Amas Hawk
Cron Dragon
Flying Beast of Tarnira
Kreishe Hound
kyrat dragon
Mandalorien dogra
Orcana Dragon
Yavin 4 "Rain Demon"

     These predators of the steppes of Ilkure are one of the most beautiful and deadly creatures of the sky.  
They are trainable, and are highly sought after by falconers of many worlds.  They stand up to 65 
centimeters tall, with a wingspan of over 1.5 meters.  Amas Hawks have four wings, and four legs, with 
large and powerful talons.  The plumage of the Amas hawks is usually either black, grey, white, or pale 
blue, or a combination of the above.  The pure white hawks are a more Northern sub-species, that tends 
to be larger and more powerful than the other varieties.  They are a live bearing species, with the 
females being cared for by their mates during their pregnancy periods.  They mate for life, and will 
seldom find another mate after the death of their original one.
     The Amas Hawks tend to hunt in mated pairs, with the children hunting together with their parents for 
their first
season in flight.  Mated pairs of these hawks are very effective hunters, with one partner driving the 
target toward the other.  They have been known to hunt anything that can fly, and ground based creatures 
up to ten times larger than them.  Their usual hunting patterns for airborne prey are one hawk driving the 
target past the second, conceal member of the pair.  When hunting ground dwelling targets, the hawks 
perform phenomenal high speed  stoops that deliver crushing impact, and if the prey survives the initial 
attack they will either release for a second attack, or
attempt to finish the target off with their claws.
     The unique wing structure of the Hawks allows them to perform maneuvers that are nothing short of 
phenomenal.  They can hover with ease, accelerate to top speed within a second or two, a turn around in 
spaces no more than twice as wide as they are.
DEX: 3D+2  brawling parry 4D+1, dodge 5D, flying 8D, 
INT: 2D+1
PER: 3D+2  search 5D+1, sneak 4D, hide 6D
STR: 2D  brawling 5D, climbing/jumping 7D 
Move: 4, 40 flying
Average Size:  60 centimeters tall, 1.45 meters wingspan
Special Abilities:
* Natural Weapons. Claws: STR+1D+2, doubled for a stoop attack.  Stoop attacks can only be made 
when the Hawk has 900 meters vertical clearance, and takes no other actions that round.
* Maneuvers:  See above Weaknesses:
* Amas Hawks cannot fly at all when their wings are wet.

Search: 7d
Sneak: 7d
Swimming: 10D
Jumping: 11D
Lifting: 10D+2
Claws: STR+1D+2/ Posion does 1D+2 for each round afterward 
Teeth: STR+2D
Tail: STR+3D
Stinger: 1D+2, Stamina Vs. Very Difficult/Heroic, if failed victim
Tounge: Numbs victims
Control, Sense & Alter: 3D
Force Powers: 5 Sense, 4 Alter, 7 Control
Ecolocation: Can see through any unSOLID material.
2 meters long
1.5 meters tall

Cron Dragon
Type: Small predetor
Melee Parry: 4D
Dodge: 7D
Running: 6D+2
PERC: 4D+2
Search: 5D
Sneak: 6D
Hide: 8D
Brawling: 7D
Special Notes:
        Teeth: STR+1D
        Force Darts: 5D
        Force Bolts: 6D
 Cron  Crystal Armor: 5D to Phys., +7D to energy. The crystals can be used in lightsabers, the start out at 
7D+1, and +2D to Control and Sense, and +1D to alter, if the Jedi makes saber out of them. Force 
Powers: Control, Sense & Alter: 5D 7 control powers, 6 sense, 5 alter, and any 8 combinations. Notes: 
A Very RARE creature, native to the Damar system. They haven't migrated out, YET. They hunt in packs 
of 10. They are VERY dangerous.

