predators in 
existence, and that it is their duty to hunt down as many of the other races as they can consume.
     The Huthor do not have opposable thumbs, and they do not want them.  They wear no clothing, and 
use no tools.  Those few Huthor that have journeyed off Yaeger Prime have remained true to that code.  
A Huthor that gained prosthetic limbs or started using a specially modified blaster, or anything like that 
would be treated as prey by all the other Huthor, including friends and family.  This lack of tool using 
capacity is a major disadvantage in most combats, but the Huthor's great stealth and strength can 
outweigh these penalties.
     On Yaeger Prime, the Huthor do not use money, but those that have left that planet have discovered 
the great value that prey species place on money in all it's forms, and will seek to acquire it, both as a 
lure for prey, and for the goods and services which they can acquire with it.
     Temperament:  Huthor are very calm, almost never engaging in violent expressions of anger.  They do 
kill and eat other sentient beings, but they do not have any anger while doing that.  The most emotion that 
Huthor will display is annoyance, which is often immediately followed with extreme violence.  In those 
few instances that a Huthor is aroused to anger, they will grow quite calm seeming, and carefully 
consider the best possible way to destroy the object of their wrath, before taken any action.
      Habitat:  The Huthor's natural home is the forests of Yaeger prime, from the northern snowspires to 
the equatorial rain forests to the Southern scrub forests.  However, the Huthor have ranged hundreds of 
miles from any forest cover, chasing herd beasts for days at a time.
     Relationships with other races:  The two races that have any contact with the Huthor as a group are 
the humans of Yaeger prime, and the Dimmamyuk of the same planet.  The Huthor will never hunt a 
Dimmamyuk, as per the treaty of Miramon, but they will try to hunt their herd beasts, and will defend 
themselves if fired upon.  The Huthor and the Yaeger will hunt each other in the Miramon Treaty forest.  
Outside of that limited context, they will never attack each other for any reason whatsoever.
     A Quote: "meorwrrrrRRRRAAWWWLLL! chomp." (the Huthor language should be handled the same 
way as that of Wookiees, except with a slightly more cat-like inflection)

Dexterity:  3D+2/5D+2
Strength:   3D+2/7D+2
Mechanical: 0D/0D
Perception: 3D+1/5D
Knowledge:  1D/3D
Technical:  0D/0D
Move: 22/28
     Special abilities:
     * Skill Bonus.  For every dice put into the following abilities, 2D are acquired during character 
creation only:  Dodge, Melee Combat (Claws and Teeth), Running, Survival (any), Search, Tracking, 
Sneak, Climbing/Jumping, and Swimming.
     * Enhanced smell and hearing.  Huthor making rolls for any perception skills that can use these senses 
gains a +2D bonus to their roll.
     * Adaptation.  The wide range of the Huthor is made possible by their ability to adapt to different 
environmental situations. The fur of the Huthor will fall out shortly after it moves into a new 
environment,  and will be replaced with a coat more appropriate in color and thickness, so a Huthor that 
moved out into the southern scrub would soon have a grey brown coat that was heavy enough to keep out 
the heat of the sun, but would be light enough to keep the Huthor from overheating.  This change is a 
gradual one, and takes about a week to be completed.
     * Natural Weapons.  Huthor claws inflict STR+2D in damage, and their bite inflicts STR+3D+1.
     Spaceships: None.

Homeworld: Illuth
Description: Around 1.5 meters in height, roughly humanoid (2 arms 2 legs 1 head) and a life span of 
around 80 years. Tend to have large muscular build, and extremely strong arms and legs. They have a 
slight greydish tint  skin. They breathe through an opening on their chests which is located at the base of 
the neck. They are still capable of human speech and faces look like those of humans, except that they 
have no nose. Unlike humans their arms and legs are capable of a full range of motion which aids them 
when manuvering in null gravity.
History: An ancient warlike race, shared their homeworld with the Huge Colossus Wasps giant insects 
which the Ithullians killed, and hollowed out to create homes. The carcass of the Colossus Wasps were 
so large and so sturdy, that when the Ithullians reached toward the stars they merely attached sublights 
and hyperdrives to the carcass, as well as all the other pieces of necessary equipment, to create mid-
sized cargo vessels. As time progressed they created a verity of rather sturdy and quick warships and 
fighters out of the remains of the Colossus's which they killed. Another unique point in their technology 
is their ability to filter air. In the Wasp ships, with the use of their filter technology they were able to stay 
in space indefinitely, and always have clean air, by far one of their greatest achievements.
	Once space faring and eager to fight, their main fleet set off to conquer and kill. Unfortunately for 
them, the first system they came to was home to the planet Mandalore. The even greater ferocity and 
murderous nature of the Mandalorians was more then a match for the Ithullians, who's weapon 
technology was not quite to the level of that of the Mandalorians.  After the wars the Ithullians were 
defeated completely, their technology and society appeared to be eraticated from the galaxy, it was 
thought that none had survived. Though this is not entirely true.
	After their defeat a group of no more then three hundred survivors fled in their few remaining 
Wasp ships. The small fleet of ships, all running on skeleton crews limped to the Jurvex system, where 
they virtually crash landed on a small barren planet about the size of a large asteroid, which they 
ironically named Clypeadon. The Ithull are inventive by nature, a characteristic which saved them from 
disaster, they were able to put together 2 of their 3 larger vessels into a hive like colony where they 
again began to live and grow. 
For years they have been reconstructing their society, and their ships until they were able to make 
their one remaining capital ship flight worthy, and venture out into space. Over a hundred years had 
passed since their war with the Mandalorians when one  of their scout ships returned to their home 
world. The Mandalorians were gone, but the planet just wasn't home for them, they created several more 
of their Wasp Ships,  and left their home planet forever to live among the stars, never again would they 
rely on a planet for their livelihood. 
Technology: Their ships mainly are constructed from the Carcasses of Colossus Wasps, though there are 
other small craft which they have stolen or made which aren't made of this material. They refuse to use 
artificial gravity, unless in hyperspace. (because its necessary, if you don't use artificial gravity in 
Hyperspace you splatter against the hull.) Also they have unique battle armor, which is also made from 
the Colossus Wasp, and many custom made weapons which are ideal for combat in Zero-gee.
Today: The Illuthians are primarily pirates, attacking convoys and stealing what equipment they need, 
and selling the excess in shady starports. They are little known throughout the galaxy, and prefer to keep 
to themselves, though some have left their home  colony to venture into the galaxy. 
Dex: 2D/4D
Kno: 1D+2/ 3D+1
Mech: 2D/4D+1
Per: 1D+2/3D+2
Str: 2D+2/4D+2
Tech: 2D+1/4D+1
Move: 9 on planet, around 13 in Zero Gee.
Height/weight: human standards.
*Special Abilities: Upon creation Illuthians receive 2D for every 1D placed in: Zero Gravity brawling/ 
perry, Zero Gravity Melee/ perry, power suit ops. And any other physical skill which relates to 
operating in zero to light gravity situations.  
*Zero Gravity: all dodge/perry and brawling/manvering in zero gravity are increased 1D, when in 
gravity, these skills suffer a -1D penalty.
*Breathing: They have adapted themselves to living with low amounts of oxygen, they have built small 
air recycling units into their respiratory systems, allowing them to go for days without any fresh oxygen. 
Unless the unit is damaged(it is over their breathing hole which is at the base of the neck) they can go for 
2 days in open space, or under water without needing new air.

