Aliens A-F


Dice: 11D
Dex: 1D+1/3D
Kno: 2D/4D
Mec: 1D+2/3D+1
Per: 1D+1/3D+2
Str: 2D/4D+2
Tec: 1D/2D+2
Move: 7/9
Average Height: 1.2 - 1.7 meters
Special Abilities:
Claw: Str+1D+2 damage
Resilient: All Alarians get +2D when rolling Str vs. intoxication, poison, sickness, etc.
Primitive: Native-born Alarians cannot start out with any space level skills (i.e. any starship, computer, 
blaster, or droid skills).
Story Factors:
Oppression: The Empire enslaved this race and almost wiped it out.
        Alarians are mammal-like reptiles, an evolutionary crossroads between the two kinds of animals.  
They have an ursine appearance, but below their fur is a layer of pebbly scales.  They have a rough, 
hairless ridge running up the top of their heads.  Their hands and feet are hairless, as are the tough elbow 
and kneecaps.  Their hands have opposable thumbs, two main fingers and a smaller end digit, while their 
saurian feet are three toed.  All digits have large claws.  They are also relatively thin, but short.  Their 
fur ranges from black to light brown, and their eyes are yellow and slitted like a reptile's.  They subsist 
completely on meat, preferably eaten cooked.  They wear little clothing, for their planet is warm and 
comfortable all year round.  Alarians fear the cold, but they can survive in it.  Alarians are born in eggs, 
but these eggs are incubated and hatched inside the female, so the young are "born" fully able to survive.
        Alarians are surprisingly peaceful for a carnivorous species.  They have had no major wars, and 
they only use their primitive firearms to hunt. Alarian homes are usually one level, and their villages are 
small, with no agriculture.  They only used their planet's vast fertile areas for raising livestock.  They 
have a complicated writing system, and their language is unpronounceable by humans (though Alarians 
can speak Basic perfectly well).         This species was on the verge of discovering electricity when 
discovered by the Empire.  They were enslaved an almost driven extinct. The Rebellion never found this 
system, and the natives are still under human control.  The Empire may be gone, but Imperial humans 
remain a strong factor on the planet.