     These bizarre creatures are the primitive relatives of the Ghutun floaters.  They are herbivorous in 
nature, floating from tree top to tree top and eating the leaves as the pass.  In form, the dirgies are rather 
small, with their main body being little more than 5 centimeters long, and the gas bubble that keeps them 
afloat being around 60 centimeters in diameter.  Five 8 centimeter long manipulative tentacles descend 
from their main body, ringing their sharp toothed mouth.  Their bodies are usually green or yellow in 
color, with their tentacles being the same color as their bodies.  The gas bubbles tend to gorgeous, 
having a soap bubble like appearance.
     The gas pressure in the bubble is controlled by a complex series of valves, which allow the dirgies to 
rise or descend as they chose.  The bubbles are very fragile, and the surest way to bring a dirgie down is 
to puncture it's gas reserve.  When a  dirgie is down, it can move fairly rapidly on it's tendrils.  They can 
regrow their bubble in a day or to.  The flesh of a dirgie is inedible, and the gasses they use to float their  
bubbles are somewhat toxic.  They are very intelligent, and affectionate, and can easily cope with long 
periods in restricted quarters.
DEX: 3D+2  brawling parry 4D+1, dodge 5D, flying 4D,
INT: 4D+1
PER: 2D+2  search 5D+1, sneak 4D, hide 6D
STR: 1D  brawling 3D 
Move: 8, 15 flying
Average Size:  5 centimeters body, 60 centimeters bubble
Special Abilities:
* Natural Weapons: Tentacles: STR+1D, capable of gripping and holding objects.  Some dirgies have 
been trained to use weapons, though they have no great proficiency at that task. 
* Air Filtration:  The dirgies are capable of filtering the gasses they need out of the atmosphere.  They 
are also capable of detecting and filtering out other harmful gasses, a talent that proves quite useful when 
life support systems are damaged.
* Fragile Bubble:  When they take any damage to their bubble, it is automatically punctured, often 
causing the dirgie
to fall great distances.

Flying Beast of Tarnira
Ornireness: 5D
Special Abilites:
        Claws: Str+2D
        Bite: STR+ 3D
        Tail: STR+ 6D
Move: Fly 50/ Walk 13
Notes: The Beast of Tarnira, is an omnivourus creature, native to Damar. The Jdizen's learned to tame 
these beasts, and ride them. Eventually, some where smuggled out of the Damar System, and have found 
thier way out into the galaxy. Once a Beast of Tarnira, has found a rider, he/she will not take another 
rider, unless under a few circumstances.
1- Rider is in trouble
2- Rider is dead
3- Rider has granted permission.
Size: 10 meters long, 5 meters tall.

 These fierce creatures have lived in a variety of different ecosystems.  They can be found anywhere 
from the hot, steamy jungles to the frozen tundras.  The gundarcs have massive arms and upper body 
strength.  They can attack with their long claws or with their fangs that jut out from their upper jaw.  
Gundarcs can swing from tree to tree, and walk on both their feet and their long arms.  They are almost 
simian by physical nature, but yet can be viscious killers.  They mostly prey on smaller animals, but will 
attack bigger things if seen as a threat to them.  Gundarcs have been known to try and operate 
machinerary from time to time, usually with no luck.  One special anatomical feature is their large, 
webbing covered ears.  They can hear noises up to a mile away or more with them, and they are not easy 
to pull off.
Height: 1.4- 1.8m
Weight: 185- 300lbs.
Age: up to 70 years
Dexterity: 2D/5D
Perception: 1D/5D
Knowledge: 1D/3D
Strength: 3D/6D
Mechanical: --/--
Technical: --/2D

Kreishe Hound
Type: Pack Hunter
Dexterity: 2D+1
Perception: 1D+1
        Search: Tracking 5D
Strength: 3D
        Brawling 4D
Special Abilities:
        Bite: STR+1D damage
Move: 11
Size: 1.3 m long
Description: These are large reptilian hound-like creatures.  They aretailless, and scaled in a variety of 
colors, ranging from black to huntergreen to a blood red.  Small, beady eyes are no the main feature that 
captivates those that see this creature, it is the rounded snout filled with needle-sharp teeth, that grabs 
one's eyes.  Normally traveling inpacks of 4-24 (4D), these creatures prefer to take down larger prey 
with sniping attacks from all directions.  These are truly creature to be feared.  Of special note, if 
captured at birth one, and only one, kreishe hound can be tamed and quite loyal.  If two however are 
raised, then they will either attempt to run wild, or tear each other and anything else to shreds.