 Apperance and Biology:
The Iskalloni are pale, hairless, blue-skinned creatures. They gene- rally wear tight-fitting, leather-like
clothing in colors which are generally unflattering to their appearance. A bright burgundy color seems to
be their favorite. The clothing generally has large, rough rips in it where the Iskalloni have cut through
to insert some odd piece of machinery or other. Usually within the area of a tear, a puffy pink scar can be
seen where the implant was made.  The creatures have deeply recessed eyes with black irises. Facially, their
lack of eyebrows, the protruding forehead, their high, prononuced cheekbones, and their perfect white teeth
(which are all nearly perfect triangles and extremely sharp), all combine to produce the apperance of a
creature who is always brooding, always on the edge of a violent outburst. The average Iskalloni will have a
number of cybernetic enhancements. Many of these are mundane and only serve the purpose of helping the Iskalloni
react quickly, or think well mathematically. The Iskalloni usually submerge their implants beneath the skin to
help protect the items. Now that the Iskalloni intend to increase their dealings with Humans, they are increasing
the amount of equipment which they allow to past the surface in hopes of gaining a psychological edge by virtue
of their appearance. Some of the aliens have even had limbs removed and replaced with cybernetic arms or Droid
Temperament: Iskalloni appear calm, as though their thoughts are somewhere else - they always seem to be emotionally
detached from whatever they are doing.
History and Culture: Iskalloni are native to the Iskallon system which lies in a remote part of the Mid-Rim region.
They have, for the most part, lived the last millenium isolated from Humankind. The Iskalloni, whose philosophy and
physiology is radically different from that of most humans, had diffi- culty establishing peaceful relations. This
partly stems from the fact that they are cybernetic but also from the fact that the Iskallons see no problem with
enslaving other species.
The Iskalloni are bent on enslaving Humankind, not out of any particular hatred, but simply because they feel that
the Humans and the species which associate with them are all weak and worthless. When the Empire first encountered
emissaries from Iskallon, they thought they had gained an ally. The Imperials were willing to pay the Iskallons
to recruit slaves for them. But the Iskallons demonstrated their lack of discrimination in whom they converted and
enslaved by converting the entire crew of the first scout ship which had encountered them. When the Empire found out
about this, they sent a force of three Victory-class Star Destroyers to Iskadrell and managed to decimate almost half
of  the planet before the Iskallons could muster an defence. The Iskallon counterattack was fast and deadly, and soon
the Imperials retreated. When the Iskalloni failed to pursue the Imperials back into populated space, the Empire no
longer considered them a threat. But the Iskalloni threat remains... 
Politics: The Iskallons rule their society through specially chosen persons, who have been heavily modified to improve
their data-processing capability; these people are really nothing more than walking computers, but their decisions are
obeyed without hesitation. 
Technology Level: The Iskalloni have developed all aspects of spacefaring technology, although most of this technology
is based on organic variants. Navigation computers, sublight engines, power reactors, communications equipment, even
starship hulls are bred from great vats of organic ooze which the Iskalloni brew on their homeworld. And each of these
organisms has the unique ability, as do the Iskalloni, to incorporate any foeign object into their personal physiology.
The combination of these characteristics has allowed the Iskalloni to experiment with all manner of cybernetic implants.
Unfortunately, the Iskalloni have been unable to make any advances in the past few centuries. Trade and Technology:
One of the side-effects of their bio-technology is that nearly all of their techno-organic machinery produces waste
material as it functions. This waste material is highly toxic to nearly all forms of organic life. Many an Iskallon has
perished horribly while mopping up after an Iskallon built hyperdrive. As a result of this the Iskalloni needs many slaves
to do the dirty
work and this have given rise to a booming slave trade, but the demand is far greater than the supply. Stealing has been
the mainstay of Iskalloni expansion and technological knowledge. they do not understand the general reluctance of other
species to be linked with machines, and often made use of their implanting tech-  niques on other aliens despite vehement
protests. More often than not, such encounters ended in combat. 
In the Galaxy: The Iskallon homeworld is out in the unknown regions of space, but they come to the civilized galaxy for
their evil ends. To keep the ranks of Iskallons strong, they have taken to capturing other sapients and forcing them to do
their dirty work which results from their odd brand off technology. They are also attempting to learn the means by which
humans can build functioning machines that do not produce flowing chemicals in their functioning. 
Gamemaster Notes: Iskallons are not common adversaries and should only be used in sit- uations that are supposed to 
to heroic roleplaying.
Personality Notes: Iskallons does not interact well with other species.
Suggested Skills:Iskallons can learn any skill, but they tend to lean towards the more violent ones, since they are the most
used in their conquest of other spieces.
Notable Personalities: Locutus of Borg, main leader onboard the Iskalloni Mothership called Borg.
Average Iskalloni: Dexterity 2D+1, Knowledge 2D, Mechanical 2D, Perception 2D, Strength 3D, Technical 1D+1. Move: 
                # Iskalloni
                Attribute Dice: 12D
                DEXTERITY: 2D/3D+1
                KNOWLEDGE: 2D/3D+1
                MECHANICAL: 1D+2/2D+2
                PERCEPTION: 2D/3D
                STRENGTH: 2D/3D+2
                TECHNICAL: 1D/2D
Special Abilities:
Energy Resistant: Damage done to Iskalloni by energy weapons is reduced by one level of effect (as if the weapon
were set on stun) 
Cyborged: All Iskalloni have replaced one or more of their body parts with a cybernetic version. It is often heavily
modified to enhance its original function. Blaster-type modifications are placed virtually any- where and will
generally be 3D to 5D. Any melee weapons (or equipment effectively amounting to melee weapons) will be on the order
of STR+1
damage up to STR+2D.
Story Factors:
Reputation: Iskallons are considered to be a myth by most of the galaxy.
Move: 8/10
Size: 1.3 to 1.5 meters tall