     Homeworld:  Alidur
     Other planets inhabited:  Rhtuim, Umbri, Nathur, Lorigen
     Appearance:  Aldru are a relatively stocky race, with a thick layer of body fat and muscle beneath white 
insulative fur. They are exceedingly well adapted to life in cold conditions, having broad, snowshoe like 
feet, thick, milky secondary eyelids to protect them from driving snow and sleet, as well as snow 
blindness, and long tufts of black hair descending from below their forward set eyes, to absorb much of 
the light reflecting off the ice sheets of their homeworld.  Aldru are amphibious air breathers, with a 
maximum dive length of forty minutes.  The Aldru are capable of surviving in even the most frigid waters 
because of the insulative nature of the oils trapped in their fur.  When underwater, the broad feet of the 
Aldru act as paddles, enabling them to swim with great speed.  The Aldru have formidable claws and needle 
sharp teeth, which they use both for self defense and for the hunt, particularly when chasing fish below the 
water's surface.
     Modern Aldru tend not to wear anything other than bandoliers, weapon straps, armor or suchlike.  The 
tufts of thick black hair beneath their eyes are allowed to grow to great lengths, and are something of a 
status symbol among the Aldru. 
     Leaders:  The Aldru are ruled by a hereditary monarch, whose powers are limited by an elected council.  
Council members servefor six Alidur years, and the deliberations of the councils are public.
     World view:  The Aldru tend to take the long view, passing up immediate benefits in exchange for long 
term goals.  They see the universe as being an unimaginably large place, and try to stabilize their little 
portion of it.
     Temperament:  Aldru enjoy serenity, and try to seek it out whenever possible.  However, when serenity 
becomes an impossible goal, they are willing to take energetic action.  They are not an innately violent 
race, but if kept from relaxing for long enough amounts of time, they become increasingly edgy and 
dangerous. Imperial overseers eventually learned that pattern, and gave Aldru plenty of time off.  However, 
they didn't realize that the Aldru could also become quite violent when they decided that violence was 
necessary and the revolt was quite unanticipated.
     Aldru are happiest when swimming underneath the icesheets, and reach a somewhat euphoric state 
when they've been out on the oceans for a few weeks.  During the colder months, the Aldru hunt on the 
icesheets, where more intensity is required, and they are much less happy when they haven't been 
swimming for a while.
     History and Culture:  The Aldru are a relatively old sentient species, but have been tied very closely to 
the seasons of their planet until recently.  Alidur is a frigid water world, whose surface freezes over 
completely for half the year.  The Aldru were an equatorial race, feeding on the vast shoals of fish during 
the summer months, and scratching a living off of the ice sheets during the winter.  The summers were 
times of great plenty, as the waters beneath Alidur's ice sheets are among the
most fertile in the sector, but the winters were absolutely brutal, with little life on the icesheets, and great 
competition for what their was, producing a communal society during the summers and a solitary one 
during the winters, a behavior pattern encouraged by the euphoria and calm the Aldru experience when 
able to swim. 
     Alidur has no easily accessible metal deposits, no exposed surface stone, not even any woody plants, 
so the development of the Aldru's technology was impaired for a very long time, limited to bone huts 
covered in fur and fish skins.  They eventually discovered that fish oils and the blubber from various 
mammalian creatures are flammable, and became able to spread across the planet in permanent 
communities, composed of huge ice structures supported by whale bone columns and lined with furs 
centered around open water pools kept from freezing over by watchfires. This is the highest level of 
technology that the Aldru were able to reach on their own, considering the limitations of their resources.
     During the Yrotha war the Aldru were unable to defend themselves against Yrotha depredations, but 
when the Yrotha were forced to pull out they left some of their ships behind, and the Aldru started to 
explore their solar system.  Despite their inability to develop technology, they were quite adept at 
understanding it, and soon planted several colonies on the frigid Rhtium.  Colder than Alidur, but with 
substantial mineral reserves, the Rhtium colonies were able to survive off of the local wildlife, and soon 
spread across the planet.  The Yrotha ships soon became inoperable, but the Aldru had already invented
radio at that point, and the two worlds kept in close touch. When spaceflight was finally achieved by the 
Aldru of Rhtium, the two worlds were once again brought into contact.      After several centuries of 
constant technological advance, the Aldru sent sublight generation vessels to several nearby solar 
systems.  These huge craft took hundreds of years to reach their goals, and two of the five craft did not 
reach their goals, but the other three did, establishing colonies on Umbri, Nathur, and Lorigen.  
Interstellar traders (apparently Skathelon, though the Skathelon expansion never reached Aldru space) 
found the colony on Nathur, and soon the Aldru had hyperspace travel.  The population of Alidur having 
been brought under control by this time, the Aldru had little desire to expand further at that time, though 
travel between the Aldru worlds gradually became commonplace.
     Then the Empire came, and while the Aldru attempted to resist, their primitive craft were no match for 
the Imperial war machine, and they soon fell and were enslaved by the Empire. Their powerful build and 
their relative good temper destined them for manual labor, which they performed without complaint, as 
long as they had time to swim.  The Empire did not know that that the Aldru could communicate over great 
distances under water, and the level of preparedness that their revolt had took the Imperials by complete 
surprise.  All of the Imperial bases and garrisons on their worlds were undermined and destroyed, and the 
planetary  shield generators were seized.  Black market contacts supplied the Aldru with planetary ion 
cannons, five Panther Cruisers and a small fleet of Hunter and TIE/ln fighters.      When the Empire 
returned, in the form of three Victory class Star Destroyers and an Imperial class command ship, they 
were in for a surprise.  Despite their outdated ships, some of were performing at less than 30% of their 
listed specifications, the Aldru's planning carried the day.  The Ion cannons kept the ships away from the 
shield generators on Alidur, and the ground assault failed miserably, as the extreme cold of the water and 
the Aldru's swimming abilities stalled subsurface attacks, and undermining drowned any attempt at a 
surface assault.  While the Imperials remained in Alidur's orbit, the combat starfighters were loaded into a 
captured Imperial ore freighter which was set on a collision course with the command ship.  The hull of 
the massive freighter was quickly breached, and the fighters boiled out, avoiding the usual fighter screen 
and destroying the Imperial class ship.  One Victory class ship had been disabled by the Ion cannon blast, 
and the remaining ship left the field of battle.
     A larger Imperial fleet was scheduled to bring the Aldru back under control, but Moff Doran needed all 
available ships for the battle of Oth'Lenar.  After that disaster no ships were available for quite a while.  By 
the time that the Imperium rose and had sufficient craft to make the attempt to retake the Aldru systems, 
the defenses of those worlds had been developed to quite high levels, using black market Yaeger and 
Imperial technology and deep subsurface power generators whose energy signatures were concealed 
either by the masses of life forms or by other baffling technology.  Fearing a drawn out campaign far from 
the front lines with the Yaeger, Rulduk set up a blockade around Aldru space, and left it at that.  When the 
Shuumar rebellion succeeded, the Aldru and Shuumar broke through the blockade to  release the 
Questrans from Imperial control, and connect their area of control.
     The Aldru feel that they owe a debt of gratitude to the Yaeger, as the Yaeger supplied them with 
weapons and craft during their rebellion at or below cost.  However, Alliance with the Yaeger would turn 
them from a nuisance to a threat in Imperium eyes, so they have refrained from making that move.  The 
New Republic's offer of incorporation extended to the Aldru was somewhat less tempting, as they knew 
very little about the New Republic, except that the Empire was more solidly against the New Republic 
than they were regarding the Yaeger.  For the Aldru, the Confederation of Unaligned Worlds is a 
convenience, not the ideological ideal it is to the Shuumar and Questrans. 
     Tech Level:  Space.  The Aldru have been purchasing modern weapon and production technology at a 
furious rate since they won their independence from the Empire, paying with either raw materials, food 
products, or war bonds, which only the Yaeger will accept as payment. 
     Aldru in the Sector:  Constant travel to the Aldru worlds by  Yaeger free traders has allowed many 
Aldru off their homeworld, and into the ports of the Yaeger Sector, where they are known as capable 
pilots and superior brawlers.  The Imperium still classifies Aldru as a slave race, and many Aldru that had 
been shipped off their homeworld still work  in Imperial mines and factories. 
     A Quote:  "It's always so still beneath the ice"
     Spaceships:  A mixture of Yaeger, Imperial, and general market craft.  Aldru scientists are working on 
modification of existing craft and production of new craft to meet the Aldru's specifications, but they 
have yet to produce anything significant.
     Attribute Dice:  12D+2
     Attribute Min/Max
     DEX:  2D+1/4D+2
     KNO:  2D/4D
     MECH: 1D/4D+1
     PER:  2D/3D+2
     STR:  3D/5D
     TECH: 1D/3D+2
     Move:  10/12, 12/14 Swimming.

