Blasters and Energy Weapons

BlasTech Last Resort
The Last Resort microblaster is a marvel of engineering.  Designedfor those that must always be 
armed, but can not reveal that they are armed, even to those security officials who run the check 
point, the Last Resort is nearly undetectable to an active sensor search or frisk, and invisible to 
passive sensors.  A four  shot, ultra short range weapon, the Last Resort is common with couriers 
and corporate agents. There is  even a Kewokian Monkey-Lizard in the employ of the Rebellion 
who uses an upgraded one as a sidearm  (this a rumor only, and should be taken with a grain of 
salt).  To minimize size, the powercell is  internally mounted as a piece of the frame, and the gas 
chamber hold just enough gas for four shots.  After  these are expended, it must be refilled by the 
user, which costs around 60 credits from a certified  BlasTech dealer or service shop.
type:  microblaster
skill: Blaster: micro
availability:  2 R,X
cost:  300
range:  1/2/5
ammo:  4
damage:  2D+1
notes: Very Difficult Search roll of characters or sensors to locate through active measures, Heroic 
for passive searches.

BlasTech Persuader
The Persuader is a compact, yet quite powerful blaster pistol designed as a backup and concealed 
carry weapon for those who can not afford to use a lesser weapon.  Being only 16.8cm long, 2.3 
cm wide and 10.2cm high, this five shot powerhouse produces wound equal to the much larger DL-
18.  It has been engineered to accept a wide variety of sighting accessories, with integral mounting 
rails in fornt of the trigger guard. As a BlasTech product, it has been designed with the utmost in 
reli- ability, accuracy, and ease maintenance in mind.  It is being evaluated by several law 
enforcement agencies, including the Corellian  security  Force, and the Imperial Scouttrooper 
type: Holdout Blasterskill:  Blaster: holdout
availability:  2 R,X
cost: 430  (25)
range:  2-4/5/10
ammo:  5
damage:  4D

BlasTech Stinger
Built on the same frame, and sharing many of the same parts, as the Persuader, the Stinger is a 
popular, less lethal choice in many areas. Firing a very weak beam that succeeds only in stinging 
the opponent, it has become popular with citizens in areas were owning a weapon is for- bidden, 
are faced with a daily criminal threat and cannot afford to go around leaving bodies for police to 
find. It has, with extensive modification to the energizing system, had some interest form couriers, 
as it has an incredible ammunition capacity for such a small weapon. type:  low-power holdout 
skill:  Blaster: holdout
availability: 2 F,R,X
cost:  250  (25)
range:  2-4/8/12
ammo:  12
damage:  2D+1

Budgetline 3.0/12
Like all Budgetline models, the 3.0/12 is a piece of crap.  It has few saving graces, except that it is 
common, cheap, sterile (untraceable), disposable and safe (unlike some others).  It has been found 
with criminals, illegally armed and poor civilians, and covert operatives that need disposable 
weapons or must find them cheaply just before the operation.  It is most popular with those poor 
souls, who for whatever reason, must live in scumholes so scary that even Imperial Stormtroopers 
afraid to go into in less than platoon strength- during the daytime  (at night, you're on your own).  It 
has the drawbacks of poor sights,horrible human engineering, cheap construction and a formidable 
trigger pull.  Still, in a firefight, you 
can't always be choosy.
type:  cheap holdout blaster
skill:  Blaster: holdout
availability: 2 R,X
cost:  250  (25)
range:  1-2/4/12 (+5 difficulty to hit past 8m)
ammo: 6
body:  1D+1
damage: 3D

Model: Saldorian Armory Crystal Blaster Rifle CHG-4
Type: Antipersonnel blaster rifle
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: blaster rifle
Ammo: 25 (powerpack) Unlimited (power backpack)
Cost: 2,000; 100 (power pack); 500 (backpack power generator)
Availability: 2 or 3, F or R
Fire Rate: 10
Range: 3-25/50/100
Blast Radius: 0-1/3
Damage: 2D*1D/1D*1D
Game Notes: When this rifle is fired, the blaster bolt goes through a special crystal that dispersed 
the bolt in many tiny ones. These are send out in a small cone. The target and anyone within a 
metre gets hit by 2D bolts, within 3 metres by 1D bolts. Every bolt does 1D damage. The damage 
is totalled and against this number the targets must resist. Capsule: The Star Wars shotgun.