Kaethar (pronounced KAY-THAR)
Attribute Dice: 12d (18d for PC's)
Dexterity: 2d/4d+2
Knowledge: 1d/3d
Mechanical: 1d/5d
Perception: 2d/4d
Strength: 1d/2d+2
Technical: 2d/5d
Move: 12/16
Height: up to 6 feet
Weight ranges from 75-140 pounds

Special Abilities
Skill Bonus:    At the time the character is created only, the character receives 2d for every 1d placed in 
any mechanical or technical skill
Magnetic Field:     Kaethar's bodies are laced with lodestone which allows them to attract or repel any 
light, metal object within five  meters.  The object moves at a slow pace, so it can not be used to  attack.  
This ability may not be used on moving objects and can be used  to stick to any metal surface. 
Special Skills:
  dexterity skills:
    magblade: The ability to use a magblade to attack (see below) Difficulty based on range.  Non-
Kaethar may NOT learn this skill magblade parry: The ability to use a magblade to parry in a melee.  
(see below)  non Kaethar may not learn this skill 
Story Factors:
Metal trade: kaethar are known for being excellent miners and metalworkers.  Their metal trade makes 
them key targets for pirates Homeworld:  the empire has agreed not to enslave the kaethar because of 
their valuable metal trade.  Kaethar who leave their homeworld are usually distrusted by most imperial 
Capsule:  The Kaethar are best known for their unique magnetic field. They are the only known race 
which possesses this ability.  Kaethar  bodies are laced with lodestone which allows the Kaethar to 
manipulate a small magnetic field which is emitted from his body.  The individual Kaethar can control 
when this magnetic field is in effect and in effect can "turn it off" when desired.        The Kaethar are a 
race of agile, but rather weak humanoids with hollow black eyes and pale skin.  Kaethar females rarely 
give birth as the lodestone in their bodies complicates pregnancy.  As a result, Kaethar rarely go to war.  
They will fight fiercly to defend themselves however.  Most Kaethar do not use blasters but instead rely 
on a unique weapon known as the magblade.  This weapon consists of 2 braclets which enhance the 
Kaethar's own magnetic field.  These bracelets emit a seperate field which is focused on a circular 
blade, which the Kaethar can move at high speed.  
        Kaethar are known to be excellent metalworkers, pilots, gunners, and navigators.  They are also 
excellent at repairing and building machines.  Most Kaethar have excellent mechanical and technical 
        Kaethar rarely leave their home planet, preferring to live with their own tribes.  Those that do often 
stay very close, hauling metals and other exports to other systems.  However, some have left for good, 
seeking work wherever they can find it.  These Kaethar often work as mechanics and engineers.
        Kaethar are generally calm and quiet.  They are not above defending themselves, however, the 
tribes recently came together and established a system defense fleet.  The majority of the Kaethar ships 
do not make extensive use of blaster technology but instead rely on the cheaper, but equally powerful 
mass driver weapons manufactured by the Kaethar metalworkers.
        And finally the stats for the magblade: These are special weapons which may be used either as a 
ranged projectile or to parry attacks in a melee.  Kaethar may not do both in the same round.  The 
magblade consists of a circular blade and two bracers which increase the power of the Kaethar's 
magnetic field and focus it on the blade.  A seperate field is kept back for the Kaethar to use.  So he may 
use a magblade together with his inherent abilities.

scale: character
skill: magblade, magblade parry (cannot do both in the same round)
ranges: 1-10/20/30  At long range add 5 to the difficulty
Damage: dex +5d (the kaethar must be coordinated to do any damage with this thing)  Subtract 2d if the 
target is not character scale.  (this is so a kaethar can't do something crazy, like cut the legs off a walker.)
fire rate: 1; can be arced to hit more than one target but each one counts as an action
cost: 1500
Availability: 3,r
NOTE: non kaethar may not use this weapon

     Homeworld: Mikal (Egemont Sector) 
     Other planets inhabited: Many 
     Appearance: The Kalmoorin are short, around a meter in height, with a phenomenaly sensitive 
chameleon-like skin that renders them virtually invisible to human sight. They have eight ear slots 
running down their thick necks, eight large eyes that are just as chameleon-like as their skin, and a small 
mouth concealed beneath a skin flap, that they use to ingest the electrical energy that is their sustenance. 
They also have another form of sensory input, a retractable sensory tentacle at the center of each of their 
two six fingered hands (which are arranged in three way opposition). Their three feet are arranged in a 
similar fashion, but their toes are virtually vestigial, and non-manipulative. 
     Leaders: The Kalmoorin have no political or religious leaders. They have fairly close knit family 
structure that is usuallycentered around one individual, and may contain as many as forty or fifty 
     World view: The Kalmoorin are a race that developed a fairly high level of technology on their own, 
before they started lives as parasites of alien technology. They are fascinated by technology of all types, 
and tend to be wary of outsiders, often living their entire lives without revealing their existence to a 
single non-Kalmoorin. 
     Temperament: A reclusive race, the Kalmoorin are also defined by their remarkable sense of humor, 
which tends tomanifest itself in practical jokes of no great subtlety, often producing outlandish slapstick 
results (flying cream pies, etc.) 
     History and Culture: Once a fairly advanced race, at the dawn of the old republic, the Kalmoorin 
fleets were crushed by an interstellar warlord whose name has been lost to history. In order to avoid 
subjugation, the Kalmoorin simply hid, leading the warlord to believe that they had committed some of 
mass suicide. The Kalmoorin survived as parasites on their own planet, revenging themselves on their 
conquerors with a ceaseless barrage of sabotage and practical jokes of the deadly variety. Their 
homeworld got a reputation as being haunted, and was soon abandoned, but only after the warlord 
detonated a large number of "dirty" fission bombs. Their homeworld uninhabitable, the Kalmoorin 
escaped on their conqueror's ships. 
     Expanding across the galaxy by hitching rides on unsuspecting starships, the Kalmoorin have become 
the source of many legends, and a petty annoyance for many. Due to their low birth rate, and their 
relatively dangerous lifestyles, there aren't very many of them. They tend to live at the fringes of other's 
societies, feeding off their energy and playing with their technology. 
     Tech Level: Very high space. Kalmoorin have a nearly unmatched understanding of technology, and 
never forget a device or a design. 
     A Quote: "Heh heh. Watch this..." 
     Spaceships: The few spaceships that the Kalmoorin designed themselves date back to before their 
defeat, and are archaic in nature. However, some of those ships, most notable the Hlir Fighters, have 
survived, and have been modified by their Kalmoorin owners to perform above the best ships in the 
     Attribute Dice: 12 
     Attribute Min/Max 
     DEX: 1D+1/3D+2 
     KNO: 2D/4D 
     MECH: 3D/6D 
     PER: 2D/4D 
     STR: 1D/4D 
     TECH: 3D/6D+1 
     Move: 5/8 
                                       Special Abilities:
     * Chameleon Skin: The Kalmoorin are invisible to most races. 
     * Enhanced Sight: The sight of Kalmoorin is far greater than that of other races, giving them a +2D 
bonus to their search rolls, and allowing them to see each other. 
                                         Story Factors:
     * Mythology: The Kalmoorin are often thought to be ghosts or vengeful species, and many of them 
have been subjected to exorcisms upon introducing themselves.