     Special Abilities:
     * Swimming:  The Aldru swim at the listed rate, and get 2D for every dice put into that skill throughout 
their careers.
     * Underwater subsonic communications:  Aldru can talk to each other for up to 10 Kilometers when 
they are both beneath the surface. 
     Story Factors:
     Slave Race:  Free Aldru are not permitted in the Imperium, and any Aldru in Imperium space risks being 
transferred to the mines regardless of all other factors. 

Attribute Dice: 12D
Special Abilities:
Roll: Increases the Amani's Move by +10. A rolling Amani can take no other actions in the round.
Redundant Anatomy: All wounds suffered by an Amani are treated as if they were one level less. Two Kill 
results are
needed to kill an Amani.
Move: 9/11
Size: 2.0-3.0 meters tall

Dice: 12D+2
Dex: 2D+1/6D
Kno: 2D+1/4D+2
Mec: 1D+2/3D+1
Per: 1D/4D
Str: 2D/4D
Tec: 1D+2/3D+1

Special abilities:  +1D for every 1D put into melee combat at character creation only.
                    Long Life span: live to about 4,000- 4,500 onaverage.
Story Factors: Honor bound: Must follow the Code of Light or risk vast torment by the mist.
        Mistaken for Humans the natives of the planet Alumid have a very differnt internal structure.  The 
arangement and number of internal organs gives the Alumidians a large life span.
        The average life span of a Alumidian is 4,000 years.  Though unlike many species they mature at a 
very young age.  What they call the Va'dor is their coming of age for the young males.  This occurs on 
their 100th birthday.  The cerimony is complex though might come off as primitive.
        The young male is sent into the forest wisf a knife and some rope.  He is then requiered to find a sun 
filled clearing.  There he spens all day and all night praying and fasting.  Come day break e finds an animal 
and kills it by the means at his disposal.  After his first solo kill he brings it back to his family where he 
prepares it and serves it to his family.  His father upon stisfaction presents to his son his first sword with 
the family seal on the handle and sheath.  The boy is now a K'toc(Man).
        The Alumidians worship the Master of Light who they claim made the entire universe.  Though a few 
wrorship the Master of the Mist who offers great power to those who follow him.
        Though they have yet to develope a faster than light drive their defencive systems have yet to be 

    Archanians are a leathery-skinned, partly-amphibious creature native  to several water-based worlds. 
How they have managed to evolve on several  distinct water-worlds remains a mystery. Archanians from 
one water planet  have a different number of chromosomes compared to another Y'qexi from a  different 
water planet. Based on this, scientists assume that they have  evolved somewhat separately, but perhaps 
shared some common ancestor.
The types:
    Type 1 (Falaris)
    Type 2 (Konoctak)
    Type 3 (Kalverai)
The Falaris tend to be noble savages. Quite intelligent, and fair in  their dealings. Falaris are 
genealogically incompatible with Konoktacs  (read: they can't mate, stupid!) The Kalverai are in 
between the other two races -- both in their mating  ability and their habits. The Konoctaks are shady 
folks. Living among them is near impossible for a  scientist, unless one stays on their toes. Backstabbing, 
treachery, and  murder are abound in the Konoctak tribes. Konoctaks are the type of folks  you'd expect 
to see in Jabba's courtyard.
    Archanians have qualities of reptiles and mammals, and can breathe  with lungs or gills (i.e. they can 
breathe indefinitely on land or at  sea). They can function normally without breathing for up to two hours.  
They have an odd x-shaped sensory device, called a vodrin, which picks up  vibrations, scents, tastes, 
and noises beyond the human spectrum of  hearing. They may also breathe through it, either underwater 
or on land,  the vodrin functions as a gill or a pre-lung organ (should an Archanian's  head become 
forcibly removed from the body, the vodrin can keep the head  alive and functioning for up to two hours, 
although Archanians claim that  this number is quite conservative.     Although Archanians are 
physiologically more advanced than most other  species, they tend to be patronized by more "advanced" 
cultures -- most  people assume that any Archanians are uncultured and stupid beasts, which  often could 
not be farther from the truth. Most Archanians are cunning to  the max. Some use their cunning, others let 
it sit idle. Many are the  Konoctaks that have taken advantage of other people with their guard down...
Attribute Dice: 14D (see notes)
Dexterity : 2D/5D
Knowledge : 1D/3D+1
Mechanical: 1D/3D
Perception: 2D/5D
Strength  : 2D/4D
Technical : 1D/2d+2
Move      : 11/13
Height    : 1.4/2 meters
Average Archanians:
Dexterity : 3d+2 ; melee combat 4d+1, melee parry 4d, running: short 
                   sprints 6d, thrown weapons 4d
Knowledge : 1d+2 ; survival 3d
Mechanical: 1d   ; 
Perception: 3d   ; hide 4d, search 4d, sneak 4d
Strength  : 2d+2 ; stamina 4d, swimming 4d
Technical : 1d   ; 

    Archanians should be able to make sensory checks using double dice or  half again as many dice, to 
account for their vodrin. Archanians can swim  at their normal movement rate, and can breathe 
underwater indefinitely.  For all accounts, all Archanians have swimming skill of 4d, free! At  character 
inception, you get 2d for the price of 1d when putting it into swimming.
    A player character still only gets 18d of skills, even though the  Archanian has 14d attribute dice. 
Starting archanians can't pick skills (at inception) like: all technical skills but first aid: archanian species 
and the new 
technical skill: engraving 
all mechanical skills
any modern weapon skills (stick the players with bows, knives, swords, etc.)
all knowledge skills but survival, willpower, and intimidation.