Krayt Dragons-  
large, yellow-golden scaled reptiles, indigenious to Tatooine.  These massive beasts have three horns on 
their heads; one above each eye and one in the middle of their forehead.  Beneath the third horn is the 
sinus cavity that leads to the brain; the krayt dragons one weakpoint.  They have large jaws as long as a 
human arm laced with spiked teeth, and powerful jaws to crush their prey.  krayts have only canine teeth, 
and cannot chew their food.  They rely on a series of gizzards that grind up the food for indigestion.  In 
the last gizzard chamber there are the dragon pearls, shiny perfectly round spheres worth as much as a 
small planet.  krayt dragons have a set of dorsal spikes down their back and onto their tails.  These 
creatures will eat those unfortunate souls who wander into the Jundland wastelands, and eat the large, 
golden hubba gourds to survive in between meals.
Length: 30-45m from head to tail
Weight: 1000-2000 lbs.
Min/Max Stats:
Dexterity: 2D/6D
Perception: 1D/5D
Knowledge: 1D/3D
Strength: 5D/17D
Mechanical: --/--
Technical: --/--

Mandalorian Dogras-
These mystical and mysterious creatures were the beasts of burden for the Mondalorians.  They were 
giant, but very fast.  The Mandolorians would tame these massive beasts and ride them as they traversed 
their planet of Mandalore and other places acros the galaxy.  The skin of these creatures is amazingly 
thick, strong enough to withold all but the strongest of blasters.  Whenever one of the Dogras would die, 
the Mandalores would shape its thick skin around Mandolorian ore to form their famous battle armor.
			Mandalore Dogras have long, strong legs that are powerful enough to allow the 
Dogras to sprint at least 3-4 times as fast as a human being.  They have powerful jaws that are large 
enough to crush a human to pieces.  Their heads are almost like lizards in shape, but they have a giant fur 
mane around their necks.  It is unknown if the Dogras are mammals or reptiles, for they share the 
characterstics of both.  They are warm-blooded, have large eyes, but their vision is limited.  The dogras 
rely more on their sense of sound and smell to find their ways around.  The dogras are suprisingly steathy 
for their size, for they can often sneak up very close to their prey.  They are carnivores, with massive 
jaws and teeth, and require a lot of food to keep up their large bulk.
			It is believed that the Dogras could sense the Force and those strong in it.  It is 
known that the Mandolorians rode these giant beasts as they went into battle against the Jedi.  There has 
been no ever recorded skeleton or remains of a complete Dogra; for they hide their burial sites well.  A 
live Dogra has not been seen by civilization since the Mandalorians faded out of existence.  However; 
there has been rumors periodically of large beasts like these being spotted by primitive races on 
backwater planets.  It is very possible the Mandalorian Dogras still roam backwater planets, waiting for 
another day.
Height:  3-6m at shoulder
Weight:  550- 3000lbs.
Age:  Up to 55 years
Min/Max Stats:
Dexterity:  3D/10D
Perception:  2D/6D
Knowledge:  1D/2D+2
Strength:  4D/14D
Mechanical: --/--
Technical: --/--

Giant mammalian creatures with long grey or white shaggy fur.  Their native home is the ice planet of 
Toola, and they are found on the ice planet Carrack and a few on Hoth as well.  Though they have been 
moved to warmer climates, their heavily insulated bodies are much better suited to the frozen tundra, and 
they thrive in that climate.  Much like buffalo, the motmots spend most of the year wandering around in 
large herds.  The young calfs are easily as tall as a human.
	Motmots can grow to be almost 10m at the shoulder, and are to large to be killed by any but the 
best equipped hunters.  Stampedes among the motmots leads to many deaths and mass destruction.  The 
motmots are calm, unintelligant creatures, with brains a fraction of their size, and will not usually panick 
until something gets closer than 20m or so within their range.  Motmots often go to one particular place 
to die, and thus motmot graveyards have been found with hundreds of large skeletons.  The primitive 
tribes make shelters out of their massive ribcages, which can be 10 or 12 m around.
Height: up to 10m tall
Weight:  up to 10 tons
Age:  up to 40 years
Min/Max Stats:
Dexterity: 1D/3D
Perception: 1D/2D
Knowledge: 1D/1D
Strength: 2D/10D
Mechanical: --/--
Technical: --/--