 Karyks are divided into to distinct social groups:  hunters and explorers.  The hunters have a hinged 
fourth toe with a long claw that makes them suitable to hunting larger prey.  The hunters are generally 
bigger, but not as smart as the explorers.  They also rely much more on primal instinct than their further 
evolved cousins.  Karyks have smooth green skin, much like amphibians, but have no visible fur.  Their 
highly evolved circulatory systems keeps them warm in all but the coldest weather without much 
protection.  Explorers wear any kind of clothes suitable to their needs, but the hunters usually rely on the 
thick skins of the motmots they hunt and kill.  Karyks have hairless heads with a row of four skin "horns" 
on their brow, though the horns are actually bone on the dominant hunters.  Explorers are only bipedal, 
but the hunters can walk on either two or four legs, and run at top speed on all fours.  The explorers have 
a much smaller tail than the explorers, who use their tail for balance as they run and jump to attack.  The 
Karyks also have a pair of retractable fangs that are located on their bottom jaw.   The poison of the 
hunters is much more potent than that of the explorers, but both can paralize or kill given enough time.  
All Karyks have four fingers and retractable claws, but the hunters claws are longer and sharper.
			While most of the hunters choose to stay and hunt the wild gundarcs and motmots 
of their homeplanet of Carrack, the explorers found ways to explore the galaxy.  Though the explorers 
are usually calm and civilized, they can become enraged and fight with their fierce instincts.  The 
explorers are also tremendously loyal friends.  They will sacrifice themselves for their friends with no 
second thoughts.  The hunters are not as loyal, though they can be.
			On the planet of Carrack a heiarchy exists, the hunters are dominate over the 
remaining explorers.  The hunters have a limited grasp on Basic, and usually rely on the native language 
that consists of guttural noises.  The explorers quickly adapt to new languages, and are fluent in Basic.  
The planet Carrack is mostly tundra, with broken patches of forest, and the winters are very long.  The 
poles of the planet have are barren icelands.  Because of this, Carrack has never been populated, save 
the old shipyards which slowly spin in orbit above the planet.  The Karyks of Carrack live in caves that 
travel many miles beneath the surface, and only come outside when it is time to hunt again.  The Karyks 
are mostly solitary or living in small groups, though several times every winter large packs roam the 
continent looking for prey.
			When the Carrack shipyards was first built many years ago, the Explorers led a 
large group up to the station and commendered several ships, leading a mass exodus off of the planet.  
Few explorers were left behind, but some did, not wanting the adventures of space.  The explorers have 
located themselves throughout the galaxy, awaiting adventure even though their small size.  Many have 
become true Space Explorers, leading expeditions to uncharted and unsettled planets.  Others became 
scholars or politicians.  It is hard to travel the galaxy and never once met a Karyk.
Advantages:  fierce hunters, strong, quick and agile, fearless, cunning, loyal to others, smart (explorers)
Disadvantages:  small size (explorers), not very smart (hunters)
Min/Max Stats:
Height: 1.3m- 1.41m
Age:  up to 75 years
Dexterity:  3D/6D
Perception:  2D/4D
Knowledge:  1D+2/4D
Strength:  1D/4D
Mechanical:  1D/4D+2
Technical:  1D/4D

Height: 1.6m- 2.0m
Age:  up to 60 years
Dexterity:  3D/5D
Perception:  2D/4D
Strength:  2D/6D
Mechanical:  1D/2D+1
Technical:  1D/2D

Karaban Swarm Creatures:
     Homeworld:  Karbakul
     Other planets inhabited:  None
     Appearance:  Karaban Swarm creatures are highly insectile in appearance, with a hard, chitinous shell 
covering their bodies, six large, multifaceted eyes, and four razor sharp mandibles. Their eight long, triple 
jointed, very sharp tipped legs add to the impression.  However, they are not quite insects, as their exoskeleton 
is composed of Kriodikeratin, a substance just as harder and denser than chitin, and, in addition to their 
exoskeleton the bodies of the Swarm creatures are supported by an internal skeleton of the same material.  
Their muscular efficiency is a good deal greater than that of insects, which enables them to perform typically 
insectile feats of endurance, speed, and power, despite their relatively enormous size, as the Swarm creatures 
reach around a half meter in length, and a little more than that in height. 
     Leaders:  None obvious, though some theorists have postulated that the Karaban Swarm Creature's hive 
mind is coordinated by a central intelligence. 
     World view:  The Swarm Creatures spend their waking hours in a ceaseless hunt for food, except during late 
summer, when they spend a night in search of mates, an effort which burns up their energy reserves and kills 
them.  This lifestyle tends to lead them to rather simplistic hunt and kill world view, as they have no time for 
more abstruse speculations.      Temperament:   The Swarm Creatures are highly impatient beings, driven to 
perform everything as quickly as possible.      History and Culture:  The muscular power of the Karaban Swarm 
creatures is provided by their super efficient muscular system.  However, in order to keep that system fueled, 
the Swarm creatures must constantly eat.  Quiescent by day, encased in solid chitinous cocoons, buried below 
the surface, the Swarm creatures scour the forests of Karbakul of all life during the nighttime hours.  Despite 
the fact that they have demonstrated some evidence of intelligence, coordinating attacks against fleeing prey, 
and using tools if necessary, the Swarm creatures have never developed any form of culture or civilization, as 
they are simply too hungry to stop and thing about things of that sort.
     The Karaban Swarm Creatures group in swarms of 20-400 members, which move through the forests of 
Karbakul, killing andeating anything that did not conceal itself well enough to avoid detection.  The various 
forms of local wildlife have become masters of concealment, and in order to survive, the Karaban have 
become masters of detection, able to find enough of those creatures to survive.
     Tech Level:  None.
     Karaban Swarm Creatures in the Sector:  Unknown off their homeworld, there they are seen as an 
incredibly deadly menace. The Trent Systems, the Imperial fragment in control of Karbakul has attempted 
massive defoliation, contamination of the groundwater, and biowarfare in order to eliminate the Swarm 
creatures, but these efforts have proven unsuccessful.  The garrison on Karbakull is protected against their 
attacks by a number of defence mechanisms, which have thus far proved successful in deterring or defeating 
swarm attacks.      A Quote:  None.  They are not a verbal race. 
     Spaceships:  None.
     Attribute Dice: 14D
     Attribute Min/Max
     DEX:  3D+1/6D+2
     KNO:  0D/1D
     MECH: 0D/1D+1
     PER:  2D/6D
     STR:  3D/7D
     TECH: 0D/0D+2
     Move:  25/35