Here are two weapons that they commonly use:
the Koryol-thrower
(this device launches a 3-bladed disc at an enemy from a hand launcher  with two slats in it; the principle 
is quite the same as for lacrosse.  Most archanians engrave their discs and launchers quite ornately. This  
device is used one handed, and has a maximum fire rate of 2. Most  archanians have 3-5 discs.)
    Where: 4 for non archanians
    cost : free for archanians, mucho denero for non archanians
    damage : str-1d (yes, strength MINUS 1d, min. of 1d)
the Kaidir a curiously shaped sword; the back edge of the sword is straight, the  cutting edge of the 
sword is curved inwards (like an inverse scimitar  with a straight back. The blade is around 2' long and 
VERY sharp; some  versions have the blade on a long shaft, statistics for this version  remain the same) 
The Kaidir is creatively engraved as well as the Koryol  thrower.
    Where, cost: as for the Koryol thrower
    Damage: str+1d+2

     Homeworld:  Ol'Ien'Biur
     Other planets inhabited:  Many in the Yaeger Sector
     Appearance:  Asber are close genetic relatives of the Skathelon.  However, unlike the massive 
Skathelon, the Asber are a relatively diminutive race.  Averaging under one and a half meters, the Asber 
preserve many of the  features of the Skathelon,
with a flat, broad head set on a long and flexible neck, and a large and powerful tail (relative to their 
body size).  However, unlike the Skathelon, the Asber are a fully bipedal race, with a single pair of arms.  In 
addition, unlike  the more elaborately colored Skathelons, Asber are a uniform pale brown, with no variation 
among members of the race  whatsoever.
     Leaders:  The Asber are ruled by the Association of the Seventeen, a holdover from the feudal days 
of the Race.  The Seventeen have subjected themselves to the rulings of the  Pangritai council in matters 
of interstellar policy, though they have personal control over all internal matters.      World view:  The Asber 
are almost aggressively  individualistic, perhaps in a reaction to the vast populations of their communities.  
However, they refuse  to recognize anyone other than themselves as individuals.  This rather unique 
philosophical dichotomy is  often viewed with confusion and exasperation by non-Asber, who view the 
Asber's failure to recognize  them by face or name as a personal insult, rather than a racial trait.
     Temperament:  The Asber are a rather emotional race, easily driven to flights of passion.  They do 
not place the same value on sentient life that other civilizations do, and this, when combined with their degree 
of emotionalism  leads to a remarkable degree of violence amongst the Asber. 
     History and Culture:  The Asber are an egg laying race, with five to twelve eggs in a typical clutch.  
The young are traditionally raised by the parents.  Asber young are low maintenance, capable of walking 
almost at  birth, and being fully independent after two to three years.     The immense fertility of the Asber 
initially proved an obstacle to  development, as it caused them to spend much of their energy and resources in 
territorial conflicts.   However, once the Asber achieved interstellar travel, their immense fertility enabled 
them to expand  rapidly, settling numerous planets fully in the space of a few years.  This much larger Asber 
population sped up the rate of technological improvement, and in the space of a few generations the Asber 
had  become a major force in the affairs of the sector.  At this time, the Skathelon were in the process of  
recovering from their losses in the Yaeger War, and they sought an alliance with the Asber.  The two  races 
formed a rather tight alliance, a alliance that became even closer when the close genetic 
relationship between the two races became known.  This Pangritai alliance was an aggressive and 
powerful force who proved to be quite a threat to the various other races of the Yaeger sector.
     When the Empire expanded into the Yaeger Sector, the Pangritai were incorporated, after an 
agricultural disaster, followed by intensive imperial relief cemented the previously loose alliance 
between the two powers.  Since that time, both the Asber and the Skathelon have become vassal races of  
the Empire, with the Skathelon might and the Asber numbers have borne a good part of the load of the  
industry of the Empire's efforts in the area.
     Tech Level:  Medium space
     Asber in the Sector:  The Asber have collected a large amount of ill will among the races of the 
sector, both when they were allied with the Skathelons, and when they were Imperial clients.  The only 
allies they have that they can count on are the Skathelons, who are capable of giving them only limited 
aid, as most of their resources are dedicated to the Imperium's
     A Quote: "I am Al'Atara'Nikor.  And you are?  Who cares?"
     Spaceships:  The Asber's most powerful vehicles were produced in conjunction with the Skathelon.  
The Pangritai Grison
light cruiser being their most effective craft.

     Attribute Dice:  12D
     Attribute Min/Max
     DEX:  1D/3D+2
     KNO:  1D+1/4D
     MECH: 1D+2/4D+1
     PER:  2D/4D+2
     STR:  1D/3D
     TECH: 1D/3D+2
     Move:  7/10

     Special Abilities:
     * Lack of Empathy:  Asber simply do not empathize with the emotions of others, perhaps because of 
the sheer densities of
others that they have to deal with.  Asber are therefore immune to Jedi emotional manipulation, unless 
the force user in question
comes from a similar ethical background. 