Rapid Blaster Rifle
Model: Saldorian Rapid Blaster Rifle RGG-2
Type: Antipersonnel rapid blaster rifle
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: repeating blaster
Ammo: Unlimited (power generator)
Cost: 5000; 500 (backpack power generator)
Availability: 3, R or X
Fire Rate: 30
Range: 3-10/30/120
Damage: 1D per bolt
Game Notes: The character carrying this weapon can't dodge because of the weight of the weapon 
for it weight over 10 kilos. When fired however the player shooting decides how he will split his 
blaster skill. How many dices for shots and how many for accuracy. (example: blaster skill 7D -> 
3D for shots and 4D for accuracy.) Then roll the shot dice and this many shots he manages to get 
off. This are evenly spread over the selected targets. Note: multiple targets gives no penalties with 
this rifle. But there is rolled for separately to hit for every target. Every shot does 1D damage, add 
the damage and then the targets resist.=20 Capsule:=20 The Star Wars Gatling Gun

Prax Sniper Rifle
Another example of Prax handiness, this is a special modified blaster rifle. Because of the special 
manual pumping system damage and range are greatly increased. The result is a long range rifle for 
the "one shot, one kill" method. It is perfect for those situations where there are to many minions or 
any hostages around. A separate bi-pod can be attached to increase accuracy. Special sights are 
also available that can make the target look much closer and so increase accuracy at long range.
Model: Prax Arms Model AFD-43 "Sniper"
Type: Blaster rifle
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: blaster rifle
Ammo: 15
Cost: 1,500; 250 (bi-pod); 100 (power pack); 250 (sights)
Availability: 2, F or R=20
Fire Rate: 3 (2 with sights)
Range: 3-40/120/350
Damage: 6D
Game Notes: This weapon has no stun setting. This rifle has a manual controlled pumping system 
to press the gas more for better damage. This causes the low fire rate and high ammo use. Use of 
the bi-pod adds +1D to the blaster roll. Use of the sights and a round preparation will reduces 
range two levels for any following shots, but decreases fire rate to 2.

Drearian Rapid-Fire Rifle/Blaster
A weapon used when greatly outnumbered and one does not have to worry about hitting allies or 
the mess made. Every time fired this rifle produces multiple bolts that can be spread by moving the 
rifle rapidly left-right, best towards the enemy. Also when an enemy has great protection you can 
count that at least one bolt gets through.
Model: Drearian Arms Rapid-Fire Rifle U-21
     Drearian Arms Rapid-Fire Blaster D-49
Type: Rapid-fire blaster rifle/blaster
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: rifle/heavy blaster pistol
Ammo: 100/25
Cost: 1,500(rifle); 1,000(pistol); 100 (power pack)
Availability: 2, F or R
Fire Rate: 10 (rifle)/ 7 (pistol)
Range: 3-25/50/75 (rifle) 3-15/30/50 (pistol)
Damage: 5D
Game Notes: This rifle/pistol shoots per shot three bolts out in rapid succession. For each three a 
roll must be made. Each shot counts as two actions instead of one, so a shot is made with an extra -
1D. [Star Wars equivalent to RoboCop's weapon]

Czerka 912 Compact Repeating Blaster
        The Czerka 912 Compact is a unique design, designed for troops who have limited 
transportation and storage space.  It has no shoulder stock or bipod, nor doe it have provisions fro 
the fitting of such items.  It is quite short, only little over a meter in length when in the firing mode, 
and only about the length of an E11 with the stock folded when  sacked up for transport.  This is 
due to the radical, telescoping barrel design.  The focusing lenses, the forward half of the galven 
circuitry and the cooling system are mounted in a large canister that retracts and extends via a 
hydraulic piston.  It has a slightly shorter than average range, but is also slightly more powerful 
than your typical light repeater.  It was 
originally meant for the bounty hunter market, but fell flat due to the high cost and maintenance 
        type: telescoping, light repeating blasters
        skill: Blaster: repeating
        availability: 3 X
        cost: 4500 (25)
        range: 3-30/50/250 (+5 difficulty to hit at long range)
        fire rate: 1
        ammunition: 25, or power generator for unlimited ammo.
        damage: 6D+1
        notes:  Requires one round to lock barrels into firing position.  +10difficulty on all repair and 
modification rolls.