Type:Alderaaninan heard animal
Dexterity: 3D
Perception: 1D
Sneak in grasslands: 3D
Strength: 5D
Special Abilities: They taste REAL good.
Size: I'm picturing a buffalo
Orneriness: 2D
After the destruction of Alderaan there werent very many of these Galactic delacacies left. But in some 
places like new Alderaan and some agricultural worlds Nerf hearding has come back in style and these 
delicious beasts are begining to hit the dinner tables of the rich and famous.
They look like a buffalo/cow combination and each one weighing 500Kg at least. They live an estimated 
20 years and reach adulthood after 4 standard years.
The going rate of Nerf Meat prior to the destruction of Alreaan: 100 Cr. A plate. After Endor: 1000 Cr. a 
plate Each full grown nerf could easilt fetch around 8,000 Cr in the right markets, though Nerf piracy is a 
real  problem.

Orcana Dragon
Type: Predator
STR: 13D
Brawling: 16D
Special Abilities:
        Tails: STR + 6D+2
        Bite: STR + 5D
        Claws: STR + 1D
        Kick: STR +10D
        Acid Breath: 12D
Walker Scale
Move: fly 35/walk 15
Size: 15 meters tall, 5 meters long.
Notes:  Orcana Dragon, is a huge beast. They fly around, looking for prey. They migrated from Damar, to 
other parts of the galaxy. When hunting, they first attack with thier back legs, kicking the victim. They 
then tear apart the victim with thier teeth. Occasionally, they will brave out, and fight a Beast of Tarnira. 

Type: Reptillian Predator
Sneak: 7D
Search: 6D
Hide: 7D
Brawling: 11D
Jumping/Climbing: 13D
Claws: STR + 2D
Teeth (Bite): STR + 1D
Tail: STR + 5D
Poisonous Tail: Very Difficult Stamina roll, or victim falls uncoinscious for 5D6 rounds. Does 2D each 
round uncoinscious. Does 4D for 5D6 rounds after regains conscious, unless medical treatment is 
Body Armor:  Adds 2D for STR, against any type of Attack
Height: 2 1/2 meters
Weight: 300 pounds
Move: 17
Story Factors: This creature is the bigger more powerful "cousin" of the Rancor. They usually hunt alone, 
but occasionally are found hunting in packs of up to 7. They are slender, green and blue scaled, and 
lizard-like. They have tails with between 10 and 20 spikes in it, each holding a toxin. They're hands are 
quite large for reptilles, and have 2 BIG claws, and 3 smaller claws, along with a small claw used for 
tearing flesh off of it's victims. They usually live in Jungle, or temperate regions.

Type:  Arachnoid Predator
Web Shooting    6D
Search          6D
STRENGTH        4D
Climbing        8D
Special Abilities
*Attacks- forepaws (2) (4D damage), bite (6D damage)
*Spider-Bear Hug- The spider-bear attempts top grab its victim.  In any round when a character is hit by 
2 forepaw attacks, he is considered to be in the spider-bear's hug; a successful opposed strength roll will 
break the hold.  The bear will attack held characters with it's savage bite. *Spider Bear's Web- range (1-
4/8/12), Strength 5D.  A character who is hit by a web attack is stuck in the web, until he makes a 
successful opposed strength roll.
Move: 28
Size: 1-1.5 meters at the shoulder, 1.5-2.5 meters long
Spider-Bears are wild predators native to the Mindor System.  They have six walking legs, two giant 
forepaws, a bears head, and a spider's body.  They usually dwell in arboreal regions, nesting high in the 
canopy covering virgin forests.  They drop onto unsuspecting prey below.  Spider-Bears use their web 
primarily for traveling, but also as a defensive weapon to keep other creatures at bay, while they attempt 
to kill their  victim.
Spider-Bears are savage, semi-sentient killers, and fight until incapacitated or killed.  They are even 
more fierce when they are injured.  Their fur ranges from gray to black.  They are great climbers.