     Homeworld:  Girgasoom
     Other planets inhabited:  Ostvego, Uiri
     Appearance:  Asramul are an amphibious race, spending most of their time underwater.  They quite 
tall, almost four meters in height, with a mottled orange, yellow, and purple skin that allows them to 
blend in very well with the shallow water reefs of their homeworld.  Due to their primarily aquatic 
nature and large size, they have very powerful muscles, which are required to push their bulks through 
water.  They are rather angular for all that, with long, thin limbs, a rather slender torso, and a long, thin 
     Omnivores, the Asramul prey on fish for much of their food, while relying on corals, kelp, and other 
sealife for certain essential nutrients.  Asramul have four independently focusing eyes, that are set in non-
flexible stalks, with one set on either side of the forehead and jaw, giving their heads a somewhat 
starlike appearance.  In addition, they have a pair of very sensitive ears, which are fully retractable, 
tending to remain behind a layer of skin when the Asramul are on the surface, giving them no better 
hearing then humans.  In addition, their four nose-slits are also very sensitive, giving them detection 
abilities similar to those of sharks, when they are submerged.      Leaders:  The Asramul are a 
democratic society, with a single executive and a twenty member legislative/judicial branch, each of 
whom stand for election every ten years.
     World view:  Known for their naturalistic philosophy, Asramul try to live in harmony with their 
environment, producing goods and dwellings out of natural substances, and without disturbing their 
environments.  Despite all this, the Asramul are not a particularly pacifistic race, and are quite brutal 
when fighting in self defence, not stopping until their enemy is completely destroyed.
     Temperament:  Though they try to live their lives without disturbing their environments, Asramul have 
predator's instincts, and far prefer meals that they hunt down and kill themselves to pre-caught food.  
Similarly, though they try to co-exist in peace and harmony with all life, they will not hesitate to slit 
throats when it seems necessary.
     History and Culture:  The Asramul are a quite ancient race, having developed interstellar travel over 
thirty thousand years ago.  However, they never formed an empire of any sort, quitecontent to remain 
alone in their little corner of the sector.  They did colonize one planet out of their system, Uiri, due to the 
fact that it was remarkably similar to their homeworld, and due to overfishing of certain areas of 
Girgasoom.  Since then, Uiri and Girgasoom have remained in close contact, with Asramul moving from 
one to the other in the face of planetary population increases, which are dealt with both by this method 
and by  voluntary population controls.
     During this period, Asramul developed a very sophisticated culture.  Their art, and subharmonic 
symphonies are quite sophisticated, and may prove to be quite popular in the general galactic arena.  All 
aspects of their culture are based on their realization that resources are limited, and that natures is to be 
respected, as well as their own predatory nature. 
     Due to the fact that their planet is located near the edgeof the Yaeger Sector closest to the slice, they 
have learned more about the rest of the galaxy than many other races of the sector.  Piecing together bits 
of information and rumor, they developed a surprisingly accurate understanding of the galactic situation, 
and they welcomed the New Republic's entrance into the Sector, applying for membership to the New 
Republic almost as soon as the first of their scouts arrived.  Since that time, they have developed a quite 
close relationship with the New Republic, that
has proved highly profitable for the Asramul, who have started to learn about the glories of interstellar 
     Tech Level:  Medium space.  Asramul tend to work with natural materials, but at quite sophisticated 
     Asramul in the Sector:  Asramul are viewed as being haughty isolationists, and their immediate 
adoption of the New Republic Government has raised suspicions among many.
     A Quote: "Always in motion are the shoals, but their numbers can be predicted with certainty"
     Spaceships:  Asramul's spacecraft are quite unusual, being composed of natural substances, such as 
glass, ceramics, and small amounts of minerals, but manage to preform near galactic standards.  The 
gorgeous Nautilus cruiser, and the SpineDart fighters are currently the most sophisticated craft that the 
Asramul produce.
     Attribute Dice:  12D
     Attribute Min/Max
     DEX:  1D+1/4D
     KNO:  1D/3D+1
     MECH: 1D/3D+1
     PER:  2D/4D
     STR:  3D/5D+1
     TECH: 1D/4D+2
     Move:  9/13,  24/28 Swimming 

     Special Abilities:
     * Environment:  Asramul abilities are all at +1D+2 when they are submerged, and are conversely at -
1D+2 when they are not.  This is a physiological, rather than psychological penalty, and the penalty 
doubles for every day that the Asramul goes without at least 10 min. worth of complete submersion, and 
they will die if kept out of water for more than a week.
     * Senses:  When underwater, Asramul have incredibly sensitive hearing and smell, allowing them a 
+4D bonus to Search rolls and Perception checks that can make use of those senses.  However, this 
bonus is not nearly as powerful on land, giving them only a +2 bonus to those rolls.  However, they can 
chose to extend their ears from their sheaths when out of water, and get the full benefit of that sense 
(+3D), but they must roll a Stamina check each round that they are extending to avoid causing permanent 
damage to their ears (-1 per failed check.) 
     Story Factors:
     * Technology:  Wile Asramul can use the equipment of other races without penalty, they are quite 
uncomfortable while doing so, and will try to go back to their most aesthetic but less effective tools 
whenever possible.

The Baas (Master Vodo-Siosk Baas and Bodo Baas' race)
Dexterity  : 1D/3D+1
Knowledge  : 2D/5D
Mechanical : 1D+2/3D+1
Perception : 1D+2/4D
Strength   : 1D/3D+2
Technical  : 2D/5D
Move       : 7/10
Size       : 1.3m/1.6m
Appearance :
        The Baas are a small, mollusk-ish race with a thick body andsmallish arms.  Their eyes are large 
and dark, and known skin  color variations include red and greenish-blue.  Beneath the  Baas' "nose," as 
it were, there are many tubes.  Their function is    unknown, but perhaps serve the same function as 
        -The Baas have a tough carapace, providing them with +1D armor vs.
         Physical attacks.
        -Baas have been known to exist on Dantooine.
        -the Baas are a technologically advanced species.
        -A fair number of Baas are known to be skilled in the use of the   force. 