     Special Abilities:
     * Climbing/Jumping:  The Karaban Swarm creatures excel at these tasks, halving the cost of gaining these 
skills throughout their careers.  Furthermore, due to the nature of their legs, they can jump sixteen times the 
length and height of humans.
     * Natural Weapons and Armor:  The Swarm creature's shells give them a 3D bonus vs. physical attacks, and 
2D vs. Energy damage, but decays rapidly once the creature is killed.  The Swarm creature's legs inflict 
STR+3D+2, and their bite inflicts STR+2D damage.
     * Heightened Senses:  The Swarm creatures can detect life forms through their acutely enhanced 
perceptional array.  In game turns they gain a +4D bonus to their search rolls when trying to detect living 
     Story Factors:
     * Fear of light:  While light does not cause any actual damage to the Swarm creatures, they hate and fear it, 
as it represents the day, when they are vulnerable.  Karaban Swarm creatures tend to avoid well lit areas.

Scource: Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman's Dragonlance novels
Attribute Dice: 12D

Dex: 2D/4D+1
Kno: 2D/4D
Mec: 2D/4D
Per: 1D+2/3D+1
Str: 1D/3D
Tec: 1D+1/2D+2
Move: 6/9

Natural Thieves: All kenders gain an extra 1d when making Security, Pickpocket, or Sneak rolls.
Taunt: Kender possess a talent for insulting people and inciting them to berserker rage.  The Kender rolls her 
taunt skill (a Perception-based skill) against the target's Perception or Control. If the kender succeeds, her 
opponent will try to attack the kender in hand-to-hand or melee combat (if possible) with a -1d penalty on his 
rolls because of berserker rage.  Anyone who uses a Force power while under this effect gains a Dark Side 
Point. Fearlessness: Kender are renowned for being recklessly brave. They are unaffected by anything 
designed to induce fear (this includes force powers.)

Thieves: Because of kenders' habbits of "borrowing", many people assume they are merely innocent-looking 
but sneaky burgulars.  NPCs will generally be slow to trust them.

     Homeworld:  Humitajj
     Other planets inhabited:  Usthis, Min, and Thostill
     Appearance:  The Kumidai are a subterranean race, adapted for life beneath the surface of their 
desiccated homeworld.  They are a large species, and powerfully built.  They have three pairs of legs, 
with the forelimbs bearing huge claws designed for tunneling through thick, rocky soil.  Their basically 
tube shaped bodies reach three meters in length, and over a meter and a half in width.  Their legs are 
short and muscular, around half a meter in length.  The Kumidai are not an attractive race to human eyes, 
with a very pale wrinkled skin that displays many of their spiderweb vein networks.  They have a huge 
head, almost as wide as their body, with a powerful fanged jaw, and very small red eyes.  The ears of a 
Kumidai are just as small as their eyes, and their primary sensory input comes from their rear feet, that 
are designed to pick up vibrations easily.
     Leaders:  The Kumidai never had organized governments, living in a fairly peaceful anarchy, but 
since the imperial occupation they have been ruled by planetary governors.  They have petitioned Moff 
Rulduk for independence very publicly, and hope to gain that independence (for a brief time, at least) 
due  to Rulduk's desire to appear to be someone the Yaeger would ally with.  This plan was formulated 
by several elder and respected Kumidai, who are now their nominal leaders. World view:  The Kumidai 
are an individualistic and phlegmatic race.  They try to avoid problems whenever possible.  There is a 
phrase that the Kumidai use often, that it is always possible to outdig the devil (a surface dwelling 
humanoid, in Kumidai myth).  They tend to look at problems as being a rock face, finding some aspect of 
the situation that acts as the fault allows them to bring the whole situation apart.      Temperament:  The 
Kumidai are a genial race that seldom take offence, and when they do, they are more likely to react by 
absenting themselves than they are to react with violence.  However, when pushed beyond their limits, 
they can be very deadly, thrashing about in a random orgy of destruction.
     History and Culture:  The Kumidai are a nomadic people, digging through the sands and rocks of their 
homeworld, sifting small creatures out of the sand through their mouths, and expelling the rest behind 
them.  When civilization came to the Kumidai, they built permanent dwellings in the rocks of their world, 
using metal claw tips to break the rocks open, and began swallowing food alone, without the sand they 
used to filter. They expanded slowly, maintaining good relations with all their neighbors.  When the 
Empire came, they bowed to the inevitable with a minimum of protest, though those Kumidai that could 
escape did so, including most of their fleet, which left the sector entirely, headed outward, away from 
imperial space. Kumidai are an egg laying species, with the young being fully functional individuals 
within a few hours of hatching.  It is customary for the young not to know who their parents are, and they 
are educated at their own expense, by taking loans that they are expected to pay back as soon as possible. 
     Tech Level:  Space.
     Kumidai in the Sector:  The Kumidai are known as being good natured and hard workers, and can 
usually find employment quite easily.
     Language:  The Kumidai have a fairly advanced language that can be spoken understandably by 
humans, though some of the sounds used are below human capacities of reproduction.  When speaking 
basic they tend to have very, very deep voices that sometimes dip below audible levels. 
     A Quote:  "It would be my honor to help you repair your ship..."
     Spaceships:  The Kumidai have always relied upon single pilot fighters to fight their wars.  The 
Shaku fighter was the most advanced ship that they fielded, and many are still hidden on the various 
worlds that they inhabit.
     Attribute Dice:  12
     Attribute Min/Max
     DEX:  1D/3D
     KNO:  2D/4D
     MECH: 2D/4D+1
     PER:  1D/3D
     STR:  3D/6D
     TECH: 2D/4D+2
     Move:  11/15 

     Special Abilities:
     * Burrowing:  The Kumidai can burrow with great skill, moving at an average move of 6, a rate that 
is modified by the nature of the soil or sand through which they are burrowing.  Their rate is usually 
halved when they are feeding as well as burrowing.