SoroSuub RB-407
        The SoroSuub RB-407 is the standard issue medium repeating blaster to the Imperial Army 
(Expansion and Inner Rim regions).  Like other medium repeaters, it has been over shadowed by 
light and heavy models.  Designed to fill both the role of mounted or positional gun, and platoon or 
company level support weapon, it is considered to be a compromise, but a good one. In the fixed 
gun role, it can fired from the integral bipod, or mounted to a wide variety of pintal and tripod 
mounts, meaning that it can be used as a commander's gun on armoured vehicles, or as a door  un 
on airial transports. In the infantry role, it's fixed stock and bipod are essential.  Meant to be fired 
from the bipod due to eight, the RB-407 is capable of being fired like a big rifle by a strong enough 
individual.  Despite this versatility, it has earned the unenviable nickname of "pig", due to it's 
reputation for eing temperamental (all of these problems are corrected by using proper ammunition 
and aintenance procedures) and it's considerable weight. 
        type: medium repeating blaster
        skill: Blaster: repeating
        availability: 2  X
        cost:  3020  (25)
        range:  3-75/150/400
        fire rate: 1
        ammo: 15, or power generator for unlimited ammo.
        damage: 7D
        notes:  Must make a Moderate Lifting skill roll when firing without support
(either bipod or mount), or suffer a +1D difficulty penalty due the weight.
SoroSuub FastShot

       A compact piece of ordinance, the FastShot is designed to be used by those you need a LOT of 
firepower in a small package.  Although it's bolt is a little underpowered by most standards, a 
burst from this puppy will dropnearly anything at point blank range.  As such, it has become 
popular with some body guard organizations and counter-terrorist/hostage rescue teams. Following 
the basic lines of the traditional blaster pistol, the FastShot differs from he traditional control 
placement, with he safety being located above the trigger itself, and has ambidextrous levers.
        type: selective fire blaster pistol
        skill: Blaster: auto pistol
        availability: 3  X
        cost:  850  (25)
        range:  3-10/50/150
        modes:  semi-auto and burst (5 shots/burst)
        ammunition:  100
        damage: 3D+2

Type:  Pulse Blaster
Fire Rate:  *
Scale:  Character
Damage: *
Range:  5/15/25
Ammo:  25*
Skill:  Blaster:  Wrist Blaster
Cost:  5000
Availability:  4,X
*Can do 6D damage at charachter, speeder, or starfighter scale.  Fire rate
decreases (1/1/2/1/4) and ammo consumption increases (1/2/4) as scale size
increases.  Can be attached to a generator.

BlasTech ES-23 "ESPO Riot Gun"
        This is one of the standard issue weapons of the CSA's vaunted ESPO forces, and one of the 
most common and popular automatic rifles in action today. Despite it's popular nickname, it is not 
a true riot gun.  Sharing the durability and reliability of the rest of the BlasTech line, the ES-23's 
control layout and maintenance drill are quickly learned if one has mastered the E11 rifle or E14 
carbine.  The biggest difference lies in placement of the special, oversized powercell on the 
underside of the weapon.  They are well designed, fitted with a vertical foregrip to compensate for 
the lack of shoulder stock.  This means that it can provide an incredible amount of fire in a 
relatively small package.  Contrary to most descriptions, it is actually no more inaccurate than an 
E11, and not much heavier.(These notes expand on those given in the Han Solo and the Corporate 
Sector Sourcebook, and adapt those stats to these rules and terminology.) 
       type: selective fire blaster rifle
        skill: Blaster: auto rifle
        availability: 2 X
        cost:  1700   (50)
        range: 3-30/100/300
        modes: semi-auto, burst (5 shots/burst) and full auto (30 shots/long burst)
        ammunition: 300
        damage: 5D+1