The Bakhazi are tall reptilian creatures  with a long, prehensile tail. Their bodies are very humanoid, the 
only exceptions being their heads and tails. They are all covered in iridescent scales, either red, blue, 
green, gold or a purplish-black colour. Their homeworld is Bakhaz but they can be found on all the main 
planets in the Bakara-Bakhaz sector which they share with their
counterparts. Bakhazi are renowned for their medicine, unlike many reptilian species which follow 
warrior codes, all Bakhazi are highly trained in medicinal arts and make excellent doctors or surgeons. 
Under the Empire they found all their medical production facilities taken over, forced into slave labour 
and their fleets converted for cargo haulage. Many Bakarans were stopped from rebelling as their fleets 
were taken over and Imperial security was heavily tightened.

AVERAGE BAKHAZI: Dex 2D, Kno 1D+1, Mec 1D+2, Per 2D, Str 2D+1, Tec 2D+2,
Attribute Dice: 12D
DEX: 2D  /4D
KNO: 1D+1/3D+1
MEC: 1D  /3D+2
PER: 1D+2/4D
STR: 2D+1/4D+1
TEC: 2D+2/4D+2


SCALES: +2D from physical +1D+1 from energy
TAIL: +1D Brawling and Strength (fighting skills), can be used to parry (melee and brawling), knock, 
trip or clasp. Easy DEX roll to grasp anything, Moderate for small intricate objects. For heavy objects 
use Lifting or STR as usual
FIRST AID: 2D for every 1D placed in First Aid or Medicine at character creation ONLY

MENACING: When they want to be Bakhazi can be extremely menacing, a lie to their normal manner. 
They should recieve bonuses on interrogation for this.
BAKARANS: They show extreme loyalty to Bakaran humans and vice versa. Most people find it hard to 
tell Bakhazi apart but Bakarans have no trouble.
ENSLAVED: Because of their treatment, Bakhazi really dislike imperials, many were hunted down as a 
result of Bounties for escaped slaves.
MOVE: 11/13
HEIGHT: 1.8-2.6 metres

Attribute Dice: 11D
Dexterity   2D+2/4D+2
Knowledge   1D/3D
Mechanical   1D+2/4D
Perception   2D+1/5D+2
Strength  3D/4D+1
Technical   2D/3D+2
Size:2.3 - 3.5 meters tall
Special Skills:
Beast Riding: Gas Dragon; Any Belisog, automatically gets a +2D to this skill.
Special Abilities:
Radiation Resistance: Because of the way they have evolved. The Belisogs, are immune to the effects of 
radiation, they also can stand high temperatures. They can stand all hot temperatures, but recieve a -4D 
penalty, when in temperatures, less than 20 celcius. Exoskeleton: All Belisogs have an exoskeleton. This 
is very weird considering, they're NOT insectiods. Also, their exoskeletons strength, depends on where 
they are located in terms of the surface. The lower they are, the harder it gets.
                                Alltitude |  Exoskeleton Strength
                                10,000               +2D
                                  7,500               +3D
                                  5,000               +4D
                                  2,500               +4D+2
                                ground                +5D
Light Wrap: The way their exoskeleton is made,  when in light areas, Belisogs are VERY hard to see. It 
requires a Moderate Perc roll just to spot them. They also get a +2D bonus when hiding, or sneaking. 
Story Factors:
Clan Hunting: Belisogs, live in clans of between 30 males, and 50 females. The males hunt, while the 
females rule the clans.
Capsule: Belisogs are native to Belisogjerz. They have claimed the entire planet, and will join clans, to 
fight off any outsiders. They are viscious, aliens, with bright yellow or orange exoskeletons. They have 
hair on thier heads, and deep eyes. Some have horns or spikes growing out of their exoskeletons. This is 
considered a sign of luck, and when one of these Belisogs are born, they are taken care of greater then 

Dex 2D+2/4D+2
Kno 2D/4D
Mech 1D+2/3D+2
Pre 2D+2/4D+2
Str 1D/3D
Tech 2D/4D

B'harnii (singular and plural are the same word) are native to "The Hole," a terrestrial world in the 
contested Valar Cluster. B'harnii are bipedal, bilaterally-symmetrical reptilian creatures, purple in 
color, with ample flesh, a large tail and soft, velour-like skin. B'harnii are capable of speaking Basic and 
of Force-use.
Special abilities:
Singing/dancing: B'harnii are notorious for their ability to captivate children through singing and 
dancing. B'harnii get a +15 to any attempt to get and hold the attention of a child (using _persuasion_ 
skill) or to _con_ a child. Adult characters get a +10 to resist such attempts, and are usually annoyed by 
Child Loyalty: B'harnii have +20 to any attempt to _Command_ a child.
Teaching: B'harnii make excellent teachers for children. Kids learn twice as fast from B'harnii. Player-
characters made with the Kid template are excluded.... Blaster-Bolt Magnet: If a B'harnii is in a group of 
characters under attack -- or _near_ such a group, random blaster fire has a 100% chance of being 
directed at a B'harnii.
Story Elements:
Emslavement by the Empire: Like Mom Cals and Wookiees, B'harnii have been enslaved by the teach kids that Imperial Authority Is A Good Thing, that Stormtroopers Are Your Special 
Friends. Of course, the Empire brainwashes the B'harnii before turning him/her loose to teach children. 
The Jihad: A few see B'harnii as spawn of evil due to their ability to influence the minds of the young, 
and to that end have formed a secret organization, the Jihad, to eradicate all B'harnii through genocide.