Yavin 4 "Rain Demon"
Type: Solitary Predator
Dexterity: 2D+2
Perception: 2D+2
        Hide: Rain Storms 7D, Hide: Jungle 5D+2 Strength: 4D+1
        Brawling 7D, Stamina 9D+2 Special Abilities:
        Armour: +1D physical
        Claws: STR+2D damage
        Teeth: STR+1D+2 damage
        Hydroxy-intolerant poison: Once bitten by a rain demon a poison is injected  into the body of the 
victim.  This is a very deadly poison that     invades the victim's bloodstream (or equivalent), and subtly 
alters the metabolism of the victim.  Henceforth, until an injection made from the anti-venin of a rain 
demon, the victim's body  (including skin, stomach, throat, esophagus, ) becomes  intolerant to water.  
Every fiveminutes (or fraction thereof if   exposed for lessthan five minutes) that the victim is exposed to  
water(including water on uncovered skin, as in a rain storm, or if  the victim drinks water) the skin 
and/or mouth, throat,and  stomach begins to raise large excruciatingly painful blisters. These blisters 
cause 2D+2 damage for every five minutes, or     fraction thereof.
Move: 15
Size: 1.2 m at the shoulder; 1.8 m in length
Description: A particularly nasty creature spawned by Yavin 4's jungles that rival the piranha beetle in 
viciousness.  This is a blue-gray creature mottled with dense green stripes or spots that help it hide in the 
monsoons that blast Yavin 4.  This creature is vicious looking, sporting small ridges along its back, and 
a serrated teeth along its beak-like mouth.  It is a quadruped that walks on all fours, stalking prey in the 
rain.  It is a migratory beast, preferring to remain in the path of Yavin 4's great rain storms, but 
sometimes (mostly when a mother is near-birth) a beast will settle around a small pond.  Fully grown 
within months of its birth, these killing machines luckily only breed once every 5 years or so, having 
litters of no more than three cubs.  The average lifespan of one of these creatures is unknown, but some 
are thought to be over 40 years in age.  Of special note is that these were the favored pets of one of Exar 
Kun's apprentices, as they are depicted rather heavily in the decoration of a small temple located within 
the jungle.

Special abilities: 
Force bubble - Ysalamari create a "force bubble" which prevents proactive manipulation of the Force by 
suppresing the interaction of the Force fields created by various beings, effectively separating them and 
thus preventing any manipulations. Now, the suppresion is not very effective for one Ysalamari, but their 
effectiveness (as well as range) greatly increases with number of Ysalamari. 

Game effect: A single Ysalamari induces a 2D penalty on all Force-using attempts inside it's bubble. If 
the character using the Force is outside of the bubble, he may use it freely, however, any attempt of 
manipulating the Force inside the bubble meets with resistance, though not as great (add 1/2 of the 
penalty to the difficulty). 

Now, this is not very effective. However, if "Force bubbles" of Ysalamari overlap, they create an 
interference which increases the effect of their fields - add combined action bonus to the penalty, i.e. if 
four Ysalamari are brought together, the penalty is increased to 4D. 

Finally, since the field mainly suppreses the interaction between the diffenent fields of Force, the penalty 
to Control skill, which involves the manipulation of your own Force, is halved (after adding the 
combined action bonus), but the penalty to Alter skill (which involves altering the flow of the Force 
outside of your own field) is doubled (after adding the combined action bonus). 

This way, even 4 Ysalamari add 8D to Alter difficulties (or in other words, remove 8D from effective 
Force skill, which is much easier and quicker), so frying somebody with Force Lighting becomes quite 
difficult even for a master. And using 1500 Ysalamaris guarantees safety even against the Emperor, 
Joruus C'Baoth or any munchkinized, over-godly PC Jedi (-8D to Control, -17D to Sense and -34D to 

And one more thing - one may use CP's inside an Ysalamari force bubble, but no Force Points...