MODEL: Modified Gee-Tech 10-ga double barrelled blaster
TYPE: Blaster (heavy)
SCALE: Character  (do *NOT* use hit-location tables!!)
SKILL: Blaster: sawed-off blaster   ("cocking" takes one action)
AMMO: 25
AVAILABILITY: 2,R,X for original; *very* common on invisible market
RANGE: 1-6/15/30
DAMAGE: 7D/4D/3D (at long range, the shot is wide enough to hit 2 or more  targets for 3D 
Double barrel blaster
Type:assult blaster
damage:if 1 shot hits then damage of 4D if both hit then damage of 8D
capsle: double the difficulty to hit if the PC role less than the difficulty but more then half only one 

Th'Ta Manufacturing TA-16 and TA-16H Blaster Rifle
        The Th'Ta TA-16 is a good, though relatively unknown, blaster rifle.  The TA-16 is 
calibrated to be fired in single shot and burst fire modes, while the TA-16H squad automatic 
weapon is designed to be fired in long burstsonly.  They both use standard power cells, and have 
the typical layout of most rifles, although hey are a little larger than average.  The TA-16 and -16H 
may be readily differentiated by the thicker barrel and ventilated hand guard on the TA-16H.  
Other, less noticeable differences include the higher cyclic rate, lack of a bayonet lug and larger, 
less accurate sight on the TA-16H. (note: the stats for the TA-16H 
appear in the brackets]
        type:  selective fire blaster rifle   [squad automatic weapon]
        skill: Blaster: auto rifle
        availability: 3 X
        cost:  1500 (25)  [1650 (25)]
        range:  3-30/100/200  [3-25/90/200]
        modes:  semi auto and burst (4 shots/burst)  [burst (10 shots/burst) or
full auto (50 shot/burst)]
        ammo:  100
        damage:  4D+2

Salus BA-197 .05mm Beam Rifle
        The BA-197 is a return to an older technology, using a simple high-IR frequency cutting laser 
beam.  It's pulse lasts only a bare tenth of an Imperial second, and does little damage, but it does 
have the bonuses of low delectability, high accuracy and fairly long range.  It also produces a very 
small hole, about one half of one millimeter in diameter, making a quick determination of the cause 
of death.  Most skilled marksmen use it for a heart or brain shot, where the cell's flash boiling will 
do the most damage. 
        type: laser rifle
        skill: Energy Weapons: laser rifle
        availability: 3 R,X
        cost: 905 (25)
        range: 4-40/150/500
        fire rate: 1
        ammunition: 50
        damage: 4D
notes: Light Speed Hit: Due to the speed of the shot, target has a -3 pip penalty applied to his 
Dodge roll for this weapon ONLY.Frequency: tuned to the high infrared.  Can not be seen without 
specialized imaging equipment.

Model: C-18 Laser Pistol
Type: Laser Pistol
Scale: Character
Skill: Laser Weapons: Laser Pistol
Range: 5-50/100/200
Damage: 4D
Ammo: 10 shots
Cost: 550

Model: C-10 Light Assault Laser Rifle
Type: Light Assault Laser Rifle
Scale: Character
Skill: Laser Weapons: Assault Laser Rifle
Range: 25-200/300/400
Damage: 5D
Ammo: 20 shots / 30 shots with extended clip
Cost: 1000

Model: C-12 Heavy Assault Laser Rifle
Type: Heavy Assault Laser Rifle
Scale: Character
Skill: Laser Weapons: Assault Laser Rifle
Range: 25-200/300/400
Damage: 7D
Ammo: 20 shots / 30 shots with extended clip
Cost: 1500

Model: Wilk's 320 Laser Pistol
Type: Laser Pistol
Scale: Character
Skill: Laser Weapons: Laser Pistol
Range: 2-20/40/60
Damage: 3D
Ammo: 20 shots
Cost: 500

Model: Wilk's 447 Laser Rifle
Type: Laser Rifle
Scale: Character
Skill: Laser Weapons: Laser Rifle
Range: 5-50/75/150
Damage: 5D
Ammo: 20 shots
Cost: 850

Model: NG-33 Nothern Gun Laser Pistol
Type: Laser Pistol
Scale: Character
Skill: Laser Weapons: Laser Pistol
Range: 2-10/30/50
Damage: 3D
Ammo: 20 shots
Cost: 450

Model: NG-L5 Northern Gun Laser Rifle
Type: Laser Rifle
Scale: Character
Skill: Laser Weapons: Laser Rifle
Range: 4-40/90/130
Damage: 5D
Ammo: 10 shots; 20 shots for extended clip
Cost: 750