Height: 1.5- 1.8m
Stats min/max:
Str: 3D/6D
Kno: 1D/2D
Per: 3D/4D
Dex: 2D/4D
Mech: 1D/2D
Tech: 1D/2D

Special abilities:
Endurance: Stamina begins at Str +2D, without loss of attribute dice
Thick-skinned: Bhurtala have elephant-like skin, providing +1D vs. Physical attacks, and +2 vs. energy 
(A bit high, but oh well, a flechette gun couldn't hurt one of 'em!)
Stealthy: Bhurtala can be amazingly quiet when they want to be. +2D to all sneak attempts
Story Factors:
Human Hate: Bhurtala all intensely dislike humans, after human attempts to reshape Bhurt society. All 
attempts to get a Bhurt to do something against a human (persuasion, con, etc.) get +2D to that skill.
Description: Squat, meter-wide critters with great strength and stamina, and a rather violent dislike of 
humans. Due to this, they are usually used as bodyguards or enforcers by alien crimelords, and are 
valuable employees. They have quick tempers, and it's best not to anger one.

Attribute Dice: 12D+1
Dexterity   : 2D/4D
Knowledge   : 1D+1/4D
Mechanical  : 2D/4D+2
Perception  : 1D/3D+2
Strength    : 2D/4D+2
Technical   : 1D/3D+2
Move        : 8/10
Size        : 1.8-2.0 meters
    The Borneck are a race of near-humans from far beyond the Fringe.  Their skin ranges in hue from a 
pale yellow to a rich orange-brown, dark  yellow being the most common. The Borneck tend to be very 
patient and 
wise, and good in nature. The average Borneck lives for 120 years. Note  that the Borneck are from 
Classic Campaigns, from the Bissilirius(SP?)  part. The picture that I use is for the Curious Explorer 
template; that 
of the near-human female pic; that's what I envision the borneck to be.  Sorry to WEG if they hate me for 
the reference to their copyright...  Don't pull a UPenn on me, please!

Bothans are short furry creatures from the planet of Bothawui.  They have short, gray or gray-blue fur, 
which often shifts and ripples to relate the mood they are in and to convay feelings, though this form of 
expression is rarely understood by non-bothans.  They rarely grow to more than 1.4 meters, so their 
skills in sneaking and hiding are highly developed.  Although they are a rather loyal race, almost as loyal 
as the honorable Wookies, they are somewhat power hungry, and will often manipulate others to their 
own ends.  in the end, however, they are not truly evil and will not betray others to gain personal power.
        Attribute Dice: 12D
        DEX: 2D/4D
        KNO: 2D/4D
        MECH: 1D/2D+1
        PER: 2D+2/3D+1
        STR: 2D/3D+1
        TECH: 1D+2/2D
        Height: 1.4 meters
        Move: 8/10
        Special Abilities: Skill bonus: At the time when the character is created ONLY, the character gets 
2D for every 1D placed in hide, search, or sneak skills.
        Smell: Bothans have a highly developed sense of smell, giving them a +1D to search when tracking 
by scent.  This ability may not be improved.

Attributes Min/Max
Dex: 3d/5d
Str: 2d/4d
Per: 2d/5d
Kno: 1d/3d
Tech: 1d/3d (4d if Klatian)
Mech: 1d/4d
Special abilities: Jumping: These beings are incredible jumpers, having been evolved on the foresty 
planet of Cathar. This is treated almost as an automatic SPRINT as in the skill for strength. This is 
automaticly a part of the character, and is treated as a 2d+1d per str level. (ie, Crado has a 3d str so he is 
5d sprint with jump)
Clawing: Treat this as a melee attack, and 1d+1d per dex level (to the max of 4d) This inflicts the same 
amount of damage as a dagger.
Enhanced senses: These aliens have an incredibly acute eye-sight, hearing and smelling. Therefor they 
have a +2d for search and other related areas
Tribes: There are 4 prominent tribes in this system, of different levels of technology. These tribes can 
range from 100,000 to 10,000,000.
Klat: These are the most intelligent of the Catharians, and have set up numerous of space posts. They 
also manufacture ships for system defense, giving them a capable armada. These have a +1d advantage 
when flying there own ship.
Dienar: These are the most primitive of all the tribes, and have a -2d with all technoligy, viewing most 
inventions above the spear with great distaste. They recieve a +1d with all primitive weapons such as 
spears, slings, and
melee combat. There is a rumor that this tribe uses the Force to hunt.
Hunitar: These are the most adventerous of all Catharians. They have had the urge to follow the stars 
ever since the invention of space flight. These are the bounty hunters, the mercenaries, the freighters who 
view everything as a
challenge, and are not above going into a pirate infested system.
Kunthar: Most Kunthars have mild Force talents, not enough to worry the Emporer during the Clone 
Wars. They  have used the Force to survive, but some, through genes and the like have become Jedi 
Knights. These are the only
Force capable tribe in the Catharian system.
Backround: In the time of the Clone Wars, most Catharians where hunted down as slaves, until a revolt 
was held, and most Catharians were freed. The tribes decided to band together, with the exception of the 
Dienar, and even
these fierce cat-men are willing to save the life of a brother, even from a different tribe. A certain 
amount of earnings are given to the Catharian government for military needs, so that these creatures may 
remain neutral
Government: Each tribe has a council of the strongest/smartest/most cunning leaders. Half are used as 
leaders and descicion makers, while half is are the represantitives. The representitives have an even 
bigger council for the
Catharians as a whole.

