MaKing a low wall.

To do this project this is what you should use. You don't have to, but if you want to be like me you should!
First you need the Scrub pad ($2.50 for 2). Or pad that has the right texture. Don't use sponges, it's harder to work with, and doesn't get the right textured look.
Next you wil need a few popcicle sticks for the wooden fence, and scissors or other blade to cut the pad and sticks with
Also super glue, gel works really well($1 at dollar general); matboard, or thin cardboard; paint(citadel, or poster pain); brushes; elmers glue and flock; and a parent if you tend to bleed when cut. DISCLAIMER: I take no responcibility when other people don't use their scisors appropriately, like running through the house. If you want to, don't use sissors, just rip the stuff in two.

1: Cut the scrub pad in half.
2: Then fold the pad in half, and cut a hole in top for a wood beam to stick out of.
3: Cut up the popcicle sticks I made them to scale by cutting a poscicle stick in 4ths.
4: Use Superglue gel to glue it all in place, then place with glue on top of mat board.
5: Paint it whatever color you want, green is good. Bushes are normally green. and the post can get a paint job if you don't like popcicle stick tan.
6: Use Elmers to glue on the flock to the base (already painted green).
Tada, green wall.