Weapon Type: Wrist Laser Gauntlets
 Scale: Character
 Skill: Blaster: wrist lasers 
 Crew: 1
 Ammo: 15
 Availability: 2,F
 Body: 1D
 Fire Rate: 
 Fire Control: 
 Range: 0-2
 Blast Radius: 
 Damage: 4D
 Cost: 2,000; 100 (powerpack)
 Special: Rechargeable, solar powered

SoroSuub Redemptor
TYPE: Specialised Hold-out Blaster
SCALE: Character
SKILL: Blaster
COST: Not for sale. Rikard managed to get these through 'connections'
RANGE: 3-8/12/20
GAME NOTES: The Redeptor is almost silent in operation, a perfect assassins tool

Peacmaker's Submission Bolter	
Damage:  5D/3D/1D
Blast Radius: 1-3/4/5-8
Range: 2-8/15/40
Availabilty: R
Ammo:  3
Fire Rate: 1
Cost: 500/bolts 50 per bolt (This weapon is rarely found off Black Market)
Capsule:  The Bolter was Peacemaker's only successful weapon model.  This weapon fired an 
explosive cylinder that was superheated as it left the weapon.  This weapons fire is often mistaken 
for blaster fire.  The weapon was originally intended for military usage in assaulting small or 
medium sized vehicles.  However due to its unreliability (the tendency to blow up in the operator's 
face) and short range it never found its place in legal organizations.  Though smugglers, pirates and 
other lowlives flocked to purchase this weapon, which lead to it's being restricted.   It is still 
available on the black market at an inflated price and is used most commonly by outlaws and 

Mandalorian Iron-Plated blaster Pistol
Damage: 4D+2
Range:  1-10/25/40
Ammo: 17 shot clips, clips must be specially made to fit the gun, takes a difficult blaster repair 
role(and tools) to either convert a different type of ammo to work, or refill an existing ammo clip.
Body: 7D They are nearly indestructible. Due to the fact that they are coated with a layer of 
Mandalorian iron they cannot be easily cut by anything, including lightsabres.
Special: Another unique aspect is the fact that they cannot only block blaster bolts, but reflect 
them. It is nearly impossible to intentionally block and reflect a blaster bolt with one of these 
weapons, though it has been done.(GM make up rules, for non-Jedi a controlled reflection shot 
would most likely cost a FP.)
Description: Its a work of art, sleek and shinning a black-silver color, the weapon is very rare, in 
fact being virtually impossible to find. There are only 100 of these known to exist in the galaxy, the 
majority held by rich collectors, though some of them are out in the open. There were created by 
the Great Mandalorian Warriors as a sign of status among their kind, the only way to get your 
hands on one is to either steal it from one of the wealthy collectors, or take it off of the body of a 
Mandalore Chief.
Cost: 50,000
Availability: XX

Type: Biotech blaster (*) 
    Scale: Character 
    Skill: Bioweapons: Blaster Pistol 
    Ammo: 100 
    Cost: 5,000, 25(power pack) 
    Availability: 4,X 
    Fire control:1D 
    Range: 3-10/30/120 
    Damage: 4D Game Notes:Using this unskilled the user dose not get to use the fire control. 
As Bt expanded it took up other failing companies like FibroBiotics FibroBiotics was making new 
weapons that would give the user better control but since you had to be highly specialized to 
actually get any fire control at all. The bio weapons are supposed to join with the user 
usingorganic material to give the user extra fire control. 

Type: Biotech blaster rifle (*) 
    Scale: Character 
    Skill: Bioweapons: Blaster rifle 
    Ammo: 100 
    Cost: 6,000, 25(power pack) 
    Availability: 4,X 
    fire control: 1D 
    Range: 3-750/100/300 
    Damage: 5D Game Notes: Using this unskilled one dose not get to use fire control.

Model: BT-12 Blaster rifle 
    Scale: Character 
    Skill: Blaster: BT-12 
    Ranges: 3-50/100/200 
    Damage: 5D+1 
    Ammo: 100 
    Cost: 2,500 credits 
    Availability: X(But hey the whole company is illigal) Notes: Each round of aiming adds 1D to 
blaster roll, can go up to 3D