Appearance:     The Ch kh are a large, hulking, black insectoid species. Most of their body (except for 
the joints) are covered in exoskeleton. They also have an endoskeleton which is composed partially of a 
matallic material.  They have four arms with three large fingers on each hand.  Rock hard  muscles cover 
their entire body, making them one of the strongest  species in the galaxy.
Personality:    The Ch kh are a very violent and xenophobic species.  They believe they are the rightful 
owners of the universe and will stop at nothing to try to take over our galaxy.

Attribute Dice: 12D
Attribute Min/Max
DEX: 2D/3D
KNO: 1D/3D
PER: 2D/4D
STR: 3D+2/7D
Move: 13/16
Height: 2.25-3 meters
Special Abilities:
        Stealth: Ch kh warriors have the ability to "cloak", which makes them almost  totally invisible to 
all visual  detection, but not mechanical. It gives them a  +4D to sneak. When they move in cloak, they 
look like a large blur that is hard to see (gives +2D to sneak). Since this gives them a chance to  be 
detected, they usually don't move when in cloak.  This cloak is caused by a  small crystal that is 
implanted into the back of the warrior.  When a Ch kh   warrior dies, the crystal inside of it explodes, 
totally destroying the crystal  and creating a large hole in its back.  It doesn't damage the surrounding 
area  though.
        Jaws: Ch kh have huge jaws that are capable of crushing almost anything. It
        causes STR+2D damage.
        Natural Armor: Their exoskeleton gives them a +1D to STR vs. Physical  attacks and +2 to STR vs. 
energy attacks.
        Intimidation: +1D to Intimidation due to their fearsome appearence.
        Poor Manipulative Skills: Ch kh's hands are not very well designed for usage of        tools.  They 
can only use specially modified weapons and equipment, and          can never get more than 6D in any 
skill requiring fine motor control.

Attribute Dice - 16 total
Dex :2d/6d
Per :2d/5d
Str :1d/5d
Move: 20/5 on hind legs.
        Special Abilities:
Exception Hearing and Sight - Due to the cizarack's exceptional hearing and sight add 2d to all checks 
invoving hearing and/or sight. Night Vision - Their eyes filter out and enhance ambient light sources so 
that that the cat can see equally as good at night as they can durring the day. Their eyes contain a small 
biological organism that reacts with its environment to producefaint glowing light. Thus  the cats eyes 
glow at night. 
Leap - the cizerack can leap up to 3m vertically and 5m horiontaly. 
Sensitive to sonic attacks - cizerack are highly sensative to sound, while this gives them great hearing it 
also makes them vulnerable to sonic attacks. Any weapond based on sound does +2 damage per die for 
damage. Standing on two legs - Cizaerack can stand on their hind legs, but all dex rolls are at -3d (can't 
go lower then 1d) 
Unarmed combat - Cizerack do Str+2d damage in unarmed combat due to claws and teeth.
        Physical Decription:
Lithe, strong, and fast are the three words that best describe this race of felines. The Cizerack are a race 
of large blue/black cat like creatures, indigenous to the planet Cashoulis of the Antares star system. like 
all cats the cizerack are extremly fast and nimble, able to achive speeds of up to 80KPH for short 
periods of time.         Height: 3' average at shoulder (aprox 6' when on hind legs).         Weight: 200 
        Behavior and culture:
The Cizerack culture tresses disipline and knowledge. The young females are sent to school where they 
are taught Damack Hatib ("The Code Of Living"). This code stresses individualism, freedom, and the 
work ethic. "Any good felime is a working feline.". Female cats are taught the value of their own self and 
that of the clan. Note: A powerfull dicotomoy  exsists between the sexes of this race. While the females 
are revered, the male Cizerack are kept as ignorant slaves, exsisting to perpetuate the race and perform 
menial labor. the cizerack Government is clan like. The matriachy is set up so that the oldest females rule 
the society. The cats are strong and territorial, each clan controlling a section of land headed by the 
Ratum Ala ("den mother").
        Quote: ' I am faster then a speeding skimmer and superior to any Ram Python' 'I'm the queen bitch 
around here'.
 Special Equipment:
Body Mount Harness - A weapons mount. It mounts directly to the back of a Cizerack cat. It is 
mechanicaly activated and fires straight ahead of the cat, allowing her the freedom to move on all fours 
and still engage the enemy. Cost: 1500 credits. Look and Shoot option - The harness is equiped with 
servo-motors and linked to a head set. The weapon will be aimed wherever the cat is looking at. Cost: 
35000 credits. Note: Weapons need to be modified to fit into a BHM. The cost is 300 credits.

Attribute Dice: 12D
Special Abilities:
Radio Wave Generation: The Columi are capable of generating radio frequencies with their minds, 
allowing them to silently communicate with their droids and automated machinery, provided that the 
Columi has a clear line of sight to its target.
Story Factors:
Droid Use: Almost every Columi encountered will have a retinue of simple droids it can use to perform 
tasks for it. Often, the only way these droids will function is by direct mental order(meaning only the 
Columi can activate them).
Move: 0/1
Size: 1-1.75 meters tall

Attribute Dice: 11D
Special Abilities:
Empathy: The Covallon are strongly empathic; they can sense the emotional state of other beings. This 
gives them an advantage when interacting with others. Covallon receive a bonus of +2D when using the 
bargain, con, and pursuasion skills.
Story Factors:
Appearance: Covallon have the appearance of being creatures of some sort, rather than an intelligent 
species. This puts them at a disadvantage when dealing with other species, particularly humanoid species, 
who tend to treat them condescendingly.
Move: 10/14 Size: 0.9-1.2 meters at shoulder, 1.8-2.2 meters on hindlegs