     Homeworld:  Shoradah
     Other planets inhabited:  None
     Appearance:  L'Brii are short, squat, centuarian creatures.  Seldom more than 1.4 meters tall, and 1.6 
long, they have six walking limbs and four manipulative upper limbs.  The arrangement of their upper 
limbs is not symmetrical, with three smaller and more delicate limbs on one side of their torso, and a 
single somewhat stronger arm on the other side.  Most L'Brii have their stronger arm on the left, but 
around fifteen percent have the stronger arm on the right.  These individuals also have the orientation of 
their internal organs reversed.  The L'Brii have brown to black skin, with a thick layer of russet or 
crimson hair on their heads, forearms, and backs.  They have four eyes, arranged in a fashion similar to 
their arms.  These eyes, while individually quite weak combine to grant them vision equivalent to that of 
humans.  Their two large, fur tufted ears are very sensitive, causing them to have quite superior hearing.  
The L'Brii have no sense of smell whatsoever.
     Leaders:  The L'Brii are ruled by a democratically elected council of elders.  Only L'Brii in the last 
10% of their races usual lifespan (from 140 standard years on up) can stand for election on this council.  
It is composed of 51 members, and all issues are decided by a majority vote.
     World view:  The L'Brii have developed a very fatalistic world view in the last few years.  The 
universe is a horrible and unfriendly place, inhabited by malign and powerful forces who have no 
interest in anything except for their larger political goals.  This belief in a constant threat of death and 
destruction from beyond the stars has lead them to devalue their own abilities and accomplishments.  
Now, all they desire is to become obscure enough to be ignored, but are afraid to act on that desire.
     Temperament:  The L'Brii are a naturally proud race that has been beaten down by the Empire.  
Because of this, they tend to be obsequious and passive in most situations, and insanely violent if pushed 
to far, or if they outnumber their opponents by a substantial percentage.
     History and Culture:  The L'Brii had developed a relatively sophisticated pre-space civilization, 
before they were contacted by Rulduk's Empire.  The takeover of their planet by the Empire was swift 
and brutal, and they soon found themselves enslaved workers in munitions factories whose waste 
ravaged their planet.  The Empire has been forced off the planet by the New Republic, but the scars of 
that occupation may have damaged the L'Brii beyond repair.  Their planet has been laid waste, they have 
a total mistrust and fear of all non-L'Brii, and they have a lack of faith in their own, more than adequate 
technical abilities.
     Tech Level:  Low Space.
     L'Brii in the Sector: L'Brii are virtually unknown off of their homeworld, though Moff Rulduk has 
found their servility and natural mechanical skills to be intriguing, and has several breeding populations 
of them (as well as cell samples, in case he finds it impolitic to retain live L'Brii slaves) at various 
     A Quote: "Please go away." 
     Spaceships:  No starships, though they do have several insystem craft with hopelessly out of date 
weapons and propulsion systems. 
     Attribute Dice:  12D
     Attribute Min/Max
     DEX:  1D+1/3D+2
     KNO:  1D+2/3D
     MECH: 1D/4D+1
     PER:  1D/4D+1
     STR:  1D/3D
     TECH: 1D/3D
     Move:  9/12
    Special Abilities:
     * Superior balance:  L'Brii's multipedial build enables them to remain upright in the most trying 
situations.  They gain a +4D to bonus to all checks against falling over or being knocked down.
     Story Factors:
     * Distrust:  L'Brii's distrust of offworlders extends to any of them that do not share that view.  Any 
L'Brii that openly consorts with outworlders will find himself totally shunned by all other members of 
his race.

All L'hransu are Force sensitive.  They follow a strict moral code.  They know the Force as "J'Chyka," 
or "that which is."  All L'hransu are trained in combat and are fierce warriors if it comes to that.  They 
perfer to solve their problems peacefully, if possible.  In combat, L'hransu will use blasters but perfer to 
close to melee ranges.
 L'hransu Jedis do not use lightsabers, rather, they use "K'Liy," normal swords forged of a 
blaster-absorbing material which also conducts electricity.  The hilt of a K'Lay projects a strong 
electrical field up the blade.  A L'hransu Jedi can increase or decrease the damage of his K'Lay by 
exciting or slowing the field.  A K'Lay can be used to block blaster bolts but will not reflect them back.  
After 20-30 uses the material in the blade begins to decay.  For this reason, L'hransu have constructed a 
special Force power to repair their K'Liy.  All L'hransu Jedi get a +1D bonus to Sense rolls and a -1D 
penalty to Control rolls.
The L'hransu were not exterminated by Palpatine for two reasons.  First, their system lies on the 
edge of known space.  Second, and more importantly, it contains thousands of fierce plasma storms that 
will eat through the shields and hull of any vessel that jumps in-system.  They also project grav shadows, 
mass objects that only exist in hyperspace.  This makes travel into the system impossible.  The L'hransu 
have just developed hyperdrive and have, by neccesity, modified it to work through the grav shadows 
present in their system. (Note:  This hyperdrive is still affected by Interdictor cruisers.)  The L'hransu 
have also developed an anti-radiation paste that can protect ships 
from the radiation until they can jump into hyperspace.  This coating is destroyed in the process.

     Homeworld:  Logro
     Other planets inhabited:  None
     Appearance:  Logron are giants, reaching nearly 2.8 meters in height, with a powerful, muscular build.  
They are amphibious monotremes, with a huge, soft skinned bill, webbed hands and feet, a thick layer of 
water resistant fur, and a short, paddlelike tail.  Logron's fur is usually black or dark brown in color, 
though occasional albino Logron are born, who are somewhat smaller and more intelligent than other 
Logron.  These are viewed with great respect, and often hold the highest offices in Logron
     Logron are carnivores, preferring to eat fish, which they can sniff out through the electromagnetic 
sensors in their bills. These sensors allow them to locate any living creature within five meters when 
underwater, and any other source of electromagnetic impulses.  Some of the fish of Logro are quite  
dangerous, including the massive slackjaw, and the grey swamplizard, but the massive physique and 
intelligence of the Logron allow them to kill and eat even those horrors.
     Logron have a pair of massive, bright green and yellow skin flaps located in pouches at the sides of 
their necks.  When unfurled, these flaps produce a stiff collar almost a meter in diameter.  Used by 
Logron for display, both to intimidate predators, and to display their fitness to potential rivals and mates.  
There is very little in the universe as surprising as a Logron popping out it's collar, and they are quite 
aware of that,  using their color to provoke reactions from foes and competitors.
The flaps of albino Logron are blood red in color, and just as effective in startling their foes.
     Leaders:  Logron are lead by nobles, a position gained either through heredity or through innate 
nobility, something that the Logron cannot define to outsiders, but something that they all can recognize, 
and something that they all acknowledge. It is hypothesized that the innate nobility that they describe may 
have something to do with their electromagnetic perception, but as the behavior of individuals that the 
Logron identify as nobles seem to match the criterion that most races class as noble, further study is 
warranted.  It is not recorded that Logron have ever recognized non-Logron as nobles, but it is not
an article of faith among them that only Logron can be nobles, and it is entirely possible that they have, or 
will, do so.
     World view:  The Logron have a rather close tie to the land and nature, and see the world as an 
extension of themselves, and themselves as an extension of the world.      Temperament:   The Logron tend 
to have a somewhat relaxed attitude, which, when coupled with a sly delight in making the superior space 
going races look silly, makes them agreeable companions.  Logron are not an aggressive race, preferring 
to solve things through other means, primarily through bluffs and displays.  However, when violence is 
unavoidable, Logron are relatively comfortable with, though perhaps not as competent as their appearance 
     History and Culture:  The Logron are a primitive race, who were in the late stone age when discovered 
by the Empire.  The massive, physically powerful Logron made them ideal laborers, and they were 
enslaved, despite some scattered resistance.  The Logron at first accepted Imperial overseers and 
technology, but capitalized on Imperial ignorance of local conditions to sabotage machinery, disrupt 
production, and infect personnel.  Operations on Logro were curtailed, and eventually limited to gathering 
of slaves.
     When the Shuumar and the Aldru broke from Imperial control, Imperial ships were no longer able to 
get through to make slave raids on Logro, and the Logron were finally free.  The Confederation of 
Unaligned Worlds made trading overtures to the Logron, which soon developed into an alliance, and then 
the incorporation of the Logron into the confederation.  Since that time, Logron have signed on in the 
military forces of several members of the League, using their natural physical power and command 
abilities to distinguish themselves.  Modern technology has been flowing into Logro, and while the 
Logron are not naturally mechanically inclined, they are slowly gaining proficiency in the use of modern 
     Tech Level:  High stone age, with elaborate stone chipping and wood working.  Space technology is in 
the process of being introduced, but it has yet to be widely accepted.  Logron in the Sector:  In the 
Imperium there are large numbers of Logron slaves, who are viewed as docile and harmless, which helps 
any number of them escape.  Escaped Logron have found their way across the sector, and are generally 
well regarded in the other spheres of influence.  Since the Logron joined the Confederation they have 
become known as patient trackers and  hunters, as well as powerful workers by the other races of the 
Confederation.  The Logron are not as hostile to Yaeger or New Republic overtures as some of the races 
of the confederation, and  will probably join the New Republic when they can do so without exposing 
themselves to Imperium retaliation. 
     A Quote:  "Oh yes, of course it's edible.  Didn't your little box just tell you it was?"
     Spaceships:  None.

     Attribute Dice:  13D
     Attribute Min/Max
     DEX:  1D+1/4D+1
     KNO:  2D/4D
     MECH: 1D/2D
     PER:  2D+2/5D
     STR:  2D+1/5D
     TECH: 1D/2D
     Move:  11/15

     Special Abilities:
     * Swimming:  Logron spend most of their time underwater, and swim at full movement rate.  In 
addition, they never need to make checks for any swimming task of less than difficult difficulty.
     * Sensors:  The soft skinned bill of the Logron is quite sensitive to electromagnetic impulses, allowing 
them to located and track lifeforms underwater by the minute electromagnetic impulses of their muscle 
contractions.  Search rolls for life forms beneath the surface of the water to a distance of five meters are 
automatically successful, barring interference or the existence of some other powerful electromagnetic 
     Story Factors:
     * Slave race:  The Logron are classified as a slave race by the Imperium, and Logron in Imperium space 
will find themselves a target of slave hunters and opportunists.
     * Primitive tools:  Logron are not accustomed to modern technology, and take a while to get used to 
modern weapons and other apparatus.

Massassi (the race inhabiting Yavin IV)
Dexterity  : 2D+2/5D
Knowledge  : 1D+2/3D
Mechanical : 1D/2D+2
Perception : 2D/4D
Strength   : 2D+1/4D+2
Technical  : 1D/2D+2
Move       : 11/15
Size       : 1.6/2.4
Appearance :
        The Massassi are large, hulking, slightly hunchbacked red   reptilian creatures with a tough, scaly 
hide.  Spikes protrude  randomly from their body, usually especially along the spinal   region.  Their 
facial structure gives them the illusion of handlebar moustaches.
        -the Massassi have claws that do STR+1D damage and teeth that do  STR+1D damage.
        -they have a tough carapace that provides +2 vs. physical attacks.
        -their only known homeworld is Yavin IV, where they are the  guardians of sith temples.  It is 
possible that they are a race created by sith magic and used as guardians on many worlds.  If this is so, 
then the Massassi race would not be extinct at the end of the Sith War.
        -Some Massassi use the dark side of the Force to hurl their projectile weapons.  This could 
possibly be a new force power, but I'm not going to make it. ;P
  -Massassi Staff/Sling Combo Weapon:
Staff: STR+1D+1 (diff: easy)
Sling: STR+1D   (Range: 3-4/8/12 ; Fire rate: 3)  Warrior Massassi will typically carry a bandolier 
with many disc projectiles for use in their staff sling.

 Attribute Dice: 12D
 Dexterity:         2D/4D+1
 Knowledge:     2D/4D+2
 Mechanical:     1D/3D+2
 Perception:      2D/4D
 Strength:         3D/6D+1
 Technical:       2D/4D
 Move:  10/12
 Size: 1.5 to 2.0 meters tall
 Special Abilities:
     Climbing/Jumping:  +2D when using this skill.
     Ambidexterity:  they can use both hands and feets.
     (A)Acrobatics:  This skill helps with other skills. like dodging
     or when falling. can also be used to swing on a vine or use poles and other objects to swing.
Prehensil Tail: They can use this as a third arm, to trip, to  push buttons, but not to fire  weapons.
(A)Martial Arts: this is a special skill that only the mountain simians know. Notes: The mountain simians 
are they royalty of the species live in the mountains because they think they are superior then the rest of 
the species,            and there attitude reflect that.

     The Mridone are a primitive, arboreal race that lives on the world of Korjuun. Standing around 1.8 
meters tall, the Mridone have a light, wiry build. They are partially quadrupedal, with opposable toes. 
The Mridone are covered with a layer of sleek grey fur that is coated with a water repellant oil. This fur 
covers their entire bodies, with exception of the fleshy pads on their hands and feet, and their large, 
sharply pointed ivory horns, that extend back from the front of their foreheads, then around to the sides 
and front. The Mridone have retractable claws on their hands and feet, which they use for climbing and 
combat. Mridone have brilliant blue eyes that give them a wide field of vision high detail vision, though 
their distance vision is not nearly as good as that of humans. The Mridone have a fairly long, non-
prehensile tail with a black tuft on the end.  The Mridone have a temperament that is nothing short of 
homicidal, and even those Mridone that have seen planets other than their homeworld have been known 
to erupt into sudden rages when they feel that their territory is being invaded. The life of a tribal Mridone 
revolves around the clan, that is ruled by the strongest and canniest of it's members, regardless of that 
individual's gender. The Mridone tend to spend their lives in trees, and on the move. They hunt the other 
members of their forest, and are in turn hunted by some of the more powerful denizens of their world. 
The Mridone have no great fear of the ground, but they love the trees, and are superlative acrobats, 
leaping and running from tree to tree at full speed without the slightest hesitation. They are highly 
flexible individuals, capable of doubling over backwards with ease, and this flexibility helps them 
enormously in their exploits. 
     In many ways, the Mridone are creatures of their jungles, and they have a great knowledge of the 
various other members of their ecosystem. They use this knowledge both to find prey animals, and to 
distill poisons that enable them to better kill the prey they find. Certain tribes of Mridone have been 
known to regularly anoint their claws and horns with poisons, but most just coat their weapons with a 
wide variety of poisons from a number of sources. These poisons are used against both food animals and 
other Mridone, and have a wide variety of painful and deadly effects. 

     Attribute Dice: 13D 
     Attribute Min/Max 
     DEX: 2D+2/6D+2 
     KNO: 2D/3D+1 
     MECH: 1D/2D 
     PER: 1D+2/6D 
     STR: 1D/5D 
     TECH: 1D/2D 
     Move: 11/16 

                                        Special Abilities:

*Climbing: Unlike many other species, Mridone are born in the trees, and live running from one 
to the next. In natural surroundings, a Mridone halves the difficulty of climbing/jumping attempts, and can 
use the running skill while in the treetops.  
     	* Poisons: Mridone on Korjuun have access to poisons of just about every nature and effects. 
When away from the familiar sources of their poisons, they cannot distill them as easily. However, they 
are able to detect the presence of poisons in natural surroundings with great skill, and can often 
determine the best methods of extracting and distilling them without any prior experience with the 
poison's sources. 
     * Natural Armor and Weapons: The horns of a Mridone add 1D to their ability to resist physical 
damage to their headregion. Their claws (hand and feet) inflict STR+2D damage, and their horns and 
bite causes STR+1D+2. 
     * Temper: When a Mridone feels that his territory has been invaded, or that their tribe has been 
threatened, they must roll a check against their willpower to avoid being seized by a consuming rage. 
The difficulty of the check varies with the intensity of the threat, but Mridone have been known to go off 
after the slightest of infractions. In that state, they gain a +1D bonus to all STR and DEX skills, but may 
not cease combat until the object of their rage is either dead or out of reach. A Mridone that wishes to 
end his rage may make a very difficult Willpower check every third round of combat to do so. 

                                         Story Factors:

     * Sleep Patterns: The Mridone tend to snatch their sleep while they can, sleeping around 6 hours out 
of a standard day. As they are an arboreal species, they can sleep on just about any surface, and because 
a fairly large number of Korjuun's species hunt the Mridone while they sleep, they awake quickly, at the 
slightest disturbance. These are all admirable traits in space, and many freighter captains have found 
Mridone to be unmatched as watchmen. 
     * Loyalty: The Mridone are extremely loyal to their tribes, defending them to the death against all 
threats, no matter how deadly. Those Mridone that leave Korjuun usually have either lost their clan and 
adopted a group of explorers as a new tribe, or were taken off-world very young, and imprinted on other 
individuals. When this fact is combined with the Mridone's ferocity and natural fighting abilities, they 
are much sought after as bodyguards, and a young Mridone will bring a high price on the open market. 

                               Common Weapons of the Mridone:

     Awarchi Spear: This wooded spear is designed to keep enemies at bay, after the point lodges. To do 
so, a heavy crossbar is affixed about 30 centimeters down the meter and a half long shaft. The point of 
this spear is almost always coated with a poison of some sort, and the crossbar is used to hold the target 
back while the poison takes effect. If a target is hit with one of these spears, they cannot come any closer 
to the target then they already are. 
     Throwing Spear: The primary weapon of the Mridone, they always carry at least three of these spears 
at all times. The range of these spears is substantially improved by the use of an atl-atl, or throwing 
stick, but when that is used, they can only fling one spear a round. 
     Blowgun: Though they do not inflict much damage, the short Mridone blowgun can be used in much 
more constricted areas than the throwing spears. They are also a very effective method of poison 

Awarchi Spear          2D       N/A        N/A      N/A
Throwing Spear         1D+2     1-5        25       40
Blowgun                1D       1-4        12       20

     Here are some of the poisons commonly used by the Mridone: 

Poison           Difficulty of     Onset    
 Type:___________Stamina Check_____Time___Effect_______________
Lyrdome              15            3:00   2D damage, no possible
                                          STR Check to resist.
Kharamsool           12         1:05:00   Death
Gorass Juice         20            6:00   -1D from STR and DEX
Mikkith              7            24:00   Paralytic
Aspic Venom          16            4:00   Blinds target
Ulkith Poison        19             :30   Death
L'Norn               14            2:30   Hallucinogenic

     In addition to these, the Mridone use a wide variety of other poisons, with similar effects. The more 
effective poisons are often harder to get, especially the Ulkith Poison, which the Ulkith is notoriously 
willing to donate to Mridone, though seldom in the manner that the Mridone desire.

Mvromow are catlike humanoids from the planet Mvrom.  They have fur that ranges from white to black, 
with most specimens in the dark gray range. Well known for their curiosity about the galaxy, they are 
organized into a nation of tribal states on their homeworld.  These states are slowly losing power as 
more and more Mvromow venture into the galaxy, leaving Mvrom behind.
Attribute Dice: 11D
Attribute Minimums/Maximums:
        Dexterity: 1D+2/3D+2
        Knowledge: 1D/4D
        Mechanical: 1D/2D+2
        Perception: 2D/5D+1
        Strength: 1D/3D+1
        Technical: 1D/3D
Move: 10/13
Height: 1.5-2.0 meters
Special Abilities:
        Skill Bonus: At the time the character is created only, the character   receives 2D for every 1D 
placed in the Sneak and Running skills. This also applies to specializations.
Night Vision: Mvromow receive +1D to their Search skills in low light.
Story Factors:
        Curiosity: Many Mvromow are highly curious about the galaxy  around them. They are looked down 
upon by those Mvroms who are not as curious.